Sunday, April 18, 2010

I woke up to...

Well, that's what they LOOK LIKE anyway! (It's actually more green than what's showing up in the photograph-the flash washes it out!) I have to laugh! Just have to! What is this--mess--really?! Well, remember earlier this week when I said sometimes its about what works and what doesn't? This is, obviously, a "what doesn't" or for those of you who prefer that the cup is half-full-a what-does-gone-wrong! So--my theme for this week's Artful Legacy DT project is---no, now stop it-it is NOT boogers-now you are being gross!---it's COFFEE. And I found these great word frames-like the "friends" and "laugh" in the previous post...and I wanted to fill the photo part with duh-coffee beans. And what would one think of first to use to hold them in there? Modge Podge, of course. So I got a new jar of the glossy last evening when I went to get the frame. The beans have a "shine" to them to I figured once it dried clear, all would be well. I put in a layer of MP, put some beans in. It wasn't holding some of them so I poured MP over the top as well, working it around and down and in and...When I went to bed last night it was drying nicely. I was even able to finish decorating the rest of the frame around that part so I felt really good about it. And then I woke up to this. some spots there was too much MP, and the beans "seeped" some color, and they turned the MP this awful shade of yellow-green!!! If it were even a coffee color---I could work with that. But really, it is snotty yellow-green bugger color. So now I get to...try and take some huge patches out and maybe hot-glue beans in or scoop out the entire mess and start over...maybe using hot glue instead. See, MC, it doesn't ALWAYS go right in my Craft Kingdom and I cannot seem to find anyone to fix my magic wand right! Sigh. Theresa may come over and play today and hubby comes home better go do a little housework before I tackle the bean project. Wonder if I gave it a little Sudafed...?! Just kidding. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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