Saturday, November 8, 2008


Ok-I confess---I, and probably any of my loyal friends, followers and subjects don't either! Amen?! AMEN! Lol. But TWO THINGS HAPPENED THIS WEEK...
First, the "rest of the story" (am I giving away my age here?!) A few weeks back I realized that I had misplaced all the cd's with the photos of our lives over the last 8 years. I didn't panic then, I KNEW they were in the house "somewhere". Fast-forward to yesterday. Theresa was coming over to help me with the two poster-sized wedding collages for our bedroom and as I was putting the photos into an album to better be able to see what I/we had to work with it dawned on my pea-sized brain that with those "lost" cd's were also the cd's with MY WEDDING PICTURES! (Now you know why I am still a Fly BABY...?!) Ok. Stop. Think. Breathe. Then look. I checked the first obvious place and came up empty. To the craft room. Another dead-end. Ok-keep breathing. Something niggled my brain that back when the hurricane was headed our way I put into the yellow tote bag all the "IMPORTANT STUFF" -including the cds. The bag was not in the craft room closet so I headed to the hall closet. There I found the EMPTY bag. Ok. Keep thinking. What else did you do to prepare to evacuate? OH-the CAT EVAC KIT --which was residing under the bed in the guest bedroom. Lo and behold, behind that...was the plastic bin with the PHOTO CDS! Whew. Another 911 call averted. I had listened to Flylady--I prepared to evacuate...but um, should have put a note in my CONTROL JOURNAL where I put things so I wouldn't forget and go through...well, what I just did (i.e. putting them in a "safe place" and then forgetting WHERE that "safe place" was!) If you haven't checked out FLYLADY's link on my site-take 15 MINUTES and DO IT NOW! Lol.
Secondly, and this part of the post is
DEDICATED TO THERESA and MARION...I was in a stamp class Thursday evening (with these two delightful women, among others) and made the off-hand comment that I had never used a stamp scrubber. The audible GASP from them and my other classmates was deafening. All work stopped, 12 sets of eyes were staring at me and mouths were gaping! Well...I hadn't. My stamps are well used and...well, look it. THE STAMP QUEEN says "stamps are TOOLS and not JEWELS and are meant to be USED" (I had not heard that from her myself-Marion pointed it out when she was able to close her mouth and breathe So yesterday I actually OPENED the STAMP CLEANER PAD that I got with my CLOSE TO MY HEART kit and today actually USED IT. You see, I have all these great wonderful pristine NEW STAMP SETS and I was putting my old, well-loved and used sets with them and they um, looked well-used. I broke out the cleaner, spritzed the pad and went to work. MAGIC! In less than 15 minutes (which is what it took me to put the photos in the album so I would know what I had to work with yesterday and had been dreading doing but that's a whole 'nother post and I digress...), I now have clean(er) stamp sets. Some I admit are probably beyond ever being pristine again...but they do look better. I am MOTIVATED ladies. I hereby pledge to TRY TO FLY and keep my stamps CLEAN. So---if you are a newbie stamper and are reading this---take that ACM coupon and go get a stamp cleaner pad and spray-regular and Staz-On cleaners both. AND USE THEM NOW/DO IT NOW (as Flylady would say.) Or call/e-mail me and I will gladly take your order for a CTMH set...and give you 10% off with my next order! ; )
Now, since my magic wand (or fairy bat as Brook calls it...) seems to be broken...and my goal today is to get the craft room back to looking like the photo above, I'd better get back to my cleaning. Whatever YOU do today...have some FUN (and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend BETSY!) Until next time...happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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BirdBrain said...

Love the site !!! Show more of your craft room so we can get ideas for our own craft rooms!!