Sunday, September 30, 2012

I didn't run away...

or die yet...although I feel like it!
Be it cold-or allergies-or whatever
it is NOT going away.
Not quickly anyway.
Even skipped church this morning
so you know it's bad!
Few cat photos to share---
I don't get to sit in my new chair often--
as these two guys
particularly the gray one...
are usually in it
(although I found the gray one in the dryer this morning
curled up on the clean dry clothes...!)

I was lounging on the loveseat  earlier this week
when I heard a huge crash coming from the kitchen.
Hubby was standing in front of the open refrigerator door
with a puzzled look on his face.
Seems the "rail" that holds the various bottles and jars
on the door broke off and a part went flying.
Not seeing it out in the open or in the fridge itself,
Momma gets on her tummy with a flashlight
and eventually a  yard stick
and pokes under the fridge and dryer
(they are side by side--unfortunately)
While the door part wasn't there
I did discover where all the "whittle mice"
as Maren used to call them were hiding...

along with a milk jug bottle top
(aka cat toy: anything that isn't nailed down).
The fridge part-was actually-in the fridge
All fixed.
Last week-end I took hubby on a date---
he did enjoy it-really-can't tell from this pic tho!

We went to the Amuzu Theatre in Southport
to see Rock -n-Roll Is Here to Stay.
We had never been in this theatre-built in 1918
and closed in '79--reopened in 2003 for live theatre performances.
It seats about 100 people---wood floors, ceiling-brick walls

tiny stage

The music was AWESOME!
They had an MC who had formerly worked as a DJ
and he gave some background on each song-whose hit it was
and the performers were awesome---even ELVIS!
There were numerous costume changes
even for the guys.
Tickets were $ 15 each but the show lasted about 3 hours
and included 37 songs! It was well worth double that price!
More cats.
This little guy does not like drinking out of a water dish...

He's pushing the hibiscus blossom out of the way
to drink! Gesh.
I used to keep a pitcher on the counter
just for him...until stepson came to visit and well,
he didn't KNOW it was the cat's had water and he wanted some!
This guy you can find in my craft room in the afternoon sun...
think he's a little warm with bottom side up...
that's a catnip fish to the left--maybe he wore himself out playing first!

it's back to bed or couch or--
wherever there's Kleenex...
I do have some craft ideas---just no energy to carry them out
just yet...stay tuned tho!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping-
maybe even napping!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Misc. this morning...

I am supposed to be a vendor
at a short craft show this morning...
So not there...
After 4 days of little-to-no sleep
fibro flaring, headache raging
and yesterday the nausea set in...
at which point I had to bite the bullet
and tell my goddaughter I couldn't do it.
I HATE disappointing a 12 year old.
her mom will help her and her friend
and I pray they will sell lots of their things.
Mine is sitting in their storage boxes
on my kitchen table.
I hurt so bad last night
it hurt to hold my novel I was trying to read!
Today is a little better
ahhh--the difference some SLEEP can make!
Please say a prayer or two for this beautiful gal
Her  human brother wrote that
she's having trouble standing this morning...
If you've followed my blog...
you know that
a few years back her elderly owner
decided he could no longer care for her
and was going to have her put down.
My husband and I began a frantic search
to find someone who could take her
(we have 4 inside cats and our home is up on pilings
not good for a senior citizen like Carla...
although she did live with us for week or so!)
A lady from our church came and they fell in love!
Her home was one-level with a huge fenced in yard.
Carla thrived!
It may just be a rough day for her
we've had some cooler weather...
or it may be age catching up with her
both and...
anyway--we covet your prayers
for Carla, her family and our awesome vet!
On Wed. night I happened to peek out our front door
and the sunset was beautiful!
I don't know what I did-
but I accidentally changed settings on my camera...
so this isn't as pretty as it was in person
but here's a glimpse to the right...
and here's a glimpse to the left--
that's the ocean below those clouds...
and inbetween the houses...
This one is from our Widow's Walk...
looking toward Myrtle Beach
And when I went to take the next photos...
I kept seeing these sparkly flashes of light
when the flash would go off..
as you can plainly see in the other photos---
it was NOT SNOWING---
although that's what this looks like...

after the 3rd photo-
I realized what it was---
we have these little tiny bugs we call
A gnat-like insect
and if the wind is laid down---
they SWARM the Widow's Walk-
and that's what the light was catching!
There was another critter I captured as well...

That's the baby (aka INKY) and yes, he's on our roof--
that is 3 stories up!

 I DO NOT like to watch him out there!
It makes me terribly nervous--he loves it tho!

 This pic looks spooky!
The flash reflected off his eyes---
On another note...
Baby Liam is officially HOME!
He left the NICU earlier this week
and is doing well!
Thank you for your prayers for him!
He's my "nephew's" first-born
and had quite a rough start
but is doing fine now.
That's it for me today.
I gotta take it easy---
I may try and label and repack
some of my craft stock
and/or make a couple of cards I need to do--
but I think it's going to me and the bed or couch
or lounge chair on the deck
for the bulk of the day.
Not much choice given how I feel.
Praying the new meds will help
but it's going to take some time...
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Craft Room Messy!

Yep---it was REALLY this bad!
My Craft Room...
in dire need of some

I am reposting this pic
in response to
Tamra--this is my entire room!
There's a closet behind me--which was as disastrous
and the door to the room
in which I am standing
to take this photo!
Well-maybe not!
It's not this bad now--well, sort of not.
Surgery this summer
sent fibro flaring-not sleeping-depressed-no energy cycle
into overdrive.
Pray for the poor (new) doctor I will see this afternoon
that he will have a magic pill
to put it all back on track and in better perspective.
Of course WINNING your give-away would help, too!
Oh-and Tamra?
CONGRATS on the new addition!
She's a cutie!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A little magic...

my friend Theresa has a birthday
a week and a half ago...
bad friend that I am
I just delivered her card and gift
I whipped up a little magic
thanks to
Being black on black-this is really hard to see...
but that top part--that has "For You" on it?
It's attached with a wee little brad on the right-hand side
to that top panel...
"magically" swings up and out of the way
to reveal this...

I found a cute little black tote bag
that came with a white and black polka dot ribbon
run around and knotted in the front-
a ribbon that whipped out quite easily
and since my friend is crafty too,
I knew she'd be able to easily trade out
the ribbons for whatever holiday...
but since halloween is coming up
I chose to decorate it for that...

I added a little feather hair clip
(shhh-don't tell!)
and then made the little back cat on a broom
in front of the moon pin
and attached that...

Before I could get it all put together however
I had a little help from my own

he went head-first into the shopping bag
to check out the feathers...!
Needless to say---
I hung the bag well out of reach
until I delivered it yesterday!

I thank Dawn for sharing her card idea-
and give credit where credit is due!
Came across not one but two instances of
"thievery" this past week--
work done by several different people
posted on someone else's blog
with absolutely no credit given to them whatsoever.
I am a follower of Mo's Digital Pencil as well
and Mo Manning, artist behind those designs
had hers lifted again by a company no less!
Sad. Sad. Sad.
You will see ideas shared here-
but you will also see CREDIT GIVEN to the appropriate parties
for those ideas
and I always try to give them a heads up
that I gave them a shout out on my blog!
That's it for today.
Gotta fly on out of here and get ready
for our groupies tonight.
Meeting here and I need to clean up some cat hair
and start cooking up some supper!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Remember this post...?

Well, I got an e-mail today from
and I WON!!!
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE
this stamp set!
And I really really REALLY
did I emphasize that enough---
needed a "positive pick me up" today!
Thanks, Ann!
 I will put it to good use--I promise!

A Quick Sweet Treat...

NOTE: typical of how things are going for me...I just realized that my colors on my "Pumpkin Teeth" Treat holder are reversed----so---don't do as I did-do as I say...colors from bottom to top should be---CREME BRULEE and then SUNSET and then WHITE! Geesh...
Candy Corn Treat Holder!
I inked a strip of plain white cardstock
4 1/4" x 6 1/2"
with Close to My Heart Sunset and Creme Brulee
(Put down the Creme Brulee ink first and then overlap
with the Sunset...)
Next put adhesive on the two long and one short side
Roll the short ends together to form a tube
Pinch one of the long ends closed
Then just pinch the other long end closed in the OPPOSITE direction
Just Google "Papercrafts-Sour Cream Holder"

The PUMPKIN TEETH printable
I got from Stacy's blog
I altered it a little by adding a flap
and stamped that with "treats"
I just made a slit across the top
put a flap of cardstock in
adhered it to the back of the tag
and stamped "treats".
Punch a hole in the holder and tag,
tie on.
Raffia would be my first choice
but since these will be for preschoolers-
ribbon is safer.
I will fill these with candy corn
and probably some of the little pumpkins--
then again-maybe not-little people just might choke
on the pumpkins! Candy corn long as no corn allergies!
Now I am going to go hide somewhere.
fibro flaring
no energy no strength
no mojo
nothing nada zippo.
Until next time
happy stamping and scrapping!

Monday, September 3, 2012

A day for the birds...

Hubby decided we'd take our little row boat out today
to a park about an hour from home...
we'd not been there before
it was very quiet, secluded
a few kayakers
but not much wildlife
and all the trees appeared to be dead!
A gentleman there said there'd been a beetle infestation
and a storm that pushed salt up the river..
If we're right--this is a small green Heron...

My tour guide and rower...

Came home to butterflies in the garden...

and at supper time this guy showed up
on our back deck...

the two cats out there didn't get him---
or vice versa!
We *think* this is a juvenile Cooper's Hawk?
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Feeling Witchy...

overtired, overdid
and feeling a little witchy...
and found this giveaway
of a WICKED stamp set
I LOVE this CTMH set!
It had to have been one of the most popular
and I am getting in the mood
for some Halloween happenings...
pumpkins, cool air,
little black cats...
wait-what was that bump?!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

Once In a Blue Moon & Misc.

Thursday night found me
tossing and turning
turning and tossing
and sleepless in OKI.
I finally gave up at 5 AM
(I had been awake since 2...)
and blog hopped
and as the dawn was breaking
went out on our deck to feed our feral cat
and saw this---
this is our BLUE MOON...
from our front deck
and then I raced through the house
and up the steps to our Widow's Walk
and took this photo...

What a way to start my day-
and it was a busy one!
Meeting and then into town
(1 hr. drive one way-and traffic!)
3-4 stops
another meeting
and then drive home.
Helped hubby fry fish, hushpuppies and okra for supper.
Did some e-mailing
and at 10 PM after a nice neck rub-
tried to fall asleep.
Not happening.
Well, we live in a tourist area--
our home is surrounded by rental properties
and this being the last "hoorah" of the season
the houses around us are full.
While the one next door had deck lights blazing
(that shine right into our bedroom window--
NEXT YEAR I am buying light-blocking curtains
for the season---I say this every. single. year.
This time I mean it!)
for some ungodly reason the rentor decided
it was necessary to weed-eat the lawn
at 10 PM.
No-not kidding.
at a rental property
at 10 PM.
Who in their right mind
goes on VACATION
and starts doing yard work
at 10 PM at night?!
Did I mention the dredlocks?
I think they were a wee bit too tight!
At 10:30 I called our friendly police department.
He was like
"they're WHAT?!"
Uh-huh. I know.
They obviously did send someone out
as we've not heard a peep out of them since.
Thank you OIPD.
Can't wait to see that in the local paper this week!
And once I finally got to sleep--
sleep I did!
Nothing crafty to post today-but the day is young!
Some housework to do
a craft show to go to--
and stuff I need to get done
for not one but THREE upcoming craft shows
I am participating in.
Any extra energy
anyone wants to share-
I could sure use it.
I just want to go be like Poppa Cat here...
he was snuggled under
and thought we couldn't see him...
the tale told...!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!