Saturday, April 30, 2011

I may be shooting myself in the foot...< Another Gift-Giving Idea!> posting another GIFT GIVING IDEA
but THIS (jar) arrived in my mailbox yesterday and I am SO EXCITED I can't STAND it.  Foot-stand-there's a PUN here...This little jar contains magic SALT SCRUB.  I discovered this product the end of last summer when I participated in a free-space craft show our local eletric company sponsors. Mr. Lamb, the owner of ISLAND SKIN SATIONS, and his wife had a table next to mine. They had a pyramid of their product and a mini water tank and catch tub set up so people could sample their product. All morning long people came and went and I listened to their sales pitch, heard the "ooohs" and "ahhs" and finally decided I needed some of this for myself. My royal "piggies" take a beating--I am a barefoot kind of gal.  I HATE shoes.  Give me sandals or flipflops if I have to have anything. I do don shoes for church-but oftentimes you find them kicked off under the pew (I've even gone up for communion sans shoes! Gasp! Thankfully, our minister is the same way! And he "qualifies" it by saying we are in God's house and standing on Holy Ground! Go, Fred!) Anyway-I digress. It only took one shower with these salts (I got COCONUT scented) and I was HOOKED!  I will never, ever let myself be without a jar of this stuff! It's THAT GOOD!  All the gals on my Christmas list got this--and I just ordered some for my friend, Betsy as her "end of tax season" gift-and of course a jar for Moi! I left a message on Wed. afternoon-the product was in my mailbox yesterday(Friday)!  Shipping was reasonable, customer service EXTRAORDINARY. (Did I mention the Christmas jars arrived in gift bags--all I had to do was add a to and from tag! : )  ) I don't know what other SCENT Island Skin Sations-has--but I promise they are good!  In case you can't quite read the card--it says: 
 Imagine yourself a day at the spa-
In your own home!
Exfoliates & softens the skin (OH YES IT DOES!)
Great for those hard working hands & feet.
Jeff Lamb, Owner & Operator Island Skin Sations - 910.228.1351

I love the little glass jars they come in AND the twine bow (yeah, the OKI StampQueen likes those special little touches!).  Even with my allergies-I have NO PROBLEMS with this product--and my heels did not crack and peel this past winter like they usually do-a true testiment that this stuff WORKS! 
So-if YOU want some super pampering like Moi,
give Mr. Lamb a call. Mother's Day is right around the corner--hmm..what about a gift basket-some Island Skin Sations, a Sentiments by Sharon eye pillow, a candle...Hmmm...!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon

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