Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day...

I started out my over-booked hectic crazy week
with a car accident on Monday
while on my way to the physical therapist
who told me I have not one but two pinched nerves in my neck
(hence my two numb fingers.
no one was seriously hurt;
the cars were driveable;
the damage to the other drivers car
will be covered by our insurance;
and the damage to our car is just minor scrapes.
And I made it to my appointment on time.
The poor young man I hit
had just found out he had lost his job.
I asked if he was a Christian and when he said yes,
I immediately started praying for both of us!
I am sure he was ready to call the men in the white coats--
first this lady hits him and crunches his car
and then breaks out in prayer in the middle of down-town in a parking lot.
Oh well.
He did give me a hug before we left.
prayers that God will open doors for him
he never even dreamed of.
My other good news this week is--
Bad Cat's blood pressure is coming down!!!
We may very well be at a normal point at home---
so in another 2 weeks we'll recheck it and his kidney numbers.
Keeping my fingers crossed (and my prayers said!).
I wanted  needed something simple and fun to do today
and as I was blog hopping
I found this:

which has great instructions on how to make it.
Here's my version:

Not only did I have EVERYTHING on hand to do this---
but it was super, super easy!
My only suggestion is---
DO put a layer of adhesive down along the outside edge of your circle
that will allow you to position your blue (first) layer of cones
and adjust them as needed.
I hot-glued mine and then ended up ripping them off
and repositioning them.
Doesn't show-but the other would have been easier the first time.
The other layers were a piece of cake to put in.
I'm not super at making rosettes
and with two numb fingers-it was tricky.
There are sooooo many beautiful variations on this on the web---
I cannot wait to make more!
Thank you, Marie, for sharing this!
Tomorrow is Memorial Day.
As the liturgist said in church today,
All gave some, some gave all.
I have two nephews currently serving
and I am very proud of them.
To those who have dedicated their lives--
along with their families and loved ones-
Thank you.
For those who have fallen
in the name of freedom,
may you rest in peace
and thank you
for the price you paid was great.
it's not just a three-day week-end....
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Cradle" for my Kindle....and Summer Fun Bubblin' Over

I've not been in the magic kingdom much
these past few weeks---
It's really hard to craft with two (left-hand) numb fingers.
I see a physical therapist and I cannot wait!
I am right-handed but I do a lot---a WHOLE LOT with my left hand!
One of the things I do with said left hand
is hold books I read.
And I read---a lot.
Usually big books (300+ pages)--hardback and heavy.
And that is part of the problem.
So I bit the bullet and bought myself a Kindle.
The case however does not stand by itself
so when I want to stretch out and read
I either have to prop my knees up and balance it-
or hold it with the other hand.
Until now.
I didn't want to spend more money
and didn't really see anything that struck my fancy anyway.
I had foam board, tape, scrapbook paper and hot glue
in the craft room.
So I went to work.
and here's what happened...

I knew I needed/wanted something like an easel card would be-
thinking that for sure would work.
Well, it did. Sort of.
I cut three pieces of foam board--
two were 5"x7" and one was 5" by 6" (guessing.../base piece).


I laid the foam board down on some tape
leaving enough space in between
so that they would fold easily and have some "give".

Then I covered the outside panels much the same way as you do a book---
I knew I was going to repeat the tape across the outside "joints" so I didn't worry
about the edges---I cut the outside papers at 6"x 8" and wrapped them to the inside.
I used hot glue to hold them down.
Then I cut papers to fit the inside-just a tad smaller than the panels themselves.
Then I tried to put tape along the joints.
And here's where I got into trouble.
I didn't get my tape straight.
I am sooooo picky and knew it would drive me nutso.
When I tried to peel it off---I of course tore the paper.
But you know what?
I did not have more foam board to start over
and I was NOT driving to Wally World and back to start over...
I fell back on "There's no mistakes in scrapbooking/stamping
just opportunities for embellishment"
and distressed that torn paper.
Looks like I planned it!
I cut a small piece of foam board and covered it,
hot glued it to the shorter bottom panel.
The easel part kept popping up and falling over.
No matter what I tried.
First I made the little brace you see---
and when that didn't work
I said the heck with it-
and just hot glued the easel part down!
It isn't so big that it needs to be folded and put away
when I am not using it--so leaving it sitting up is fine.
As my grandmother would say,
I made a silk purse out of a sow's ear (poor sow!)
I also realized this would b a cheap-cheap-cheap way
to make a display for any little art work
or to hold cards and such for photographs!
Last week was the last week of preschool
and I needed goodies for the kids.
I got bubbles from Wal-Mart's party aisle
peeled the labels off
embossed bands of white cardstock
and then used Publisher to design the "Bubble" tag I put on the front.
"Hope your summer BUBBLES over with fun.  Blessings, Ms. Sharon"
I just hot glued all this together.

I kept it simple---
I did not use pop-dots
nor did I make the tag on front
look wet and shiny
(ultra thick embossing powder would be ideal!)
since I was doing 30+!
That's it for now.
I think I will curl up with my Kindle
and read a bit more
before I have to open
the River Road Animal Hospital Annex
as I call us since now all three cats are on medicines twice a day!
Bad Cat, thankfully, is doing well.
Just feed him while you give him subcutaneous fluids and he could care less...
Poppa Cat's blood sugar is all over the place so we're working on that...
and the baby, aka Inky hasn't been eating real well.
Think he's stressing over momma not being well and missing Ms. D.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Get Well Soon Easel Card

I needed a get well card for the wife of a coworker
and I wanted to do something with the easel card technique
that I showed you in yesterday's post.
So I pulled out some paper
and an older stamp set
a doily and ribbon
and went to work...
Here's the front view with it closed...

and here it is with the easel up ...
This card is going to be hand-delivered
so the bulk with the roses won't be an issue
(if I were mailing it, I'd just use a padded enve)

the roses have an itty bitty sparkle in the middle-
you can barely see the one on the left...

As I did yesterday, I mounted the easel part
onto a full base card so I would have room to write.

No naked mail means stamp the enve, too!

on both sides!

So there's my get well wishes.
The pinks, the flowers, the dainty bow and doily
this is very feminine.
You can of course change out the sentiment
for anything you wish...
Tomorrow is back to work day.
I still have numb fingers
and am beginning to wonder if its carpel tunnel.
Crafting with numb fingers is not easy!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy National Scrapbooking Day

Hope everyone is stamping and scrapping their hearts out today.
Despite everything,
even I went in the "magic kingdom" and played today.
I will get to that in a minute.
Speaking of minutes,
I was early to an appointment a few weeks back
and stopped in a little shop I like to poke in
and found this...
It was--bright yellow.
I wanted it to match some other things in my bedroom
so I painted it.

Once upon a time bird feeder
is now repurposed as a book holder
for my daily devotional books!
I am still debating whether to add some white rope as "handles"
where those holes are
or fill them in altogether.
A decision for another day.
Among 1,001 other things
I have been down with a numb shoulder/arm/hand.
Not fun.
A friend of mine/former co-worker
came to my rescue last week-end.
I called her and not only was she on the island-
she made a house call!
she would not let me pay her!
"That's what friends are for!"
She did alleviate the pain
and I got feeling back in 3 out of five fingers.
She came again Wed. morning and worked some more.
Whatever it is does not want to go away!
But I am so grateful for Linda and the relief she gave me
I decided to make her a thank you card
and celebrate National Scrapbooking Day at the same time.

Sometimes I even surprise myself-and this one sure did!
Lots of colors and patterns and somewhat out of the box for me
but I absolutely LOVE IT!
(a bit biased maybe!)

The image is Mo's Digital Pencil "Pool Party".
I colored it with Copics and used to designer paper.
Are you ready for the surprise?
This is actually an easel card-on a card!
Lots of pop dots!

 And here she s standing up...
I used an ancient CTMH stamp set for the life saver
and the turtle is from another CTMH set along with the "you're a" sentiment.

Now--I wanted a "watery" effect
and my first thought was---Crystal Effects.
I didn't want to wait that long for it to dry!
So I thought again---
and somehow came up with Ultra Thick Embossing Powder!
One layer was all it took!
I heated it just until it was barely melted
to give it the water droplet look
vs. a smooth finish.
I just liked it better.

I added what I call my "beachy beads" for sand--
which are simply 2/3 gold and 1/3 silver microbeads mixed together.
I use Crystal Effects to adhere them.
And here came the problem.
Remember when I said I didn't want to wait for it to dry?
Well, I didn't.
After putting it all together I realized I had a smudge
from where I inevitably stuck my finger in the wet CE.
But, as any seasoned scrapper/stamper knows,
there are NO MISTAKES in stamping/scrapbooking
See that little turtle on the left?
Cute isn't he?
Can't tell he's covering up my boo-boo huh?!
Really-I planned it that way all along! ; )

Now all of this is mounted on a regular card base
so I have room to write a message!
That's one of my pet peeves with the "traditional" easel cards-
not much room to write.

And in case you are wondering how I did it
with the center stand up...
I tweaked it in that instead of leaving the two side panels-I cut them off.
I adhered a full piece (5 1/2" x 4 1/4" dp to the remaining flap.
Once my top of my card was complete,
I then adhered it to the front of another card base.
Clear as mud, huh?!
You'll figure it out!

That's it for now.
I hope to make her a set of notecards--we'll see.
Next week is going to be crazy----
Bad Cat AND Inky have vet appointments
in the same day
and then we have another appointment later in the week
I am worn out thinking about it.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!