Saturday, March 29, 2014

Love and loss...

Warning: LOOOOONG post---
life lesson first-art work at the end...
 * * * * * * *
I've been away from my blog for awhile now.
I've had my hands full with this girl...

and I need to share her story with you today.
When she and I first met
she was in a cage in our vet's office.
She had been abandoned at Paws Place
a local dog rescue
and brought to our vet`s office.
She was very friendly-rubbing and butting and meowing
at me through the bars.
I was drawn to her mainly because well,
she was a SHE
and I am a SHE surrounded by males
(we had 3 inside male cats at home not to mention our
outside male feral
and I didn't think we could take on another).
I saw her off and on for about a month.
Friendly as she seemed, she also had some sort of damage
to her left eye--it was cloudy but it clearly didn't stop her
from getting around.
I think that was part of the reason she wasn`t
quickly adopted.
One day I caved
and she came home with me.
We put her in a room by herself for starters.
We wanted to give her time to adjust.
But we got a surprise.
She was terrified of us.
She would not let me near her for a very, very long time.
When she finally did, she would often reach a point of panic
and strike out with claws bared with no warning whatsoever.
She was terrified of us-and of the boy cats.
She would run and hide.
I kept telling her all she had to do
was puff and hiss.
We put up a screen door so she could see all of us
and vice versa.
We knew she (like me....) had been abused.
she came to trust me.
And a good bit later, my husband as well.
The panic ceased.
She would sit with me and love and cuddle.
She would play and chatter at the birds.
I could bring her out next to me
and she would tolerate the boys.
She and Inky were friends
as long as there was a door --- or Momma--between them.
One day about a month ago
a mysterious lump showed up on her head.
I opted to watch it hoping it was simply a cyst that would reabsorb itself.
A week later, overnight, it doubled in size.
Surgery happened quickly.
The pathology report....not so fast.
And, when it did, sadly, it was not good news.
A rare form of cancer - T-cell lymphoma.
Little known about this disease.
While we were waiting,
despite our vet's  best efforts,
our girl declined rapidly.
And Wednesday of this week I had to make
an extremely difficult decision.
I could not let her suffer any longer
and we chose to say good-bye to our sweet girl.
Now, why do I share such a heart-breaking story?
in her last weeks,
she overcame the last of her fears.
She wanted to come out of her room....
she toured the entire house!
And she finally realized that
if she puffed and hissed
the boys would back off
and leave her alone!
She overcame.
She learned from us
that it was ok to love, to trust,
and to overcome her fears.
She won.
And, as Paul Harvey would say---
the rest of the story...
one person involved in dealing with her pathology report
shared that his one-year old daughter
has an inoperable brain tumor.
Just like our girl, Miss Dolly.
Not on your life!
You'd better believe it!
I do.
That little girl
will have a purrfect friend
waiting on her.
Thank you, Ms. Dolly
for the lessons you taught me
for the love you gave me.
You won't be forgotten!
You are truly AN OVERCOMER
* * * * * * * *
And, speaking of Overcoming...
here are some Easter projects I was working on last week-end

Until next time, as a fellow blogger used to say--
 happy stamping and scrapping.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wanted: Extra dose of energy, inspiration and hope....

(Warning: Long Rambling Post-Vintage finds at end...~!)
It's been a bit since I have posted.
I did recover from my cold
but life has been slapping me on all sides
and I am worn out.
Today finds me with my fibromyalgia raging
(the weather (raining cats and dogs isn't helping!)
and I am curled up yet again in bed with cats and heating pad.
I have more issues I can count and not good ones.
And it's my party blog and I'll cry if I want to...!
Although we did have a miracle here...
and I am calling it Resurrection Sunday Monday.
This little girl had surgery--and the pathology report came back
(pic after surgery)
We sent it off for the second one and are still waiting.
She had her stitches out and was a real trooper through that.
Her fur is coming back in and you can hardly see her scar.
All was well --so we thought.
Saturday of last week-end she wanted out of her room.
So I let her out to roam the house with the boys
and for awhile, she was fine.
And then she  began frantically pacing the entire house
and then began running into things.
Back in her room she went.
Sunday morning she was cowering under a table in her room---
and looking at me but not interacting.
By mid-afternoon she was sitting on my lap
basically unresponsive.
Called the vet and we made an emergency run.
Of course by the time we got there-she was highly agitated
and along with pacing around the exam room,  was now panting heavily.
The vet observed this, brought in a litter box and left to see if she would settle down.
She did-but not by much. 
After examining her, the vet in turn had bad, more bad, and worse choices....
it was a heart issue/stroke
(which typically happens after surgery if there is a previously undetected heart issue);
 it could be seizure(s) (and there is no real way to diagnose that in a cat...)
or the mystery lump had indeed invaded/infected the brain.
No clue.
Since she was a little dehydrated, we (yes, all three of us)
worked to get fluids into her.
She got a steroid shot
and three of us again worked to get a dose of phenobarbital in her.
And we came home to wait.
Monday am-not much improvement but she did seem to "see me".
(Frankly, I was surprised she was alive....!)
By Monday afternoon-she came to me.
By Monday was as if nothing had ever happened
and she was even playing with us!
I spent the next few days on poop patrol to put it politely
(it was also determined Sun. she was constipated!)
That, too, has changed!
And you thought this was an art blog?!
See--this why I don't get time to blog! 
Poop patrol! 
Other major things I won't go into-
just suffice it to say that, if you are a believer and prayer,
please say an extra one for me.
I promise I am one of those that pays it forward when I can!
I ---as well as my cohort in crime--aka Theresa
needed a diversion from life yesterday
so we headed to a favorite haunt of ours
Miss Minnie's Antiques.
We have a craft show coming up
and I needed a way to display my eggs...
I got the blue pedestals...
and then, as we were getting ready to leave---
I spied three small fluted tin trays
and Theresa and the shops owner convinced me that they would be perfect
to sit on top and hold the eggs.
So I got those, too.
And then I spied an apron-more on that later.
The shop owner asked me
if I wanted her to wrap my pedestals and I said oh,  no, they will be fine
(I ASSUMED they were wood as they were heavy...)
and when I got home and rushed into my craft room
noticing the afternoon sun was just right if I hurried
to take photos of them with my eggs...
I dropped one.
It slipped out of the bag, hit the floor and the top snapped off.
They may be heavy---but they sure as heck aren't wood!
Thankfully---I had E-6000;
they are vintage distressed look anyway
and, in her usual see the glass wayyyy more than half full approach to life
Theresa said, " just put a bow around it."
Good idea!
And I am thinking that a bow of  tulle with long tails
will be just the thing to dress this display up---
that and a little green Easter grass under the eggs
(if I can find the green paper kind---I despise the plasticky stuff!)
What do you think?

Good find!
When our church remodeled some years back
and downsized the old sanctuary, they sold off the extra pews.
And I bought one.
We use it at our table---and the hymn racks hold cookbooks
and, as you can see, I decorate it with pretty towels and aprons.
Found this apron again as I was going out the door!

Not sure what that sheer fabric really was/is--
and after the pedestal predicament-
I was hesitant to iron it but I did--
I just looped the ties into individual bows on either end
and secured it with pretty clothespins.

I had one more find that I will use in my craft show display
but will save that for another day.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Mish-Mash...

Just one of those days where I am in the middle
of any number of things
and really don't feel like doing anything.
I decided to do a little cooking
and tried a new recipe

Found a recipe in a magazine for
Stuffed Pepper Casserole.
The recipe called for Italian sausage
instead of ground meat.
It is good-but I think I would absolutely love it with the ground meat instead.
Go to for the  (original ground meat) recipe.
It makes a lot--and I think it would freeze well, too.
I wasn't sure about the corn, either-but it is actually good.
Then I took a break
did some blog hopping in between sneezing
and I had company as I was curled up in bed

That's Poppa Cat grooming Inky (aka the baby...)

 Two minutes later they were wrestling and fussing with one another!

After my break...I got brave
and ventured into my magic kingdom
No-I won't give you a bigger picture-
the little one looks bad enough!
I have not cleaned in here in forever-it looks it, too!
Have I mentioned...
I HATE dealing with putting paper away?

My hubby built me great shelves-
and I thought it would solve my never-ending paper problem...
I even labeled the shelves...and still have a mess.
Time to tackle it!
I set the timer

Flylady says-you can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes...
even clean up paper piles...

I did NOT CHEAT---I stopped when the timer did...
and look how far I got....
Remember the before?
In a mere 15 minutes...
I put the packages of paper where they belonged;
the paper pads where they belonged;
the chipboard back on it's shelf
and managed to sort the pile of paper on the floor
into two stacks:
full pages and a stack of scraps.
I bet in another 15 minutes--
I can sort out the box that's left into those two same piles
and get what's in there on it's appropriate shelves, too.
Another 15--and I can probably get the two stacks done.
I was taking a break (Flylady is a big advocate of taking breaks in between...)
when Theresa (aka my partner in a variety of crimes) called.
She was in the ER last night with heart issues-
we decided it was due to her husband who decided to cook!
She's ok, thank God.
We had a good chat---now it's time to go do those other 15 minutes.
Oh-I found a few gems while I was in there...
I am a member of The Button Farm Club
and I get some awesome kits on a monthly basis
(which I seem to be collecting vs. doing!)
I opened February's kit and found an additional kit inside
as a thank you.
I was a mini album--but a good size one with awesome embellishments.
Their kits are top-notch.  PLENTY of paper and embellishments
of good great quality, too.
The other thing I found when sorting that pile of paper
were these pics of my goddaughter...
I need to scrap these...I love them!
She's since cut that long blond hair-but I love her expression.
And the one next to it--she did in a photoshop program...
I think its interesting and intriguing...
 I am also up to my eyeballs in eggs!
I absolutely LOVE making these!
The flowers are super easy and relaxing for me to do--
and I just love decorating the eggs.
They make a nice little gift--
and I also add a Cricut cut card
so they can be used as place cards.
Getting ready for a spring craft show-
I do hope they sell! I don't want to have to
hang onto them for another year!

Gotta get back to it.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.