Thursday, September 22, 2011

If our groupies could see me now...!

There are a few members
of our "groupies"
that really believe
nothing--absolutely nothing
 goes wrong
for Theresa and I
in the crafting realm.
Boy, do we have them fooled!
A few days ago
I posted the link to
I finally decided to work on a few things
for the craft show on Sat.
(nothing like last minute!)
and I needed bows.
I will try the double bow.
I grabbed my ribbon & scissors
and headed to the computer.
Found the video and let her rip.
I tried-I really did.
I had my fingers so tangled up in the ribbon...
I couldn't get them out!
I could hear it now---
"911. What is your emergency?"
Ah---I am tied up...
"Tied up?"
"Ma'am--are you alone?"
Uh, yes-well, not if you count 4 cats...
"Excuse me?"
You see, I tried this double bow tutorial
and it went wrong. Very very wrong...

You see,
I can tie "Sharon Knots"
really really well!
They don't resemble anything in the "known-knot" world or handbook
but one thing for sure-
a Sharon knot will never ever let go!
And I had a few more knots than bows--
and they weren't letting go!
Thank God for scissors!
I then went and got my bow maker
put it on it's side and used it's "posts" as fingers.
Three more tries. No go bows.
Put it to full screen viewing and, after another three times around
ah-ha! Lightbulb!
I was trying to put the last bit through the wrong way.
I now have-

(the step I was doing wrong was between the toppicture and this one-
that piece of ribbon in my hand
goes around and behind that piece that looks like " \ "
that my index finger is touching
(I can't hold the camera
and the ribbon and...well, and the cats aren't
much help either!)

Double Bows!
They aren't as pretty as Jak's--
but practice makes perfect.
I think I will wait until hubby comes home-
just in case!
Until next time, happy stamping, scrapping-and bow-making!

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