Friday, December 31, 2010

Letting Go....Getting Ready...

Fair Warning: This may be a bit long!
I am so excited today! It's New Years Eve! Time for reflecting, letting go...getting ready and moving on! As kid, my adult relatives would pick a reasonable hour (any time a bit latter than our "normal" bedtime so we thought we were staying up really late1)--and then do a countdown--we'd stand on an ottoman (anyone out there know what that is besides me? Telling my age/origin here!), and "jump" into the New Year amongst lots of noisemakers and happy shouting. Then we'd go to sleep. Fast forward a lot of years. I chose to marry my late husband on New Year's Eve--simply because it was a time of new beginnings. I adore New Year. The old year-- good, bad and indifferent-- is behind you-and there is a CLEAN SLATE before you. Funny, I can really feel that with the NY but in actuality, for a believer, it's like that anytime we ask forgiveness! He wipes it away. We can start new. Clean. Refreshed. Hmm...
So today...I am doing a few Flylady things-I AM NOT---trying to "catch up" and yes-I am WAY BEHIND! Flylady will help me deal with that bit by bit. I slept late (and I slept well!), and am sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee my darling husband delivered. THAT is something I am thankful for as our marriage was truly failing earlier this year. We've come a long way. I am also making it a habit to start my day with not one but TWO devotional books. The first one is my well-worn copy of AFFIRMATIONS FOR THE INNER CHILD by Rokelle Lerner. Here's today's message from her, appropriately titled Reflection/New Years Eve:
I pause between the passing of the old year and the beginning of the new. My plans for making necessary changes have already been set in motion. Their fulfillment lies ahead.
On this New Year's Eve, I take this moment to rest and reflect. I feel myself moving in perfect balance and harmony. I feel my connection to the earth and the universe. I know now that I am firmly set on my path. Even if I should stray for a moment, I will always find my way back.
I look back on the past year and rejoice in both my mistakes and my achievements. They have taught me well. I look forward to the new year with fresh eyes. I breathe in the stillness before time begins.
Then, from Anne Wilson Schaef's MEDITATIONS FOR WOMEN WHO DO TOO MUCH...
Happily may I walk.
May it be beautiful before me.
May it be beautiful behind me.
May it be beautiful below me.
May it be beautiful above me.
May it be beautiful all around me.
In beauty it is finished.
--Navajo prayer
This got me to thinking...I am trying to let go of my "Eeyore" attitudes and thinking, and learn to look to the good, the positive...and this prayer may just help me keep focused! I had the distinct pleasure of talking with Theresa's 83-year old father this past week. He told me I sounded like a happy person (he doesn't know me very well!). He told me to always stay happy. He is a delight and is FULL of sound advice. I wish I could sit at his feet and listen for hours to the wit and wisdom I know he has. In 2011-this is my prayer-for all of us: May we walk it happily. May we leave beauty behind us, below us, above us, around us. May we finish each day with..."it was beautiful" and "well done, my good and faithful servant"(Matt.25:21).
Before I close, I would ask for prayers for some dear friends, Dot and Bill Shuck. I received word last night through our church's prayer chain that Bill is in the last stages of cancer. Hospice has been called in. Please be in prayer for Dot as she walks the path before her, that their end time together on this earth may be filled with the peace, love and presence of Christ.
Celebrate 2010. The good-and the bad. Look forward to 2011. The possibilities-and the promises. Enjoy. Be safe. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Or maybe I should call this post "TIME OUT FOR A COMMERCIAL!" What's so great about that, you ask? Well, unlike most of the households in America today, we do not even have an "operable" tv! Yes, it will work to play dvd's and video's-but we are not "connected" to outside channels. We don't typically watch tv! We read and, since we've gone wireless, I've been bringing the laptop with me when we curl up after dinner. Darling hubby can read, I can blog hop-or post. But TONIGHT-tonight I discovered something even better! Go to and, on the left-hand side, you will see about half way down CTMH TV. Click on that. WOW! On the left is a WHOLE LIST of Art & Soul videos you can watch! Just pick a topic, click on it and then on the "learn how to make this project in this show" link. Easy peasy. Now I do have to say---my video kept stalling-so I had to scroll down to the very bottom where it says in bold type "need help watching CTMH TV". Once I clicked on the "low" bandwidth-then went back up and clicked on the video, it played fine! I am ADDICTED, my friends! Want printed directions for the project? That's there, too! There is a treasure trove of material here! I cannot wait to watch more! Take a few minutes and take a peek-most are about 15 minutes long (excellent and perfect Flylady time break! See one you like? Something you want to try in our group? E-mail me-can do it right from the CTMH site--or at Until next time, this "commercial" is over-and I am back to my now regularly scheduled programming! Happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I have to go to work today--but that's ok--as I am on my "end of the year get it cleaned up & ready for next year" mode for my office there, too! Others will be out so it should be nice & quiet! - go there!
I FOUND---the Cricut cartridge I didn't know if I had actually bought or not (if you read yesterday's post this makes more sense!)! GO ME! It has not one but SEVERAL crowns on it so I think I will use that to cut crowns to help label my goodies as well.
Hubby paper cutter and it's nothing he did-but it's not cutting right. For whatever reason, I am getting little snippets of paper in the cutting groove and the blade isn't staying seated in it's arm track well at all and cutting all cattywhampus. So---I think I will order the Close to My Heart paper cutter-er, trimmer as they call it-today. Yes, you need the swing arm and guillotine style both. At least I prefer to have both. And my "big cutter" is just fine!
After finishing the bachelor training courses, I also have lots and lots of info and ideas spinning around in my head to do and share and...sigh. I will also be adding to that by starting the masters courses tonight! Headphones make it easy for hubby to read and me to listen to the courses-I used a small stool to hold the laptop but my sciatic nerve still isn't happy with the arrangement. So please say a prayer I can literally work that little kink out!
OH! BUT THE BEST NEWS OF ALL--TODAY IS THE DAY--the NEW CLOSE TO MY HEART CATALOGS COME! I cannot wait! If I didn't LOVE my job I would be sorely tempted to call in sick to sit and wait! I might accidentally tackle the FedEx guy so maybe it's a good idea I don't!
Then I think the BLOG needs an overhaul! Theresa is cringing! It was a nightmare the last time I messed with it! I know enough to get myself into trouble-but not enough to get myself out! But-I have a cousin whose wife does website design and maybe I will tap into the resource if I get in a fix. It just needs some cleaning up and tweaking. While I like the background, it makes the text hard to read. Any suggestions welcome!
Well, I'd better go get ready to go-I've got wild hair today for sure (please pray my hairdresser recovers from his back surgery and comes back SOON! He's awesome and I need a cut and some other things BADLY!) Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. And-if you see the FedEx guy---SEND HIM MY WAY! (Theresa-is Bob working the island today? I have muffins-coffee-even chocolate! I can bribe him! Lol!) Blessings, Sharon

Monday, December 27, 2010

From this...

Ok-Flylady would be PROUD of me! I rounded up all my CTMH stamp pads; put them in order the way I like to see them...then I made sure my name was on the back--my goddaughter asks "Why?" So that--when I am using them while teaching, at a crop, etc.--I KNOW which pads are mine-thinking I will add a crown (for Okistampqueen?!) sticker to the front as well-anyway-first made sure my name was on the back. Then, using Word Perfect (love WP, hate Word!), I made labels with the red, green and blue color codes for each color. You ask "what's that mean?" Well, didjaknow...that you can set your printer colors for fonts, etc. to match your CTMH ink colors? This is great if you are wanting a title or journaling text to match your inks from your paper colors or stamped images! I keep losing my list. No mo'! Now I can just grab my ink pad and it's right there on the back. Plug in the numbers: r=red. g=green and b=blue and presto! Your printed ink
matches! I also added the CTMH color family that each color is in just for the heck of it.
So my ink pads are all back on their shelf in their happy little color families and I was THRILLED when I came across a collage of snow pics from Feb. of this year-grabbed paper, a few embellishments, matching ink-and in less than 10 minutes had a layout done-with matching journaling, paper and stamp ink colors! My 2011 "order over $25" customers are gonna be really, really happy with their goodie gift from me! Hint, hint. Visit so you don't miss out! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

So---what are YOU up to?

Good Monday morning! Yes, I can say that because I AM OFF WORK TODAY! Can't say I had a good night's sleep-Poppa Cat was quite restless, hubby was up and down and I finally gave up and got up at 4:30 AM! Since we've gone wireless, I plugged in the laptop, the ear phones and COMPLETED the bachelor training courses through Close to My Heart! Go me! A few good tips to share, some things to put into practice. I am now curled up in the same spot with coffee, a dying laptop, trying to blog hop. (Santa did not bring a new one-or a mini cooper-or a sleep number bed....sigh) Everyone in blog-land seems to be otherwise occupied and MIA. So-I thought I would take a few minutes and share how I am going to spend the next few days. Yes, tomorrow I have to go back to work. But the rest of the time this week is MY TIME. I am:
  1. organizing my at-home desk;
  2. cleaning the magic (craft room) kingdom (again!)
  3. HOPEFULLY preparing NEW CATALOG bags (if Fed Ex ever delivers-I know if they were on Bob's truck (Theresa's hubby!) I would've had them by now!;
  4. setting up a Shutterfly account so I can actually order prints as I take photos next year;
  5. getting some thank you cards whipped up (stay tuned for that post!);
  6. some other goodies for customers who order from me this year; and
  7. complete the Masters degree training classes as well.

WHEW! I need a nap thinking about it! No, not really. I will spread it out over the week and I am PSYCHED-it's my get it cleaned up and ready for the new year second wind. It's SO NICE to be home this year (instead of stuck in VA) to do this. It's good for me mentally and emotionally. I am also going to get my FLYLADY CONTROL JOURNAL out and start following my routines and her zone plan to declutter, organize and keep it that way! Check out for more details. IT WORKS! I've done it-miss it-am going back to it! You will have more time for stamping and scrapping! Which brings me to...check out my Close to My Heart site at! You can order on-line anytime! You can view the catalog (sorry-the 2011 catty isn't up yet but you can still view the 2010 idea book!); e-mail me and check out ideas. Got a question? Something you want to learn? Let me know! I am interested in doing more workshops and posting more ideas--but I want to do and focus on what YOU want and need! So--what are YOU doing between now and 2011? Leave a comment below and let me know! Would you also share my site(s) with others? My blog address as well as my CTMH site Please? Thanks! There might even be some goodies involved for you if a new visitor to either site mentions "Oh, So-and-So sent me..."-so be SURE to let them know they need to mention that! One other NEW THING before I go---I only made 6 Christmas cards this year. I ran out of time. I was tired. I was stressed. I was so not in the mood. I will be posting my progress on 2011 Christmas cards beginning in Jan.! They WILL be done LONG before Christmas next year--so, if you are interested in helpful tips, stay tuned for those as well! For now, it's on to the craft motivation? I can't remember if I actually bought a Cricut cartridge I looked at-or just looked?! Time to go unearth the treasures I know I have forgotten! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry CHRISTmas...

I hope everyone had a wonderful, quiet, restful and blessed CHRISTmas day! We went to church last evening for a wonderful candlelight communion service which helped me significantly to refocus. It's not about the stuff, or the food, or the presents, or the decorations...or whose here and who's's about the Babe in the Manger. It doesn't get any simpler than that. My card says it all (see previous post).
Yesterday...I played with my new Cricut (thanks, Theresa-I love it! And you didn't have to post it to ebay! ; ) )--and I made these awesome cupcake holders. On --at least that's what I THINK her site is (blogger won't let me cut and paste!)---she took socks, rolled them, put them in a cupcake holder and put a pom pom on top! Too cute! She also has one that looks like an ice cream sundae! So this is how I wrapped the socks the gals got to go with their bath salts that, I think-are out of this world! I met the maker at a craft show earlier this year-a very nice young couple. Not only did he give me a price break, pay my shipping, but he also put each jar into a decorative gift bag! I did nothing but add a gift tag! So if you want a real treat--deal with Island Skin Sations Salt Scrub-Mr. Jeff Lamb-910.228.1351. They don't have a website that I know of but I hope that's up and coming for them. I fear I will lose his card--I tend to put things in SAFE PLACES and forget where that safe place is! Oh well! It's something I won't be without from here on out, that's for sure!

This is what the "ELVES" were up to yesterday as I was running around like a crazy woman trying to get things finished...note darling hubby's feet behind Poppa Cat here...and, even though it's hard to see, Inky (below) has his little paw over his eyes! Today it was my turn! After our step-son made it safe and sound, we ate, opened presents, and napped for at least an hour and one-half! We'll have leftover turkey and trimmings for supper, watch Prarie Home Companion Live (my new dvd-we are Garrison Keillor fans!), and go to sleep. Tomorrow-who knows. Maybe
a trip to town for a few bargains? Or I will start cleaning the magic (craftroom) kingdom! I am so excited to finally have time to do that!!! And I like to get things in order before the new year sets in--won't get it all done-but can get a good start and then just follow Flylady for the rest. REST-that sounds good, too! THANK YOU, for stopping by. Lots of new things coming for 2011--so stay tuned and invite your friends to check me out. More creative posts, ideas, freebie projects...maybe even some blog candy! Until then, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Card 2011--and Crop News... didn't read yesterday's post-please scroll down and do so! I get choked up just thinking about it! Anyone who doesn't believe "critters" don't know how to think/feel/act...just doesn't KNOW! They are angels-with fur instead of wings!
As for the photos-these are the cards I "whipped up" in 2 days for 5 coworkers...along with a promise to bring "munchies" 1x a month next year! What to get the coworkers solved! Easy-peasy. And...I think this card will be NEXT YEARS Christmas cards...that I will start on in JANUARY. Please hold me to it! The paper is a mix of Close to My Heart and Stampin' Up--while the stamps

are from a set from Taylored Expressions. This is a step-fold card and I think it all put together made an elegant yet clean message.
As for the Crop we had scheduled for January, we've run into some scheduling issues and it won't be happening as planned. I promise---IT WILL HAPPEN--just not in January. So if you are one of our "groupies" or follow my blog and were hoping to attend... PLEASE stay tuned! We hope to work the kinks out and be back on track to do it! Something to look forward to, eh?!
Today...was better at work, hubby and I are working on things, and I got word that my friend made it through surgery just fine! The last minute Christmas gifts arrived in the mail-including a few for me-one of which is the Cricut Cupcake Wrapper cartridge that, much to my surprise, has CUPCAKE TOPPERS in it as well! I am SURPRISED and I just have to figure out how it works! Using it to wrap some Christmas presents so stay tuned in the next few days to see how that works! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Alexander er, no--- SHARON and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I had a bad night. I didn't sleep well. My hubby and I had some things to work out and that didn't start the day off well, either. I work at a church. The week before Christmas is, by far, the busiest week of the year for church secretaries. All my volunteers are MIA and not a single machine wanted to cooperate. I was COLD. I was MISERABLE. My head was SPLITTING. We had to go to town today to run errands all afternoon and for my acupuncture appt. Dinner and FINALLY home after leaving at 8:45 AM. My friend had surgery today as well, and I've yet to hear her outcome. I am concerned. So it was/is, by far, a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day...and then some. This is what I found when I walked into our bedroom. On my side of the bed, close to my pillow, was one of the Kitten's (aka Inky's) favorite things-a (toy) mousie. He left it for me. No doubt he KNEW Momma needed a pick-me-up...and this was his way of showing it! Tell me animals don't "know"! It made me cry (even more). I think this is one of the best gifts I've been given! Time for a good rum drink, my jammies, heating pad, blankie and book. I may not come out-until it's all over. It's a "bah-humbug!" time for me right now so please send some good thoughts and prayers! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.Blessings, Sharon

Monday, December 20, 2010

Muffin Making...

So this is what I have been up looked like a muffin factory around here yesterday. I still want to know when the elves are going to show up and help! Scroll down...

Tray for hubby's office crew-the back of the toppers say "Merry Christmas! with his name...

Tray for Theresa's family...
pickin' on the GUYS with the naughty tags! ah, nah--they are really good eggs!

Tray for our vet's office...they are on speed dial...need I say more?!

Three trays minus the one I took to my office so really...4!

These guys showed up as I was cleaning up!!! Bad, bad kitties up on my counter! Which brings me to...

This years Christmas card for the vet and her staff...they've had last years up all year they liked it so much! From left to right, Bad Cat (who was NOT on the counter!), Inky, Ms. Dolly, and Poppa Cat...) I somehow managed to delete the full photo of it-drat-it's a three panel card...

The Christmas poem I penned on behalf of the cats-rather creative if I do say so myself...I think if you click on the image it will come up large enough to read it...WHEW! I don't know about you but I am tired! Looking forward to my acupuncture treatment tomorrow if for no other reason than for one hour all I can do is lay on her nice, warm table and relax!
The muffin toppers...I made using a scallop square punch. Stamps are new from SU. I just put a piece of double sided tape on the back, laid down a flat toothpick (round work too-I ran out and tried it!), and then put the back on! Still needed something so a small piece of curling ribbon and they were done! The cat card--I used SU's ornament punch to punch out their pictures. I think I did a little smaller than a 2"x2" photo. It was early-so I am guessing! Time to stretch out and read a bit before bed! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. ps/There is NO SUBSTITUTE for milk...! Make your list, check your supplies twice! In the middle I ran out of...milk. The web can just use water. Hubby got a whole tray full of not so pretty muffins to eat! Had to make a mad dash to grocery to salvage my baking! Live and learn!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Baby, It's COLD (and wet!) outside!

BRRR! It's cold here at the beach--and wet. Just rain, not snow, thankfully! My stepson sent photos from the eastern shore of VA--and the beautiful snow they were having! Texted back that I was glad it was them and not me! I grew up on the shores of Lake Erie, was privileged to have gone to Montreat-Anderson (now Anderson) College in the mountains of NC--so I know about snow! I love it-if I am inside and don't have to go out! We did have some for one day here this past February-it was pretty, fun to throw a few snowballs and enjoy the white hush. Not having to put up with drifts, ice and slush was a real plus!
My motivation has got up and went-somewhere else-today! Just a lazy day. That's ok. Thought I would share a few pics...I had some help yesterday as I was trying to set up my CLOSE TO MY HEART website-great deal for December so visit me at and order on-line. Santa doesn't always get the word on what you want so sometimes we have to step in and do it ourselves! ; ) -- Anyway-here's my computer "assistant"aka Poppa Cat...he LOVES to have the inside of his ear rubbed! So we took a time out to do that!
I heard all this scratching at the front door next to me--there was a small cat we call "Spot" (he's cocoa colored with one small white spot on his chest) who decided to come and sample our feral cat's food--Inky looks like he was waving to him...!
Don't know if I posted this little jewel last year or not-but that's when I made it. It is a lunch box tin that I covered and decorated as a box for Letters to Santa (now we just need grandkids to fill it up-aw shucks-I should have loaned it the preschool at church to use! Hindsight is 20/20-oh well!) Anyway, I made several different ones to put in a local shop and they sold like hotcakes. This one I LOVED and three times tried to deliver it to them and had technical difficulties (I kept tearing the lights off taking it in and out of the bag!) so I ended up keeping it! I love it! I use it to display my Christmas cards.Well, I'd better go get some of my to-do's crossed off. Tomorrow I will share some of my favorite decorations. Until then, check out my CTMH site-and happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Friday, December 17, 2010

Counting down...and I HAVE NEWS! GOOD NEWS!

Can you believe it? Only 8 more days until! The preschoolers (3 year old's to be exact) came down the hall of the church to our office yesterday with every noisemaker they had proclaiming they had news-Jesus was born! Since it was their last day before break I guess the teachers opted to celebrate early! The good news is---only one preschooler (again, a 3 year old-boy-but I bet you'd figure that out after reading the next bit...!) decided to eat the birdseed treats I made for them to give the birds! Birdseed, well, fiber?! And it was held together with gelatin so I doubt he'd have any ill effects.
Now for MY news! After much prayer and pondering, asking and seeking, I decided to sign up for a Close to My Heart website. CTMH is running a December promo in that if you spend $ 20 you can get FREE a size-D stamp set-they even pay shipping. But there was a catch-you had to order it through your consultant's website. I didn't have one which meant my customers would miss out. So Not Fair. Along with an upline I never hear from but NOT GOING THERE! If you want to get a great deal and a treat for yourself this Christmas-simply visit my site at You can use your credit or debit card and order from there. Yep, you can shop in your jammies at 2 am if you want! Lol. I am learning the ins and outs of setting up the website so there's not any artwork listed...yet. Good excuse to get the craft kingdom cleaned tomorrow!
Hubby just came home and has fixed supper-its a cold evening and soup sounds good to me! Until next time, take some time and please CHECK OUT MY happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon
ps/I will also continue blogging so no worries there!

Monday, December 13, 2010

All I Want for Christmas...

I've decided--and my close friends, groupies and the like may be surprised by my answer as its not a new laptop, a camera or even a much-coveted mini cooper. All I want for Christmas is...a fairy godmother! Wink. And ya would think being a certified card-carrying FLOWER FAIRY I would have some pull in that area! You see, my fairy godmother could take over when the craft projects that look so great on the various and assorted blogs I visit go south for me. She could just wave her wand and make it all work. Yesterday was my attempt at's (no the link won't work-copy and paste) marshmallow reindeer. Her's looked so nice. Melting the chocolate and dipping the marshmallows wasn't hard. particularly when I discovered to not completely cover the bottom of the marshmallow meant that the sucker stick didn't get covered with (dripping) chocolate as well. The pretzels were far less cooperative. Hard to break to get antler-looking pieces-and she warned of this! Harder still to stick something somewhat fragile into a smooshie marshmallow-and one covered with chocolate---well, tricky at best. It's far easier to stick it in the side rather than the top-but this created a little issue with getting the treat bag over them when it was time to package them. I used red hots for the nose--but found NOTHING to use for eyes! Resorted to a tube of Betty Crocker (so not a fan anymore--not the blog-the company!) that CLAIMED to set up quickly. First DO NOT cut the tip off where they tell you to! First mistake. Second-IT DOES NOT set up quickly-if at all. My reindeer look like something out of a psycho movie! I was extremely disappointed. Some eyes smeared-others are less than perfect shape-so not happy! I doubt--the kids will care. But I don't feel I can charge my customer beyond supplies. My being in pain (my sciatic nerve is not a happy camper) and overtired didn't help. Neither did a very vocal cat. Which brings me back to all I want for fairy godmother...could've finished my unfinished to-do list (that, frankly, I think short of God Himself no one could have accomplished in a 3-day weekend!). She could have the house flylady'd and decorated already, my craft room cleaned (I cannot walk in there right now-not even a path left!), laundry done...all the projects and orders delivered...she could go to work for me today and I could have a MUCH NEEDED break from the Christmas chaos...Sigh.
We did...take time out to go and hear our Christmas musical program at church both Friday and Saturday nights--Theresa and her daughter, Theresa, also joined us! They do an awesome job!

Starting out with some secular Christmas music-complete with a dancing HIPPO this year (All I want for Christmas is a Hippopotamus!) among others, and then moving into the Christmas story portion of the program which is always extremely moving with the solos, narration, video and so on. It never fails to help me focus on what the season is all about. It gets me back on track and in the mood. The tantrum over the reindeer was a little blip. It's down-hill from here. Tomorrow night our groupies celebrate with our Christmas recipe page swaps, dinner and desserts. That's my only other commitment and, while I am looking forward to it and will enjoy it, and am excited about seeing what our gals created on their own, I am looking forward to down time. Yes, there's still shopping to do, presents to wrap---but its all on my time! All over the blogs last night I was seeing those who were "away" because of too much to do-some, sadly, leaving blogging completely for that very reason-others sick and still trying to do it all. Stay tuned for my new take on how to handle the day-to-day stuff-yes, flylady's involved-but I have some New Year Resolutions and goals that I am making, particularly after the life-lessons I've learned this year. For now, I'd better go get ready for work-and deliver the reindeer! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Send in the ELVES....

Please! HELP! I am in the middle of a mountain of laundry, decorations AND trying to MASS PRODUCE a card order.
Santa has a whole crew---we kill ourselves by trying to do it with one self elf--maybe two if you sweet talk hubby into giving a hand! Whew. Anyway...I had to take time to do these cute little tags--they are going on the bird seed treats I found in Birds and Blooms. I knew they'd be quick and needed an "instant gratification" fix! I wanted to do something for the preschoolers at the church I work for-one class ALWAYS brings me a bag of Christmas cookies they make and decorate-this year I wanted to have something to give them. "Inexpensive" as x 30 was key. Had birdseed-had gelatin and of course, water. Just because the recipe said pack into cookie cutters-plural-and let dry...why did I think that I could pack and pull it off and then let it dry? Learned quickly that that wasn't going to work and not wanting to spend days and weeks on this project-just lined muffin tins with wax paper and packed it in. Peeled off paper and now they are drying for a few days before I package them. I much prefer the one or two heart-shaped ones but, bottom line, will the kids care? I doubt it! I printed the sentiment on white cardstock and a note on the backside that its a cupcake for them to share with the birds. Super simple. The SU bird punch and the red and green papers added just the Christmas-y touch it needed! I think this may be next years Christmas card-simply add "peace" and be done! ; ) Anyway-I will show them all packaged up later this week. The next project is to mass-produce 25 of these--sorry for the poor photo. The stamps and papers are again SU. I wasn't thrilled with the Close to My Heart selection this year but I love the blue, white and cream colors SU had. My customer wants a sentiment added to the right and thankfully Splitcoaststampers has the list of red, blue, green codes for SU and CTMH inks so you can match ink colors with printer colors! Then, tomorrow, I get to try these babies I found on (you can't click the link and get there for some reason-sorry! Cut and paste into google--it's worth it! And turn your speakers on as she has beautiful music, too!) Are they not ADORABLE?! This was my original idea for the kids-but the preschool director hired me to make them for her to give. I'm a sucker-pun intended-and said ok! Besides, they will get this as a treat for them from her, and birdseed treats to share with the birds from me-a good lesson in getting, giving and sharing--and what Christmas is all about! Anyway--check out her blog for the how-to--and wish me luck! Well, better get on to it! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Friday, December 10, 2010

Early Christmas Present...

and don't always believe the doctors! I am sooo excited-and thankful-and blessed! I just received a phone call from my NEW physicians office and was told that my lab work-including cholesterol-is NORMAL and that while the ultrasound shows "some gall stones" there is NO inflammation or thickening of the wall! Translation: I DO NOT NEED SURGERY! I am so excited! Diet, acupuncture, exercise and restesting for food allergies will, hopefully, control the issue(s) at hand. Had I believed the hospitalist-and my former (key word! FORMER) MD who was "too busy to listen"-I'd be recovering from surgery over the holidays--and my pocketbook would be far poorer! I am doing my happy dance for sure! The ultrasound tech was stunned yesterday that I had not already had surgery-"It was pretty angry when I saw it before"--and I am sure she's really shaking her head now! While learning to eat low fat and avoid dairy until I am retested is a challenge with an already long litany of what I can't eat-but it sure beats surgery! I am just not at all keen on having parts God put in taken out! And as my chiropractor said yesterday-if something isn't working-we need to wake up and pay attention and make changes to fix it! Yep, I need to lose some weight-I need to exercise-and with a strong family history of heart issues, eating healthier won't hurt, either. I am not at all discounting the POWER OF PRAYER, either! I am taking this GIFT to heart! Off to do some more housework, holiday preparations, and a sample card for an order that needs to be done asap! Until next time, BLESS YOU prayer warriors--and, if in doubt, PLEASE don't hesitate to get second-or third or---opinions! Oh-and happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sneak Peak

Poppa Cat can't wait to share what we've been working on (he's modeling the embellishments-don't ask me why---hubby had a hand in that I dare say) I get all kinds of "help" some days! Lol!
Anyway-he wanted to share a sneak peek at the pages we did for our Groupie Christmas Recipe Swap...and yes, I know, Santa's last name is misspelled---the enve has a letter-and recipe for Mrs. Claws--in it to Santa from all the cats who, of course, think CLAWS is the correct and proper spelling and the way it should be spelled even if it isn't! I know-my hubby calls me the crazy cat lady! Actually, he included "old" but I chastised him for that part! I need grandchildren-what can I say!
There's a surprise of course hiding behind the enve as it flips up--you'll have to wait to see that! I was just glad to get them DONE! I helped my goddaughter get hers started-I was geared up to do the pages she told me she wanted-
and she changed her mind overnight! She dreamed I did her pages for her and they were AWESOME. Well-she knew which buttons to push! SO we changed gears-had all kinds of difficulties but I think her's will be cute when she gets done! For now, I'd better get my buns ready for work! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Check one off the list!

The over-flowing TO DO LIST that is! Whew! 12 gift bags are done and ready to go out the door tomorrow. That's the GOOD news! The bad news is...they are for no one on my list! My goddaughter's mom ordered these for her teachers and a co-worker. They are the first holiday things I have done and about the only festive things about my house at the moment (I realized when we came home from church today that the Thanksgiving wreath is still on my front door!)
I don't suggest trying to mix health issues and holiday orders. You simply cannot do it all! Knowing I am running out of time, I caved like Theresa and ordered photo cards from Shutterfly. They have good deals, do good work and well, a bought card and thought will have to do this year! Back to the bags--I doubt any of her teachers follow my blog but I won't mention what's inside. I made the inside goodies as well but thankfully those were simply taken from my stocked supply! The ribbon in case you are wondering is from Stampin' Up--and I am not sure who the stamped images are by. I often pair this one with the "yes, Virginia, is a Santa Claus" stamp I have as well. It's one of my favorite "go to" sets for Christmas even though they are indeed from different companies and weren't sold together! The round tag is the "to" and "from" tag. I gotta say the SU punch did just fine punching a double layer of cardstock! I do not like the Close to My Heart round stamp. It never punched well and I've failed to send it back. Oh well. A tip for the tags...I stamped a row of them close to the edge of the paper. Then I scored very close to the top edge of them, folded on the score line and then punched them out! Easy-peasy! MUCH EASIER than punching and then trying to line up the stamp with the small circle (I was using a wood-mounted stamp) And a tip for closing the bags---they are full--and were gaping at the top-I simply put some double stick tape to the inside and taped the edges shut, then did the same on the outside edges so it stays closed nicely. Stapled the ribbon on and tied a knot. Again-easy peasy! On to the 25 card order that I've yet to design, marshmallow reindeer suckers, helping my goddaughter with her 5 recipe pages, doing my 5 recipe pages for the swap, cleaning house, getting decorations and doctor this week-did I mention my REAL job?!w Whew. Think I want a rum drink and a nap! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon