Friday, January 22, 2010

From Thrilled to Bummed in Warp Speed!

So one of my favorite things to scour thrift stores for bargains. I decided that, since I was a good girl at the doctor, I would treat myself and stop at one or two on the way home. In the first one, I found an AWESOME little canvas colored album--with a GREAT old-fashioned postcard/beach girl photo imprinted on the front--for $2!!! Absolutely nothing wrong with it! : ) Go me! I found another cute little frame for $ .75. The next stop yielded me 1 light-weight denim floral print "swing" style jacket, one cream colored "swing" style sweater (which will be getting some funky blue and brown buttons to replace the big cream colored ones! ; ) ), one thermal shirt and one stretchy funky shirt with palm trees, a "woody" station wagon, etc. that I just couldn't pass up (it's going to be my weight-loss incentive shirt---I did come down a few pounds from my last drs. visit!)--all for...drumroll please less than $ 18! I was sooo excited.
Then I got to our mailbox. My friend Betsy's birthday was um, in November...then I didn't get my "nephew's" (her sons) Christmas gifts mailed on time---so I sent everything about 2-3 weeks ago...and today, I found them in my mailbox-returned. THEY SAY...I didn't have the right p.o. box. I am so angry!!! I was just thinking it was odd that I hadn't heard from her or the boys---they are THE BEST at writing thank you notes---now I know why. So-I will e-mail her and get the correct info and try again. In the meantime, I've posted a pic of what I made for her. She is a CPA and, as you can imagine, TAX TIME is quite stressful for her! So I made this cute little "countdown calendar" she can put on her desk--if I ever get it to her! Geez.
It's still cold, still rainy, and I still hurt (but have some new meds)--so I think I am going to get something hot to eat, find a cat, blanket and good book and/or movie, and curl up. Whatever you do---until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon


Anonymous said...

Nice work on the Calendar! I also love a good thrift shop buy.

Stressed Stamper said...

love the count down and love the image - where is that from...fab bargains you got, I too sent pressies to my friend in Denmark and she has only JUST got them -I was mad, going out in May I could have delivered them myself quicker....
Have a good weekend