Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Satisfaction...

Whew! What a hot afternoon it is! I've been trying to clean--really, I have. I needed help moving something and my hubby was downstairs and well, then I went to put this little treasure away and said "aw, gee, I can take a minute to do this..." and, well, um, here it is an hour 1/2 later...!! I got this mini lunch box (let's say "diet sized!") at a yard sale a week ago...and I KNEW I could turn it into something sweet! Does this just not scream Souvenir from FL 1960-70's?!
I love it! Right now, its holding odds & ends of embellishments --but maybe one day I will do a little journal to go in it-with the tag, that would be perfect. I had one goof-I just tied the tag to the handle and stuck it down with a pop-up glue dot...and then realized...that I couldn't open the container! Oops! I just snipped the tag ribbon and left it. Better get back to work ---housework. Sigh. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Make a wish...

I wish I had something better for taking photos of my work! So---I haven't done a lot of housework today---this House Mouse image kept calling to me and when I cleaned off the worktable-really-you could see the top of it for about 15 minutes! Lol!--I gave in to temptation!
I love dandelions and the puff balls they form when they go to seed. Anyone ever sit and make curls with their stems--or crowns with the flowers?! I made this for a gal at church who is always upbeat and standing in prayer for anyone who needs it. I've been wanting to get to know her for some time and she's just seemed overwhelmed lately (translate: wife, mother of 3...need I say more?!) so I thought now would be a good time to send her a card. I hesitated tho-sending someone I don't know a card with a um, rodent-on it. I LOVE HM stamps and images-don't get me wrong-but not everyone may appreciate or understand them like we do! Ask Theresa about her real mouse story sometime! Anyway---there are a number of layers here-I embossed the green dp and popped up both layers. I added the Stampin' Up ribbon (this stuff is GREAT!) and the wish sentiment. Then I decided to add the crystal swirls! Now, after I've taken photos, such as they are---I am wondering if a little bow around the tail wouldn't look cute (see how it peeks outside the frame?!) May give it a try! Have the perfect scrap piece, too! You can't see it...but I used Crystal Effects and white glitter to the puff and it's wisps that are blowing in the breeze. The entire sentiment is: "I wish for you... (inside) whatever it is that you need just for today..." Huh? Today...I might need an extra dose of laughter...tomorrow, I may need more patience (yesterday I sure did-2 hrs. just to renew my driver's license!)--so, the sentiment being...I wish for her whatever she needs...for that day! We tend to borrow trouble from tomorrow...and we forget about the right "for today" kinda of brings it back to "right now, I just..." It's the birds of the air, lilies of the field scripture...! So, whatever YOU need, just for my wish for you. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

I won! I won!

Ok---so it's going to rain (again) today; Theresa's home waiting on new appliances so she can't go shopping with me...I have resigned myself to staying home and cleaning...maybe I can get the craft room done and just go barefoot to the wedding?! Anyway, while having my morning coffee and checking the blogs I follow, I decided to go back and see who won the Nutcrafters blog hop I entered last week-and found out IT WAS ME! I've NEVER EVER won blog candy before and was so excited I almost spit my coffee out! (I did win an above-ground pool once, tho!) It is a cute little-get this--wedding set?! Gee...wonder why I would need this!?! located in the United Kingdom (notice the car--and where (who I assume is) the driver is sitting!)...well...maybe it would get here by Wed or before we leave Thurs? There can also be that "belated" card or gift so they can celebrate longer! I've had things arrive from "over there's" much faster than the states-no joke! Ahh...well, I am off to go feed cats and critters and then clean house. Yep, gotta find a new (magic) wand repairer--the old one just can't seem to get it working! Oh---and it's time to work on my ARTFUL LEGACY design team project for this week, too. I am just sure that the mailperson will be bringing those new stamps today, too! New rubber-who could ask for anything better in a day? Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank you, Cynthia...

Enough said! ; )

Next part of the process...

First--skip on over to Christine and Buck have some pictures from their travels to one of the craft extravaganzas they recently participated in and Theresa has a great Father's Day card posted as well. And here's a get well soon wish for her, too-poor girl is suffering with sinus issues. Feel better soon, my friend, we need to go shopping tomorrow otherwise I will be going barefoot to that ball (aka wedding)!

Ok-NOW I can brag. My husband came home from work-the same day he had delivered my cabinet--he came home from work and moved my hanging cabinet, reassembled Theresa's cabinet for me, patched and painted the wall where the other cabinet was AND cooked dinner! WOW! Was I excited! So I have been slowly and thoughtfully putting things away, moving, reorganizing--"blessing others" (aka as adding to my stash to give away, sell, etc. what I don't need or use anymore...). The new cabinet is FULL. I may change my mind later and move the drawers back out some place else but, for now, I think this system is going to work. Here's what it looks like:

The two large green baskets in the middle are holding my ribbon overflow! One basket has extra spools of things like holiday, pet and just things I might have 4-5 of (the ribbons I use the most are in the "drawers" to either side). The other basket holds my "fibers"-the things like twine, eyelash yarn, wire, etc. I was overwhelmed when I took them out and looked at the tangled up mish mosh of stuff! What I ended up doing is sorting them into like things and color families: "wire", "natural fibers", "fall colors", etc. Then I put each "family" into large, Ziplock bags and labeled them with a Sharpie. They went into the basket with what I use most toward the front. Now...all my ribbon is in one place in the room-not 3-4 places. Which is part of my goal in revamping things--get things where they are most accessible to where I use them and together rather than scattered about. Cleaning off the work table and restoring the wood mounted stamps in that cabinet is next on the agenda. Every little bit I get done is motivation to move ahead even when it seems daunting! I am being ruthless, too, in what I decide has to stay. I am tired of being overwhelmed by piles and stacks of stuff...I never touch but can't bear to let go of. It's time. Need (more) motivation? Visit Her systems and routines really do work. I've fallen off her wagon more than once--but I am getting back on-starting with MY SPACE! And today at 1:00 starts my 4-day week-end, 2 days work, then off for the wedding in MD. Whew! Lots to do! On second thought, maybe I will go take a nap like Poppa Cat and MP Bear...Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. ps/Christine also has storage cabinets for sale on the site if you are jealous of mine! For all beginning crafters out there, or oldy-moldy ones like me--I've got to say---good organizational and storage tools are by far worth the investment you make in them! Pare it down if need be, but keep what you have organized and labeled. It will save you A LOT of time and aggravation in the long run!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

(Almost) One Stamp=3 Cards!

First, I have to apologize to Christine and Buck-I got so excited over my new (old) cabinet yesterday that I FORGOT to post my Artful Legacy project for this week! Christine seems to keep up so well posting all our work and then I forget! Sheesh! Take a minute and check out their
and the blogspot as well for some great ideas on how to use their stamps. You know, I don't know about the other DT women, but from start to finish, it usually takes me the better part of a day to get projects made, the blog written, photos taken and then fighting with Blogger to get them posted. We do it because we ENJOY it-but we do put a lot of time and energy into it so, while your there, please leave us some feedback-we like to know what you think of our efforts! Ok-onto my post...I've posted the only photos that Blogger would let me upload-it decided to stop on me and no amount of coaxing would work!

This week is a "three-fer!" With (almost) one stamp and a little help from my computer, I created not one but THREE cards from Artful Legacy’s South Carolina Palm (Med./SKU # ALF 606 K) stamp. Yes, I know, I live in North Carolina–but I have to confess that my husband and I love the South Carolina emblem. The palm tree coupled with the crescent ( or "God’s fingernail") moon is just elegant. I couldn’t resist!
The first card I added a flower with a face-center as well as the "For you..." The inside sentiment says that the card is from a G.R.I.T.S. girl... What’s that? You thought grits were something you eat? Well, yes-that’s true-but it also stands for "Girl(s) Raised in the South." Born a yankee, I was transplanted to Florida at age 11 and moved to NC in my early 20's, so I consider myself a "GRITS" girl!
The second card has the words to the song "Carolina Moon." I confess-I have heard the title over the years but I don’t think I ever heard the song sung until I Googled it today. Hmm...just perfect for "from me...missing U" on the inside. Of course the palm tree and crescent moon was a perfect fit for the outside and it is simply pop-dotted over the words.
The last card, but not least, is simply the South Carolina Palm stamp set off by a decorative corner punch. A simple yet sophisticated note card that’s blank inside (lined with white of course).
And...I could do a whole lot more with this stamp! Need a palm tree to go with that little hula girl image? Just make a mask and/or trim out the moon and you’re good to go! Need a moon shining down on that camp out layout? Just stamp and cut out the crescent moon. Artful Legacy’s stamps give a clear, crisp image and, as you can see, add a lot of versatility to your stamp and scrapbooking projects! Check out the store– and, while you’re at it, see what the other design team members are working on by watching the AL blog at Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping from this GRITS girl, Sharon
ps/If you've been following the process of the craft room redo/ is IN, the stamp cabinet on the wall has been moved, much to my liking across the room (didn't think that was an option so am elated over that!)--now its up to me to sort and put things away. Today will be spent in the dentist chair after work so I doubt there will be much done today...tomorrow is newsletter to the post office day---so it may be the week-end before any real transformations take place...don't worry-I will keep you posted!

Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Here! It's Here!

It arrived and I didn't even know it! I called Theresa and she asked if my cabinet was sitting in my yard-I said "No...why?" She told me that my husband, unbeknownst to me, picked it up from their house last night! So I dashed into the craft room and lo and behold-there it sits! The stamp cabinet has to come off the wall behind it and be moved, the doors put on and the shelves put in...but it's here! AND...the VERY best part? The two "drawers" that are made to hold dvd's and videos...spools of ribbon sit perfectly in! That will make for a ton of ribbon storage neatly organized! There's also room that, if I wanted/need to add could be done and DOUBLE the storage! Oh---I am happier than a pig in poop! Lol! I am so glad Theresa was lamenting that it hadn't sold on Craig's List-if she hadn't, I wouldn't have been tempted and this is one temptation for sure I am glad I gave in to! Lol! I cannot wait to show you the finished product! Until next time--you know where I will be! Happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

If the Shoe Fits...

I saw this first yesterday morning on Jak Heath's blog ( who got it from -- I fell in love with it! Thankfully, we had "late" church yesterday (10:30 vs. 9:30) as we had one service instead of 3. That gave me time to cut out the template and trace a few shoes on dp. Mind you, my craft room still looks the way it did Saturday--the cabinet is still sitting in Theresa's foyer as first one husband was home and one gone then vice versa and, since Bob works late, I guess I will be enlisted to help lift if I ever want to get it home! Sigh-anyway-all that said to say that I was working in a very little space with me running back and forth for tools. I confess, for MaryCobb's sake, I messed up the first two shoes and had to start over! WATCH THE VIDEO. It really isn't hard to do! I had the shoe made but not embellished when my hubby came up and wanted to know what I was going to use for a heel. I said the creator had used a dowel. He said he would look and see what he had-how soon did I need it. Mistakenly, I replied, "Oh, when you can get to it." Well, a boat ride then ensued and my shoe was heel-less. Then the lightbulb came on! A bathroom-sized dixie cup! That would work. Here's what I did: I put redline tape along the base of the cup, then another strip about 1/2-3/4" up (my heel is actually a tad too high but hey, for a first try-I'm happy!) Peel off the backing
on the tape and then wrap the cup with a piece of designer paper at least 2 1/2" wide. Now,
you're wrapping a round object so the strip will go cattywhampus-start close to one edge and roll to the other. You just want enough paper overlapping each side of the sticky strip so you can cut tabs like you did on the sole and toe of the shoe. Trim off any excess paper. Next put a layer of redline tape along the overlapped sides, remove backing. Cut "fringes" in the paper and fold toward the base of the cup. Punch a circle to cover. Next trim the cup down to ummm, within 1/2" of your heel height and mark lightly. Cut fringes to the marked line and fold in. Cut another circle to cover the fringes. You can glue the narrow (base side) of the cup to the shoe or vice versa.
I think it worked ok and, although it took a few tries to get it worked out, I think it'll do for my shoe! These would make great ladies' tea decorations/favors, a shower favor...just too cute! You can fill them with flowers, ribbons, gift card...limitless! I can see I will be making a few more of these!

But not..this afternoon. I may be making a vet run-again.
Bad Cat is the "grandpa" of the bunch-and when he tried to jump up on the desk yesterday slipped and landed hard on his right leg. He's been limping ever since. He doesn't appear to be in pain but it breaks my heart to see him having a hard time getting around and I would like to be sure nothing is broken (I think he just sprained it really bad but still...). He's the best kitty of the bunch at the vet so at least that part won't be too hard!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sat. AM Update...

Well! I can safely say...I am ready for my new cabinet whenever my moving men ( won't go there!!!) can bring it! I had a very productive day. I managed to get things moved out and at least swept (my "supervisor" approved, by the way! Lol!) and I got my Artful Legacy design team card(S!) done for Monday's post! Oh-and picked up the dresses from the seamstress for the upcoming wedding, ran by work to tend to a few issues that had come up, picked up a client's mail AND found a FREE bicycle in really good condition. Other than the nasty scratch to the head by Ms. Dolly (she took offense when I said I was leaving for a little bit...)--it was a pretty good day! Today I am off to help my boss' wife with a yard sale as he has to leave for a funeral service. Ministers are on call 24/7. Whatever you do today, have a good one and take some time to scrap and stamp! Blessings, Sharon

Friday, May 21, 2010

This is the floor....

This is the floor, just inside the door, of the Queen's craft room (and a cat-Bad Cat)...
This is more of the floor, just across from the the Queen's craft room...
This is the stamp cabinet, just above floor, just across the room from the door of the Queen's craft room...
This is the work table not far from the cabinet above the floor, just across the room and the door of the Queen's craft room (and a cat (Inky) who looks like he's asking for Divine Intervention!) lol...(notice, too, the red-haired doll on the window-sill!)
So, what is this really all about-besides the (unfortunately usual) disaster in my craft room?! Well, my friend Theresa has a new tv and needed to part with her old entertainment center. When she said it had DOORS my ears perked up. All of my storage is open shelves. Doors, even though some of them are glass, means I could store some items "out of site" and hence the room may not look quite so cluttered. Now I need to say here, too, that I have been cleaning out and throwing out-in between projects! I've emptied 5 MILK CRATES of magazines! I've given Theresa a box (ok, a small box but still...) of stamps I no longer want/use to take to the store to be, slowly, its getting better. Anyway---TODAY---I need to clean the floor inside the door---well, you get the idea-I need to clean out so the cabinet can come in. Not only that, all those stamps in the pretty cabinet on the wall...have to come out so it can be moved over and up by about 6" measly inches. Bummers! My husband hasn't yelled-yet (the cabinet has to be picked up a town away, loaded,unloaded and carted up two sets of steps with a turn in them no less! And moving the mounted cabinet...oy vey!) So that's all today's project. I can do it, though because I have once upon a time "flylady'd" that room. There are places for things that are out. They just need to go back. And, as I do, I will declutter some more-her theory? Bless someone else with what you don't want that is usable, find a place for what you need to keep, and throw the rest out. Easy-peasy. Now. I've had my quota of coffee and my quiet blog time so its time to go change clothes, find my timer and hop to it. I will post a pre-cabinet and "after cabinet" picture. And, if I get a project or two done in between, I will post that, too! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Sweet time Stampin' & Scrappin...

was had by all, I think I can safely say, that attended our group meeting last night-which reminds me---we still need a NAME ladies...! Our project was "A Card and Two Pages." (I apologize for the poor photos-next time I will try to remember to take the pages out of the protectors! We used Close to My Heart papers from the Veranda pack, CTMH Juniper and Chocolate ink as well as stamps from the Live Inspired set. The die cut-a bird in a cage-is literally to die for (even if it is by Tim Holtz!)-and I thank Theresa for loaning me hers before she ever broke the seal on the package! That is SOME FRIEND to loan you a new stamping/scrapping tool before she's even had a chance to play with it! We stamped, we sanded, we made the envelope interactive with a slit in the page. Oh-and the bird on the second page is masked-so we learned that, too! Our gals are super and Theresa and I absolutely love teaching them-they are like sponges!

The subject of my pages are two fine young men who I call "my boys" and I have some fine memories of them as they grew up (how'd they do it so fast is beyond me-I can't possibly be this old!). For sometime, I was known by the nickname "Shari" (remember Shari Lewis and Lambchop? Yep-that's who I was nicknamed after)--Well, I was on a shopping spree with these two and the youngest was trying to find my name in a rack of personalized coffee cups. No luck. I told him my real name was "Sharon"-and then explained it's another name, or an "alias." His older brother had, only a short time before, questioned his mother as to why they called me "Aunt" when I wasn't really her sister. So---after we arrived home from our afternoon outing of shopping, ice cream and other treats, the youngest runs up to his mom and says, "Mom, Mom-did you know "Aunt Shari" is an alien?!" Lol. Not only had my "Aunt" status been in jeopardy, but now I was an alien Aunt at that! My boys. I sure am proud of them! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Monday, May 17, 2010

So...what was my inspiration for this week’s Artful Legacy blogspot post? A paper bag. Yep. A small, plain paper bag that was laying on the floor of my craft room! I knew the moment I saw it what it was going to grow up to be. A wall hanging! I added some corrugated cardboard (just stripped the paper off the flap of that overflowing box that’s been sitting there..), whipped out the paint brush and some off-white paint, gave the cardboard just enough to make it look like Tom and Huck took one or two swipes at it, stamped Artful Legacy’s Love Background (SKU # AL 507 O) on the bag, tore the edges right off, then went to town with other (beach-themed) embellishments. The worn-well look is vintage beach! Ever need to make "sand"? Simply mix 1/3 silver to 2/3 gold microbeads! Adhere with Crystal Effects and you have instant beach. That’s the pretty gold tones you see along the edges of the paper! Add sunglasses, starfish, flip flops and of course some mesh (um, that’s really latch hook rug mesh!), and more shells from Artful Legacy -Small Shell Cluster (SKU # AL 347 G, a charm made from a bottle cap top (Thanks, Tommy!)...and instant wall-hanging! Oops-forget the white cord and "Sharon knots" along with yet another shell by AL – Channeled Welk (#SKU AL 351 G) to top it all off. I love it. I don’t know about you, but I am going to be myself, treasure the moment and put my sunglasses and flip flops on and head down to the beach to take a long walk, dream, RELAX, count my lucky stars and watch the sunset... Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Friday, May 14, 2010

Stump the Vet...

Note: Don't forget to scroll down for this week's ARTFUL LEGACY project & post.

Ok. So today, before I took Ms. Dolly to the vet, I decided to continue cleaning the ever-messy craft room. I even took a "before" picture thinking that, once I was done for the day, I would take another one to show my progress. Um, well...the part that I worked on? Was on the other side of the room from what I took the pic of! REaLLy! Under my shelves I have 5 milk crates. They were packed full to overflowing with magazines--stamp magazines, scrapbook magazines, Mary Englebright's Home Companion, room to put a piece of tissue paper in any given section! So, last week-end I started...pulling out a stack, removing what I wanted to save, and setting what was left aside to donate to the library's free bin. Today...with one milk crate to go--I decided to finish. I had already emptied a basket, put some albums away, labeled, packaged and priced stamps to it was time for a "sit down" job. I finished the magazines! I have stacks and stacks by my front door! I will be carting magazines to the library until Christmas, I swear I will! And the ideas and articles I took out? Well, I've already gone through 200 page protectors...and probably need that if not double or triple! I neatly cut edges, stapled what needed to be together, and divided them out as I went. Now they just need to go into page protectors, then into notebooks. They will probably take up maybe one crate's worth of space! And what a resource!!! Far better than thumbing through tons of extra stuff-now I can just go to the appropriate book, take a glimpse through, and be done. It will be 10x better and they will be put to use other than simply collecting dust! Ok-I confess-there were some that I just couldn't part with-but--I've limited myself to one crate's space for the "keepers". That's going to be it. So if a whole new magazine needs to stay---another one needs to go out! New rule! We'll have a 2-day one way car ride coming up soon so I will stock up on page protectors and stuff those while Brook drives. I hate having to sit still that long even if we do listen to books on tape.
Then, this afternoon, it was off the vet with Ms. Dolly. As you can see, her left eye has an issue. We've been putting otc drops in as well as a high-powered antibiotic (I have to wear rubber gloves and, in something like 1 out of 100,000 it can cause irreversible anemia in us humans if it come in direct contact with skin...?!). Sadly, there's been no improvement. Dr. Travis has no clue and is stumped. Not unusual with my kids, tho! She is going to consult with a cat opthomologist and see what we can try next--or not. The good thing is--it does not seem to bother Ms. Dolly at all. She can see (doesn't bump into things or miss when she jumps-not even by a little!, she doesn't rub at it, doesn't seem to hurt if I rub close to it...) so it may be just something that happened to the eye that she has to live with. We shall see. I found this ADORABLE collar for her---the little crystals form paw prints!---but she's also related to Catadini (Houdini...catadini...?!)-as it spends more time off in obscure places with me looking for it than it does around her neck! She's a little prima donna though! Still walks on her tiptoes and is VERY dainty! She takes very small bites and, if she gets real meat (chicken, deer, fish) doesn't "shake it" like the boys do! She's IN LOVE with her shedding brush which is what she is rubbing against! Lol.
Well, off to straighten up the things I've pulled out into other rooms, have dinner, read and relax. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon ps/please say an extra prayer for Ms. Dolly---Dr. Travis is awesome and she persevered to successfully diagnosis and treat Inky so I have all faith that it will be the same with Ms. Dolly! Thanks!

Monday, May 10, 2010

FRIENDS... ...Take time to sit by the my theme for this week’s card. Since I live at the beach, it’s only natural that I gravitate toward beach-themed stamps! While you can’t see it in my photographs, we had so much humidity here Friday-Sunday that my step-card actually warped quite a bit! My husband actually whipped up a shadow box for the anniversary card I had made him last year as it, too, was suffering from the damp, salt-air. If I could only bottle that smell...! Back to my card-I stamped Artful Legacy’s Ladies at the Beach (SKU AL 495 JJ) on watercolor paper and embossed it with clear embossing powder. AL’s deep-etched stamps give a great, clear image even when it comes to fine detail! That, coupled with the embossing that provided "raised" lines that help capture the paint, made the water coloring a cinch. I cut the ladies out and attached the image to the front of the card with brads. I thought about adding shells or the sentiment itself to the bottom of the image but decided I liked the "uncluttered" look better. The center "step" has three layers of shell scallop punch borders to make the "waves". To the last "step" in the card I added a large slide-mount die cut that I covered with designer paper. I stamped and clear embossed the sun image on the back layer so it would peek through the opening of the slide-mount. I added a layer of Pop-Dots in between these two layers to provide room for the card to easily slip in and out. The "Friends" image was stamped on white cardstock and then a layer added to the inside of the card with Artful Legacy’s "Take time to sit by the sea" sentiment (SKU ALS 1003 G). Hmm...on a shelf in our bedroom I have chipboard letters (decorated, of course!) that spell "RELAX"..this card just might have to sit next to it! Until next time, wishing YOU sunny days and blue skies–and happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon
ps/wondering...if a little drink umbrella would work well with this image... ; ) something to think about and try!

Friday, May 7, 2010

"911-What is your emergency please?"

First, let me set the background. I spent yesterday afternoon (my last workday of the week!) in my hairdresser's chair! I was so relieved to be there I couldn't believe it! You see, he does the best haircuts I've had in years. When my hair is short, I have tons of natural wave and curl--not everybody knows how to cut that! And, at Christmas time, I got really brave and let him color (my hair is is hardest to do...and get it to look natural) and highlight my hair. It looked great. I got tons of compliments. So a month or so ago I called to set up a repeat. I was told he hurt his back and was out. I let someone else just cut it. Big mistake. But the other day, my "secretary" (aka Theresa) called and found out that yes, David was back to work and he had time yesterday. Not really a big deal if I was just hanging around OKI but we are going to my stepson's wedding the first week in June and I wanted it to look nice. And it does! I am so pleased and we all know we just feel better all around when we know we look better! I felt like a princess getting pampered-two shampoos & conditioning--wow did that feel nice! To top that off, I met Theresa for dinner as Brook was out of town overnight so we had time to chat and catch up, compare notes. That's always fun, too. Thanks, Theresa! I was all set for a nice, quiet, relaxing evening.
Then I came home. We are surrounded by rental properties. We do not have "real" neighbors and the rental homes are still somewhat vacant through the weeks yet, busier on week-ends. That will change with the end of school. My computer is by the front door and I suddenly heard voices around my deck...coming up the clue who it was. I was not expecting company and my husband was out of town overnight so it was just me, myself and I and 4 cats. I immediately grabbed the phone and had just dialed "911" (better safe than sorry) when I heard my "intruder" say that yes, I had indeed talked to her earlier in the week and I said I liked living here except for hurricane season. Then I knew who I was talking to, opened the door and, thinking the 911 call had not yet dialed through, I hung up. They called right back! I apologized, explained what had happened while the ladies were flabbergasted I had called the police and was informed they had to come out anyway. It turns out they locked themselves out of their rental house. We chit-chatted until the officer arrived. Having made sure I was the homeowner who had called and had not been harmed by the ladies in anyway, he then whisked them away to find the on-call person for the rental company. He was extremely nice and patient---assured me that I should call should I need anything else at all. I saw lights on in the house after a while so I assume they made it safely inside. I had to laugh. I was somewhat embarrassed but at least I was safe. They have a now funny (it wasn't then!) story to tell about their vacation. I even considered making them a small scrapbook to do it! And I think the local PD deserves a plate of cookies-or doughnuts! Off to clean the craft room.
More later. Until next time, Happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Roll the dice...

or, since it's just one is it "di(e)?" Who cares-you cannot go wrong with this one! It's a rainy day and I've been in a mood to match it. I was blog-hopping before lunch and saw this idea on OHMYGOSH! While she put chores on hers--"dust", "tidy", "sweep", etc.---I knew the second I saw it mine was going to be NOTHING but---stamp, scrap, shop and blog! You cannot go wrong! There is no housework, no cooking, no laundry-nada zip nilch. Just FUN! I like it! It is not very big (those are small scissors!), it's a little tedious but really easy-peasy. It's amazing how it just starts folding up on itself once you start it off! (Hint-on the last tab---tape one of the three tabs to the outside-it closes it a bit better-trust me on this!) Just print the template, glue to cardstock, cut, fold, tape, decorate. My printer is out of ink (again! Where does it go-are there printer gremlins who come and steal it while I am sleeping or what? And the cost! Ya would think it was pure gold!) Geesh. I just pulled out my label maker and went to it. It almost gives it that Magic 8 Ball feel! Only other thing I had waiting was-sigh-housework--so why not?! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Misc. Musings...

It's Sunday-now afternoon. I spent yesterday working on this week's Artful Legacy post so I really have no craft project photos I can share (check the Artful Legcay site on --or even now-there are great tutorials up as well as beutiful cards and pages). If the afternoon plays out as I hope, maye a second post later today.

I just received an e-mail from my good friend, Betsy. We've known each other more years than I (care to) try to count. "My boys" as I call them (aka her sons!)--are both at the Citadel. She just sent me links to photographs on the Citadel website of them. One is of them hugging one another after the younger had received recognition from his brother, aka his commander! She didn't warn me...I probably needed a box of kleenex before I looked at them! The other is of the "commander" leading his regiment in a parade. They are grown up, fine looking solid Christian men. Not the little babies I held in my arms, talked about teddy bears and picnics with and...well, to say I am feeling somewhat sentimental and blue would be an understatement. Better back away from the keyboard before I short it out with tears!
Ok-moving on...I went in the bedroom to read last evening and it wasn't long before Poppa Cat came to join me. He likes to climb on top of me for a hug but soon gets warm and moves to the side. Then, when he gets really warm, ends up on his back upside down! If you look close, you can see that he has the tip of his tongue stuck out (the little sliver of pink right by his teeth! He is really funny! Wasn't panting-he just forgets sometimes to pull it back in!
I think the start of summer is officially June 20-something---but the temperatures here have been warming up and I've pulled out the flip-flops, sandals, tank tops and capris...and thus its time for A NEW TOE RING---fit for a QUEEN! Lol! I saw this and just had to have it!!! Yep, it's a CROWN! I love it! I'm not sporting a pretty pedicure (yet) to go with it so I spared you a photo of my foot! This little pillow (actually a door hanger) set if off nicely. Yes, I am called the OKI Stampqueen---but, if I am to take Scripture to heart, I am also the daughter of a KING. So I really am royalty, after all!
That's all my news for now. Off to check my favorite blogs and see what else happens to happen. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon