Sunday, November 23, 2008

You've gotta have the RIGHT TOOLS...

This is THE StampQueen's mantra and I've learned this the hard way these past few days. Brook's been out of town this week-end and, after the "Groupies" left Friday afternoon, I pulled out the wedding scrapbook and photos and all the paper, embellishments and STUFF I've bought...and I have literally cropped 'til I dropped for three days! The good news is---the book is almost DONE! The bad news and rest of the story is...
First, we had (past tense!) dial-up (another long story). When I ordered the wedding pictures, I ordered them from Shutterfly (great company-check it out!). It took FOREVER to upload the photos and I wasn't sure what I had and didn't have. So I was missing pics. No problem. I will print a few here. So I thought! Then the printer died. It will do word documents but don't even think about photos or color anything. So--Plan B is the Kodak photo machine at W-M. It gave me fits yesterday but I had some success. As I scrapped along, I realized there were more photos I needed and went back today. First, photos I THOUGHT were on the cd I made...weren't. So I was still missing a few. Not a total loss-I had the disk of Theresa's photos as well as Joel's disk. I started selecting and printing...and up pops an error message. The printer was out of ribbon. None at the camera counter, the nice, patient young man went to the back. While he did, the machine ATE my cd-two actually but we won't go there. Thank you, God, it was Theresa's (and not Joel's) as she, knowing me, had the presence of mind to make TWO...I have a copy here at home. I never got the cd back, they didn't have another ribbon (what did I expect-it's WM) I ended up with only 1/3 of the photos I needed...and am frustrated at being so close and not able to finish! Brook has said "get a new printer". I've not finished my research but I will be working (HARD!) on it.
That said, I have to admit---I've never been to a crop. I am hooked, though! I had the table and the bar and the craft room covered (well, still is but he won't be home for a few hours yet!), and no interruptions, schedules--just me and paper and stamps and embellishments....SIGH. It was awesome! Yes, I missed him (and not just when I got hungry (did I mention he cooks?), either!) It was cold this week-end with no one to cuddle up to--the cats don't count! Lol. Theresa told me about a crop in Cape May, NJ---they have a MASSAGE THERAPIST come in while your there who does 15 MINUTE MASSAGES while your there as part of the crop...along with dinner, free gifts....where do I SIGN UP???!
Speaking of which, it's time for me to eat (crock pots are AWESOME TOOLS for scrapbookers-dump it in and let it go= dinner when you're ready-tonight it's chili!) and start cleaning up...well, maybe just ONE MORE PAGE...! ; ) Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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