Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thought I fooled you...?!

No--I didn't get my holidays mixed up--it's not April Fool's--I just didn't get around to posting before now. And ya know-I for one will be happy when 2010 gets here-and we have new, clean slate with the holidays behind us and everyone gets back to blogging on a regular basis! I've missed a lot of the regular bloggers whose sites I like to visit and believe me, not feeling well, I've checked out about all there is! I do not do "down, girl" well! lol.
Ok-enough of all that. Here's Zachary's birthday card. Yes, it's one of "those" again-but he's not seen it so he won't care! He's a great basketball player and a huge Duke fan (I remember when he was just a baby and his dad screamed while watching a game-so did Zachary and I dare say they make a good bit of noise now watching games, too!) Doing guy card can be a challenge! The alpha stamps are CTMH and the basketball player and hoop is from Mo's Digital Pencil. I love it! I saw him done on She cut him out and layered it 2-3 times--so his hand looks like it is right there in your face, then the ball, etc.! The photo doesn't do it justice even though I used 4 layers of pop-dots! The letters and sentiments I cut out
(I can hear Theresa groaning!) and embossed with silver. No clue...who the basketball paper is by--but it made a great background! I've had it 3-4 years as I used it on another of Zachary's cards that long ago! It aged well, dontchathink?! The scoreboard with the sentiment I did in Publisher (gotta love that program!). His "gift" will go in that navy blank space to the left (money, of course...what else can you give a 22 year old?!)
Ok-I also promised a sneak peak at the supplies for our January 2010 class. Didn't have the best light-but here it is. I absolutely LOVE the definition stamp set! The flowers are great, too (oops-not shown), but I know my most-used new set will be the definitions-for now, anyway! I know-some of you are saying the pink and the flowers are girly-give it a chance, though--when paired with the chocolate brown, robin's egg blue and burgandy--it takes on a whole new look.
Time to stretch out and watch another movie then probably early to bed for us! No midnight celebration unless we're too miserable to sleep! Whatever you do, be safe-I wish each of you a happy, healthy and blessed 2010. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Battery exhausted..."

Ok---so first I forgot to take the pics of all of the project I wanted to show---and gave 95% of them away this morning! Then, as I was headed to set up the shoot of the ONE I have left, I dropped the camera. Yes-it hit the floor. Yes, I got a "Lens Error!" message. So I did what comes naturally-turning it off then on again should fix it-right? Thankfully, it did. I took my photos. Came back to the computer to download them and got the "Battery Exhausted" message. Did I mention I broke the battery earlier this year? And my husband super glued it back together? It works--just not as long as before. So now you will have to wait for it to recharge before I can show you the pics of (yesterday's) project! But smile-tomorrow will be a "two-fer" as I finally made Zachary's looooooooong overdue (1 month and counting~!) birthday card so I have that to show as well.

In the meantime...say a prayer that MY batteries recharge! I simply cannot shake this bug, whatever it is. I've done nothing other than sit and watch movies and read---and take care of Brook as he has it, too--and I just cannot regain my stamina, strength, energy-health. Thankfully, I have the next 4 days off as well-and I don't plan on leaving the house for any reason. REST is on the agenda. I know-it's not a bug-it's THERESA WITH DRAWL! Lol. Her family has been here and not only haven't I seen her, I've not heard from her, either! I know she's busy and enjoying them...or at least I hope she is. Actually, I will have a post for New Year's Day as the CTMH order came with the supplies for the next class---so I will give you a sneak peek.

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate the New Year (when we were little (translate: before we were able to tell time!), my family would tell us kids that it was midnight when it was really 9ish or so-not long after our "normal" bedtime, have us stand one by one on the footstool (I'd say hassock but not sure anyone would know what that meant?!) and jump into the New Year. Ahhh-we THOUGHT we had stayed up until midnight, made noise like we did, and slept through the adults celebrating the fall of the ball! Anyway-as I started to say, whatever you do--please have a SAFE, happy and healthy NYE. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

ps/so---whoever stuck thru my long-winded post--will have a treat! I was able to download the pics after all! The first two...are of the calendars I made for the ladies I work with--I used a small binder clip to hold the calendar on (done in Publisher and printed on white cardstock). I simply made a "puddle" of hot glue and attached the butterfly sticker, then used the baby powder trick after it was dry to remove the stickiness on the rest of the sticker. I take a pick of the calendars for the guys, but it was done in this black and white calendar paper, and the scripture verse attached using 4 black brads. Can't do a lot of embellishing on guy's things or they claim its too girly! lol! Had I looked a little closer at my calendars, I would've changed the dimensions on the easel base a bit but...there is room to tuck an appt. card behind the calendar if you need/want to...for the way I feel...not too shabby!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Planning and preparing...

Christmas...has come and GONE! I am still recovering! Thankfully, my husband and son cooked---I did help clean up (figured any germs I had would be killed in the dishwasher!). I am now in my "get ready for the new year mode..." Every year... I want to have things cleaned up, organized, my list made as to what I want to accomplish (realistically, of course!) in the new year. It's just something about being able to start with a "clean slate" vs. trying to play "catch up" with last's year's "undone items." So that's how I will be spending the next few days. Relaxing inbetween and trying to finally kill whatever bug this is I have...and, unfortunately, shared with my husband as well!
I've been watching Ali Edwards blog ( For those of you who don't know, Ali is guru of the scrapbooking world. Well-known. Over the top stuff. Some of us just might even call her obsessive-compulsive! Well, she did a daily journal of sorts of the 24 days leading up to Christmas. Now mind you, she is also the mother of two small children. A wife. A homemaker. And she did this journal--every day. Not just a few little notes jotted here and there-I am talking all out embellished, photographs, etc. BOOK. You can see it for yourself on her blog. I don't have kids. I do work, part-time. I have a husband who cooks. But there is absolutely no way on God's green earth I would've been able to not only keep up-but get this book done! Lol. Oh, I could have started---I dreamed about it-I really, really did. But I know it wouldn't have happened! So--what did I do today? I ran around the house and took some not-so-conventional Christmas pictures. Some of my favorite things, just odds and ends to add to the "traditional" family-opening-gifts photos. I should have..taken a picture of the beach in the rain on Christmas day-taken my camera to church Christmas eve...gotten a photo of the turkey-just the turkey--no, not my HUSBAND--the bird we ate! Lol! I have a book made. It was the sample book for our January class. While we won't use Christmas papers for our class, I did for this one. It's called Holly Jolly Jingle-and (I think) you can find it on an old post of mine. And, when I get out in the world again (yes, I can drive over OKI bridge, sneeze AND blow my nose at the same time--and still live to tell about it! Didn't know I was so talented, didja?!) and to Wally World, I will print copies of my pictures to be scrapped. For now, these will have to's a glimpse into our Christmas...

James, the youngest, always smiling...

daughter-in-law Dawn and
oldest son, husband made a photo album for each of the three boys with all their lifetime photos in it!

my good-looking husband, Brook,
showing off a gift from Tommy and Dawn...

Me admiring a new dragonfly
necklace and earrings...

my hubby and I...

Bad Cat "lurking" under the dinner table

hoping for a turkey hand-out...
and yes, he & the other cats got was Christmas, after all!

my favorite ornament...passed down from my Grandmother, this ornament came (with her parents?) from is plastic and the little "fan" in the center actually rotates...I remember standing in front of her tree watching it for what seemed like forever...I thought it was magic the way it would stop and start...I know its at least 49 years old...

last but not least a small, plastic nativity. This was my husband's but I remember having one just like it when I was growing up. I do believe that there was an angel on top that has been broken off...but, to is 50+ years old...

Well, that's it from our house for Christmas 2009! I pray that you and yours had a happy and blessed Christmas and that you will take some time to relax, regroup, and meet 2010 with the true reason for the Christmas season still in your heart, a renewed sense of purpose and that you will be blessed as well as being a blessing to others!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

Friday, December 25, 2009


MERRY CHRISTMAS! The kitties woke me a little before 6 AM--and, wanting to let my husband sleep a little later, I got up to feed them...just about the time he got up to feed them so I could sleep a little later! How sweet! We attended our candlelight communion service last evening and were amazed when we opened the door to the sanctuary---it was packed! Even most of the folding chairs were full and people were standing! Among us, were wise men, shepherds, angels and of course Mary and Joseph. They were intermingled with the congregation and it was an awesome touch to the worship service. We've been up, spent some quiet time, opened presents and laughed at the cats with their new toys (even the old Bad Cat (gray and white) seemed interested~! Enjoying some of the new music we received while my dear husband preps the turkey! One son just called to say he was on his way!

No stamping today--just kicking back and relaxing, hopefully to shake this cold in the coming week. Whatever you do today, take time to tell the ones you love that you love them! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A new "do"...and a little MIFFED...

and Merry Christmas (eve!). I have had, since my mid-20's, a gray spot in the front of my hair. As I've grown older, I've noticed gray threads thoroughout. Not a big deal-I EARNED those gray hairs! Lol. But my darling husband said my gray...made him feel old! Anybody whose done home color knows...its next to impossible to cover gray. And, as if that isn't bad enough, its very difficult to do red without looking orange like Bozo the Clown or purple... But today, I bit the bullet and went and had my hair professionally colored. Me sitting still long enough to have that done was no small feat in and of itself. When I came home, my husband didn't notice until I pointed it out and then he said, "Oh, yeah, you're gray spot is gone!" I take that as a high compliment to my hairdresser in that---it looks natural! I love the highlights and, I have to confess, the gray "pouf" that is no longer looks better. So that was my morning and one gift for my husband! Lol.
Now-I have to vent. A couple of my gifts are sitting God-only-knows-where in post offices across the US. Yes, I purchased them on-line. Yes, I paid, immediately via PayPal as most "threaten" that your order will be deleted if not paid for within 24 hours. Well, its my feeling that if I have to pay within 24 hours, they should have to SHIP within that time frame! But no, they can wait until whenever it strikes their fancy to send it to the post and we're at their mercy! One is a stamping company I've thought highly of-until the last two orders and I've waited days for the "your item has been shipped" e-mail. Not good-and not fair! I am more than a little miffed as both items had plenty of time to have made it (and yes, one is for ME!)--had they been shipped as promptly as I had to pay.
That said-it's Christmas Eve. I am as done as I am going to be for having been/still being sick. We're off to our candlelight Christmas Eve service and to take time to remember what this is all about, anyway. Christ's birth...his redeem us sinners. To offer us forgiveness and redemption. I can't imagine what Mary must've felt...holding her newborn...yet knowing his future...Mary Did You Know is one of my favorite (contemporary) Christmas carols...My "oldie" favorite is Sweet Little Jesus Boy...
Whatever you celebrate, whatever you do tomorrow...take time to listen to the quiet, to count your blessings, and to love on the one's you love...
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


from my headaches!!! Please! Whew. My so-called "special" cards I wanted to make for my stamping friends...well, for the umpteenth time I've resisted the temptation to trash them completely. As I was cutting out pieces last evening, I thought, "gee, this is really going well!" I should've known the other shoe was going to fall---and fall HARD!!! I glittered...or attempted to glitter is more like it...the edges of 20 panels...yes, all 4 edges. Today...all the glitter is falling off and they look horrible. In the trash that went. Reprint. What to do next? Ok---I will pull out the red glitter embossing powder I got 3-4 years ago and never used. I never used it doesn't stick well and left gaps. Oh-how do you edge a card with embossing powder? You pull out your 8+ year old The Embossing Pen--and its just what it sounds like-a pen with a wide and narrow tip that has embossing fluid in it. With some practice, you can take the wide tip (of any pen) and run it along the edge of a card and whaa-la-you've edged your card without having to pull out a ruler. Aging the embossing powder did not help it. I wasn't pleased with that result either but at least it was sticking. Then I had a brainstorm-two, actually-which is probably why there's more snow coming for parts north! First, I realized that if I edged the card with a red marker, THEN used the embossing pen and then put the powder on---it looked like it had full(er) coverage! DUH!! And the second brainstorm? Ok-so this may be OBVIOUS to some people-but I have never, ever learned it in a class, heard anyone else say it, read it anywhere-this was pure luck. I was getting flecks of red embossing powder all over the white center of my card. That sometimes happens when you hit the loose powder with the heat gun. I realized, however, if I aimed my gun (gee-that sounds like I have real power, huh?!) toward the edge and OUTSIDE of my card would keep it where I wanted it or at least blow it off the EDGE of the card instead of into the center. Ok-so some of you are brilliant and already figured this out. Go you! But it just dawned on me so I thought it was worth sharing.
Time to feed cats. I've already cut my baking list by at least 2/3rd's--my theology on that is these people probably already have TONS of cake, cookies, candies, etc. and will really appreciate it more after the first of the year. Besides, I am off NEXT WEEK. This week is a killer for church secretaries! Now to go feed cats, finish the cards--OH DUH--3rd thing. See? My brain is fried. Using Ultra-Thick Embossing Powder. This stuff is CHUNKY and it really flies all over. But, with 2-3 coats of it, you get a nice, wet, glossy look to whatever you are embossing. So rather than have it fly all over everything (I had to clean off the tape player, tapes, etc.!), set your piece to be embossed down into a box. Doesn't have to be real deep--just deep enough to catch the loose stuff. It will save having yet another mess to clean up.
Ok-so the big cats have sent in the cute little "kitten" to tell me its time to eat! Lol. Gotta go. Baking to do, soap to finish making, kitchen to clean...Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Monday, December 21, 2009

One more off the list...!

Whew. So---here's where my afternoon went-or most of it anyway! Since its a pretty safe bet that no one from our vet's office reads my's the card I just "whipped up" (!) for them! Lots of pics---sorry.
It's a big card! I'll list the tag comments as they go...
Front panel:
From Inky (who started it all)...

1st inside panel:
And Bad Cat (who's really misnamed!)

2nd inside panel:
and Poppa Cat (who's really tame...really!)

next inside panel:

And our "Humans" (photo not available-you've seen us enough anyway!)...

Last inside panel:

To the Vet we don't like to go
but you take good care of us--this we know.
But since its CHRISTMAS our appreciation we wanted to show...
So call this number & she will come
& help your muscles come all undone!
Meowy Christmas!
I use the Big Shot/Stampin Up Look Here die (yes, again! Call Theresa...)
to hold a business card. (I only had an old one-she's bringing a new--I just wanted to get the photos done and blogged!) Cynthia is a friend of mine and a wonderful massage therapist-she gave me a great deal on doing chair massages for Dr. Travis and her staff! Something I really wanted to do for them and she helped that wish come true for me! Thanks, Cynthia!!! I think they will enjoy it and I am grateful for all they have done for us this year. They've gone above and beyond--so I did the same with their card! Lol! It's over the top, that's for sure. Not my best work--had to pull some things up and reposition, it's not perfectly straight...but, for the way I feel right's a PICATSO! Ok-so much for my sense of humor!
I got another Santa stamp in the mail today--and while sitting here waiting for blogger to upload the photos I came up with the "belated Christmas --Happy New Year" cards I will probably be doing-! I am SICK of being SICK!!! It's not fair-I was good-and its time for me to be well---NOW. Sniff--a-----ch00---cough. That wand has lost all its power I guess-maybe Santa will bring me a new one?!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Sometimes simpler... better (not to mention easier!) I felt some better yesterday---really, I did. I wasn't sneezing and my nose wasn't running (as bad), no fever, and I hade a little energy. Hence, I promptly overdid and feel worse for wear today. Sigh. Anyway--we do have a tree up thanks to my hubby-Inky keeps trying to eat it although it's artificial so we'll probably be back to see the vet before the holidays are over...And we do have a few decorations on it as well. I hate to say, but there is not one present-not one--under the tree from me for my husband or any of the other humans in my life! If the UPS and Fed-Ex men don't start showing up soon I am going to be in deep trouble!
There is one gift, however, for the Kitties. And this is how the rest will be packaged and labeled. I LOVE this Santa stamp (still not sure who its by! Sorry!) and the Naughty or Nice checklist--OHMYGOSH!!! Theresa and I laughed ourselves silly in Michaels when we found it! Of course its Inkadinkadoo---and, its a great set because not only did it have TWO sheets of stamps in it---it was on sale for 30% AND I had a 40% off coupon so I got it for a SONG! Here's a close up of it. The beautiful red grograin ribbon-believe it or not, I found it at Wal-Mart! I should've gotten more and didn't. Oh well. Anyway, this is as fancy as my packages are getting this year. I have my list made of the rest of my "to do's/gotta get's..." so we'll see. If it doesn't get done well, as my friend Susan says, it just means you get to celebrate longer! Lol! I've got to say this--while I've been sick, my husband has taken EXTREMELY good care of me---he's fed me (a lot--I can't seem to get enough to eat since I've been sick), got me magazines, movies, passed the Kleenex, tucked me in, rubbed my neck and back...even filled my car up so it would be ready to go when I was. So I guess on his tag I'd better check NICE, huh?! Lol. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, December 19, 2009


again. Sorry---this time it's ME that's been sick! Been in bed or on the couch since Thursday. I felt awful still this morning but it seems to have taken a turn for the better as the day wore on. Maybe tomorrow I can actually DO some of the 1,001 things left to do before Christmas! Until then, take a peek at I happened to find it through another site--but she has some really pretty things! Some easy-peasy use one-stamp and some trim and it looks awesome things! I need those quick and easy right now! I have a cat (black!) curled in my lap right now-they've stuck close while I've been sick--kinda nice-kept cold feet warm, good company--they even let me share the bed during the day (they think our bed is actually THEIR bed!) Have a good one. Until next time, happy stamping and a----achooo--scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ok--so here's the thing I shouldda known...

...and I can't help but laugh at myself ---NOW!!! If you've been in any of our classes, you've heard us talk about and have maybe even used the trick of putting a mouse pad under the paper you plan to use to stamp that large image on. If you've not been in one of our classes, you might be shaking your head and saying "huh?"--so let me explain.

I first learned this trick from Marion who worked way back when at Stamp Works in Wilmington. I was a "newbie" stamper then. She taught me that, if you have a stamp that is a large image, if you will place a mouse pad under your paper and then stamp, the mouse pad will "fill in" any inconsistencies in the table top and you will get your full image stamped. Tables and things are not always perfectly flat as we would like to think. So if you've ever stamped an image and gotten half of it--well, maybe this was the reason. forward a few gazzillion years. Saturday I was stamping Christmas cards. I was not using a large stamp at all but for some images were not fully stamping out. I got out the mouse pad. No help. I moved the mouse pad to the left, right, up, down---still no better. Geez-it wasn't a big stamp---what's the deal. Then, and only as a last resort....i moved the stamp PAD. I had the pad on the table and was just pressing the stamp down into it and then stamping (sometimes I lift the pad and ink the stamp in my hand...) Well, evidently it wasn't my paper but my pad that was on an uneven spot-therefore the stamp wasn't inking properly and my images weren't coming out. DUH!!! I felt like an idiot. But at least I learned something new.
So-that's my tip for the day. Gonna go catch 10 minz. of z's before I have to get ready for work. Feeling a little rough around the edges today. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Whew! I made it!!! Yes, well, the card, too! No, I'm sighing because I made it to the post office-and back!-with ten minutes til closing time! I had promised my friend, Andrea, I would make and mail two gift card holder cards by Saturday---last Saturday. As you know...I ended up spending my crafting time to and fro-ing from the vet's office...hence the cards didn't get made until today! But I did it! This was one of those (I confess!) grab it and throw it together---but I really like the way it turned out. Theresa had this Santa image and I absolutely fell in love with it. I had to have it--and got it! It's a hard to find vintage one but it is also a favorite already! I stamped with Olive CTMH ink on white, distressed the edges of the dp (not sure whose it is!), and glittered the "Believe" (again, CTMH stamp set). Wanna EASY-PEASY way to do glitter on solid pieces like the letters? Run them upside down through a Xyron sticker maker or full-size machine-sprinkle on the glitter...give it a good rub and whala! Instant glittered object! ; )

The die cut arrow gift card holder insert is called "Look Here" from SU--call Theresa to order yours! I love it love it love it!!! So my card says (outside) Believe then, on the inside, "..and you shall receive--Merry Christmas. I happen to know Andrea is going to enclose checks so I thought that sentiment was appropo! Since its obscene to have "naked mail", I stamped the Santa face just off the left side of the enve! I can't wait to use this one some more!!!

Well, I am exhausted, haven't done the first bit of housework, have glitter on my face, and the cats are complaining that its past time to eat. I'd better get back to it! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon
COMING SOON---my Christmas card; gingerbread ornaments sure to bring a giggle; my Jan. CTMH special offer...and who knows what else---oh, a tip--something a seasoned stamper probably should've known...and didn't!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tropical vs. "Traditional"

My customer, Margarett, called me sometime ago and was all excited because she had designed her Christmas card for this year..."I want bright pink and green and palm trees and flamingoes....!" Uh-huh. O-----k....I'll see what I can do! Well, it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be! Her other request was that since she would be staying in a different house than the one she usually winters in in FL, she wanted a card with contact information on it.
Theresa and I made a trip to a scrapbook store in
Myrtle Beach and I saw these great stickers---but that was, by far, too costly an option for 30 cards! I did buy them, however, and came home and contacted the wonderful people at 7 Kids College Fund. She got me the rubber stamps as well as the designer paper (Kaiser Kraft). Flamingoes, and, if not palm trees per se, at least tropical looking leaves! The solid papers and inks are Close to My heart. The "Merry" stamp is from a set by Autumn Leaves (a rhonna christmas card by rhonna farrer). The polka dot ribbon we (Theresa and I) found on another trip to Myrtle Beach---added the green crystal from the package from the $ bin at Michaels and the front was done!
I knew EXACTLY what I was doing for the inside...the die cut is from Stampin' Up and is called "Look Here." It is designed to hold a gift card or, as you can see, a small roll-a-dex card! : ) and I punched said card with the SU roll-a-dex punch to make it look authentic. The "real" card has a little pink circle punchie that says "Memories last forever" on it. Margarett also wanted to include a photo, so that (wallet-size) is tucked behind the card. The pink flowers in her hat match the pink cardstock perfectly!!! There's a sand castle stamped behind the top cut coordinate with the sentiment that says:
From my sand castle to yours...May you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a MAGNIFICENT NEW YEAR! The Postcard, punchies, etc. are from CTMH Vintage Postcard set. The postcard pulls out so she has room to write on the back of it! She was somewhat skeptical as I put the card together entirely without her seeing any of it---I just told her she would love it! And she did!!! Said she may not ever do a card again-didn't know how we would top this one!
Well, after spending Fri all day at the vets, with not one but two cats, they appear to be on the mend. Momma, on the other hand, is in quite a bit of pain from fibromyalgia (toting them, the weather and too much to do....). So say a prayer, please, that I feel better and can swap this "BAH HUMBUG" mood for something a little more festive!
Until next time-happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Something... better than nothing! I guess...?! I am in such a "BAH-HUMBUG" mood this year. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the merchants starting pushing Christmas well before Thanksgiving (even before Halloween in some places!)...and it seems to drag on forever. I lost the TRUE SPIRIT of the season before it ever really got started! Anyway...I have been working on Christmas cards for a customer that, if I do say so myself, are awesome. I know-I promised pics of those and haven't done it. She called me yesterday and said, "I doubt I will ever do another Christmas card-this one is just too awesome!" Made me feel good--and bad! Lol. Anyway, I finally asked the "keeper of the list" (ie our Christmas card list...) how many we needed...he told me there were 90 on the list but we only need 50 cards! Ok then. So had I designed any? No! Do I have papers? No. Do I have any place remotely close to get papers? Three guesses...! So, the card is simple simple simple (with the exception of getting a clear and perfect image stamped on the front (large post card size...!) Even with the mat trick, it's difficult at best. And I know there is something so very simple that I can do to spruce this up---but I don't want to call Theresa this early! It needs just a little something to make it "pop". Ideally, I would layer some dark green behind the white, but that is not an option. What do you think...?! It is an easel card---and I opted to make it so that if the recipient wanted to display it the signature would be on the "inside" easel part and not the outside. Well, I need to go get a few things done before heading out to my real job...Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Ok---so the photos of the Christmas cards I've been working on today...won't upload...So they will have to wait until another day. I've been MIA this week...dealing once again with a sick kitty. It all started Thanksgiving....with vomiting. That stopped...then he stopped...eating, drinking, not wanting play with Poppa off to Dr. Travis we went. She gave him some meds, ran some tests--chalked it up like I had to stress more or less (my husband had been out of town...) but by Thurs. nothing had improved. So back we went. This time she opted to sedate him and do an exam and x-ray. She was puzzled. Turns out grass and hair don't digest well...and formed a solid mass inside this little guy. I'll spare the details. Back home with more meds, a week-end of treatment and he's still not a happy that means Momma isn't a happy camper and back we'll go tomorrow. As if that's not bad enough, Inky clawed Poppa Cat in the eye (we think) batting at him because he was sick and did not want to play---so now PC's eye is weeping like crazy. Naturally, the stuff I have on hand isn't working. Wonder if we get a family rate? The staff will not be happy to see PC's name on the schedule, either, as he's by far the worst patient of the 3 (Inky comes in second with, believe it or not, Bad Cat being the best! Go figure!)
For a great quick project-go check out the stamp goddess' blog-Fabulously Artsy and watch her video on Bagalopes---its too funny---and a great idea! I tried one of these---will be making lots more--thinking Valentine's Day, Halloween...! She does great videos! Me-I am off for a rum drink, hot shower, bed and a good book. If I'm lucky, one of the 3 cats will warm up my feet! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fair Warning: This WILL NOT be a class!!!

OK---a few words first...yesterday...I was about to loose it between furnace issues, sick cats, etc.-and I really, really needed to get out of the house. We (aka Theresa and I) had planned on going to Scrapbook Addict to check out their closing sale...when we got the e-mail that she was going to be closed Sat.--? Go figure. Why you close on Sat. when everyone is out shopping is beyond me. We won't go there. Theresa needed to stay close to home as they had an evening event they were going to so SHE suggested we try this project. I agreed. Oh boy oh...!!! We both realized before too long that this was not going to be a "quickie" project! It is called a Matchbox Drawer Advent Calendar. It is made from 24 --you guessed it--matchboxes. The lady whose blog Theresa found pictures from said it took her a week to make this! Even though she was hand-cutting each box and "lid", we found out that the Big Shot and Stampin' Up matchbox die only made it minimally faster. I think we spent 2-3 hrs. yesterday just cutting and assembling the matchboxes. Today...I spent 5 solid hours finishing the thing! I am tired-but a good tired!
II also had some technical difficulties along the way. First, I attempted to glue the stacks of drawers together. I quickly realized that was wrong (the drawers wouldn't open!) and attached them instead to the base, the middle layer and then the top. Well, my top didn't look at big as my bottom (don't even GO THERE! lol!), so I tried to quickly pull it off. It didn't work too well. I had used hot glue---lots of it. It was gummy but not set--so when I pulled, it pulled like taffy. My top is terribly cattywhampus but you can only see it if you look at it from the bottom or eye-level up. Sigh. The second problem box is going counter-clockwise instead of clockwise. Opps. And, what I now realize is, if I would have flipped the whole thing over when I had the lid issue--the box would not only look better but would be going in the right direction. All that said-its not too shabby a job for the work that went into it. I used Close to My Heart stamp sets-Bethlehem and Christmas Chatter (with the exception of baby Jesus and the children-not sure who made them--will post that tomorrow. Here's my finished box...

Do you like it? I haven't filled the drawers-yet! But I think I might hint to my husband that they are just the right size to hold a key to a Mini Cooper! I think cream with a black roof would be nice. But then so is yellow...or red---I had a red car once...loved it. Oh can dream!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

Friday, November 27, 2009

What a day...

...and what a mess! Gotta's one of those! The kitten (aka Inky), has stressed himself sick (Brook has been out of town and he's missing his "Poppa" coupled with the fact that I left yesterday afternoon/evening...) So he's in sick bay. I also woke to a cold heat. Not sure...if its the heat pump or we're out of gas...sigh. I've worked all day in the craft room---and you certainly cannot tell! Actually, part of this is under my worktable and will be covered with the skirt when I decide whether I am going to "make do" with the old one or treat myself to new! I've put away all the odds and ends, org'd a lot of what was already there--now its down to sorting paper --gasp!--and stickers and embellishments. I even tackled ribbon today! Sigh. So-there are piles of paper everywhere--and Poppa Cat is wondering about the mess I've made. I have spent about 3 hrs. sorting mm, half of it?! Here's the "before" of the shelves-as embarrassing as they are! S0--all this got pulled out of not one but TWO racks--and I've sorted and recategorized. Then I broke out the new SU label set and punch...and silver-embossed the label outline after I put the categories in the computer. I had just enough mini silver brads to make the labels I could think of for now. I attached them to the front of my paper racks with ATG tape-I think as long as I am somewhat gentle in taking out the papers it will be fine. I've also enclosed a close up shot even tho its a tad blurred. Bad Cat...was also supervising the project. I have a cushioned rolling desk chair at the computer in another room-there always seems to be a CAT in it and I end up sitting on the fold-up chair I moved out there because, Goldilocks, there's always a cat in mine!
lol. Anyway-that's it for tonight! Tomorrow, hopefully, there will be ALL the "after" photos!!! One can hope! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Bad Cat...

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Before I was a "crazy cat lady" as my husband calls me, I was a dog person. There are things in my life, past and present, that I am, indeed, thankful for, particularly today. Miss Onyx (left) was my "guardian angel" for 16 1/2 blessed years and I believe keeps on eye on me yet today. And, speaking of today, I want to give a heart-felt THANK YOU not only to my good friend, Theresa, but to her family as well for making me feel more than welcome at their Thanksgiving celebration (Brook choose to celebrate in VA while I opted to stay in NC). Theresa had a wonderfully delicious feast (her pumpkin soup is to die for and her stuffing (yes, I cheated-please pray I don't itch too bad!) was as good as my grandmothers-a VERY high compliment as I consider STUFFING the MAIN COURSE on Thanksgiving (or any meal that it's servced for that matter!)) Lol! Bob kept my wine glass full (but not too!), and Michael graciously escorted me to my seat. TT seemed thrilled to be seated between her mom and I. MaryAnn, John, Jacqueline and Matthew made me feel part of the family as well. I spent my morning reorganizing the craft room so that I will actually be able to find and use the things I buy and have! While I didn't get to share it with my husband, it was, indeed, a wonderful day. Now, I am ready to go curl up with my cats and relax and read until sleep overtakes me. As Martha would say, "It's a good thing!" I AM thankful-and richly blessed! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am PSYCHED....!

Flylady keeps saying "you cannot organize clutter..." -- well, I, like everyone else, have plenty of that---but I also have things like TOOLS...lots and lots of tools... stamps, stamp pads, paper...and the most aggrivating of all (storage wise, anyway)--punches. Plenty of punches (never mind that there are about 8 more on my wish list with Theresa!) Speaking of THeresa-she's in the same boat-how to store punches. Well, she got lucky and at a yard sale Sat. for $ 3 found a nice wire rack to stack and store hers on. Long story short, I am using some of my vacation/holiday time to overhaul the craft room, ceiling to floor, short of painting (I did that last year). And was time to deal with punches. I scoured the thrift stores but no luck. Against my better judgement, I went into Lowes Hardware (always an unpleasant experience--so much so one of our church members had to pray with me at the customer service counter before I completely lost it---another long story). Anyway-so I went to Lowes. They have a large selection of storage things and if you're willing to think outside the box...well, the solution may very well be there...and it was! What I found...I was almost postive would not only work but also fit in the space I had deligated. I did, however, consult with Theresa via cell phone. She agreed. I took two.
I just finished installing them. Yes, they fit and not only that, BOTH OF THEM fit on one shelf with a little room left over (that never happens for us!) They were easy peasy to install and they will hold my punches nicely. Only problem is...I want 2-4 more! (Dear Santa...I want it ALL....?!) What, pray tell, did I end up getting? Two SPICE RACK HOLDERS! : ) I was actually hoping they came with all the jars (didn't : ( ) as that would've given me more to store embossing powders, etc. in --but oh well! They work GREAT for the punches! Rubbermaid, $ 17, Lowes. If you find a better deal on the same thing-PLEASE let me know!!! Anyway, this is a good start and with some minor reorganzing a much easier approach. I have found if its organized, I can find it to use it---and, if I set that timer for just 15 minutes, I can usually clean it all back up because it all has a "home". Well, time to do some major sorting and tossing while watching a movie-or two. I will post pics of the finished room in a few days. Yes, it will probably take that long! In the mean time, have a BLESSED Thanksgiving and happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon