Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day...

Eh, "Better late than never" as the saying goes...!
I am ever grateful for our vet and her staff
as they give us top-notch care and never give up
trying to solve our what seems to be constant conumdrums
of cat woes.
And since Valentine's day is coming up came and went,
we wanted to spoil them a bit
so here's what I came up with...

Inside the box...
are packages of Hershey Nuggets...



on their own cute little tray...
this is the inside...

and this is the outside...

I *think* the measurement for the tray was something like 4 1/4" x 1 7/8"
then score each long side at the 1/4" mark...

If when I do this again...
I think I will try a 4"x whatever it will take to maybe give me a
1/2" score on each side---
gotta try that to see-it's a little longer than it needed to be-
and I think  I'd like a little higher side...
but that's just me!
Here's another tip---
Avery Address Labels (5160 or 8160)
fit almost perfectly!!!
There's just a smidgen that was not covered on the bottom!
I formatted my label in Publisher
and printed them out. 
Easy peasy.
I used a pretzel bag to wrap them-
twisted a piece of washi tape at the top and flagged the ends.
Trimmed off the excess bag at the top
(it would easily hold 8 nuggets I think...)
Had a plain white box in my stash
so wrapped a piece of washi tape around it
and then hot-glued some nuggets to the front.
I did Minion heart treat boxes for the preschoolers
but failed to take a photo of them
before I handed them all out.
Life has been wide open upside down wild for me.
Tomorrow this guy gets to go to the vet again.

Seems something is wrong with his right back leg and he's been on pain killers
for the last few days.
Will get some x-rays to see what's going on and,
if all that isn't enough,
he's got some kidney things starting in conjunction with his diabetes.
So we are in for food changes and adding a few meds to his daily insulin injections.
Oh boy....this should be fun!
I am just thankful that, for now at least, we do not have to do
subcontaneous  (sp?) fluids like we did with BC.
I am sure it's in our future but, for now, we don't have to deal with that.
I love how he sometimes "forgets" to put his tongue back in!

That's all for today.
Keep warm wherever you are--
the wind is in the willows here at the beach-
its been blowing a gale for two days now.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Washi Tape Washi Tape Wonders!

Long time, no post.
Life is a MAJOR struggle right now on all fronts for me.
I won't bore you with the details.

Suffice it to say
I cleaned a little in the magic kingdom
and then played a bit.

After Christmas
I had some...and I want a ton more
(all those cute vintagy florals....and so many more...polka dots
and I needed a way to store what I had.
So I started surfing
and ended up on Etsy
and saw some cute wooden boxes.
They were more than I wanted to spend
so I looked real close...a number of times....
and decided to go for it.
What was shown...and what arrived
were two very different products!
This is what I got:
First its much darker than the ones shown...

The rolls do not fit nice and snug (not even my big ones)
so the roll all over and fall out if you don't pick it up just so...
The wood is cheap cheap cheap ----think wood aisle buy the pieces
and glue them together yourself at AC Moore or Michaels...
and then, what really frosted me...
is this VERY VISIBLE spot that didn't take the stain...
and the shop owner shipped it out anyway...
This isn't even covered when the tape is in there...?!

And I PAID for this----????
Buyer beware....
Look close before you purchase this product from an Etsy seller...

Today I decided was the day
to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear as my grandmother would say.

I got my crapppy  boxes
and my bottle of Valspar paint
and started by giving them several coats.
I wasn't too worried about brush marks-
I have a distressed semi-vintage feel going on in my room anyway...
So then they were a nice seagreen blue-y color.
Nice but needed something.
I spied my doilies.
Modgepodged a doily on the back of each one.
Still needed something... about a washi tape banner?!
A little twine, tape banner pieces, a little ribbon,
mini clothespins....
So now to fill in the label spot.
Old fashioned label maker.
One says "wishin" 
and the other...
can you guess...?
"4 washi"!

Here's the finished product...

Now granted, you are not going to see much of those banners
once the tape is in there...
but it is a cute little surprise once you pull the tape out....

I still need to find a way to fill in the huge gap---
as I can see me pulling this off a shelf and all of it go rolling 
like the meatball off the top of Old Smokey...

Perfect? No. Better than what it was? OH YEAH!

And, not all Etsy sellers are bad.
that was hand-decorated and matches my room PERFECTLY
sometime soon.
I absolutely adore it and the seller even switched the side the 
gluestick storage was on per my request!
Now that was $$$ well spent!

I need to get motivated and do Valentine treats for 25+ preschoolers
maybe tomorrow.
Maybe not.

Until next time 
happy stamping and scrapping.