Friday, February 28, 2014

Wishing for Spring...

PSPTP (PS-PRIOR TO POST: So I go into the magic kingdom last night
and what do I find on the floor? One of the small dark pink roses...GRRR!
Since the others are all hot glued down-I will find another use for it---oh well!)
on to the post...
I did not manage to dodge the germs
everyone around me was spreading
so I have the cold--aka ``the crud``.
I spent yesterday in bed sleeping
and today I was too antsy to just lie here
so I worked on a craft project while propped up
with my pillow, Kleenex and Popsicles (great for sore throats!
I purchased a paper peony flower wreath kit from
I accidently got two kits instead of one-not sure how that happened---
but their customer service is AWESOME---I had it within 3 days of ordering!
And the kit was good quality, too.

Isn`t it beautiful
(uh-oh-I`ve done something wonky to my keyboard again-weird characters)
The ``welcome`` sign is not part of it-it`s a sign on my door to my magic kingdom
that just happened to fit perfectly at the top
so I left it there.
This was super, super easy to do--
you punch out the precut flowers
sort them by shape and color
and then go to work with your bone folder
to curl the edges
and then you just stick them together
alternating the petals.
If you purchase this kit-here`s a tip---
you can curl the petals with your bone folder,
use glue dots to adhere them together,
and then gently `smoosh`` it to make it curl into itself even a bit more.
There are several colors-and two sizes of flowers-
and they really do look real!

I have to add that I used my Cricut to cut leaves-
the kit comes with a template to hand cut 9 leaves...
I found I wanted more to help fill it in a little bit
and I didn`t want to sit and trace and cut by hand.
 The ribbon included with the kit was plentiful---
a pet peeve of mine is kits or companies that skimp on the embellishments.
It was a good way to pass the day
in between sneezing.
On another note,
our vet just called about Ms. Dolly.
The pathology report was---inconclusive.
There`s still a possibility that the bump that was removed
wasn`t cancerous.
But they can`t tell without running more tests on it.
Need consult with the other half.
We`ve been hit hard with vet bills this year.
Ms. Dolly is doing well-and the vet is surprised a new bump hasn`t appeared.
That is good news.
Now if Momma can just get better...
Pass the Vitamin C and the tissues, please....
Until next time,
Happy Spring-
stamping and scrapping.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Project of the day...

I recently bit the bullet
and switched from Tracfone to an i phone.
While it's more than I want to pay per month,
I've enjoyed it's bells and whistles
(at least the one's I've figured out so far!)
I did buy a protective case for it as I am a clumsy on a good day...
having had a cat vomit on an open laptop,
I learned the hard (expensive!) way
that I wanted to be sure this piece of high priced technology
was protected even a little  bit more.
While I know a few layers of fabric and some quilt batting
won't do a whole lot-it certainly can't hurt...
when it's  being charged or sitting on the dresser
where I typically have a drink while reading in bed...
or stashed in my purse
(FYI-DO NOT put your purse in that intsy tinsy space
to the left of the bag carousal at Wal-Mart
when the clerk gives that thing a wild turn-
it slings your purse half way across the aisle with all your stuff
falling out while she stands there staring and asking,
"What was that?!"
She did go and pick it up---and THANK GOD
I bought the protective case that I did!)
so I pulled out some fabric from my stash
and this is what I came up with...

 That's the front---here's the back...

and the inside is a pretty pink and white stripe...
I have 4 boy cats and 1 girl cat...
the pink is in honor of Ms. D (and Momma is a girl, too!)

It's a beautiful day outside today---!
since this went oh so well --even the topstitching!--
(once I figured out the format for putting it all together so no raw edges showed...)
I decided to whip up a few more...
I need buttons, however, for the closure on these tho...

I didn't take a pic of the lining on this one-
but it, too, coordinates.  It's paw prints in the same colors
on a black background.
These will go with me to the April craft show---
and maybe I will take the time and finally put some things
in my Etsy shop.
With the vet bills mounting, I have to do something!!!
Speaking of which,
the patient (of the day-it seems to change so fast around here)
is curled up next to me sleeping.
She took her meds like a good girl
and is pretty much leaving her stitches alone.
If you are squeamish, scroll fast past these next two pictures...

I mentioned in earlier posts that Bad Cat has lost so much weight
he's been cold.
And I made a coat for him-but it wasn't the best of fits.
I wanted something a little snugglier and warmer for him
and Wal-Mart had this one for a mere $ 4
He had it on all day yesterday and slept in it.
This morning my husband saw him trying to groom himself
but the sweater was in the way so he took it off him.
When Bad Cat was done grooming,
he went right over to it and laid down on it!
Guess that was his way of saying he wants his clothes back on!
The other cats weren't sure what to make of it---
they kept sniffing him and then would back away really fast!
Maybe they are jealous?!
Didn't get much housework done that I had intentions of doing
but the craft project went well and I feel good about that.
Hubby picking up ribs, slaw and fries for supper.
Me and my girl plan on blog hopping and snuggling.
Please keep praying that this tumor is GONE
and not malignant.
I appreciate it more than words can say. 
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sometimes....Life Stinks....

Meet Ms. Dolly....
she's my girl cat in a family of 3 boys-4 if you count our feral, Moe, into the mix.
She is also our current cat crisis of the moment.
She had surgery this morning
for a mystery lump on her head
that quickly got bigger and bigger...
and I just got word...and the word isn't good.
While we don't have the pathology report,
our most awesome vet is perplexed and concerned.
She also thinks this THING will be back,
possibly before the stitches are even removed.
That sucks.
I don't usually use such words-
but today, it does. Big time.
While I believe in the power of prayer
and that God can still turn this thing around---
or use it for His purpose and glory
(yeah, even the bad stuff like this...)
it doesn't mean I have to like it.
She came to us after she was abandoned at the vet's office.
She has something wonky with one eye although it doesn't bother her
or affect her movement.
She was quite skittish with us and would not stand up to the boys---
something she's just recently overcome
(all those puffing and hissing lessons paid off!)
and I HATE HATE HATE to hear
she might not make it.
February around here is hard enough as it is...
I lost my late husband in February
my(current) husband lost a son in February
and now the news of Ms. Dolly....
 It comes in threes, right?
Am I done after this?
I hope so!
Let me say this---
take any moment---or anyone
for granted.
Cherish it ALL.
You never know what tomorrow---or even the next hour or minute
will bring.
Ms. D was fine one night-
woke up with the lump the next morning.
And it doubled in size in less than a week....
and here we are...
Prayers, please
for whatever lies ahead for us
and our girl...
I need to go lose myself in some crafting
until I can go and pick her up later on...
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's Raining Cats....

or I should say it's raining cat CRISES at our house...
First up-Bad Cat
who continues to battle us in the pill taking process
but alas, we (yes, it takes 2!) have a technique down
and manage to get the pills down the cat
with little or no blood shed (ours or his!)
or missing appendages
not once but 2 times a day.
Oh, and the noises he makes in the process!
the "Ooooooowwwllllllllllllalalala" he does just cracks me up!
I keep saying that I need to get my friend Theresa over here
and do a video for You Tube on how we do it
because let me tell you-we watched a lot of how to pill a cat videos---
before we purr-fected our technique!
The other problem with Bad Cat is
he has lost so much weight---he is cold.
I have a Hoosier in my kitchen that sits over a heat vent
and he is usually under there trying to thaw out.
Our house isn't that cold-he's just lost that much weight, poor guy.
So I searched the web to find how to make a sweater for a cat.
I first tried the use an old sock method.
You cut off the toe, tuck the heel up and under on itself
make a small semi-circular cut
to make two front leg holes.
I tried it.
I got it over his head and one leg in---
it was wayyyyy too small--the other leg was not going through
and he was half in half out and growling.
Yes, cats GROWL.
I was laughing hysterically which did not help his dignity one bit!
I tried to take it off---more growling.
I got the scissors and very carefully cut it off.
Plan B.
I found a simple pattern for a dog coat using Velcro.
Enlarged the pattern, did a dry fit, and started cutting and sewing.
Now, Bad Cat is a boy-but the only cuddly warm fabric I had
was pink, white and brown.
But it was a CAT pattern--so we went with it anyway.
There is brown in it-and he really doesn't care.
Here's what we came up with...
I need to adjust the "collar" part to make it a little bit tighter and bring it up a bit...

Yes, I know-he's on the counter where he shouldn't be....
I even did top stitching!

He looks grumpy---I think he was still miffed over trying to stiff him in the sock...
The second cat crisis is my little girl, Ms. Dolly.
Here she is cuddled up next to my side...

If you look close, you can see that she has a rather large bump on her head
right between her 7:45 tomorrow she will have surgery to remove it.
We covet your prayers and good wishes that it's not cancerous
and that it can easily and quickly be removed.
Our vet is awesome---but she really didn't like the looks of this.
If she's can imagine how worried this cat momma is.
Ms. Dolly was adopted after someone abandoned her at the vet's office
and we suspect she was abused along the way as she was extremely skittish
for a very long time.
The boys all chase her and she'd flee
so she has had her own room with a screen door for several years.
Just recently
she has started demanding to come out
and, surprisingly, all my lectures and lessons of
"Ms. D, all you have to do is PUFF and HISS and they'll leave you alone"
(complete with my own puffing and hissing...)
has paid off!
Last night as she was sitting on the bed with me
and Poppa Cat came up ready to take her on
she merely looked at him,
gave a loud hiss and even SWIPED at him!
Didn't connect-but she got her point across-
and he left her alone!
That's my girl!!!
Please pray for her---us.
We've had our share of cat crises-and we've dodged a lot of bullets
I'm worried we might not be so lucky this time...
and He cares for His creatures.
We will put our faith and trust in Him.
And yeah, I will be praying over her and the staff
before I leave their office tomorrow.
You can count on it!

Need to get busy on some paper crafts-
show coming up in early April.
Stay tuned.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

You're Tweet! Some Sweet Valentine Magic...

Spoiler alert: Theresa Forge do not look at this post until your card comes!
or you won't be surprised!

Lots of my so-called "spare" time
(actually time I should be doing housework, etc.)
is spent blog hopping.
And one of my favorites is
and on one of her posts she shared how to make
a magic card...
you can find her step-by-step video
I made a similar one for my goddaughter
I forgot to photograph it before I mailed it.
Oh well.
Last night I sat down and decided to make a few more
for some other friends...
and this is what I came up with...

Now, I had some technical difficulties---but I overcame them!
I had prepped all the pieces for the base card, the mechanism,
the embellishments...only AFTER all that...
did I realize I was completely out of transparencies
as well as vellum.
Of course...that is the KEY INGREDIENT
to making the magic happen.
What to do---what to do
I pulled out a CTMH page protector
and started cutting it up.
It`s clear, right..why not.
Then I realized...I didn`t have any red StazOn ink either.
We all know regular ink won`t stamp and stay on shiny, slippery stuff.
And brown wasn`t going to cut it.
I pulled out my red CTMH ink along with clear embossing powder
and my Heat-It craft tool.
I stamped the heart, covered it with the clear embossing powder
and CAREFULLY heated it with the Heat Tool.
This particular heat gun is a tad bit cooler than others.
And while it melted the embossing powder,
it did not melt the page protector!
It did ``curl`` it a bit--and it has a somewhat of a watery look
which I kinda like!
The other dilemma I ran into was when I put it all together
the page protector was getting caught as it didn`t have the òomph``
(wonky things are happening with my keyboard...sorry!)
that the acetate transparency or vellum would have had.
I solved that by simply using small pop dots on the sides of the card
instead of taping them down.
This gave the panel a little more room to maneuver in and out. 
So -- as the saying goes, I made a silk purse out of a sow`s ear...poor sow!
I made a special one for my darling husband
and I will take pics and post that tomorrow.
I also did treats for the preschoolers

but we were under winter weather advisories most of the week
and school was cancelled so they are all sitting on my desk until next week.
Funny to see ice at the beach.
Here`s my hard-working support staff...
We brought groceries home Sat. afternoon
and he got on the stove and was trying to get the cooked chicken¸
out of the container...
and before I could get him shooed away and the chicken secured...
he got into the package of pork chops, grabbed one,
and ran off with it!

Yes, I did get the wildebeest away from him
and I still have all 10 fingers!
Some days he really lives up to his name
which really is
That`s all for today!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


Friday, February 7, 2014

A Couple of Quickies...

I am supposed to be cleaning house....
but got sidetracked
(sorry Flylady).
I noticed as I was emptying the trash
from the bathroom
that the can had a bit of a not so pleasant odor to it
and thought, darn, I should have got a scented thingy
at the dollar store for them.
And then I thought of the tons of herbs in my craft closet.
I pulled out my smell stopper blend
and added a little lavender to it
put a handful into the center
of a coffee filter
grabbed the hot glue gun
and sealed that sucker shut.
Into the trash can it went-
with the plastic bags on top.
End of odor.

Not fancy-but also not going to be seen!
Made one for the bedroom trash can, too!

Then I spotted the doilies on the work table
and thought oh, what the heck-
stamped the center of one of those,
but this time ran a line of hot glue and made a pocket out of it
before I filled it
and sealed it shut.
Added a small pink bow
and here's a cute little sachet
to give as a gift-
just in time for Valentine's day!
I've been busy---
baby sat a 15 mo. old out of town last week-end
and then the cats have issues yet/still
so not much time to play.
They on the other hand
are napping...
He has a toy opossum in his paw!
Keep praying for this guy...
he's lost sooo much weight--and still doesn't want to eat
the food he needs for his irritable bowel disease...
to the vet we go again on Monday to be sure
there isn't a dental issue going on
as there's been a lot of noise when he does eat...
Back to my routines.
Gotta do that home blessing hour thing
Flylady talks about.
More fun stuff has to get done over the week-end
so stay tuned.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!