Friday, April 29, 2011

Just stopping by...

since my blog was next on my blog-hopping list! No great new projects to post---at least not of my own creation today--so sorry (some great ones from blogger & designer AMY SHEFFER- at the end of this post!)  I just haven't been up  to par and the gall bladder's been raging and keeping me up all hours-and, as much as I dread the thought of surgery (being unconscious and at the mercy of God knows who (with recent experiences with the medical profession-I have some major trust issues!), I do sense that that organ is going to have go sometime soon!
Gasp--I did not get up to watch the Royal wedding (we don't have tv other than dvd/video capability)--but I have watched the news online.  Can't help but remember Princess Diana's wedding and pray that the press and like don't do the same to the newlyweds as they did Charles and Diana...
Today...I am cleaning house and updating the "honey-do" list (one of which is fixing my bicycle so when I do feel good I can ride!) -Tomorrow--back to the craft room.  Theresa and I are still contemplating a crafty yard sale--so gearing towards that and getting some workable space in there once again.  THEN going to use the stuff that I keep SAVING--you know-those papers you fall in love with and then can't use--'cause you love 'em?  Going to make myself some 12x12 framed pages to decorate with with the ones I can't part with. And those stamp sets I LOVE that have never seen ink or paper? That's gonna change, too! I am ANXIOUSLY week-end get-away to Charleston with my friend, Betsy, next week-end. 
Pinwheel Card by Amy Sheffer--Pickled Paper Designs
If I take a "time out" and attempt anything crafty (particularly if today's mail has the PINWHEEL DIE...I will be sure to share! Check out Amy's blog-- for some great ideas---I just might have to snag her pinwheel card as a thank you to Betsy for taking me away! I LOVE the trike card she has posted today, too! I have fond memories of riding my little red trike-with streamers from he handlebars in my grandparents unfinished basement when I was little (I grew up in OH--lots of snow and ice--so riding inside was a real treat!  Until next time, have a GOOD DAY and happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon
It's a Good Day card also by Amy Sheffer-Pickled Paper Designs

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Amy Sheffer said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out, Sharon! Can't wait to see what you do with the pinwheel die! Hope you're feeling better soon, too, and can enjoy a fantastic weekend!