Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's Sunday...but Saturday is coming...

faster than a speeding bullet!
Six days and counting...
Holly Days will be here...
I am almost ready...
I keep telling myself that, anyway!
This week
was spent on
Catnip product production...
Catnip fish, catnip fishing poles,
and packages of catnip...
I had some (more) help with this project...

Thank God...
the sewing machine hung in there for those-
they are the best sellers!
my lavender neckwrap project
did not go so well
lots of  dirty words    wordy-durds, a major headache
and a call to a church member whose also a seamstress
they may get done...
me-lots; sewing machine-not so much.
Prue frustration.

This project however...

was super super easy-and quite relaxing.
Oh my gosh-I could weave these for days on end!
They are little woven ribbon wreath pins
for the holidays.
Won't they look cute on a sweater, tote bag
or even a coat?
And the non-traditional colors are
so trendy (at least from what I've seen in the ornament aisles!)
I got crystals to add to them-but they just didn't add anything-
so this was a keep it simple, stupid project!
They will also make cute bookmarks
simply be leaving the ends loose.
Hmmm...someone say stocking stuffers?
Girlfriend gifts?

My husband harvested the last of the sweet 100 tomatoes and peppers today
and Inky had to check out the harvest...

he's too funny!
Here he's on top of my kitchen cupboards
and to the far right there is a small speck on the wall
actually it's a nail that something hung on sometime ago
that I've never taken down.
The other day it caught his attention
and he was determined to check it out...
I think he thought it was a bug...!

Well, it's time to stop for the night.
I am tired.
Tomorrow's another day, Scarlett!
Whatever you do, until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And the award goes to....

Imagine my surprise last night when I found the following e-mail
in my mailbox:

I have awarded you a blog award. Visit my blog here for more on this:
Just letting you know I think your blog is great. Thanks for sharing!

And so I high-stepped it right over there (wouldn't want the tiara to slip dontchaknow!)-
and this is what I saw:

Blog Award

Last week, I was awarded a blog award by a great friend (whom I have never met!). It is the Liebster Blog Award and the word Liebster means beloved or favorite. Thank you so much, Carolyn. You should go and check out her yummy craftiness here.
Here are the rules to accept this award:
1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog. These picks must have fewer than 200 followers on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Have faith that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers.
5. And most of all - have fun!
Without further ado, here are just a few of the fabulous blogs that I follow.
Heather at Creative Cocount
Nikka at Create Your Vision
Sharon at Oak Island Stamp Queen
Emily at Faith, Hope and Art
Tonya at In All Sassiness
Take a minute to check out these ladies blogs. They are amazingly talented. You won’t be disappointed.

Well!  I am stunned-just stunned!
I accept this award
on behalf of myself
and my coworkers
(namely BC, PC, Inky and Dolly)
and my hubby who cooks while I stamp and scrap
and my groupies
(Theresa, Sharon, Buzz, Mary Cobb and Maren)
and of course the original StampQueen herself, Carolyn.
I wouldn't be what I am today
without each of you!
Now-let's see...
Even the Queen must follow the rules...
so here goes...
1-Thank the giver and link back
Twyla, I have no clue how you found me--
but you made my day! THANK YOU!
2-Reveal your 5 picks---I will wait and do that last...
gotta have a little suspense now and then...!
3-Copy and paste the award on your blog--
now we're getting technical folks, may have to tackle that this afternoon...
but I will, OH YES I WILL!!!
4 & 5 - Have faith that your followers will spread the word
& have fun.
Yep. I believe these gals will-yep.
without further ado--
here's who I picked...
drumroll, please, Greg---
wait-he's still asleep? Not here?
Note to self: ask Greg to do drumroll for blog sound effect-
then tell me how to put said sound effect on blog-lol!
Ok-so use your imagination, people...
The first pick is...
that was easy-that was a given!
This girlfriend deserves all the awards I can possibly give her!
She hangs in with all my issues and frustrations
and helps keep me somewhat sane...!
The second pick...
Jill at Blessed Scrapper
She has adorable things-
and I like her title-Blessed Scrapper...
Third up...
just neat decorating ideas and so much more--
pretty cards-cute layouts
and she's sick right now-so she could use some extra love...
And in Fifth...
She posted on the Close to My Heart bulletin board
that she's had one follower---her hubby
us gals have taken a peek, love her blog--and want to help her out!

Now-please don't feel bad if you weren't mentioned-
I had trouble finding #'s of followers on some-
or you had a lot of followers...
or I only had 5 I could pick!
I promise a linky post sometime soon-
well, after Holly Days
of my fav blogs-some had thousands of followers
(imagine! I was excited when I went over 60!)
Off to let these ladies know they've won!
And then it's off to work.

Until next time,
and happy stamping & Scrapping!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What I did at work yesterday...

 before I show you Monday...let me show you SUNDAY!
This was part of my afternoon craft room creations on Sunday...

I made about 45 of these little "pumpkins"
for the preschool kids and their teachers
and the church staff.
I think they are adorable!
They hold one Hershey kiss inside!
Thanks to the Close to My Heart
Art Philosophy cartridge
(contact me to order yours!)
these were easy-peasy!
It just cut that little box shape like a
hot knife through butter!

Moving on to Monday, Monday...
Ms. Marilyn, the preschool director
came to me yesterday morning and said
"You know the "Got Pumpkins?" poster you made
for our pumpkin & bake sale fundraiser?"
I said "yes...."
"Can you please make one that says
'Got Cookies'
for our cookie dough fundraiser?"
And here's what I came up with for that...

I was calling Theresa to see where to find
the template for the glass
(splitcoast stampers of course!)
A little transparency sheet, a little white paper,
a little double stick tape
and you have a (popped up!)  glass full of milk
to go with those cookies!
A cut out cookie from the flyer
sits on a little piece of napkin
on the front of the glass---oh, my mouth is watering!
Times 7 (one is in her office on her desk!
Yep, that's what I got to do at
I love my job!
They pay me to do this---
well, a few other things, too that aren't quite as fun
but still...
I have lots of room to use my creativity
and I am thankful for that!

Then I spent the afternoon
on catnip fish production
(stuffing them, to be exact!)
and then last evening I sat down
to sew them closed and bag them.
I had help...

That's Poppa Cat keeping an eye on the box!
Yes, he conned me out of a new fish earlier
Momma's a softie!

Well, I had better go get ready for "work"!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Food for Thought...

I have two little devotional books
I tap into from time to time.
They are well-worn and offer some solid, sage advice.
I felt I needed that extra little boost and, as usual, their messages
were right on target for me.
So--I thought I would share...

My intuition is grounded in reality.
I trust my intuition and honor its place in my decision making.

I do not have to understand all that my intuition picks up with its finely tuned antenna.  My intuition may direct my senses to observe minute details.  Someone may sound good and say the right things but my intuition collects other data.  Body language and tone of voice may elicit painful memories and my intuition is the first to respond with alarm.

I did not trust my intuition growing up in a dysfunctional family.  Reality was denied in countless ways and I received no validation for my inner voice that spoke the truth.

Today I will accept that my intuition is grounded in reality.  I will consult that valuable part of myself and listen to its sage advice as I make decisions.


Acceptance/Living in the Now

The opportunity of life is very precious and it moves very quickly.  -- Ilyani Ywahoo

This is it!  The life that is ours is the one we are living today.  There is no other.  The more we try hold onto our illusions of what we think it is or what we think it should be, the less time and energy we have to live it.

How many times have we heard about people who worked hard and longed for the day when retirement would come, only to drop dead just before or just after they retired?  How fast it all went!

Our lives are so precious.  Each moment has the possibility of a new discovery.  Yet when it passes, that moment never returns.

Only as I am aware of the present will I have the opportunity to be fully alive.

Now, I have to add...I do believe in God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ
and the existence  (and power!) of the Holy Spirit.
We do have---eternal life
if we confess our sins and believe.
we only have one life here.
One life to do--well, so much.
We have but a moment, a day...
what will we do with it?
Time is precious....
make the most of it
whatever that means for you...for today....
and for your tomorrows.

For now, I need to go get ready for church!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Feeling WICKED....

particularly after this innocent looking guy
kept me awake
all. night.long.
He likes to sleep next to me
and be touching me
claws & paws do not mix
with Momma who is trying to sleep!
I finally gave up and got up.
I finished my book. I blog hopped.
I even cooked breakfast.
I am tired. I am grumpy. I am not in a good mood
(hence the post title---feeling WICKED!)
So I took Becky's advice from yesterday
and went and stamped something.

Note: Miss Maren (aka my goddaughter)...
 if you are reading my blog--stop right now.
DO NOT read this post. I mean it.

ok. Now that that's out of the way...
here's what I toiled and troubled over and brewed up...

It's a 3-fer test tube treat holder!
The treat? What? You can't figure it out?!
to be mixed with sour cream and mayonnaise
to dip OKRA CHIPS in!
Yep-you heard me...Okra chips.
Dried, fried whole pieces of okra
that taste like...chips.
The kid (aka my goddaughter) loves them!
Her first words when she comes through the door of our house is
"Gotanyokra?" (bright, hopeful eyes)
So for Easter--she got Okra chips.
Halloween...she's getting more Okra chips! lol.
Makes my life easy!

Back to my project...
I had a template for a single test tube holder
so I had to do some recalculating and configuring
to get a "3-tuber" figured out but I did it!
I even saved my directions!
She LOVED the Close to My Heart Wicked set
so I knew I wanted to use that...
and I have plenty of the beautiful velvet embossed
spider web fabric, MS's drippy goo punch
with a layer of spider webs (afterthought-see note below)
over that
(of course I got the whole project done and thought
they looked too plain-pulled off the ribbon-carefully-
stuck the border down carefully (tape was still on the back!)
stamped the webs and they just popped!
I worked the bows back on (go me!)
and they were done!

I didn't have a spot for the sentiment tho...what to do, what to do?
Well, how about a pull-up tag?!
I made a pocket on the back of the holder,
cut a tag to fit it, trimmed the area around the moon,
layered on the orange,
stamped the sentiment and--well, it too, looked plain.
Enter the Martha Stewart glow in the dark glitter, glue
and the itty bitty bat punch (no clue who made that!)
and I have a magical, mystical moon!
(which is becoming more and more opaque as it dries
and the bats have finally stopped flying off
(did you notice? One was missing in the top photo? Beware!) 

I added some raffia to make the broom--it's askew as well...
hmmm...some ghostly mischief going on with my photo shoot....?!

I love the black cat peeking around the test tubes...
sneaky and lurking....VERY cat-like!

I had a real black cat trying to help me with the final touch-
the bows and the spider...
he LOVES to bat at the ribbon-
thankfully there were no casualties-namely claws in Momma's hand!
I can't wait to see that moon glow tonight!
For now,
I'd better go clean up the mess I made and get back on track
for Holly Days (Christmas craft show)'s only 13 days away!!!
Hmmm...a nap does sound good tho...!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Craft Room First Aid...

So even though I haven't felt so hot today
I did go into the craft room
and finish the "Girlfriend Gifts" as I've decided to call these...
and then I started on a card order I have...
I ended up with a splinter in my finger...
don't ask me how...
I have no clue-only me...
as I was running around thinking it hurt and I had to get it out
(while doing 10 other things at once...)
I had a lightbulb moment...
when I finally got to the bathroom to find my
(yep, that's what they are called!)
I realized that they were exactly what I needed
to add this bling to my project...

These little buggers are ITTY BITTY
(guess that's how they got their name!)
and like to drive me batty trying to pick them up
and put them on!
I *love* them tho and they stick really well
AND they are only $ 2.95 for 100 of them!
Those pointy little tweezer  tips that pick out the splinters
pick these babies up and plop them down in record time!
So next time I hit our pharmacy
a pair of these are coming home
and going in my craft bag!
First the flat iron (works on wrinkled embroidery floss-
someone also said ribbon-haven't tried it-yet...)
now the tweezers...
maybe I just need to combine the craft room with the bathroom?
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

It's the GREAT PUMPKIN, Charlie Brown!

Just not quite up to par these last few days...
trying to fight off a bug (cold)-most likely
fibromyalgia acting up-oh yeah
feeling a little down-uh-huh (need some girl time, probably!)
The weather
has taken a turn and it is COLD!
So am I!
Don't think hubby has done what he needs to do
so we can turn the heat on
but I have the space heater next to me
and it's humming!
Poppa Cat is afraid of it-
just cannot grasp the concept of the fan coming on and off!
He was funny to watch last night!
Speaking of animals...
I follow
and she had this photo posted on her blog today
of her poor dog, Sarah...

My cats have had glitter, glue dots, bits of ribbon stuck to them..
but never the lint lifter itself!
But GO SARAH...she sits, she sheds, she cleans up after herself!
Hmmm....Where's PC...? Ink? BC?  C'mon boys...
Momma wants to teach you a new trick...
Speaking of tricks-er TREATS
I have been wracking my brain
on what to do for the 30 preschool children at church.
While I am not directly involved with them
(I am the church "office administrator")
they ALWAYS come and see me
like yesterday when the 2 year old class
came to share their Scarecrow faces
and last week the 3 year old class
came listening for noises
(I cooperated with a demonstration of the paper shredder
and made the phone ring!).
I am in a time crunch
with Holly Days coming up and a couple of other orders to do
and have nixed a few ideas along the way...
 I have to confess- I "cased" this idea from one of the
Close to My Heart bulletin board ladies
and please don't be too harsh-
this was a quick mock up/test run yesterday...

lots and lots of Halloween stamps
and not the first single small smiling pumpkin face to be found!
Enter Avery address labels and an EK Success 1" circle punch!
The little holder is cut with the Close to My Heart Art Philosophy Cartridge
(set on 4" in case anybody wonders!) and then a small hole punched
with the Crop-a-dile to slip the ribbon through
(it does actually cut a slit to put the ribbon through-I don't have that much patience right now
and the hole was sooo much easier!
As you can see, a Hershey Kiss fits perfectly!
Can't go wrong with chocolate!
Well, I think I am going to take it easy today-
and take care of me.
Tomorrow's another day, Scarlett!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Take on Typeset...

When the new Close to My Heart catalog came out
I fell in love with the
Typeset papers, embellishments & stamps
that's what I chose to work with
for our groupie meeting last night.
Here's my take on Typeset
(which was partially cased from the layout in the catalog on p. 18)
School days
the border on the left was cut with the CTMH
Art Philosphy Cricut cartridge
as was the circles and the banner pieces....

That square in the top right-hand corner is an accordion album-
room for 7 photos (I think that's right!)
or hidden journaling
or maybe copies of a report card...?!
I absolutely adore the embellishments that are CANVAS!
What a nice texture and feel they have!
I wanted to add a small (golf) pencil
but hubby said they would be a real pain
to cut in half length-wise and I really didn't want the added bulk
of a whole one so I nixed erased that idea...
If I ever find either set of photos I want to use on these pages
I will add them to all those little white spaces.
For now, I just had the ladies use the waxed paper trick
(tuck a piece of waxed paper behind the sticky part of an embellishment
that you don't want to stick until you add your photo).
Too bad I didn't use my "don't wash your stamps in the sink
unless the drain is plugged trick" last night as well...
I accidentally washed the "s" right down the drain.
Not. Happy.
(that's the postable version of what I am feeling!)

We had a new group member last night
and although she had no scrapping and stamping experience
she kept right up and did an awesome job!
She wasn't too overwhelmed I don't think-
said she wanted to come back next month
so I took that as a good thing!

Someone posted a comment that they like my cat at the top of my blog-
except for the white, it looks like my INKY.
The other sleepless night I got up to read
and a cicada bug had gotten into the house.
Inky was down on the floor
behind our love seat
and Poppa Cat was on the back of the love seat.
Inky would swat at the bug-
it would fly up-
and PC would swat it back down!
They played cicada bug badminton for I don't know how long!
Inky finally got it and laid it down in front of him.
Enter the (old) Bad Cat
who sat down in front of them both
and looked back and forth
as if to ask Inky if he was going to "finish off" the bug.
Curiosity finally kicked in and the Bad Cat couldn't stand it any longer-
he grabbed the bug and made a run for it!
Awhile later
Inky came back with the bug!
Talk about late-night entertainment...!

I need a nap.
Need to do some bookkeeping.
Some cleaning.
Some more Holly Days preparations.
But first...a nap.
I feel like a cranky 2-year old today
(sore, tired, rainy weather, sore, headachy..)
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapzzzzzzzzzing


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tired on Tuesday

Yesterday was a wild day at work
and a full afternoon of running errands
and working on these in the evening...

I have really, really enjoyed making these--
they went super smoothly
and I think they look sweet packaged up
with a pretty bow!
Ribbon and crystal glitzy embellishments-
what girl wouldn't want some?!
It's a win-win situation-
if they don't sell at Holly Days and the church craft show
then I am just that far ahead of schedule
for the little gifts I need
for people on my Christmas list!

Here's my so-called helpers...

They weren't too interested in all the girly things-
Bad Cat (right)
informed me I should be working on
catnip fish instead.
Yeah, I know-it's on the to-do list, too!

What I didn't get a picture of
is Ms. Dolly who really did help me!
(well, kept me company at least!)
She has her own room in our house
and she's been acting lonesome
but still won't get brave enough
to come out with the boys.
(She hasn't figured out she's in charge
just by being a GIRL
or that she has CLAWS!)
yet another screen door was salvaged
and placed on my craft room.
Last night for the first time
I took her in there with me.
After a little stress
(cats don't take well to new things-
at least not quickly...)
she jumped up onto the chair
I rolled next to me
and sat quietly
content to sniff the ribbon
but not bat at it
and to be petted from time to time!
She was the perfect little lady
and I am sure we'll be spending more time together in there in the future!
She was soooo skittish and angry
when we first got her
I worried if  I'd ever be able to touch her.
Fast forward at least a year
almost two--
and she's turned intoa real sweetheart-
loves, absolutely loves to be cuddled and brushed!
That's my girl!
She overcame the obstacles
learned to trust
and is living (I hope!)
happily ever after.

So it's off to my day job!
Tonight's Groupie night-
tomorrow's I'll post the pages.
Until then,
happy stamping and scrapping!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Mail...

Ok-It's Monday
and I was psyched to have so much
wonderful fan mail
in my mailbox
and was writing a real nice post about it
when Blogger lost it all!
So not happy now!

Breathing...and back to it...
As I was saying before Blogger rudely interrupted me...
to all those who have taken time to pass along
kudos and compliments!
It really makes my day smile!

The baby book and card were my own creations!
(here's a peek at the card-see the post for the pics of the book)
I won't confess as to how much paper
headache and heartache
(I think the post title-LABOR of love--
summed it up pretty well!)
went into it...but it was worth it!
She really liked it.

To the follower who wanted the dimensions on my
I totally cased this cup card from
I did tweak a few things
(as I often do)
so read through both posts
and figure out what works for you!

Please take a minute and peek at yesterday's post & project--
ROCKIN' with Roxie
another original creation
(well, McD's probably has the patent on the
french fry box! lol!)
for the Holly Days Craft Show
coming all to soon
(Theresa and I say this every year this time of year--
and it comes every year this time of year--
just like Christmas...
I'm not a Flylady graduate---yet...
anyway-back to my project...
I did a few "softer"/feminine (pink) papers as well--
would you buy these little goodies for a girlfriend?
Nail file and holder that will survive the depths of the deepest purse
(no mo' hair, gum & gunk clinging for dear life
to the file--the sleeve keeps them clean!),
breath mints and lip balm...
I will wrap them in clear cello bag
with a gift tag and bow...
and sell them for a song sensible price
In this economy...I know I will be shopping
for bargains!

This week is looking as wild as the Roxie paper--
tomorrow night is Groupie night
so stay tuned for a look at the layouts we do.
I cannot find ANY of the photos I wanted to add to them
but it is what it is--
I still need to do catnip fish
the Look Here gift card holders
and, if memory serves
(and I am praying I am wrong...)
I need to replenish my stock
of headache pillows
(I could use one right about now thinking about this list-
T 18 days and counting...geesh...
did I mention I need to go to my "real job", too?
Better get these buns moving!
Until next time,
and happy stamping and scrapping!