Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hodge Podge....

Hi all. Nothing in particular to post---lots of tidbits--some stamping/scrapping related, some not. I will do the writing part of the post now-the photos later. Yes, the camera battery is dead again BUT I did remember to check and be sure the charger was plugged in this time! Getting a little better maybe?! Lol.

It is by far a drab, dreary, wet, rainy, COLD day here. ICK! I would love to have a bunch of ladies here to scrap and play with. I'd give you a cup of hot chocolate and/or cider, chili for lunch, and we'd just play together. I guess I will have to "pretend"! No one wants to be out in this mess if they don't have to. Has anyone checked-are they still calling for sleet and possibly snow?I'm a northern gal so it doesn't phase me so much--but it all but paralyzes most of this part of the state! Too funny!
Ok. So. What would I show you first? Well, as motivation to clean my craft room (and the kitchen table which is also covered at the moment, I would do a pic of the the disaster area called my room. You can't really walk in it right now. I did look at FABULOUSLY ARTSY (s) post...she did a tour of her craft room...and I got a few ideas. I LOVE the CTMH stamp storage boxes...they stack so nicely--look so nice...but she stores hers in the canvas baskets that I happen to have-and one basket holds 30 vs. the storage boxes that hold 15. Hmmm...may have to rethink this. Since I probably need about 8 more boxes WHEN I get all my unmounted stamps & "other company" stamps put into the CTMH envelopes...that's a bit costly. I might give it a shot. Store my CTMH stamps in the CTMH boxes I have, the others in the canvas baskets (which I also have...) We shall see. But check out her work space and see what tips and tricks you can use in your space.
A word of advice---do not trust...the doctor or the pharmacist and "assume" what you got is right/the same/etc. Anyone who knows me knows...I have more allergies than I can count. I was a good patient-I took all my meds-and ointment-with me to the doctor. Needed a refill on an ointment. In all fairness, it was not one he had prescribed before. But I had the tube. Either he wrote it wrong---or the pharmacist filled it wrong---or substituted something other than what I had the first time. And, even though I KNOW BETTER, I tried it. On my face, neck....and I could just claw it off about now! I can just imagine how it will look by tomorrow church! What I had was clear and thick, this was white and thin. With alcohol. Why in God's name do they put ALCOHOL in anything you use on a rashy, raw skin????? The list of stuff on the tube is at least an arm's length---what I had, what I wanted--only 2 or 3 ingredients. Thank God I can squeeze out the old tube-at least enough to maybe stop the new reaction. SO---DON'T ASSUME--check and double check--particularly when it comes to anything you put IN or ON your body!
Back to crafting, off the soapbox! I've finished 5 wallets yesterday/today, and will work on some love letter boxes today...inbetween naps and cleaning up. They will make great valentine's day gifts! ; ) I promise to add pics of it all later.
Whatever you do, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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