Sunday, September 4, 2011

Flylady Famous...!

So if you subscribe to Flylady's e-mails...
then you saw this header in your mailbox this morning...
and the testimonial that followed
was from little ole' MOI! 
Here it is in case you missed it!

Dear FlyCrew,

Don't Tell FlyLady, but my FlyLady dustmop came yesterday and my floors are now BAREFOOT FRIENDLY! We live at the beach. There's lots and lots of sand despite our best efforts. And we have 4 indoor cats. So almost as much hair as sand. And I am a barefoot kinda gal (particularly those middle of the night bathroom trips)--which can lead to sand and hair in my clean sheets. UGH!

But yesterday I used the microfiber cloth and dustmopped the livingroom, kitchen, bathroom, hall and bedroom. And when I looked at the cloth, ICK! It had picked up all the stuff that usually sticks to my feet! Even the sand! I was amazed. And as I padded to the coffee pot this morning while still half-asleep, it was nice to feel the cool, clean BAREFOOT FRIENDLY floors under my feet.
I didn't have to haul out the vacuum cleaner that's too heavy, plug, unplug and replug it in at least 20 times, empty it; nope, nada, zippo. NONE of that! I just ran the mop around the rooms, flipped the cloth over, stuck it in the closet and it's ready to go for today's home blessing hour. I had hoovered over the "send order" button for several days before I finally pushed it. I just didn't think it would get the sand.
So for other beach loving Flybabies who might be asking the same question, IT GETS THE SAND-and I'm sold on it! Thanks, FlyLady.
Sharon, a happy footed beach FlyBaby

I was surprised-and impressed!
And I really do love my Flylady mop!
Gotta explain the "don't tell Flylady but the floors are barefoot friendly"
The one thing Flylady says do
that I just can't...
is wear lace up shoes.
I hate closed in shoes.
They are hot and my feet sweat terribly.
I will wear flip flops or open back shoes
but am often barefoot
(and yeah, I've had a few mishaps because of it...)
but I can't wear lace up shoes.
Or socks. I hate socks.
I had Buster Brown cotton socks growing up
and the little strings from the seam
would tangle up in my toes-
and I hate socks unto this day because of that!
Back to my mop!
Going to have some breakfast and then
put it to good use...
then it's back to the craft room for round three!
Today is the closet!
The doors barely close
but it really is somewhat organized chaos behind them
so I am not too terrified!
I am sure a boat ride, swim, picnic and reading
is on the schedule as well!
Whatever you do, until next time
happy stamping and scrapping!

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