Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nice & Neat...and SO NOT RIGHT!

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Dedication: The latter part of this post is dedicated to MCW who thinks Theresa and I do not do anything wrong in the crafting kingdom & world! Lol! Kinda hate to burst her bubble but hey, we really are human!
Ok-so part of what I wanted to do today as I tried to clean house (the kitten aka Inky, brought me his little mouse and laid it in the middle of the kitchen table---"Momma, you can clean later-I want you to play with me!) was to clean a little in the craft room. I went from sloppy-written labels in my stamp cases (sorry, didn't take a before shot!) to this:

The Close to My Heart stamp cases stack oh-so-nice!!!--and I simply pulled out one of the decorative sheets that comes in each stamp set, printed out the titles I wanted and then ran them through my Big Shot with the Stampin' Up Top Note die and presto-chang-o! Nice and neat labeled stamp cases. Sometimes the obsession with minute details like this side-tracks my cleaning! Oh well..
Then came my goof-up. The good news is---it IS fixable. Sometimes stepping away from something helps! In this case, I was glad I didn't throw them all in the trash in my fit of frustration! Theresa loaned me her SU milk carton die to cut mini milk cartons to turn into birdhouses filled with candy for Easter treats. Se the bag on the right...that's the way it is supposed to a little roof will sit on top of it and you see the side view of the roof...not the way all the others are punched and folded. The one on the right looks a little crinkled---but I refolded it and once the roof is on-well , who will know unless a little birdie tells them?! I will show them IF I ever get them finished! Back to cleaning! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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Stressed Stamper said...

waiting to see them finished - Happy Easter