Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Under the Sea!

Hope everyone had a nice long week-end.
I had some girlfriends over Monday evening
for dinner and drinks with umbrellas.
We had a nice time
eating, sipping and chatting
and it was a nice way to end the long week-end.

Yesterday was back to work--
work-work as well as doing my

Since I learned a few weeks ago
how to do a photo montage video
that's what I did.
If your ready to go
here it is...
I was going to add the "Under the Sea" music
but thought that would be too distracting
while trying to follow the instructions!
I have not learned, however,
how it picks that "intro" pic-
gotta figure out how I change that! Lol!
Did you like the project tho?
I love Roberta's images!
They are so cute and fun to work with!
I love the fact that, with digi images
you can manipulate them-
flip them, resize them, layer them, crop them
whatever your heart desires!

I had some pampering time
got a MUCH NEEDED haircut and color!
Was quite happy with the results
and it sure helps one's mood and outlook
to look better ---a good step to feeling better!
Today is newsletter day at work
so it will be a mad dash to the post office
in the pouring rain-again.
We're getting the effects of that subtropical storm
oh well-at least we had a beautiful week-end
and the rain (aka hard times)
can make us oh so strong.
Got some of those going on, too-
so thoughts and prayers please
it's a growing season coming up
and I've been through enough of them
that, even knowing there's pain involved,
I look forward to the growth, learning and the
(hopefully!) improved me
that will come as it's result.

Time for more coffee
and to go to work.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May we never forget...

that freedom isn't free...

Last night
I packed up my lawn chair, flashlight and bug spray
(and thankfully a light jacket)
and headed over to
Franklin Square Park
to hear Brunswick Little Theatre's
The Spirit of America in Song.
There were twinkling lights in the trees,
people on picnic blankets and eating ice cream
laughing and singing along
despite several very brief spritz's of rain...
there was even a rainbow!
The fresh air, the sound of the crickets,
the bandstand and flags and...

They had BLT members,
Sea Notes (a local choral group)
and  of course a band.
There was lots of music
a slide presentation and narration
and an all-in-all TOP NOTCH performance.
It was quite moving.
The music spanned popular songs from the
Revolutionary War, Civil War,
WWI and II
and Post WWII.

Songs like Yankee Doodle/Dixie
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again
Goober Peas
It's a Long Way to Tipperary
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
This is the Army Mr. Jones
Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition
Blowing in the Wind
Letters from Home
Ballad of the Green Berets
American Pie
and this song that,
I have to confess---
I don't recall hearing until last night.

While there was a wide variety of ages represented
from those who were more familiar than I
of ration stamps and air raids and black out curtains...
to babes in arms,
and plenty of singing along on any given song---
it was this one that brought a hush to the audience
and a tear to every one old enough to know
that 9-11 changed our nation...

There was a definite shift after this song
a silence and hush filled that park
and I dare say not many dry eyes,
some sobbing openly.

So many
take Memorial Day for granted...
it's just another 4-day week-end
a time for sales and discounts and parties.
I do pray
that the TRUE meaning of the day
will sink in...that people will take time
to stop and thank those who served-
to offer a kind word to a widow(er) and children
left behind
to stop and say a prayer
for those who fell and sacrificed for our freedom-
and their families as well
for they, too, have sacrificed much
in the name of our nation and freedom.

I am posting this early...
but tomorrow
I will be sure to take a minute at least
and text my stepson
and thank him for serving.
I remember the first time I met him
"Ma'am! Nice to meet you, Ma'am!"
He was rushing back to base.
I remember him being deployed
and praying for his safe return.
I remember the day my husband was awakened from his nap
with a strong hand on his shoulder
and Tommy standing there.
He had, indeed, returned safely.
We were blessed.

I have two honorary nephews who
have attended/attend The Citadel.
One is serving in the Navy
one will go into the Marines.
Two sons, two brothers.
One family serving their nation.

Above my desk is a photograph
of a man in a Green Beret.
His name is Sgt. Major Jack Jennings.
I was proud to know him
and he was one of the few
that got away with calling me "babe"!
(Sgt. Mjr. had a little do with it-I was outranked! Lol!)
He was  good friend. A great man.
He served many, many tours of duty
and sadly lost his battle with lung cancer
just a few short years ago.

The father of my dear friend, Theresa,
served in the Marines as my stepson did.
I will be sure to ask her
to pass on my thanks to him as well.

I am old enough to remember
my grandfather talking about his service in the Army...

I am old enough to remember
the draft for the Viet Nam War
and stars in many many windows-
some with more than one...

I remember the first go-round with Iran...
And yes, I remember
where I was on 9-11.
I was working in a law office
in downtown Southport
not far from this little park I sat in last night.
A secretary came downstairs crying and hysterical
trying to tell us about planes and trade towers and
terrorism...on US soil.
I walked out of our building and started down the street
just as someone came out of the bank on the corner
and lowered the flag
to half-mast.
My heart and my stomach met
and I barely kept from falling to the ground myself.

I remember prayer vigils
and our local church
calling all trained Stephen Ministers and Leaders
(which I am)
to come and pray with those
who had lost loved ones on that day
or who were troubled by these events...
there was quite a crowd...

I know people personally who lost friends that day
I know people who had family that narrowly escaped
and what haunted me was
that my late husband
had worked as an electrician
on the twin towers
and they were gone...

And yes, while it was an awesome performance
and a fun time in the park last night
those that came
went home changed.
We all sang
Let There Be Peace on Earth
before we left...

I think I will go back and listen
again tonight.

Please---don't forget
what Memorial Day is really all about.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Slow start on Saturday...

I had high hopes of getting a lot done today-
and I still might---
it's just slower  going this morning than I hoped
as I didn't sleep well last night
(never do the first night hubby is away--
and that's been more and more lately)

I had an early morning meeting to attend
for work on my day off!
And then Theresa and I opted
to shop some thrift and antique stores
not far from home.
We'd not been to one in quite some time
and were a bit disappointed-
very, very crowded and lots of junky things-
but we still managed some EGGS-cellent finds!
Here's mine...

I passed this up a number of times
and kept circling back
it fits so well with my kitchen...I had to take her home!
There are absolutely no markings on her--
so I know nothing about when or where she was "hatched", etc.
(It really does appear to be vintage-not a remake made to look vintage!)
If anyone has any clues...please leave me a comment!
This is my most favorite prized possession...
my Sellers Hoosier!
Back in the day
this was command central in a kitchen...
that thing behind the glass doors on the far right
is a flour storage bin and sifter...
The top that sticks out is porcelain
and pulls out even farther for a worktop
that was used for rolling out pie crusts and the like.
Then there's a little door that folds down
to secure things that might need to cool
away from well-unwanted visitors in a kitchen...!
One of the drawers is tin-lined
for bread storage...
and the cupboards below
I've turned into

rubber stamp storage! Lol!
Never know when a recipe will call for
one (or more!) rubber stamps!
The doors on top were solid wood-
and I still have them
but I prefer the glass ones
so I can display my pretties...
aka more of my treasures...
This is part of a plate and teapot and...
set that I purchased many years ago...
(shown on the plate rack at the top of the post-
the plates look like eggs!)
I  just love for its country whimsical look
and it makes me smile every time I look at it!
Just like the hen I bought yesterday and my Hoosier...

We had lunch at Burger King
(thanks to my coupon clipping friend
we got bargains there as well!)
And then stopped at another antique store
where I found this luscious soap

I do wish I had a "scratch and sniff" button for you...
it's heavenly!
And the lather is thick and creamy
and my typically dry dry skin
is nice and soft this morning
(I have tons of sensitivities to things like this-
and the ingredients weren't listed to check before buying
but I knew if nothing else
it would make a great drawer sachet.
No chance of that unless we go get some more.
I am keeping that little shop a secret!
Too many things I wanted to bring home...
maybe we'll go back soon.

Speaking of itching...
this guy
had to go the vet yesterday.
He's been scratching endlessly
and while we saw no evidence of fleas
nor did his housemates seem to be having itching issues---
sure enough, Dr. Travis found one!
At least we know what it is
and everyone got medicated when Momma got home
and were even quite cooperative!
No claws involved-theirs or mine!
Even Bad Cat was cooperative
getting in the carrier
and with Dr. T and Molly the tech
(unlike his brothers!)
They are always glad to see
on their roster
rather than Inky or Poppa Cat!

So we've just taken an easy slow start to the day today
it's cloudy one minute
and sunny the next.
One more cup of coffee and I will start flyladying.
Theresa and I are gearing up for a yard sale
so lots to sort, price...or simply donate
to the local thrift store.
I may want that room if I can't sleep
while recovering next month from surgery
so that's my other motivation--
besides making
a little pocket change
for more sweet smelling soap!
I got this basket at the last yard sale we had...
I bought it from Theresa...
and, no matter where it is--
 there always seems to be a little black cat in it...
who fits perfectly...
Earlier this week...
big brother (aka Poppa Cat)
decided to give it a go...

I have an end table in the living room
that needs something-
and I thought of this basket
with some beachy things...
but they seem to enjoy it so much...
I hate to take it away from them! Lol!
Maybe my friend has something else I can use!

There's a concert in the park this evening
and tomorrow as well
it's a toss up which I will attend
but am trying to put some fun things for me
back into my life
and this sounds like a good way to start!

Stay tuned-
I am due to do a Prairie Fairy Tutorial
this next week-
so something crafty is coming-I promise!

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Welcome to Wednesday...

which is really my
since I am blessed
to get a 3-day week-end
every week...
and since Monday is a holiday...
I will get an even longer one
this week!
I missed this performance
at our church on Mother's Day
but happened to find it on Facebook.
The young lady singing
is the very talented daughter
of our choir director/accompanist.
Her dad is playing
she is singing
and Mom comes in to do back up!
We love the Walker family!
Hope you enjoy this as much as I do...
one of my fav contemporary Christian songs at the moment...

Hope you enjoyed it!
I'm not sure how Mom and Dad
kept from choking up!
I would have (and maybe they did-
they are awesome performers and cover well!)

whatever you're we're struggling with--
He has you in His hands...
and He won't let go!
No matter what.

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Learned Something New!!!

One of my very favorite blogspots
to hang out is
and today
she had a ps to her post
that explained how to make
a Windows video movie thingy
I had to try it!
And since I have a plethora of cat photos...
that's where I started!
And three hours later
(ok-the BIGGEST DEAL was trying to get the music
I wanted-the photos and vid-piece of cake!
The music-not so much!)
but here's what I came up with---
I love it! I absolutely love it!
This is going to be soooo much fun!
Thanks, Kelle!

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

How to...

store your How To's!
Once Upon a Time...
I had not one
but SIX milk crates
loaded down with magazines!
Rubber Stamper, PaperCrafts,
Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooks, Etc.
and more.
I began to purge.
I took each magazine-
one by one...
and took out the instructions
I really wanted to keep.
Then I purchased a ton of page protectors
and started stapling and organizing.
I also took all the instructions
from classes I've taken
and classes Theresa and I have taught
and put them together.
Over time,
I would simply toss instructions here and there
digital images were helter skelter on the computer
(FYI-back those up!
Theresa lost most of hers when her hard drive crashed!)
I sorted. And sorted.
And today I sorted some more.
And this is the finished product:

I am down to two milk crates!
And I can now actually find what I am looking for
or, if I am not sure what I want to work on...
I can simply thumb through the things I really like
and pick one!

This helped me clean out yet another box from the back bedroom
and, when I come across more instructions
(and I am sure I will!),
I will have a home for them!
It's easier to clean-
when things are culled out, labeled and have a home!

On another note,
this guy

stayed on our deck all day yesterday!
Not sure if he wasn't feeling well
or was just chillin'
(literally-it was cold and rainy yesterday!)
This morning
he actually sniffed  my hand
and let me pet him!
A lot for him!
I was amazed!
He's our feral-been with us since kittenhood
but still extremely skittish around us.

Last night for supper
we had Bad Cat's favorite food
(well, maybe after tuna!)--
he helped himself!
Yes, that's spaghetti sauce on his chin!

Too funny!

Hubby's fixing breakfast-
then maybe I will take a short catnap
(I was up early...)
and then back to the bedroom or craft room
to see what else I can flylady!
It's contagious--
once you get started-
you don't want to stop!

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Slow but steady...

Since my craft room overhaul
some months back
one bedroom that caught the overflow
has been waiting to be decluttered.
Today was the day to seriously focus on it.
Last week-end
I managed to empty a plastic box of misc. photos.
They are all neatly stored and labeled
if I ever get around to scrapping them!

I tackled paper.
I hate sorting paper---with a passion.
Here's what I started with...


I was sitting on the floor in front of my paper towers
and started to put some paper in a  box next to me
only to discover that there was "No Vacancy!"
This little guy has been my shadow today-more on that in a minute...

When I moved to the kitchen table to sort...
I had my own personal paperweight...

Once sorted,
they went into 13x13 ziplocks and labeled
with a Sharpie...

(above)these are my misc. non-CTMH solids...
(below) are my CTMH solids...

and then the CTMH designer packs are all ziplocked
& labeled as well...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the large ziplocks!
It helps keep the edges and corners
from getting all bent up.

I spent the rest of my afternoon
sorting a box of various templates, directions, recipes
class instructions, etc. and getting them
into page protectors
that will-hopefully tomorrow
go into 3-ring binders.

I FINALLY have a surgery date
June 29th...
so I am making my list and checking it twice
to get the things accomplished
that I need/want to before I am down.
Also trying not to stress
(my "shadow" senses that and keeps close tabs on me!
I am a whimp when it comes to pain).
Just wanting it all over
and trying to see beyond that
this solves a lot of issues!
Long time, no surgery-
now I will be two in two years time!

rainy, cold and I am feeling my fibro
so time to stop and relax.

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

I will promise you...

that if you or your company
are one of those ANNOYING ADS
that play before the news videos I want to watch
purchase or support your product!
If you give me an option
of "opting out of watching" it-
I might-just might-reconsider!
You may force me to sit through your nonsense
to get to what I really want to see--
but you CANNOT force me
to buy your product!
Are you listening
Fancy Feast
(oh this one will hurt them for sure-because I own 5 CATS!)
and I can't even remember the rest
without checking my list!
But I do have one--trust me!

My crafting mojo is MIA-
(hard to find subjects scrapbook when we never, absolutely never
go anywhere or do anything anymore...but that's a whole
'nother can of worms I won't get into...)

On another note---
 this was the view from our deck last night
as we've had evening thunderstorms all week
Can you see the rainbow?

Here's the other half off the back deck...

On another note...
these two were curled up together-
"my friend makes a good pillow!" so says Inky...
and Poppa Cat doesn't seem to mind!

and Ms. Dolly was checking out the rainbow as well...

Today officially starts my weekend
and it's cloudy, cool and rainy looking...
maybe I will go curl back up and nap, too!

Whatever you do---
until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Seven Sultry Beach Scenes...

and some other stuff!
Is the title for today's post!

First up,
Theresa and I went shopping
in Wilm on Fri.
and I found fabric!
From left to right--allergy pillows, headache pillows
and last but not least,
hopefully a full skirt for me!
(those first patterns look overwhelming-but the pillows
are close to a checkbook size so you will only see
a small design portion-tones them down considerably!)

When I ventured into the craft room on Sunday...

Inky decided that the (hard) plastic strip off a package
made a great cat toy...

and I tried my hand at a rolled flower...
so-so...not overly impressed.
Last night
I started on the seven teachers end-of-year cards
I wanted to make...
and my helper was back...

this time with rick-rack and his mousie...

Momma wore him out playing!

Here's my "seven sultry beach scenes"...
I kept putting these off even though I really enjoy
making them...

It usually gets a big laugh...
and I hope they will this time
and that no one will take offense...!

I need to add a "RELAX" on here tho...hmmm...

Tonight is groupie night
so I am off to round up the last of my class stuff
and go and teach.
More Footloose pages (beach theme!).
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!
I also did some flyladying this past week-end
organized some photos...
guess who....
see-natural red-head...!

this one is faded considerably-
my hair was not that light (ever!)
Theresa said
I haven't changed a bit?
What do you think?!