Sunday, December 6, 2009


Ok---so the photos of the Christmas cards I've been working on today...won't upload...So they will have to wait until another day. I've been MIA this week...dealing once again with a sick kitty. It all started Thanksgiving....with vomiting. That stopped...then he stopped...eating, drinking, not wanting play with Poppa off to Dr. Travis we went. She gave him some meds, ran some tests--chalked it up like I had to stress more or less (my husband had been out of town...) but by Thurs. nothing had improved. So back we went. This time she opted to sedate him and do an exam and x-ray. She was puzzled. Turns out grass and hair don't digest well...and formed a solid mass inside this little guy. I'll spare the details. Back home with more meds, a week-end of treatment and he's still not a happy that means Momma isn't a happy camper and back we'll go tomorrow. As if that's not bad enough, Inky clawed Poppa Cat in the eye (we think) batting at him because he was sick and did not want to play---so now PC's eye is weeping like crazy. Naturally, the stuff I have on hand isn't working. Wonder if we get a family rate? The staff will not be happy to see PC's name on the schedule, either, as he's by far the worst patient of the 3 (Inky comes in second with, believe it or not, Bad Cat being the best! Go figure!)
For a great quick project-go check out the stamp goddess' blog-Fabulously Artsy and watch her video on Bagalopes---its too funny---and a great idea! I tried one of these---will be making lots more--thinking Valentine's Day, Halloween...! She does great videos! Me-I am off for a rum drink, hot shower, bed and a good book. If I'm lucky, one of the 3 cats will warm up my feet! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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