Monday, January 18, 2010

Some of you...

...have to go. My "favorite" blogs, that is! I admit--I am not the best blogger there is. I don't post every day...but I can say, at least I try to post once a week, if not more. I have favorites on my blog list, however, who haven't 6 months--some, even over a year. So--I made a decision tonight-and Flylady would be proud of me. I am going to delete-GASP!--yes, delete, those from my favorites...who haven't posted in over 3 months. Got to. I absolutely LOVE looking at blogs-particularly when the fibro pain is high and concentration is low-it is a GREAT escape. But on busy days, I don't have time for those who aren't serious about their art. I confess-there are those on my list who SAID they wouldn't be posting "for some time" for whatever reasons-you are hereby forgiven. But then there are those who simply have abandoned their blogs. No excuse! To leave us "lovers" hanging---with no good-bye, well, that's (almost) unforgivable. So tomorrow-or the next day (I promise!), I will post a list of those I love...and those I am saying good-bye to. Just in case...anyone else is interested! THERESA'S of course, an exception! She does post more often than others! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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