Saturday, August 1, 2009

Celebrate Friendship...

Good Saturday morning! At least I am pretending that it is! Can I say "it's my blog & can whine if I want too?" Well, I'm going to! I spent all day yesterday short of maybe an hour in the craft room--that, and the rain coming through, and my fibromyalgia is raging. Then, the best place for my photo shoots is...the counter in one of our bathrooms. My "assistant" (aka Inky-the four-footed feline sort...) decided he needed to help and, after checking out the model, decided to jump on the shelf...and from there I am not sure what he did other than knock the curtain rod off, almost landed in the toilet, did land on the trash can and went racing out of the room! I need a coffee refill, please and it's not even 8 AM! That, and I've uploaded photos at least 5 times now with Blogger kicking me off and losing them!!! grrrrrrrrr........!
I am celerating friendships, tho---and I am blessed to have too many to count and name! Thanks to each of them for the special gifts they bring & bless my life with!
I based this project on a similar one I did in a class I took some years back with THE Stamp Queen, Carolyn Hurst (Hi Carolyn!) in Winston-Salem. I used the Close to My Heart Silhouette Level 2 paper pack (spring catty, p. 37), Cocoa ink (summer catty, p. 10), Express Postage Set (summer catty, p. 79), as well as the large white flower from Just Blooms (summer catty, p. 93). All the rest were other companies (mainly Inkadinkado, Paper Bag Studies, Catslife Press and others). I have to confess-I ordered this particular paper pack by accident--and wondered what in the world I would do with it. Well, once I started working with it, I just loved the stark black against the warm creams and white! There was even one or maybe two designs in the pack I didn't use! I am going to stop chatting and just post the pics...there are a lot of them- this is really a multiple page book--not "just a card"! Hope you enjoy it! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

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