Monday, December 27, 2010

So---what are YOU up to?

Good Monday morning! Yes, I can say that because I AM OFF WORK TODAY! Can't say I had a good night's sleep-Poppa Cat was quite restless, hubby was up and down and I finally gave up and got up at 4:30 AM! Since we've gone wireless, I plugged in the laptop, the ear phones and COMPLETED the bachelor training courses through Close to My Heart! Go me! A few good tips to share, some things to put into practice. I am now curled up in the same spot with coffee, a dying laptop, trying to blog hop. (Santa did not bring a new one-or a mini cooper-or a sleep number bed....sigh) Everyone in blog-land seems to be otherwise occupied and MIA. So-I thought I would take a few minutes and share how I am going to spend the next few days. Yes, tomorrow I have to go back to work. But the rest of the time this week is MY TIME. I am:
  1. organizing my at-home desk;
  2. cleaning the magic (craft room) kingdom (again!)
  3. HOPEFULLY preparing NEW CATALOG bags (if Fed Ex ever delivers-I know if they were on Bob's truck (Theresa's hubby!) I would've had them by now!;
  4. setting up a Shutterfly account so I can actually order prints as I take photos next year;
  5. getting some thank you cards whipped up (stay tuned for that post!);
  6. some other goodies for customers who order from me this year; and
  7. complete the Masters degree training classes as well.

WHEW! I need a nap thinking about it! No, not really. I will spread it out over the week and I am PSYCHED-it's my get it cleaned up and ready for the new year second wind. It's SO NICE to be home this year (instead of stuck in VA) to do this. It's good for me mentally and emotionally. I am also going to get my FLYLADY CONTROL JOURNAL out and start following my routines and her zone plan to declutter, organize and keep it that way! Check out for more details. IT WORKS! I've done it-miss it-am going back to it! You will have more time for stamping and scrapping! Which brings me to...check out my Close to My Heart site at! You can order on-line anytime! You can view the catalog (sorry-the 2011 catty isn't up yet but you can still view the 2010 idea book!); e-mail me and check out ideas. Got a question? Something you want to learn? Let me know! I am interested in doing more workshops and posting more ideas--but I want to do and focus on what YOU want and need! So--what are YOU doing between now and 2011? Leave a comment below and let me know! Would you also share my site(s) with others? My blog address as well as my CTMH site Please? Thanks! There might even be some goodies involved for you if a new visitor to either site mentions "Oh, So-and-So sent me..."-so be SURE to let them know they need to mention that! One other NEW THING before I go---I only made 6 Christmas cards this year. I ran out of time. I was tired. I was stressed. I was so not in the mood. I will be posting my progress on 2011 Christmas cards beginning in Jan.! They WILL be done LONG before Christmas next year--so, if you are interested in helpful tips, stay tuned for those as well! For now, it's on to the craft motivation? I can't remember if I actually bought a Cricut cartridge I looked at-or just looked?! Time to go unearth the treasures I know I have forgotten! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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