Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SPEND the AFTERNOON...you can't take it with you!

I came across this saying yesterday afternoon while paging through a stack of stamp magazines. I found a treasure trove of them Saturday (or rather my darling husband did!) at a local church yard sale. YESTERDAY (MONDAY!) was wet and dreary and I actually STOPPED for a few and put my feet up to relax and read them. That doesn't happen often-I am usually in perpetual motion! I LOVE this saying---and for once actually HAVE the stamps I need to make it into a great card...(that doesn't happen often either! Lol!) So---take heart and heed-and take the AFTERNOON to do something FUN.

My CLOSE TO MY HEART consultant kit should arrive TODAY! I am so excited! I have been watching its status on the UPS website as it seems to INCH it's way here. If it were coming FedEx it would have been here by now (right, Theresa?!)

The next few days I will be working to prep the project for the NEXT OKI GROUPIE CLASS on NOVEMBER 21ST. We're planning some surprises for DECEMBER just in case they decide they want to meet again (as if someone would turn down a chance to spend a morning/afternoon stamping and playing!)

For now, I had better go refill the coffee cup and get ready for work. Until next time, happy stamping and scraping! Blessings, Sharon
ps/unfortunately, my camera has died. I was hoping it was merely the batteries but alas, its much more than that. So, I will (soon!) borrow Brook's to post some new pics...and take some at the next Groupie meeting to share!

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Beverly said...

Thanks for starting this blog! Great idea, and I loved Theresa's too. There is no better way to spend a morning and afternoon with you and the fun of fellowship and neat stuff to make.
Keep going strong our Queen!