Sunday, September 11, 2011

A nice Sunday surprise...

As we arrived home from church this morning
our out-of-town neighbor was out taking pictures of her flag
and offered to take some pictures of us!
How nice!
Usually I am the one behind the camera--
so it's a real treat to have someone take photos
of both of us.
(Blogger has washed them out-the colors are really very vibrant but somehow in uploading them they are faded looking and even a bit blurry?) 

I really do have shoes on--low heels but heels!
(and with me leaning into my hubby, my skirt looks longer than it is!)
And last but not least,
our four-footed neighbor,

She's a real sweetheart

and I am told that she just got her therapy dog certification
and is waiting on her vest.
Thanks, Mary Ann, for a nice Sunday surprise!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!


artfulwhimsies said...

You all look great!!

Patti said...

followed you back from Kelle's comment section...what a sweet blog you have! I'm an avid scrapper as well:) I'll be back!