Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blog Candy...

Ok-so what exactly is BLOG CANDY? Candy---hmmm...that's gotta be good...particularly if its chocolate! Wink. Blog candy is actually "freebies" given away by bloggers on their sites---often times you need to leave a comment, or post a link on your site to theirs---and you're entered into a drawing for whatever free stuff (translate: blog candy) they happen to be offering. I've not done this before (participated, that is--so this is a first!) Theresa posted this site on her blog--and I had to go check it out. The cupcake stamps are adorable--but the coffee stamps--well! The one that says "Bloodtype: coffee" ---um, without a doubt, that's me! I love it! My youth group kids would ask the other advisor when we went on retreats if I had had my coffee in the morning before they would talk to me! How I manage to feed 5 cats before coffee is beyond me but it happens-they are much more vocal than I can handle before coffee (with the exception of the precious QUIET baby-and the ferals who just sit outside the door looking in!) So---go check out this site---some cute things! Do something for yourself today--it's almost FRIDAY afterall! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon -- I could not get the link to the actual store site to work---but you can get there from her blog!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life Delights...

Well, for me, part of life's delights, friends, my god daughter, and my cats (who are more like kids to me...) and while I am not suppose to have favorites among them, I gotta say...I am partial to the "baby" of the bunch, Inky. He's been our problem kitty--but thanks to Dr. Travis, is doing remarkably well. Anyway---wanted to play some more with my new camera--so here are some pics of my Close to My Heart Life Delights book---and, as you can see, I had some assistance with this photography session--three guesses who! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gotta love my guy---and the OKI Groupies!

But I gotta say (again---) I despise Blogger! I have spent the last 3 hrs. trying to do this post and the pics! How the ladies on the other blogs I follow post every day is beyond me!!! Ok-enough venting--or I will end up in the whale's belly like Jonah who (according to Fields) got put there in time out by God (you had to be at our last groupie meeting to understand that! Lol!)
I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I won't mention the Homer Simpson card my guy gave me-other than to say I got a good laugh out of Theresa laughing over it! He took me to Sugar Shack for dinner--a Jamacian restuarant in Ocean Isle Beach. Their ribs are to die for! While its kind of pricey, you get more than your monies worth and we always leave with enough food leftover for another meal! Yum!
Then this week he surprised me with a "belated" present---drumroll please---I got a NEW CAMERA! I am sooo excited! I christened it yesterday at our Groupie Meeting at OKI Library and have posted the pics below. I didn't think or I would have asked Ms. Susan to come and take a pic of all of us-somebody remind me next time! Kudos to her for finding the extra table so everyone had their own workspace and also for letting us use that room! We made the Close to My Heart Life's Delight scrapbook--everyone seemed pleased to go home with a completed album! Easy, wasn't it?! These make beautiful displays--gifts--keepsakes! I see myself making more---Raymond and Meredith's upcoming wedding, trips we take this year, the cats---its a quick way to scap an event or occasion. The kit is on p. 97, or you can order the books (we did the 9"x9" size) and choose your own papers and embellishments from the catalog. Beverly's talking about doing a book for each of her grandchildren, someone mentioned one for graduation...makes me feel GOOD when I hear you doing more of the projects we've done! Don't forget to bring and share your work!
Well, my housework waits and the fairy whose supposed to help has gone missing---so I guess its up to me. Sigh. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

OKI Groupie Pics

Theresa-I couldn't do it without her!; that's Julie (on the left!)-such a sweet spirit; Beverly-my prayer warrior; Nora-our newest groupie (welcome!); Mary Cobb-too funny!; Jeannie-loves to ask questions and learn! These are not laid out at all like I wanted or tried to---but you know who you are! There's a lot to be said for scrapbooking with PAPER vs. a computer!