Friday, January 15, 2010


...AND THERESA IS HOME!!! : ) I am soooo glad for both! It is still cold, but a wee bit warmer than it has been-so says the weather on the web. I've not had my head out the door (yet) this morning. I was up for coffee at 7, back to bed at 8 and up at 9. Gave myself permission to sleep late on one of my days off! I have a lot on the to-do list today, but little energy so just gonna take it slow and easy. I have 2 other days off, too, and may be a little more energetic as time goes on.

I don't have a project (yet) today-one never knows, tho! But I do have some advice--it's "buy it when you see it!" I saw a set of Dr. Seuss stamps called "The Places You'll Go" from that company who sent the stamp set that was awful to cut out that I grumped about-you know-that one that has those stupid looking cupcake images that just give me the creeps (they even have a name-"cuppies"-it makes me want to choke!). I wanted the Dr. Seuss set, but I had purchased 2 other sets and well, figured I'd better save the 3rd set for a treat for another day. Now...they are sold out. I have no to whether or not they will restock and there are NONE to be found on e-bay, or anywhere else for that matter! : ( So I may have missed out. My advice, therefore, is ---unless its a tool and you've seen it a gazillion places, and KNOW you'll be able to find it someplace...go ahead and get it before its gone!

On another note just because....anyone remember Spirographs? I got one I think for Christmas one year when I was little. The colored pens-the gazillion designs you could make by lining up a circle within a circle and tracing it around the track? I spent hours playing with that thing. Um, well, those are available on e-bay--and while I did find some that were quite reasonable, do you know that the vintage 1960 +/- ones were listed as high as $ 180.00?!!! Yep, the same set that probably cost $ 8 back then...I couldn't believe it! Guess I will keep checking yard sales! Lol.

Well, I'd better go see to some laundry, some picking up, maybe read the rest of my book. Whatever you do-HAPPY FRIDAY and, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

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