Sunday, November 9, 2008


It's SUNDAY and we had a great worship service this morning! A baby boy was baptized and the kids had a great time dancing with the PRAISE BAND! What a GREAT WAY to spend the morning! First, a CORRECTION on the STAMP CLEANERS...Marion says you can use one pad for both regular and Staz-On Cleaners--just rinse the pads out real well before changing. And CLOSE TO MY HEART DOES HAVE STAZ-ON CLEANER, TOO : ) -- so 10% off any of the cleaners and pad with my next order for those of you interested.
Someone left a comment on my blog that they would like to see MORE of my craft room to get ideas. So, I tried my poor dead camera...and for some reason--it decided to temporairly co-operate -sort of. While these aren't the best or clearest shots...I think it might be ok. I will try and explain the pics as they go around the room...But, even before that, I want to say THANK YOU to my darling husband for allowing me to take over-completely!-an entire room of our house...what? Yes, Honey? OH--do I have to tell them about all the stuff in the other closets, too? Uh-huh...and the attic...really? Well...oh--the Hoosier in the kitchen, too? Ok...well, did I tell you that wayyyyy back when I first started stamping I was given, along with other-let's say VERY SUPPORTIVE customers...a CERTIFICATE OF ADDICTION from Stamp Works Owner and co-worker Nancy Lewis and Marion Little? So--ok. I'm Addicted! It's true. Let's get back to that tour now...

As you come in the door and turn to the left, there's my closet with my herbs neatly stored on the shelves my DH built...along with a rocker next to a the left of it is a bench that holds my sterio, projects in progress (in pizza boxes, decorated of course!)

On the wall is a stamp storage cabinet. That's Bad Cat on the FAVORITE SEAT in the craft room-my CROP IN STYLE! Then there's not just one but TWO 12x12" PAPER TOWERS (AC MOORE--and yes, they let me use my 40%-50% off coupon! : ) ) Inky is on the worktable and Poppa Cat is in the foreground. The shelves above the table hold canvas baskets that have wire frames inside so they are quite sturdy (Wal-Mart)--and the LABEL POCKETS make them well-worth it! Suffice it to say there's storage under that yellow skirt on the worktable! I won't let you peek, though! Two sets of large plastic drawers and then well, stacks! Lol!

This is the stamp cabinet that's on the wall to the left of the paper towers. The shelves inside are adjustable and I have to confess, the stamps inside are sitting on an angle and are sometimes 3 deep! I had originally planned on decopaging the outside--but that was about 12 years ago and I haven't gotten 'round to it yet. The cabinet itself was made by my late husband.

These are trays that hold stamps (one layer deep). The trays are labeled of course--and that's Inky checking out the tray of cat stamps! I have such crafty kitties-Bad Cat's picture was even in Rubber Stamper Magazine!

More plastic drawers, milk crates below those for magazines and catalogs. Again, everything is labeled!

UP above those shelves along the entire wall is another set of shelves with baskets--and a cat! Things I don't use as often go up there but since the QUEEN is only 4' 11 1/2" of course there is a step ladder in the room as well!
It's only taken me 4 hrs. and two days to get this post together. I don't know if it was all the photos or what but it's been a struggle! Hope you enjoyed it--I'd better go get ready for work now (since it is MONDAY ALREADY!) Whatever you do, happy stamping and scrapping until next time! Blessings, Sharon

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