Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just can't wait...!

Ok--I just can't wait--so I am going to (somewhat) "ruin" my surprises for two of my friends. Actually, the finished products look better than my blurry photos. Even if I could afford Michael the hand model, he's back in school at App.!
Anyway--First, JULIE was kind enough to loan me a set of Close to My Heart stamps that she bought from me! I really, really appreciate that (haven't gotten to use them yet...but will soon!), and so I wanted to do something to thank her. When I picked them up, she was complimenting the wallets I had posted a little while back. So---I got out some particulary bright and cheery papers, some awesome lime green with white polka dot ribbon among other tools and went to work. I still have to add the magnet (as soon as I find them in the chaos on my worktable!) but here's the mostly finished product.
Then THERESA was laughing when I said I could use this to put my coupons in (that I always, always loose!) when we go to ACM and Michaels. She said, "You should make one for ME to put YOUR coupons in!"--so I did. I know she likes the brown and robin's egg blue together and the inside paper is from Daisy D--a now defunct company so it's "treasured stash" but she's worth it! Maybe it will help her remember the "good 'ol days when we'd go to Stamp Works (now closed), Scrapbook Nook (now closed), Scrapbook Addict (yeah, you guessed it-it closed, too). Sigh.

It's my "Friday" even though it's I think I will go find a treat and curl up with my book. More posts and projects (hopefully) this week-end. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon


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You made them out of paper??? How in the world???? Tell me more!!!