Thursday, June 30, 2011

We found a "Forever Home...!"

Praise God---we found a forever home for Ms. C!!!
She will have a very nice (inside) house
as well as what's been described as a football-field sized
fenced in backyard!
She will be the only 4-footed resident
but will have a couple of other dogs (smaller)
that will visit from time to time.
We will deliver her to her new owner tonight.
Just as she's about to leave,
Inky and PC are getting brave and have ventured out
from under the bed
to check her out.
Ms. C---could care less!
PC actually went up and rubbed against her leg!
While I (we) will miss her, we will still get to see her
from time to time.
And I am ready to get back to our usual semi-normal
Gotta get scrapbooking class kits prepped,
a birthday card made for my 4th-of-July baby (aka hubby)
and a few other things.
And-company is coming
and it's the week-end of the huge 4th of July celebration
in our neighboring town
so a trip to the craft show at least is in order.
Thanks again for all the help, thoughts and prayers!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beautiful Gal

Well, once again, Blogger won't cooperate so I cannot post photos of  the beautiful gal (dog) we now have in our care.  She has been an awesome house guest and, the best news is, we have a number of people interested in giving her a forever home---
one of which is going to come and meet her this evening! 
Bad Cat is oblivious to her--when he spotted her food dish and went to check it out,
"Ms. C" backed up and let him--and just whimpered a little bit!
The girl has manners!
Inky and Poppa Cat have taken up residence under a bed
and refuse to come out--
so they have a temporary sanctuary there. 
Ms. Dolly just sat at her door looking out and wondering "Who are you?!" 

God is soooo good! 
Once I surrendered it completely to Him--things happened quickly. 
The calls started pouring in-the vet records were found,
 we were able to pick up the dog without incident.
It all just fell into place.
The key..."when I surrendered it all...."
More often than not, that's easier said than done!
We want to hang onto things, worry them (and God!) to death,
put our spin on what we think needs to happen---
and forget whose really in charge-who holds the real answers
who can see the whole picture-past, present and future.
I thank all those who've heard our pleas, listened,
taken action--
my stepson Ray (in VA) even contacted
no-kill shelters and friends on Ms. C's behalf...
I am overwhelmed with the whole scenario and just pray
that the lessons learned and the things I've seen
as a result of this situation will stick...
End of sermon!
Time to get ready for the rest of the day!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Carla Saga continues...

Good morning, all. 
Someone just posted a comment asking if I have a photo of CARLA---
the German Shepherd we are desperately trying to find a home for.
Unfortunately, I do not--YET.
 I am hoping to do that either today or tomorrow.
There's been some concern raised by others that know this gentleman and his situation that,
when it comes down to it, he won't part with her. 
The situation is such, however, that that has to happen, for the dog's sake,  
regardless of what he wants. 
And I think they know and realize that, too.
It's a difficult situation at best-but if I have my way,
Carla will be with us tomorrow.
We'll deal with the step issues and the cats adjusting as it comes.
Our two local no-kill shelters are full and not an option.
We've put the word out to everyone we can possibly think of and,
so far, no takers.
Besides breaking our hearts
(we've had some stressful days and sleepless nights...)
I know that we are trying to do the right thing--
and God will in whatever way,
honor and bless that...
Gotta believe...
Stay tuned--
and, more importantly, if you know someone who might be
interested in this sweet gal-
please let me know!
Until next time, since there's not much stamping and scrapping going on here--
go do some for me!


Monday, June 27, 2011


It's not been a good day---and now...blogger lost the entire post I just wrote!!!!
God help me!!!
We're praying for a miracle---we need a home for a lovely older German Shepherd who is still very alert, loving, no real health issues--at least not any that some good tlc won't fix-her owner has dementia and cannot cope with caring for her-he's also convinced he needs to put her down. Our local no-kill shelters are we've been a little stressed.
Our house is up on pilings and one cat we have has major stress issues anyway,
Carla would undo her although Carla gets along fine with cats, kids...anything.
The owner has "promised" us three of which is gone...breathing. Praying.
Top that with second post-op appt. today--
laundry that needs doing, housework, computer issues out the ying-yang....
I decided to blog hop--and found this How to make your own POP DOTS tutorial here
All you need is fun foam, a Xyron machine, paper cutter and/or scissors!
It is SO EASY ---and then you can cut the dots to any size or shape!!!
I will be doing this one!!!
It's been a long, stressful Monday--time to go curl up somewhere and vegitate!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Take Two on Saturday...

Ok, so I am quietly sipping my coffee and blog hopping when Hubby starts calling from the kitchen---I look over (our living room opens to the dining area which opens to the kitchen...) and this...

that was sitting on the dining room table waiting delivery...
has turned into a cat toy
(the definition of which (cat toy)--is anything that isn't nailed down)...

I hope Theresa won't mind a little cat spit on the handle!
The good in this (as she always says...)
is that the baby (aka Inky-the guy on the left)
was playing!
That's the first I've seen in a long time
and once I took the gift bag away
and gave them a grocery bag to play in...

they went at it for a good 10-15 minutes!
I am going to the vets to get medicine why....? hubby wanted to know..
sigh. Kids.
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

Something new Saturday!

I was going to say "It's not Saturday yet as I am typing this" but, in glancing at the clock, it is!
 12:38 AM to be exact! 
I've had to take it easy on myself by late afternoons and evenings
as I am uncomfortable by that point from the rest of the day.
The only  problem with that is...
I am so relaxed...I can't sleep-if that makes sense!
I am weird, I know! 

I finished an awesome book tonight-it's called Wrapped in Rain by Charles Martin.
 It's a novel, easy read and his descriptions are just so vivid that you feel like you are right there!
He's a Christian so it's pretty clean, too!

I got some stamps in the mail today...and, evidently, I didn't have my glasses on when I ordered them
or didn't have enough coffee (probably the case more likely)
and what I *thought* was clear rubber...
turned out to be red rubber--and untrimmed at that!
I hate cutting stamps almost as much as I hate battling with Blogger!
Theresa's thrilled-she LOVES cutting them so I will tap her to do it.

I did work on a project today--as well as gift bag to put the project in
and I even took some pics to do a mini tutorial
but somehow they got deleted...I think the laptop locked up before I could tell it to upload the photos
and the camera software setting is set to delete them once they are uploaded...
it just didn't happen.
Will try again tomorrow, Scarlet!
At least, I hope I will...
the "baby" is still feeling puny--hairballs will do that...
so it may be a trip to the vet thrown into the agenda...
hoping not & that he'll be feeling better by morning.

So--what's new?
I have a new signature "stamp" for my blog!
I got it from Whimsey Stamps for a song...
and, if you're not a techno expert (that would be me)
I gotta say...Ann sent a link to very easy instructions
it's only three simple steps...AND you can resize it to meet your needs,
pick your own design, font and colors.
$ 3.00!
Check it out!
Guess I will go check my library for the next read...
Until next time, happy stamping & scrapping!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Thrift Store Friday Find...

So---I cut some sunflowers and headed to the thrift store to get a vase so I could deliver them to a friend who had surgery this morning...and, along with the $ .50 vase...I found this...
that turns into this...

adjustable easel top-4 positons!

magazine/book rack on left...and one curious cat (aka Poppa Cat...)

drink holder on right...

and, if you don't want/or need either of those...out of sight!

All these features and more for the amazing sum of...

Hubby brought me home a vintage tray from VA that I love and used after my surgery--
it's much lighter than this one and I will continue to use that  but this one will be nice to take out on our deck when I want to sit and work  craft...
it's in great condition and just goes to man's trash is another man's treasure!
I am glad I decided to do a good deed today--it was certainly blessed!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon

Things I am learning...

1. I do not fall into the "normal" category...
The dr. said..."NORMALLY....people feel great within a week.
I am now on week 2.
Working three hours yesterday, followed by quick nap, followed by my usual errands,
was not a good thing.
Bring on the pain meds--again.
And...there's a problem with the belly button incision.
What that entails, I am trying not to think about.
Will deal with that on Monday, Scarlett.

2. I really, really like linky parties!
You know-where blogs have those little thumbnails of images and links to other blogs.
Those are great when I need some "down time".
And there's been a lot of that lately.
This is one of the AWESOME things I found this morning...

These...started out as these...

If you want the how-to...
check out this blog  --

Then I found these...

Hmmm...I have the SU Enjoy the Journey stamp set---and a number of bicycle stamps
and iron on fabric...and a printer that can enlarge images...I sew (so) see these arriving in the near future.

3. I have fallen in love with soft things--pillows in particular!
(as evidenced in  item #2!)
The first night after my surgery wasn't good. I ended up in another bedroom so hubby could at least sleep.
I discovered two pillows in there that I absolutely love.  I've kept the almost-body length one
(I am only just under 5'!) very close!
So I went to ebay and scoped out vintage fabrics to make some nice shams.
This is what I have coming...from Igloo0203...

only the yellow to compliment the other fabric.
I ordered the gorgeous striped SU ribbon from Theresa that they are either "reworking" or discontinuing...
can't remember which. 
Anyway-I think these goodies will make some awesome shams.
But, before I got to Igloo0203, I found this:
from 5329 Caroline
These are printed on fabric-you just wet, cut and sew!
Hmmm..mermaid pillows to add to my love seat...

4. There are not enough hours in a day--or $ in my bank account!--
to do all the crafty things I want to!

5. After surgery--I have a new heart and compassion for life-thing such as that...
and the power a simple card has in healing...
I've been stamping forever it seems--so I shoulda "got this" a long time ago...
and on some level I did...
but I have a new appreciation of it now.
So I will be sending a lot more.
Reminder to self: go get stamps er, POSTAGE stamps!

6. Sick animals break my heart.
They cannot tell us what's wrong. They can't tell us what hurts.
This little guy...
who we *guess* had has? some back issues and isn't supposed to be jumping...
was looking down at me from the top shelf in my bathroom this morning.
I went in to wash my hands and happened to look up
only to see him looking down...
The cat carrier has been on top of the refrigerator for several weeks as that is where he likes to eat.
The vet said...try to keep him from jumping. Yeah, right!
One round of Prednisone and a cortisone shot...
and he's still looking at me pitifully (his eyes are very dull--a sure clue he's uncomfortable)
and he's wanting me to pet him...(a GIVEN that he's not a happy kitty...)
so a phone this am to the vet is in order to see if we can do some more meds...

On an even sadder note,
my good friend Theresa had to have their terrier put down on Wednesday...
5 months to the day of losing their lab...
I cried my heart out for them.  I know that heartache well.
We don't want to see them suffer but, at the same time,
it's as hard as losing a person.
I know that there are at least three great dogs-
my Onyx...
Theresa's Madison...
and her AJ...
on heaven's welcoming committee...
We miss our fur babies...

Well, the house needs some attention-as does my desk--
not to mention my coffee cup is empty...
I have just a few crafty things I want to do--so stay tuned--never know what will turn up here!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Running away...

seriously. I want to go live here!

Not sure where the litter boxes would go--but we'll figure something out!

Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon

Answered wish!

Well, well, well---Blogger actually worked-oh wait-I've not finished the post yet so maybe I had better keep my mouth shut! Lol!
Yesterday was our third wedding anniversary.
Despite pain, nausea & pain killers, I spent Sunday afternoon coloring and cutting and gluing...
it says
"We may not always see things eye to eye..."
(inside) But I'm still glad I'm your girl
& you're my guy!
Happy Anniversary!
I did it! And, in my sleep deprived and drugged up stupor, somehow forgot that Monday was only the 20th...and not the 21st...

and I signed the card and left it for him to find Monday morning.
I've not been able to live it down.
My defense was--some of us were just overly enthusiastic!
The usual...she's right and if he'd just listen...!
The perfect.
Even if I couldn't find the pop dots.

I brought hibiscus in and put them in a small bowl of water on the counter...
the "baby" really seems to be enjoying them!
This cat...will not drink out of  water bowl...
flower vases, small pitchers, sometimes the sink...
water bowl? forget it!

Then after supper last night
(no, we didn't go out)
hubby left the container from the cooked chicken on the counter...

BAD CAT sometimes lives up to his name!!!
Speaking of Bad Cat....
I was blog hopping and came across this photo

And this is Bad Cat...

....let's see...can you spot the differences difference? Pretty subtle, I think!
The boys have been going out on the back deck after dinner...
and that means the GIRL -- aka Ms. Dolly --
cane come out and roam the house.
She's getting tired of being in her room all alone
and is after over a year just beginning to check out the rest of the house
when she's the sole one in residence inside...
made herself right at home on top of the basket of clean clothes...sigh.

Time to go get a paper and take a time out.
I worked 4 hrs. today---just a wee bit too long.
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

Wedneday wishes....

That for once, BLOGGER would actually WORK!!!
Had at least 6-8 photos to upload but, despite my best royal efforts, it's a no-go. 
 Just won't do it no matter what  I try. 
Couple that with the fact that it's hit and miss with trying to post comments on other blogs---
I keep getting caught in a sign in, back to comment, sign in loop.
The headaches are endless.
Time to check out an alternative blogging method. 
Any suggestions? 
 I will try again this afternoon...
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday's tune...

 Drugs.Good. Sharon. Getting better! 
Lesson learned: when someone doesn't listen--keep screaming and go to the top.
Hindsight is always 20/20...
Actually, I only screamed when the PA RIPPED the bandage off---I almost decked him, too.
 And the stupid man thought (see-there's the problem right there--man---didn't think! LoL!) he was going to rip the other 3 off.
THAT didn't happen!
But I did get the right meds-plural--and, after several doses, I feel somewhat human again.
 Today is my first day back to work...for as long as I can hang out so I'd better go get the royal buns ready. I promise crafty posts later!
Blessings, Sharon

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday, Monday...'s off to the surgeon's office for my post-op appointment.  That's the bad news (having to deal with them yet again!) The good news is---I AM going to get some MEDS to help make me comfortable-or someone is going to get hurt! BADLY!!!
 Yep, one miserable puppy here and I can honestly say---NEVER AGAIN!
Nausea, constant fire going in my chest, and feeling as if I am on the verge of a gall bladder attack is not my idea of "feeling better after surgery!"
On another note...Jak has this available to win...
.go here... if you'd like a chance...
I absolutely LOVE MINE... would love to have a back up--the color is pretty, too!
Well, time to shower...
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping...
Blessings, Sharon

Sunday, June 19, 2011

And now for a few words...

NAUSEOUS. dr. tomorrow. WILL get better drugs! or else!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Diva Dah-ling!

So the night before my surgery...I got to go and see my dah-ling goddaughter play Veruca Salt in Willie Wonka, Jr. at her her school.  This is a Montessori School and each year they do a production in conjunction with their graduation.  Last year-she was a flying monkey in The Wizard of Oz. This year-the spoiled diva daughter!  She got to yell, stomp her feet, roll her eyes and toss her hair about.  I cracked up! Really. Her teacher has her pegged! I can't say it was a real stretch of her acting ability! She was a natural! Lol. Yeah, gotta love her!   There was a lot to get done before I was down--and a card or flowers just didn't happen. So today I went to work on putting together what's been brewing in my brain...
Mo's image fit perfect! And there's a clip art site for Willie Wonka that I pulled the "backdrop" photo from along with the top hat-the Willie Wonka Jr. I did in Publisher using WordArt...

 I used a step card format --scanned the program pages and highlighted her parts to make the side panels...

added a copy of  the golden ticket that was in my candy bar I received at the door...
had the date, place and time of their production...

added my sentiments on the back side....

and, since it was all rather hefty and "drooping" a wee bit from my layers (as well as the humidity here---)
I added a "brace" to the bottom...
As usual, my card's too big for the enve--so it wasn't going to fold up anyway!
Time to put myself back down and read for a bit.  And try not to scratch the incisions.
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon


Another sleepless night. Sigh. Instead of gall bladder attacks once a seems, after surgery, one has one on-going attack. Coming and going continuously.  Incisions are now starting to itch like crazy as well. So, let's see: no gall bladder but still having attacks. Itchy incisions. Eating basically instant mashed potatoes, toast-and oh, let's not forget the divine canned chicken!   Did I mention swallowing Aleve by the fistfulls?  Can't even take the  sheets out of the dryer or carry the clothes basket as it hurts to lift, pull, etc. so doing anything more than sitting on the royal kiester is out of the question.  Praying my massage therapist can give me some relief with the migraine and upper back pain from having to sleep in weird positions.  This is a week and one day out now. I am overtired, uncomfortable, and ticked off.  THIS is better?!  Give the gall bladder back, please. I'd rather suffer through a bad attack every now and again and be able to do things, eat a little more than mush, and sleep. 
That, and the "baby" is still not himself, either.  He probably needs to go back to the vet, but lifting him and the carrier in and out, up and down is out of the question. 
Until next time...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rough nite....

Ok. So today is Royal pitty party day for me.  Pain meds aren't helping. Been up since 12:30 AM with gall bladder attack symptoms and pain--even tho it's not there anymore (the chicken-poop surgeon told my husband that that's normal for another 4-6 weeks---never told ME THE PATIENT I said---he was chicken poop to keep this clean...!) --along with nausea, increased fibro pain (probably due to the increased stress and rain...) topped with a migraine.  My surgeon's nurse was about as sympathetic as Hitler--I could ride 1 hr, sit in the waiting room for 2, and ride home for another 1 hr. if I want to be seen? Go figure how that's  going to help?! Then she tries telling me all my pain is from the gas--that was almost a week ago, thank you, and I KNOW the difference between attack pains and the pain I had from the gas. It's different-but hey, SHE's had the same surgery so she know it all?!  Oh-and if someone can drive in and get a prescription---again---another 2 hrs. round trip---they can give me something a little stronger. Oh and let's see...I am not supposed to be upset--that's not going to help!  Her lecturing me as if I were a two year old is, however, is supposed to be the magic cure?!   Of doctor is off playing golf today and hence could care less.   I'm sorry.  I am soooooo tired of living with pain.  I am sooooooo  tired of empty promises of "this will make it better."  I am soooooo tired of doctors who don't get it and don't listen....or care. Just pay your copay--that's all they care about. It's not about patient care, patient comfort, listening...and actually HELPING.  I am still in search of....medical professionals as good as my vet and her staff...they get it. I know-maybe I can walk on all fours and attach a tail? It's an idea....!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wobbly get well wishes...

So--"playing" some helps get my mind off the pain! And, since my daughter-in-law just went through two dental implants yesterday, I wanted to send her some get well wishes.  In my earlier post-I mentioned Roberta of Prairie Fairy's Wobble-head card.  I did it!  I used a picture of my step son for her "nurse", and one of my hubby for my "nurse".  Here's how it came out:

I put Roberta's "Dr. Lewis" image (although I was tempted to use "Nurse Gillian!)  in Publisher
and then cropped off his head.
Then I put it in a second time and cropped just his hat.
Then I cropped a photo of Tommy and Brook and sized it so it was larger than the body to give it that cartoon look-and fixed the hat to fit the top of their head...cut, colored, popped and pasted!
Since this was an easel card, I simply scanned the image of my hubby and cut it out for the inside.
The wobble-head gizmo is SUPER TECHNICAL. 
You MUST have an engineering degree to even attempt this!
 Lol! NOT!
I took thin wire, wrapped it around a pencil 4-5 times, hot glued the ends to two ovals I punched out and
then attached those to the card base and Tommy's head image!
Easy-peasy! And yes, it wobbles nicely (trick is--thin wire!)

Time for lunch and some meds.
Back to the deck to recuperate some more.
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon