Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unexpected day off...

WHOOPEE!!! Sounds great, right? The bad/sad news is...I will have to work tomorrow (my usual day off) and miss my 3-day week-end. : ( You see, I had just finished running the newsletters at work and was running the address labels on the copier, when there was this sudden, LOUD "POP" followed by an immediate burning smell. Long story short, after 3 hrs. +/-, the Xerox repairman couldn't fix it. Had to order new parts. Have to wait until Friday...sigh. So--I have spent the morning here at my desk at home catching up on my bookkeeping job--and now I get to start on my own! At least I have the little heater next to me in front of the door and keeping me toasty (there's quite a draft otherwise!) At least I feel good getting some of these loose ends tied up!

I was going to give you a sneak peak at the colors for our next class-but I really can't without giving it away! They are luscious, though! Theresa is sooo good at thinking outside the box and picking neat things! I cannot wait to make this!

I fell in love with this embossing folder Sunday while we were shopping! I think these would make AWESOME note cards with an initial in the middle! Not the best picture, I know-but you get the idea! Yep, I think the OKI StampQueen needs some of these!!! This wasn't a Cuttlebug brand folder-I don't think, anyway-but it really gives one of the most crisp images I've seen yet with the dry embossing! IMPRESSED (pun intended!) Ok-better go wake hubby up from his noon-time nap and send him back to work and begin tackling my drawer! Whatever you do, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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