Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You know you've been on the internet too long when... go in the bathroom, click on the wrong light switch (out of 4) and think, "I've clicked on the wrong site! Lol. Gotta. Things have not been going too well in my life recently (among other things, the OKI StampQueen fell on her royal a** ahh, kiester---yesterday when she went down her walkway (literally!) on her way to work!) ---and I covet your prayers--as many as you can spare! I will try to post some (more of) my accomplishments from MY FIRST CROP before the week is out! Until next time, happy stamping & scrapping. Blessings, Sharon
ps/take a minute and check out the following sites:; (particularly graphics 45 papers-TO DIE FOR!!! I want them ALL!!!!!)
you'll be glad you did!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's all about the RIGHT COLORED tools!

Ok-I can’t say I have ever actually seen PINK lawn mowers and grass catchers–but one of these days tool makers are going to get smart and start catering to the women who take their landscaping seriously! The craft industry has-we’ve gone from those basic and boring grays, blacks and browns to a whole rainbow of colors in the craft-tool realm!
But, I digress. I like the Artful Legacy "Grass Catcher" (SKU ALA 506 K) stamped in hot pink complete with a bow
I wanted to add a few crystals for some more glitz and glam but they just didn’t seem to fit. I can just hear this weary lady wailing "I fought the lawn, and the lawn won!" (AL’s SKU 1222 G) She probably suggests a shopping spree in her next gasp as a way to recover! Lol! ANY a good excusing for shunning the lawn work and shopping instead...and I hope you will take time to shop Artful Legacy. Their stamps, supplies and service are all AWESOME!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hi All. Theresa and I are back (under protest, I might add!) from our VERY FIRST CROP! OHMYGOSH! We SOOOOO did not want to leave! We had 9 hours of non-stop cropping, stamping, scrapbooking...! It was one of the most awesome times I've had! There were about 8 other ladies (guessing-I didn't stop to count! lol!), we had our very own tables (got there first so we had first pick! Others had to share-nanny-nanny-boo-hoo!) snacks, drinks and, probably the VERY best part...was we were at a store which meant...when you needed that extra sheet of paper or a different shade of just got up and got it and added it to your tally sheet. We were on the honor system! We did take a short break for lunch and a very quick trip to Michaels to pick up a few extra things. I think Theresa got 9 pages done in the day and I managed 12! Gotta confess-a few of them had a transparency overlay that made the page(s) super, super easy! We cannot wait for the next one and I am so going to keep my eyes out for an over-nighter to go to--or a week-end. Think that would make a great birthday present for Theresa (T, be sure BOB reads this! ; ) ). And, I've got to share this. Out of all the pages I did, this has got to be my favorite. Not quite finished-I need to add some rope around the pilings a little paint and Liquid Glass to make part of it even more realistic. I was working on these pages and had told Theresa, "I need a "splat" on here!" She laughed and agreed. As she was coming back from the back of the store, she happened to look on the store class supply shelves---and there it was! A "splat" punch! PERFECT!!! I think these photos are well camera is, pardon the expression, "crapping" out on me! But you get the idea! My goddaughter Maren had been on our widow's walk feeding the seagulls. She sat down to take a break and well, this is what happened! I can still hear her screaming as only a pre-teenager can! And all I could do (after I snapped the photos!) was laugh and chant that she had gotten pooped on by a seagull!
Yep, I think a little white, green and black paint with CE will make those plops of poop just pop off the page! It was a whole day of instant gratification! Watch the pages come together with all the supplies at your fingertips. I packed wayyyyyyyyyy too much stuff-but I didn't get to pre-plan any pages-just got the photos organized in time to go. Next time I can do a little more prep work and get even more done! Well, now it's time to do some housework, maybe a boat ride, reading, picnic supper and nap. Hmmm...or, I could stay in the cool and scrapbook some more!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Friday, July 23, 2010

The good, the bad, and the ugly...

TGIF!!! I have come to absolutely love Fridays! I have, of late, seemed to get more done in this one day than I can in a week! It's my first day of the week-end! I don't have to work and I absolutely adore it in a way I used to look forward to Saturday! It's just me and the cats and whatever I decide to cook up to do-today it's clean house. I am on an organizing kick and the closets and cupboards among other things have been showing it. Once you've "made a dent" and can actually SEE some difference..well, it sort of takes on a life of its own...

The Good. Actually---I am changing that. Editorial license. I am going to say THE GREAT. I was looking for a new (inexpensive) tool called the i-rock. It's this little gadget that gets hot and sets adhesive backed crystals onto your projects. My Google search led me to a company called A CHERRY ON TOP (two thumbs up!). Had not heard of them before and had a few minutes to look at their site. OHMYGOSH! Papers and embellishments to die for! They had the tool and all the things I would need to get started with it. They also offered free shipping. So, I went shopping. I won't say my cart was overflowing-all my purchases fit into one priority shipping box that fit in the mailbox (thank you mail lady for leaving it!). I wasn't sure what the outcome would be-ya just never know, so I was somewhat conservative. I wish now (hindsight is 20/20) that I hadn't been! The paper and embellishments were all neatly packed in a large ziplock bag that was taped closed, and that bag was taped to a heavy-duty piece of cardboard. Not one corner on one piece of paper was wrinkled! It was perfect. Then the i-rock tool and accessories...were all neatly packed into another box that was taped closed. All of this was packed into the priority shipping box, packed and padded with paper, and promptly shipped. I ordered maybe Sunday and it all arrived on Thursday! Pretty good timing-most places that offer "free shipping"--you don't see it for weeks! So---take a minute after you've checked out Artful Legacy's (two thumbs up, too!) site, to look at A Cherry on Top. You'll be glad you did.

The Bad. See my blog? The three columns look great at least! I think its a lot more readable than 2 columns. What I don't like---is the bare bones no background. I paid hard-earned money to The Cutest Blog on the Block (two thumbs down! : ( )who promised me that, for a price, they could fix my messed up blog by putting it into the three column format AND add the background to fit. They did the three columns. The background is another story. They did add it-you just couldn't see it. The tiniest tip of one bird's beak on one side, the head of another on the other side. I asked them to fix it please. I was nice-I had had my coffee first so I know I was nice! Their reply---zoom in the view of the screen and you can see it (yeah---but you can't begin to read the minuscule type or see the pictures posted?!) or--get this-buy a bigger monitor! Well, that's just a bunch of horse patootie and I told them so! Not a happy queen-off with their heads! And, even worse? You see the header? I was able to get that in and that design is from SHabby Blogs (one thumb down). But what's the deal with the darker black box in the right-hand corner of it? It's been over a month-not even an acknowledgement from her of any sort. I do like her "blinkies" tho-the "it's good to be queen", "just stay little", etc. So....I guess I am on my own to try and fix all this. If you know of anyone who will do what they say and can help, please pass the info on...
Ok, we're down to the UGLY. Besides my house that needs cleaning?! Our groupies...have decided they want to do scrapbook pages. I gotta confess-I was not crazy about this idea, ya'll. Theresa talked (long and hard) to talk me into it. I caved. I even taught two pages. Then she did beach vacation pages. I just happened to have photos with me in the car that were PERFECT for her pages (her pages are perfect without photos!). And, I gotta tell ya, going home with finished pages....?! WOW. I think...I've been convinced. I am teaching next month-how to get more pics on a page--and the ideas are flying through my head faster than I can fathom! Then Theresa and I are going to our first CROP tomorrow. I cannot wait. I had great visions of grandeur---catching up 12 years of my goddaughters scrapbook album...until 1) i saw the mile of mishmoshed mixed up photos; 2) I couldn't get prints made (the machine wanted to download every picture on my flash drive---I stopped it at 1,700+!!) and of course, our WM didn't have my brand of printer ink; and 3) the migraine hit. So--I have resolved myself to what I get better than nothing. In between cleaning today, I will do my best to layout some ideas and see what I can do. But beyond that, I am motivated to my get my pics organized and processed so that when we decide on a theme for pages, I can just go pull out what I need and start scrapping. I see that as being a winter job. Those cold days and nights where you don't want to move outside a warm blankie...good time to do that!
So-there you have it...the good (great!), the bad, and the ugly. Got any great blogs, sites, etc. you want to give a shout out about? Just let me know...word of mouth is the best advertising there is! Off to fight the dust bunnies-wish me luck!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Perfect Cut...

As I write today’s post, I have the perfect background "music" playing–the hum and buzz of at least 4 different lawn mowers! We live at the beach you see, and we are surrounded by rental properties. It seems that all of our closest neighbors have picked Wednesday afternoon to have their grass groomed! Makes for quiet Saturday mornings—but it sure is noisy today!
That said, I knew what I wanted to use for my husband’s birthday card this year as soon as I saw the Artful Legacy catalog from Christine. He’s a 4th of July baby (yes, I know the 4th has come and gone–it’s late!) and in past years I’ve used a patriotic theme off and on. This year, however, I wanted something different. Since he cuts the grass for several of our elderly friends as well as our church in his spare time, the design was simple-just needed Artful Legacy’s "Grass Catcher" (SKU ALA 506 K) and the
"Happy birthday to a Man Who is a Cut Above the Others" (SKU ALS 12211) stamps! It just couldn’t get any"mow" easier.
I think I will go find some ear plugs and take a nap now!
Stay tuned for a "girly-girl" version of this same card next week! ; )
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon

Friday, July 16, 2010

So picture this...

on PLEASE-NOT! Ok-so I had just gotten up and was sleepily sitting on the couch in my favorite OLD cotton nightgown, sipping my first cup of coffee as my husband walked out the door on his way to work. Deciding I would go and check my favorite blogs, I sat down at the computer (which is by our front door) and heard the ocean breeze banging the screen door. Consistently. Since I woke with a headache, this was not the serenade I wanted to start the day with so I got up to latch it. In doing that, I realized the water bowl for the outside cats was empty. I thought about waiting to fill it but it's so hot and humid out I decided, as Flylady would advise, to do it now. That was my first mistake! As I opened the door an inside cat dashed past me onto the deck. Thankfully, he went to the far end of the deck leaving me at the front end and frantically trying to calm myself enough to get the gate closed to at least contain him on the deck. Having successfully completed that part of the mission, I turned to face the escapee. As I did, the wind decided to catch the hem of my nightgown...filling it quickly and lifting it...above my waist! GASP! I quickly grabbed it, tucked it between my knees and proceeded to try and duck-walk closer to the cat--who I was able to nab by the scruff of the neck and tossed him in the house! It wasn't until he was safe and secure that I did a quick perusal of the neighbors decks to see if anyone had seen my impromptu public display. Not hearing any screams of laughter, I realized the decks were all clear. Someone may have gotten a glimpse from a kitchen window, but at least no one was rolling around on the surrounding decks holding their sides and gaffing! Sheez! What a way to start the day! And he (the cat) wasn't even the one named BAD CAT! The good news is--the neighbors change today! This set of renters leaves and the next set comes in. So I may never see these people again anyway and well, so what---At least they have a funny vacation story to tell!
If the weather holds...Theresa and I are going shopping today at our one remaining stamp store...1 1/2 hrs. away! The store owner has let us bring in our unwanted items to sell and gives us store credit for what has sold. So its almost like getting something for nothing!
I apologize-again-for the mess I have made of my blog. The good news here is that one of the gals from The Cutest Blog on the Block (for a reasonable price) said she could fix it. I am anxiously waiting for that to happen. Thank you, oh kind person at TCBOTB!
And, saving the best news for last...I GOT A MINI! Actually, I got TWO mini's! Ok-so they aren't real and drivable mini's-but rather THE MOST ADORABLE MINI COOPER STAMP SET from MY FAVORITE THINGS. For some reason, I ended up with two sets instead of one. Not wanting God mad at me, I contacted MFT. Long story short, they were most helpful in resolving the issue and tangibly expressed their gratitude for my honesty. This was my first experience with this company and, let me tell you, they are awesome to deal with! I colored two of the mini's last night and while I like the car itself, the interior isn't quite what I was hoping for so its back to the driving-er, drawing board. Good excuse to tell you to "stay tuned!" ; )
Until next time,
Happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon

Monday, July 12, 2010


Maybe it’s because it’s summer and just plain hot outside...or because one of us in this house is always HOT and the other (the "spousal unit" as one blogger calls her mate) is walking around in sweat pants, sweatshirt, socks...well, what can I say?! It’s all part of "that age" and "power surges"! Lol! I just thought my husband was cold-natured....until our company went in search of sweaters and blankets as well!
So–what does my hot flashes have to do with ARTFUL LEGACY?! This idea did not originate with me–I am sorry, but I cannot remember whose blog I saw it on–but they used the Top Note die cut and large popsicle sticks to make these AWESOME hand-held FANS! They are going in every room in my house! AL's "beachy" stamps as I call them are a perfect pick for this project! On the die cut ones, I used AL’S ADIRONDACK CHAIR (SKU 114K) as well as the shell cluster-large (SKU AL 348 J). Then, as I was working-I got the idea to just use a strip of paper 4 1/4"x11", score on the 5 1/2"line, fold it over and round the corners? I think these with the large shell cluster, small shell cluster (SKU AL 347 G) and the Come Walk with Me (SKU AL 1276 JJ) sentiment are going to go into a jar with a little sand and shellsinto the guest room! What a neat little "treat" for those who want to venture out for a walk on the beach or to rock on the deck?! They are quick, easy and oh so inexpensive! ; ) And, for those of us who are always hot-OHSOHANDY!
The Artful Legacy images are so realistic-I can decide if I want to stretch out in that chair and nap...or go take a walk on the beach in search of shells?! Hmmm!
Until next time-KEEP COOL! Blessings, Sharon

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Have I mentioned lately...

that I DESPISE Blogger?! I like The Cutest Blog on the Block-and have played with a variety of's all messed up with a fairtheewell and I am at my wits end! I may-or may not-continue blogging! Until next time-if there is one---! Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, July 3, 2010


PLEASE be patient! Trying to give this blog a "facelift" and for those of us who aren't " can be a challenge! Hopefully, once it's done, you'll like the new look!

A Face Lift is Next...!

Go ahead--open the bathroom drawer-the cupboard door-the closet hallway door or my bedroom closet door...and you will see why I can't move much today! Lol. I don't know what it was-a caffeine overdose, cooler temps, what-but other than a headache I felt good yesterday and I moved a few mountains! It all started some weeks back with a successful trip for a the dress for the wedding...and then shoe shopping...a stop at the Clinique counter...and a "monster" was created! You see, I've lost a little bit of weight, had successes shopping-and am now addicted. I've been on a few shopping sprees and have actually found clothes, etc. that I like, that fit, and that, if I do say so myself, look good (It's been a very, very long time since that has happened)! So-the old needed to be sorted (doesn't fit? small stain? OUT WITH IT! (I acted quickly and decisively--like the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland--I decreed what stayed, what would bless others, and what was simply to be tossed! And the winter clothes are now boxed up to be stored-hey, it's JUST barely July-give me a break! LOl!) The hall closet now holds my shoes and purses neatly in hanging organizers (the canvas ones from WM for shoes and sweaters that go over the rod are VERY sturdy! ; ) along with a few other things; my bedroom closet has my clothes, separated into dresses, skirts, shirts, pants (yes, I even have rod labels for these!) and are then color-coordinated! After a number of years of tripping over each other in the bathroom to get ready for work, my husband decided he would use the second bathroom-so I took the time to reorganize things in "mine" to make my morning routine much easier. My floppy make up travel case is nice for that-but things helter-skelter in it doesn't make for quick prep time in the morning...a small sturdy basket now takes its place and the other is neatly stored in the suitcase until it is called into duty! I even got some nice, new white washcloths, rolled them up and tucked them into a basket. They make me feel "special" for whatever reason (yes, I know-I am weird!) and they are handy when I am ready to take a shower or "take off the day" (ie pamper my face). Whew. Oh-then I washed and dried all the bedding! That meant wrestling with king size dust mite covers-at least 4! They really need to be line-dried so if you heard that there was some big white monster on our deck yesterday-that was me trying to turn these suckers inside out with the ocean breeze blowing! Lol. It was a trick but they are done!
I don't know what all this is about. I keep telling Theresa it must be a "turning 50" thing. Lots of change happening in my life-so maybe this is just part of that. Maybe I finally realized it is ok to focus on and take care of ME for a change! And, speaking of focus...I cannot wait-simply cannot wait --for my new glasses! One eye likes distance, the other close-up. I can't see-haven't been able to see-for sometime without squinting. The new glasses should solve that and I am just elated. I am told they are quite stylish and look good! 11 days and counting!

So---what's this about a face lift? No, I am not having surgery! I decided today that maybe its time to redo my blog. While I absolutely adore the colors and the shells of the current design, change can be good. So maybe I will switch it out to something else for a bit and then one day come back to the other--or not. Today, however, I am headed to our small-town downtown for the annual 4th of July craft show. You can bet I will be taking one of those fans I made yesterday! Before I go, let me say this: check out Her organizational ideas are out of this world and the routines really, really work. Take your time and get in the habit. Use her ideas as an outline to make YOUR routines and make it work for you! The change is good. Normally I would be scrambling to try and clean the whole house today. It's done. I can go play. I have a date later in the craft room to use my ARTFUL LEGACY (www.artfullegacycom) stamps for my husband's birthday card so I will have even more play time. Thank you, Flylady!
Stay tuned-no telling what I will change next! ; )
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

Friday, July 2, 2010

So HOW COOL are these...?!

OK---so I am early---but HOW COOL are these? In case you haven't figured them out, they are fans! Yep-fans! This idea is not original with me---and I tried for an hour this morning to find the blog I found them on---without success. Using the Top Note die from Stampin' Up (call Theresa, ladies!), a fat popsicle stick, some heavy weight cardstock and/or paper backed with cardstock and a bit of ribbon and adhesive, you, too, can create these little wonders! How festive they would be in a red, white or blue bucket as a centerpiece for your holiday BBQ?
Or, my other thought was--how welcome they would have been at that outdoor wedding I just went to! Use the bride's colors and print their names and date on them? What a cute, COOL keepsake that would be! I am of that age where I have lots and lots of energy--that comes in POWER SURGES (aka HOT FLASHES!)--and I think I am going to make at least one of these for every room in our house! Lol! What fun--I will try and use papers and designs to match the rooms! These are cheap, cheap, cheap to do-and so quick!
I wanted to add that people often ask why pay for classes-I can make that without help! Yea-I thought I could do these, too! Decided to color dust the edges after I had glued the layers down! I discovered a new trick for doing that! Remind me and I will share it in my next class! The further you put the popsicle stick down on the die cut, the sturdier your paper part is. Yes, you can turn the die cut so its longer-and, that would fit into a purse a bit better. I made a cute one out of bright summer colors. For the 4th of July ones, I wanted to mimick the flag. I was going to add some sparkle---but---didn't want to take the chance that a piece might fly off and land in an eye-what an irritant that would be! So lots of little things that we tweak and fine tune so YOU can sit down and make the best possible project thanks to our mistakes ahead of time! When there are no stamp or scrapbook stores, and you try something that doesn't work and it was your LAST sheet of THAT paper...yep, classes pay off!
Back to housework!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon
Top Note Die Cut-Stampin Up
Striped Paper, Inks-Close to My Heart
Stamped images-Close to My Heart
Popsicle Stick - not from our WM! Try AC Moore, Michael's etc.
Ribbon unknown

GOTTA try this!!!

Ok ladies---before the next trip to the hardware store...make a list. Ya gotta get some LARGE WASHERS and try this "GLAZED WASHER" project! I stole the picture from this site which will tell you whatcha gotta do. They used Diamond Glaze to hold down the paper. You can use the Crystal Effects to glue it down-it doesn't have to be Diamond Glaze and I don't think there's any place around here to get it anymore anyway! If you have the right size circle punches, you can also cut out your circles that way and don't HAVE to have the big shot, nestabilities, etc. although...I did just get the nestabilities circles so I am all set! ; ) I think these would make great, INEXPENSIVE gifts! How many times have ya'll seen me hook my glasses, sunglasses whatever glasses to the front of my shirt? They fall off, get in the way if I lean over, etc. With the open center, I think there is just enough room to slip a pair on that washer and double as an eyeglass holder! Or---you can even put a picture in the center-just make it small enough to peep through the hole but cut the circle large enough to adhere to the backside of the washer. Can't wait to see what you come up with! I am off to find my washers that are stored in some secret safe place...along with the fat Popsicle sticks I need for another project! (WM may have my bra size, but there wasn't a fat, skinny or any kind of Popsicle stick to be found in out "craft dept!). Until next time, enjoy the COOLER temp and happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon


Whew! I am glad yesterday was my work "Friday" and I am home for a looong week-end! It has been hot, hot, hot and the island and Southport (neighboring town) is buzzing with tourists for the large July 4th celebration that, for whatever reason, the powers that be decided we must celebrate on the 5th rather than the 4th? Go figure...Theresa and I had lunch together and shopped at one of our local thrift stores. We both found some clothing (and it was buy 1 get 1 free!) and I found a half-size version of the crop-in-style xl ---for $ 8!!! I am sure its really a large brief case/office on wheels as it has locks on the large center part-but if you were to cut a crop-in-style xl in half-this is exactly what you would have! It's perfect---and what a deal-maybe I should say steal! It's always been said, "one man's trash is another man's treasure!" And, as if that weren't enough of an awesome start to the celebration--I stopped at our local Wal-Mart on the way home. Tired of my bra straps falling down and it cutting me in half, I checked out the lingerie dept. fully expecting to not find the size I wanted and need (I think every woman in a 100-mile radius must wear my size because they never have it!)--I found not one but 2 bras with that extra width-inch or so I need! They have NEVER carried that size before! : ) Sorry if that's TMI but what woman hasn't suffered through an ill-fitting bra at one time or another?! LOl! See-you know what I am talking about! Picked up Chinese to eat for dinner and we dined on our front deck with a light ocean breeze while watching the ocean. Does it get any better than this?!

NOW FOR THE CLARIFICATION PART...:I received a comment on my post "I cannot keep up with the child" and I need to clarify some confusion I created. Zachary, the young man who just graduated and then got the son of one of my longest friends, Betsy and her husband, Bill. We've been close since before Betsy even met her husband, and hence the boys, when they came along, grew up calling me "Aunt". Zachary and Melissa did tell their close/immediate families about 3 weeks prior to their nuptials, and Betsy told me a few days before. I think of Zachary and his brother Matthew as "my boys" and often speak that way about them--and hence created some confusion amongst blog followers. So sorry!