Sunday, August 29, 2010

Has anyone seen....

Good Sunday morning! It is a beautiful day here-sunny, not too hot (at least not yet...) and a slight breeze. I have done a little too much "Flying" and my body is letting me know--so I think today will either be spent curled up with a good book or sitting in my craft room (why I stand most the time I am in there is beyond me!)
Anyway---because I have been "flying"--I got to spend a good bit of time in there yesterday playing! I have some new stamps that were just dying to be inked up! I saw the video for the slider card on Splitcoast Stampers. Since Theresa and I did a class on a slider book-I knew the basics for making the card. It is not hard and it sure has "WOW" power! The front of the card you can see here...The pink paper is watermelon from Close to My Heart and, unfortunately, it is being discontinued. I used my last piece on this project. The background stamp is unknown-I bought it years ago unmounted and, behind the lady is a post it note that says "gone stamping"--hence the messy kitchen! I just thought it was perfect for this card and covered that part you know why she's off-center! The lady is from River City Rubber Works as is the saying.

Circle stamps are part of another Close to My Heart set. The embossing folder I think is Tiny Bubbles by Cuttlebug (I think!) And yes, that is a MS punch-my MS scallop punch died and, although she has cute designs, her punches are pitiful. I've had more break than work and since they are pricey and she doesn't stand behind her product, I refuse to buy more.They have an AWESOME variety of stamps-a lot of tongue-in-cheek(y) sayings. And, although they do not list Paypal as a payment option, if you e-mail them your order, they will send a Paypal invoice. I love their stamps! I was going to wait and send this card to Theresa--but I couldn't wait to post it! She may get it anyway! She listens to me complain enough about hot flashes, migraines, and all the other ailments connected with that horrible "M" word. Although my (now retired) doc said I am simply "sputtering!" TMI! Sorry! But if you got a LAUGH out of this card---you KNOW exactly what I am talking about! At least doing this card took my mind off it for a little while!

On an end note, here is what happens when I try and Flylady the refrigerator...NO--I typically DO NOT LET CATS IN MY FRIDGE!!! They-or rather Inky--happened to hop in there while my back was turned--Poppa Cat was wondering what he was doing and claims he told the "baby" (aka Inky) he was going to get in trouble and to get out of there! LOl! Don't fret--it got an awesome scrubbing out afterward!
And, this is what happens when I take my tool(s) out of their bag to use them...
This is "Bad Cat" (my husband named him before he met me!) He is my true crafting buddy! He hangs out most of the time with me...he has, however, been known to con me out treats, leave, and come back 5-10 minutes later telling me "NO, Momma, you didn't give me any treats, HONEST!" thinking he'll get more...Mom's a softy so he usually does! Well, off to do something productive and hoping these old bones don't protesteth too much! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just a little clarification...

Hi all. If you didn't see yesterday's post...scroll down, take a peek, then pop back up to this one. Yesterday was a view of my dining room table...which was a mess. That was the dining room table--not my craft room! Stressed Stamper left a message that it was funny I had to have a 15 minute warning for people to come over and, what did I use the hammer for? Lol. Little did she know she was right on target with her comments! You see, FLYLADY's first question on her site is, "Are you suffering from CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome?)!!! For us gals who are SHE'S (side-tracked home executives--)-the answer is usually YES. But...if you are practicing Flylady's principles and you have your routines up and won't be! My table was a disaster because my hubby had been out of town, I was cleaning the craft room when I yes, got sidetracked in there with a project and, when I decided to move on to the next project, there was no room on my worktable-so I just took over the dining room table instead! Then at 4 PM he informed me he was on his way home (eta 3 hrs!)! Well, I had been sidetracked-the house was worse than when he left!!! OH MY. I just got my cleaning supplies together, set my timer (numerous times!), listened to Flylady on blog radio and had all but the table cleaned up before he made it home! I even had time to sit down and eat a nice supper before he arrived (he ate on the way)! But-I digress. Back to the table. The hammer? Hmmm--I used it to hang a photo and instead of putting it away (Flylady says "do it now!"--I didn't listen!) I just left it lying on the first horizontal surface I found! It is now back where it belongs! Lol.
Well, it's time for me to get on with my morning "get myself out the door for work" routine --and, since my house is pretty well in place since I stuck with Flylady yesterday, I can go spend the afternoon with hubby and run a few errands in town-maybe even have dinner out! ; )
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In just 15 minutes.... was LESS THAN 15 minutes as there was still 2 minutes AND 14 seconds left on the timer when I got done!! GO ME! As promised--here is a photo of my dining room table...the BEFORE FLYLADY pic. I set my timer for 15 minutes and went at it. Granted, I procrastinated for a few days and even a few hours this afternoon-but I DID IT...and it went from this---to this (scroll down)

in less than 15 minutes! Now-that's how I did it. Yes, I set the timer. I put things that go into other rooms into a basket and delivered them to those rooms. I didn't stop to put them away-I just went back and worked some more to finish the table. THe things are stored in a basket for me to do another 15 minutes as I can---for now, my FOCUS (key word!)--was the table. The trash got tossed, the tablecloth shook out, the centerpieces replaced. Mission accomplished. The 3 cats were my only witnesses but hey...what can I say? Below the timer pic...are photos of the checklists I made for each room. I pulled out some of my favorite papers and ribbons and made pretty things FOR ME! Can you spot the one in the living room (the picture with all the pictures? This is a "where's Waldo" picture---where's my checklist?
Hmm...if you spotted the ribbon in the
bottom left you got it! It's tucked just behind the photograph and all you can really pretty green ribbon! Only I KNOW its what I need to do to clean that room and stay focused! ; ) I know this may sound like "first grade" tactics to some of you---but those of us who are SHE's (SIDETRACKED HOME EXECUTIVES)--get sidetracked very, very easily. I can go to clean the kitchen and start to put dishes away, realize the cupboard needs organizing, pull all that out, have a phone call, stop to do that and find myself doing 6 other things and NEVER making it back to finish what I started! Remember the Family Circus comic strip? And the little boy who would set out to do something and go around the neighborhood in circles before ever reaching his destination? That's me! So my pretty checklists just help me stay on track and they are NICE to look at! Who says cleaning has to be boring?! Go see how Flylady says to mop your floors! Lol! Don't have kids--and somehow I don't think the cats would be a good substitute---but heck, I may just PRETEND I am a KID and try it myself! Check it Until next time, I am off to stamp and scrap! Hope you are, too! Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Tomorrow....I will...set my NEW TIMER ($1 from our local $ store! In RED to match my new traveling cleaning bucket, thank you very much!)--and clean off the dining room table that is COMPLETELY COVERED with craft stuff! I a "BEFORE" and "AFTER" photo just to show you how much you can accomplish in just 15 MINUTES~! Tonight...I am going to watch a dvd with my dh (flyspeak for "darling husband!") and pretend my hormone-induced migraine doesn't exist (I welcome ANY advice for dealing with these!). Is my house spotless? NO! sink is shiny, my bathrooms are swished and swiped, my bedtime routine (short of bathing, etc) is DONE! My house didn't get messy in a day...and it won't get cleaned in one-but it is 15 minutes + closer to being so! GO ME. Haven't checked out yet? All I can say is "GO YOU"---now! You'll thank me! ; )
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gotta share this/Third post's a charm

Right?! Ok---so I have been bragging about Flylady today. In fact, I put ONE of her broadcasts on blogradio on today---and listed to it ALL AFTERNOON. Over and over and over again.
I will share photos another day---but I now have decorative "checklists" posted in each room. The kitchen's list is on the fridge, the bathrooms on the back of the door (velcro is a wonderful thing! And, its under a door hook so all I have to do, should I want to cover it for some unknown reason, is hang a towel!), the living room is tucked behind a display photo-with a pretty ribbon showing so I(he!) knows where it is, same with bedroom!), laundry is inside the cupboard above the dryer...) This is simply her list, edited by me, that tells me (or, as I may call them, "Hubby Helpers"--for when he says "what can I do to help?" I can say, "See the list in thus-and-so-room? Please do it!") what, specifically to do in each room. Let me explain...
There are those of us in this world who get SIDETRACKED very, very easily. Some may be ADHD, some may not have enough time or too many people vying for their attention, or there may be those, like me, who really struggle to stay "in the moment". Something(s) CLICKED for me today big time. We've been dealing with some marital issues and, while my dh (darling hubby) is working on his, he pointed out some of mine. And one of my "biggies" is---staying in the moment. Staying STILL. You see, I was (sexually) abused as a child. One way children deal with abuse is to "separate" themselves from it-literally. Go outside of what's happening at the moment--thinking about anything but. I would be interested in doing a thesis (if I ever decide to finish the degree(s) I've started) on ADHD, PTSS (post traumatic stress syndrome) and well, not being able to focus-which I guess goes back to ADHD...For example, while cleaning the craft work table yesterday-I started a project. Guess what-the table is covered again and I've done 29 gazillion things besides...go back and clean the table. SIDETRACKED! In listening to Flylady's message today on how NOT to be sidetracked---I realized that-she said over and over and over again---you stuck to it. You stayed in the moment. I am SO PROUD of YOU. And that's something else I never heard much of--"I am SO PROUD of you!" If I got a B, I heard how I should have gotten an A. I remember racing home from elementary school ELATED because I got a C in math. I had struggled big time, I sat doing flash cards for countless hours---a C was AWESOME for mother said, "good-maybe next time you can get a B." End of story.
Sigh. Flylady also talks a lot about CLUTTER. Yep, I have piles-piles get moved from place to place, room to room. Why do we have piles? There are those of us who, subconsciously, feel comfortable with piles. Take a look at your office desk. Is there a "barrier" between you and the edge of your desk? Are things lined up along it that creates even a low barrier between you and the person on the other side? What does it do? What does our piles do? It creates just that-a barrier-between us and others. It keeps us "safe" in some mysterious sense of the word. OH MY! The "barriers" have got to GO if I expect INTIMACY in any sort of relationship.
Now, before you go off thinking I am blaming everything that's gone wrong in my life on the little red wagon I never got-you are WRONG! My background is in family science/child development/psychology. I simply saw some significant behaviors today that I can pinpoint back to how I grew up. Flylady also says that our houses did NOT get messy in a day-and won't get CLEAN in a day. Back off, self! It DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT! We DO NOT have to do things as our mother, grandmother or even GREAT grandmothers did. OUR WAY IS OK!
Whew. I am worn out! At 4 pm I learned my husband was on his way home. The house was still trashed. It was ok. I set my timer...for 15 minutes. Flylady says..."You can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes. The other thing was---I DID NOT THINK. My late husband was a recovering alcoholic. He died 13 years sober. One of AA's tenants/policies is...DON'T THINK. So other than, "what can I do for the next 15 minutes that's on ONE OF THE LISTS...I didn't THINK! (Do you know...that depression mimicks the exact same behaviors as alcoholism...without the substance?!) The house, other than some craft items, is back in order. It took many 15 minutes, but with that timer going, with my DECORATIVE CHECKLISTS---I stayed on task! I STAYED FOCUSED! I GOT IT DONE! Now-my goal keep it this way. If I set my ROUTINES, and DO THE will. I need to practice STAYING FOCUSED. I CAN heal. I CAN do this.
PLEASE---check out today! You WILL be blessed! I have been...!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon

I've waved my feather duster...

AND MY MAGIC WAND! (Scroll down to today's other post and you'll understand this one even better! On my 15 minute break--This went from this...
yes-it is-it is a plain old cat litter bucket and, trust me, with 4 inside cats, we have LOTS of these! I simply washed it out and dried it off--presto! Perfect---BUT BUTT-UGLY bucket...
to this...

and what is this? Well, I keep Windex, paper towels and extra trash bags in both bathrooms and the kitchen. But then there's the living room, dining room, bedrooms--so this is my "traveling" cleaning supply bucket. And yes, GASP---I used the retiring Cherry-O Close to my Heart papers and yes, that the gorgeous Stampin' Up striped ribbon wrapped all around the bucket. My craft room is overflowing with papers, ribbons, etc. that I LOVE--and hence tend to HOARD. IT IS start using my PRETTY THINGS for ME!!! So that's just what I did! (the black thing is actually the black and purple Flylady feather duster!). I did cut clear contact paper to cover the paper panels. It will wipe off it it gets dusty, protect it some if it should get wet. Now that this one is done--I think the next few empty ones will be put to use as well-I think I will color coordinate them for each room---tuck it in a corner-so then when I am cleaning in one room and things need to go from there to another I can toss it in the bucket at the door and take it all at once when I am finished in that room--then return the bucket to the room! HA! I am SOOOO smart! Go me! Off to tell my goddaughter that if she sets and does her routines (yes-Flylady is for kids, too! She has a special section on that --check out The House Fairy on the Flylady! ; ) Off I go again---happy stamping and scrapping--and flying! Blessings, Sharon

I'm Flying....!

Ok-I am on a ROLL and I am on my SOAPBOX (literally-LOL!)--so if you're not in the mood--well, keep reading anyway! Once upon a time, someone told me about FLYLADY. I can't remember when-can't remember who---it doesn't matter. I know about her and, even when this flybaby crashed and burned--she gathered herself up and started again. I have discovered that, once I deperfectionized (not sure that's a word-but I am sure you will know what I mean!) my "routines"--it worked! It really worked! And wow-I really liked going into my nice shiny bathroom and pampering myself in the morning and evening! It was always clean and in under 5 minutes. The windex, paper towels, etc. were all right there. Shower, do face, swish and swipe the countertop and it was done. I saved the shower and toilet for times when I was really cleaning. That worked for me. Then the migraine hit. And I crashed and burned again. My husband has been out of town (coming home soon) and I usually get SO MUCH DONE while he's gone. Not this time. I just couldn't get motivated. No energy. I've done some-focusing on my craft room-and things have found their way back to their home. But, normally by now, the rest of the house is well under control and I am bored. Not this time. Then I realized-when I had the migraine-I had no caffeine! I am functioning on rest and no caffeine! No BUZZ to keep me, well, BUZZING as my husband says. So, I allowed myself one cup, turned on FLYLADY radio (and I even have the Christian radio station on in the background. I am listening to her home blessing hour as I type. WOW! It's sooooo easy!!! So--I am back. I am FLYING. I can't wait! I am going to get a cute colorful basket to put my other room windex, towels, featherduster, etc in. Why does it have to be a blah color? I might even add a pretty ribbon to it! And oh! She talks about decluttering the magazines-cut out what you want, put in a page protector, toss the rest. WHOA! I do that with my craft magazines! I DO THAT! GO ME! I have an awesome notebook with dividers for scrapbook pages, classes, tutorials, etc! Ok-my break is over...I must get my wings going again. Go check out Turn on her Weekly Blessing Hour program and see if you can keep up-the house done in an hour? I can DO THAT!!! She even gives you breaks in there! Gotta go. Until next time, I will have PLENTY of time to scrap and stamp--hope you will to! Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, August 21, 2010

How about some bedroom & bathroom humor...?!

RATED: G of course!!! Really-I am not that kind of girl! Lol! I have been trying to clean the craft kingdom today--and the two photo's I've used have been sitting in my window for MONTHS. It was time to take a break and do something with them. Here's the results:Let's start with the bedroom. We woke up one Saturday morning to CRASH CLATTER and BANG. The entire venetian blind in one of our front bedrooms came down. On one side sat a small black cat looking up like "Oh-how did that happen" and a much larger, gray cat on the other looking at me as if to say "I didn't do it, Momma!" The rest of the story is...our bedroom looks out onto our front deck which is also where our two "feral" cats show up. Inky likes to sit in the window in the morning and talk to them. Bad Cat can fit in the window---but only if it is open! My guess is...after repeated attempts to peek behind the blind, it finally loosened enough and gave way--hence the crash. I found this rubber stamp on e-bay and just HAD to have it!!! When I get around to making the cat scrapbook I think it will enhance the journaling card nicely! The "stick" is supposed to mimic the gizmo from the blinds and I used some beading elastic and beads wrapped around it for the cords. Does it work? I wish it were thinner and I have the perfect thing-just can't find it when I wanted it...anybody else out there have that problem?
Ok-so onto the BATHROOM humor...! Inky (aka "the kitten" aka "the problem child"), for whatever reason, for a very long time, refused to drink. Anything. We tried water, tuna juice, tuna slushies (yes, I did-I thought if there was enough tuna I might be able to get him to drink it--not), Cat Sip (which is vet-approved version of milk). Not drinking led to major bladder issues. So when I caught him drinking from the toilet...well, I wasn't about to stop him! He was drinking after all! I thought only DOGS drank out of the toilet?! Guess I was wrong on that point! I am happy to say that he is FINALLY drinking (albeit from some weird sources (water from cut flowers, a pitcher we keep on the counter just for him, the sink faucet...)-but drinking and happy and healthy with no catheterizations in over a year!!! Thank you and BLESS YOU Dr. Travis!

That's it for today. As I said, I have been trying to clean my magic kingdom---not making FAST progress but progress nonetheless. It will be good to have things back where they need to be and I know where they are! Maybe tomorrow I will post the embossing folder book---cat hair stuck on the cover and all! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well, the CAMERA really isn't "missing"--it was found...or I should say "remembered" about 5 minutes after we headed home from Theresa's last Sat. from her son's 21st birthday pig pickin--Someone who is scatterbrained and shall remain nameless (and must've had her tiara on too tight again) left it sitting on Theresa's side table on the screen porch...sigh. Oh well. I will recover it soon enough!
Not a lot has been happening in the crafty kingdom of late, anyway! I was sidelined last week with a horrible migraine headache. Then tonight the "groupies" are coming for our monthly class so some time (not much!) was devoted to cleaning house and planning the class. The question they posed-and expect Theresa and I to have an answer to--is--How to get MORE pictures on a page. Hmmm...well, there IS a secret-but I'm not telling just yet. And the answer isn't what you would expect it to be! Stay tuned! We'll be a smaller group tonight-Theresa will be returning son Stephen and girlfriend Lauren to the airport and MaryCobb decided she wanted to try sleepwalking and managed to fracture not one but two bones in her left foot! Did I mention our house is up on pilings with two flights of stairs?! Rowena is taking some time to catch her breath and well, just do some grieving after the loss of her husband. We will miss you gals and will think about you. But it will be FUN and there will be FOOD--and I am sure lots of laughter. And who knows, maybe even a little stamping and scrapping.
I'd better go get the royal buns ready for the day job--it's been quite busy with a new preschool director on board and getting her ready to start. Then there's things like the weekly bulletin, monthly newsletter...I do love my job! They pay me to basically scrapbook on the computer-find the clip art, make it look nice...print it out. Oh yeah-answer the phone, do's good.
OH-WAIT! One-well, TWO more quick things! Looking for an awesome flick? Check out THE BLIND SIDE. Then, once you have, read the book IN A HEARTBEAT which talks about the family the movie is based on. I guarantee---it will change you! It is an awesome, awesome story! Even if you are not a football fan, PLEASE watch it and read it. It's NOT about football! ; )
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Monday...

...was one of THOSE and, to think that we have Friday the 13th in this week, too! Oh please no!
I have traded me paper bag for my tiara again. My hairdresser fixed the color issue--at no charge and was extremely apologetic that I had been unhappy with it in the first place and had to come back. No ego trip for him or telling me "I would get used to it." David's a great guy and does great hair. If you live in the OKI or surrounding area-go see David at Tangles. He has back surgery scheduled for Thursday so a shout out for success and rapid healing!
Speaking of surgery, Theresa's dog AJ will probably have to have his paw operated on this
week and she has company she's preparing for to help celebrate Michael's 21st birthday! She's got her paws, er, hands full so an extra prayer or two there, please.
On the scrapping front...I got some supplies in that will help me add some pages to the ongoing goddaughter scrapbook. One will eventually turn into several I am sure --it's rather full and I am not even up to age 10! Lol. She is at sleep-away camp this week. Her mom e-mailed me and said that if I send an e-mail to the camp, with her name and cabin in the subject line, they print it and give it to her like mail from home! We've come a looooooooong way! Lol. Bad Cat sent her one yesterday and the other boys are clamouring to get their 2 cents worth in! She will get a kick out of the cats writing her!
Time for the real job. Go scrap something to share with me! I need ideas, too, ya know! ; )
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Scrambled Sentances for Saturday...

Hi All. There weren't too many new posts on the blogs I follow daily so I thought I would throw some scrambled thoughts and sentences together for you just for the fun of it.
First, at 1:00 today I get to have my hair redone! Some of you liked it---and I thank you for your comforting words and approval!-but, I didn't and I even received gasps of horror and speechless looks of shock from others! Lol! As the saying goes, if "Momma ain't happy...". Hopefully David will wave his magic wand and I will be back to what was a color very close to my natural hair color with some highlights! Counting down...

I received some new stamps in the mail this week from Artful Legacy and I had a brainstorm of an idea for one of them. I don't want to give it all away, but it involves glass, embossing powder,
Versamark ink, contact paper, heat gun and, of course, a rubber stamp (note: this is not an AL stamp)! Mind you I was just playing around with this and experimenting--so this is not "top notch" here (are you listening MC?! ; ) )--but it worked as well as the web instructions said it would. It's also a bit difficult to photograph well. Did you guess? This is my test run of stamping, embossing and etching an image onto glass! Yes, glass! If my project for Artful Legacy comes out as good as I hope, I will be very pleased! I think if I get the camera battery charged I may even make a tutorial out of it. Hmm...stay tuned to the Artful Legacy blog for that ( I can't wait to try it!

Sometime back I posted (quite a lot!) about our "kitten" (3 yrs. old) Inky and his health issues. The cat simply did not want to drink and hence that created a number of problems. We've solved that situation, however, as you can see! Yes, he's on the counter; yes, he's drinking out of my cup...
But that wasn't the worst part! See that blue pitcher to the right? We leave that filled up...he likes to drink out of that, too. Problem is, my husband and I KNOW that that's what that's visiting stepson and his girlfriend...didn't and we forgot to tell them! Opps. I am happy to report that they are fine and after a few "eewwwws" we had a good laugh! After all the vet visits (not to mention bills!) I am not about to discourage this cat from drinking!
If you are a CAT LOVER like I am---and have ever wondered if BIG CATS (lions and tigers and leopards, oh my!) go check out the Saturday post on It is an awesome youtube video that will answer the question for you! Beautiful, BIG cats!
I am off to change loads of laundry, vacuum some cat hair and head out the door for my hair appointment. Whatever YOU do today-have some fun. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Friday, August 6, 2010

Let Your Life Dance...

Maybe its just my wishing and wanting some cooler temperatures but this Artful Legacy stamp sentiment:

Let your life lightly dance
on the edges of time like
dew on the tip of a leaf.
-Rabindranath Tagore

really created a powerful word image for me! I love looking at anything that is dew-covered. It always makes everything so crisp, fresh and clean looking-and these two stamps (ALS 1000 I and Jaclyn’s leaf, SKU JB 122 E) make a perfect pair and compliment one another nicely. Cool fall colored designer paper, cardstock and inks along with a muslin colored twill bow tie it all together. At least it looks cool–but then, I’m just a wee bit biased! Seriously, take some time and "leaf" through the pages of Artful Legacy’s on-line catalog. Fall, followed by Christmas, isn’t that far off!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Avoiding mirrors....

Me--taking a picture of me--while on the phone with Theresa after a disastrous new "do" (color)!
Ok-I am sorry-I didn't get my Artful Legacy post posted to my blog *yet*---go visit until I do. Right now, I am doing my best to AVOID MIRRORS and wait until my hairdresser gets back in. I have found THE BEST HAIRDRESSER I've had in years. He does awesome cuts with my naturally curly (when short) hair---and I even got brave and had him not only color but highlight it before Christmas. I cannot count the compliments I received. Red hair is very, very hard to do and get to look natural! David did it-awesomely well! Until yesterday. Yesterday he decided to add "a little more red". My past experience with tweaking a good thing in life is "DON'T!" Why I didn't scream is beyond me-other than he's so good at what he does...I trusted him. It is dark--very, very dark. Unless I am in bright light. Then it looks more purple-y red than red. I am now one of THOSE WOMEN who I point at and say "that's NOT NATURAL RED-that's a dye job!" (we've all seen them! Mine didn't look this way-until today!) The librarians literally gasped when they saw me and somehow I don't think it was the new glasses (they are very similar to my reading glasses.) I warned my husband in a phone call...his words when he saw me? "I think you should come over here, let me put my arm around you, and have a good cry!" Ahh geez...then he kept telling the cat, "It's ok--it really is Momma-she just doesn't look like it-go sniff her and you will see!" Theresa, God love her, told me it looked really red, really brought out the green in my eyes and looked "kinda cool"!!! Have I said lately how much I like Theresa?! Thankfully, I know that David will want me to be happy with it and will work his magic to make it better. The other trick is going to be---he's leaving next Wed. for back surgery and will be out for at least 2-4 weeks, if not longer! So---until I get back in his chair, I am AVOIDING ALL MIRRORS. If I am not looking at it I can PRETEND its better than it is! Worst case scenario? I have to live with it until is washes and/or grows out! Just another minor bump in the road...

Thanks for letting me vent!

Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

Blessings, Sharon

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Random sentances on Sunday...

Hi all. I've been busy--just not here! The crop Theresa and I went on last me on a ROLL! I've lost count of how many two-page layouts I have done for my goddaughters book-but I have decided and do know that there will be a pre-teen or at least up to age 10 book, then a "second edition" for 10/teen beyond! I am selective about what pics I want to scrap, but its building fast and some photos just have got to have their own page!

You may have noticed---the new header. Do you like it? Different! I've spent the last 4-yes, 4!-hours looking at backgrounds and attempting to get them to fit. A few did, I just didn't like the mix. I've not given up and, most importantly, haven't messed up! Yet! Lol. Am still miffed I didn't get what I paid for from The Cutest Blog on the Block---and that Shabby Blogs who I got the header from never did e-mail a fix on the mysterious black box in the corner. Oh well-shouts out on who to AVOID when it comes to great customer service and help when you need it.

That said, I have a second order coming from A Cherry on Top! Sale items--yeah, that justifies it, right?! They were awesome the first time around and since I took time to tell them, I got a coupon! Just another reason to go shopping! ; )
Tomorrow...I will have an Artful Legacy post.
Until then, my neck and eyes need a break--and, as always, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon