Monday, December 21, 2009

One more off the list...!

Whew. So---here's where my afternoon went-or most of it anyway! Since its a pretty safe bet that no one from our vet's office reads my's the card I just "whipped up" (!) for them! Lots of pics---sorry.
It's a big card! I'll list the tag comments as they go...
Front panel:
From Inky (who started it all)...

1st inside panel:
And Bad Cat (who's really misnamed!)

2nd inside panel:
and Poppa Cat (who's really tame...really!)

next inside panel:

And our "Humans" (photo not available-you've seen us enough anyway!)...

Last inside panel:

To the Vet we don't like to go
but you take good care of us--this we know.
But since its CHRISTMAS our appreciation we wanted to show...
So call this number & she will come
& help your muscles come all undone!
Meowy Christmas!
I use the Big Shot/Stampin Up Look Here die (yes, again! Call Theresa...)
to hold a business card. (I only had an old one-she's bringing a new--I just wanted to get the photos done and blogged!) Cynthia is a friend of mine and a wonderful massage therapist-she gave me a great deal on doing chair massages for Dr. Travis and her staff! Something I really wanted to do for them and she helped that wish come true for me! Thanks, Cynthia!!! I think they will enjoy it and I am grateful for all they have done for us this year. They've gone above and beyond--so I did the same with their card! Lol! It's over the top, that's for sure. Not my best work--had to pull some things up and reposition, it's not perfectly straight...but, for the way I feel right's a PICATSO! Ok-so much for my sense of humor!
I got another Santa stamp in the mail today--and while sitting here waiting for blogger to upload the photos I came up with the "belated Christmas --Happy New Year" cards I will probably be doing-! I am SICK of being SICK!!! It's not fair-I was good-and its time for me to be well---NOW. Sniff--a-----ch00---cough. That wand has lost all its power I guess-maybe Santa will bring me a new one?!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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