Saturday, February 26, 2011


Yep, he brought home the BLUE RIBBON! Hands-down, no contest!
Even though they ran out of his soup before all the "testers" got to vote! 
I am so proud of him! Love my COOK--and yeah, I kissed him too!
Until next time, (burp) happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon 

Just gotta shear--uh SHARE...I Mean SHARE...!

Ok---so HOW CUTE are these???!! Not BAA---AAAD, Huh?! No, I cannot take credit for them! I did not make them and, after my attempt to make Betty Crocker Wannabe's marshmallow reindeer suckers that looked like psycho reindeer---I am not about to attempt the make these baaa-bies! All these puns on two sips coffee! I am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today-more on that later. Baaaa-ck to the sheep... go check out this blog: and see the ADORABLE cake she made--along with the cupcakes.  Wish I had one to go with my coffee!  How did I happen on this site? Well, I happen to follow another blog -- Just A Girl at  Some days she posts thumbnails of things from other posts and, when I have time, I flip through to see what catches my eye and check them out.  That's how I happened on this one.  Ok-so now I want to take a cake decorating class, too. Right after the photography class....! Sigh.  Sometimes there's just not enough time...!
Speaking of time, I was wide awake at 4 AM--hubby had been up and I guess I was sleeping lightly as I woke up when he returned.  So I got up and something kept niggling at me to go and look at my goddaughter's scrapbook.  So I did. Lo and behold, in the back of the book, in a page protector where I've put some of the larger yet--to--be--scrapped photos I found this---opps-well, guess I won't share it afterall-the camera battery is exhausted! It's a pic of her standing next to a large "3"...yep, her 3-year old "official" photo...and what did I spend yesterday doing? Laying out the pics and papers I want to scrap with today--of her 3 year old birthday party! This is one of those GOD INCIDENT things I believe in! The page called for a 6x6 photo--I was going to use 3-2"x6" can turn that part into a little accordion book and have yet another interactive element to the page (already planning on using the CTMH Flip Flaps!)  So stay tuned later today. I'll charge the battery while I'm gone and post my efforts later on. Oh---and don't forget to stop back by and see what the outcome is on the CRAB SOUP entered in the SOUP OFF. Any Ocean View UMC readers---yep, it's BY FAR the best you're going to taste today! Shameless, I know. Plugging for votes! Well, I think the ladies would appreciate my having a shower and fixing my hair so off I go. I'll be baaaa-acccck but, until then,  happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Friday, February 25, 2011


No-not me!  The SOUP my darling husband made as an entry for our church's annual Soup Off tomorrow!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE...this soup! If gall bladder surgery means I can go back to eating it---well, it would be worth it!  We found crab soup at a restaurant in Kilmarnock, VA that was awesome. My dh, a great cook, through trial and error, replicated it! In fact, I think it's even better than what we had there! It's even WHEAT and GLUTEN FREE (and I KNOW their's wasn't!)
Anyway-- I don't *know* if the submissions needed labels or not-but he has 'em!  The crab stamp is by Stamp It! and is one of my favorite! I used Publisher's word art to do the crab. Embossed the base with a Cuttlebug "bubble" folder. The ink is called spring iris and is CTMH.  Of course the crab is pop-dotted and I like the way it looks like he's holding the sign in his claw! I'm sure tomorrow I will be posting the blue ribbon (or whatever it is!) he'll win---oh, and if you live close to Oak Island, we're told that the Sub Shop on the island will be featuring the winning soup on Friday and Saturday! Here's hoping that BLUE CRAB = BLUE RIBBON!
Tomorrow...I am off the library to stamp and scrap.  The same dh brought me home photo paper at lunch time so I was able to finish prepping not one but TWO layouts to work on! And, being the over-achiever I am, I am thinking about the THIRD project to prep! I think, instead, it's time to read and relax-perhaps a rum drink!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Happy Friday Hodge Podge Post!

Hi all.  Thursday is actually my "Friday"---and I LOVE having a 3-day week-end!  I am soooo spoiled but, I am the (Stamp) Queen, afterall! Lol!  There's soooo much I want to do today--this week-end... so let's get started. What I REALLY REALLY want...are the goodies I ordered from Close to My Heart yesterday-but they won't be here until the first of the week.  You see, last week I got the petal die from Theresa (and, for the record-she did not open mine and play with it--even though I encouraged her to do so--even though her's is on back order...she waited until my pain subsided and I could come and play to actually try it...) Anyway-while we were playing with it she mentioned what a cute CARROT it would make...and this is what she came up with....!  ISN'T IT ADORABLE???!!!!  Visit Theresa's blog at to see more of her great work.  And--ya know, take a minute to leave a comment on the blogs you visit--we really appreciate the "kudos"--share the sites with friends and become "followers".  It's a great way to get new ideas, find out about new products AND-it makes all the time and effort we put into posting (and trust me, if you've worked with Blogger---it can be an effort! One post...can easily take an hour between writing, photos, etc.)--worth it.  Back to the carrots-- am going to make at least 28 of these for the preschool director to give to the kids (she made me feel guilty-I will do something else for them from me...!) and I am anxious to get started on them!

Then, I want to use these pics on a page for the BIRTHDAY GIRL--Theresa's daughter, Theresa (aka "TT") turned 17 on Wed. so at our "groupie gathering" on Tuesday we had a cake to celebrate.  That's my goddaughter, Maren, helping her blow out the candles.  I had a cute idea for a card-but never got that far (gall bladder pain lasts long after the actual attack!)--so I am thinking of doing a page...I may wait to add the photos and finish it until after the photography class I want to take --I KNOW there's a way to remove the glass from in front of the cake---and tweak a few other things-I am just not that proficient (yet!) in photo editing or sure what program I even need to use... I also want to try some coffee filter flowers that I saw on Teresa Black's Fabulously Artsy blog that would look good on the page I have in mind for the birthday girl. if all that isn't enough...I am anxious to scrap these pictures into a new layout that I want to try-for the next groupie class I will be teaching ...I just happened to have princess paper and the little blocks with the different princesses are the exact size I need of DP for the pieces of the layout! GO ME! So that may be

tomorrow morning's project! I LOVE the CLOSE TO MY HEART BOOKS-Magic, Reflections, Cherish--they give you LAYOUT IDEAS, OPTIONS, CUTTING doesn't get any simpler than that! Visit my CTMH site--- to check them out! 

AND...if that's not enough to do---I STILL need to clean the magic kingdom in there. I have AWESOME cleaning ladies--I don't tap into them often, but when I lost the entire week-end last week and still felt bad the first of the week, they stepped up and cleaned up for me!  So the rest of the house just needs a "swish and a swipe"--so I *SHOULD* be able to concentrate on the craft room-aka magic kingdom-which is always last on the list---and hence never really gets DONE.

For now, its time to get out of my pjs, get another cup of coffee and get moving!  I will post projects as I finish them...not sure when...but I will! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Followed the Recipe...

Good morning all!  "The boys" had me up bright and early and so I decided to sit here in my jammies with my coffee and do some blog-hopping before church.  I checked Catered by Linda McClain (turn your sound on if you go to her site---how CUTE is that?!)--and realized I had a card in my "stash" that would work PERFECTLY for this week's recipe! Some of the "ingredients" I needed were:

cooking/kitchen themed stamps-check
color--used my Sharpies!
theme-cooking--check again (that background is perfect, eh?!)
shapes--she said squares--I have lots of circles--feel like I go around in circles with hormone issues!)

So here's a few pics of what I served up...

Didja see the egg splatters? It looks like she may have "lost it" while looking for her hormones! I feel her pain! Lol!  I hope I win!! That's it for now. Time to go get ready for worship. It's a beautiful day out--I hope to get out and enjoy it a little bit! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dilemma of the day....

SOLVED~!  So--we all know how Theresa and I feel about Tim Holtz stuff---but---when I saw the filmstrip die and I had a 40-50% off coupon...well, it had to come home.  At least I know his dies (usually) work.  This one has some weird clips and cuts in it---in other words it's not symmetrical ---but I can live with it since it was less than $ 10!  But then...I went to cut it.  Here's the dilemma:  while I have the extended cutting pads for the Big Shot...the base is only well, small?! So now what do I do?  Of course, it's next to impossible to hold it all together, run it 1/2 way through and then flip it around...without it all slipping (I know, I tried-I failed).  But then I had a light bulb moment! Solution? Double-stick tape! Making sure it was on the outer edges of the the die--I put down 3-4 small pieces, layered my paper on top, put all that together in it's proper sandwich layout, and ran it through, flipped it around, and ran it the rest of the way. Presto! A long cut out even though my Big Shot base is much smaller!  Maybe ya'll knew this trick already-maybe not. For me--I thought it was worth sharing!
Back to it. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

It doesn't pay to cheat!

Hi all.  Sorry there's nothing new to post today--at least not yet. That may (hopefully) change before the week-end is out.  Between "nibbling" on Valentine chocolate and eating at a Chinese buffet not once but twice this week...(at which I cannot resist the seafood casseroles (with cheese...) and crab rangoons (sp?--again, more cheese)...and some extra stress...I suffered with a 7-hr. long gall bladder attack Wed. night. So not fun!  It finally subsided around 9 yesterday morning but by then I was too sore and worn out to do anything other than sit on the sofa with the heating pad.  Hubby was a great nurse-fixed my lunch and supper (even though he fixed two since I wasn't going to upset the apple cart again and went bland and light!) as well as picking up a pain Rx and bringing me juice.  Ahhh...high price to pay for being pampered but it was nice!  Today I feel MUCH BETTER and while I LOVE cheese and chocolate...I think I've learned that MODERATION--a little with a lot of time in between (as with all my other food allergies!)-- is the only way to go. 
It's a pretty day here-sun is out-may even warm up a bit. The daffodils and jonquils are budding up and we've already enjoyed a few crocus.  And,Theresa has new Stampin' Up stuff for me! Including the new whatever that CUTE little triangular hanging pouch thingy is---! IT'S ADORABLE is all I can say! And my friend, whose cute little triangular hanging pouch thingy die didn't come it--it was back ordered...was patiently sitting there with mine all wrapped up...looking at it...and, since we're so much alike I can safely say she was probably doing some drooling---and me, being the good friend I am (!), told her to GO FOR IT--rip that package open and try it out for crying out loud! It was ok to play with my toys!  What are friends for, anyway?! I was an only child. My mother sent me to Sunday School so I would learn how to share! Lol!  So--I'm sharing! Hopefully she did what I told her...and will have a few made up when I go to pick the stuff up.  For now, I am off for a coffee refill and some housework!  Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Armed" and dangerous...!

 If you consider a TAPE GUN dangerous! Lol.  Sometime back I purchased a tape gun from THE Stamp Queen.  It was "new" to me--and while I loved the large capacity--the threading and ungunking was a real pain.  So yesterday, after my 1 hr. drive to town to have blood work done---FASTING blood work--translate: NO COFFEE--thank God Theresa went with me--I don't think I could have stood it by myself!-we went and played. It was a girls day out.  We hit AC Moore (which was pointless-it's sadly becoming a mish-mosh of junky stuff), Michaels (OHMYGOSH~! What BEAUTIFUL spring things they had!), the health food store (I am allergic to wheat so had to stock up on special breads, crackers, etc. that can only be found there), and then had lunch on the way home at Peking Buffet.  Yum!  ANYWAY--I digress: while at Michaels I got a Scotch Tape Gun....this is what the reverse side looked like.  Note the PAST TENSE....!

It was a steal with my 50% off coupon! GO ME!  It was a bit tricky to open the first time--but loading the tape, even though it's a wrap this here, loop that wasn't too hard.  Easier than the old one.  Then I hit the embellishments aisle  because, well, even though it's at least a pretty can tell a man designed it and the Stamp Queen needed some serious BLING!  I found crystal embellishments by Reflections (more on that later) and alpha stickers by Me & My Big Ideas---all for $ 1!!!  That name brand label had to go.  It took a lot of patience and even more Goof Off--but it came off!  Then it was time to embellish!  Now, I've used crystal "appliques" before-and some of them were so flimsy that once it was actually placed on the paper well, it was cattywhampus to say the least!  These-by REFLECTIONS-are AWESOME! I placed, removed, replaced...SEVERAL TIMES! They held their shape, the crystals stayed stuck and they are FIRMLY adhered to the tape gun.  While I thought the alpha stickers were vellum rub ons, they actually show up much better with white background so that was another plus!
Typically, I tie a pretty ribbon around my tools so they are easy-peasy to spot on a table during class, crops, etc.  A ribbon on this would interfere with the "trigger" and well, we can't have that. I'd say the stickers and crystals will help me locate MY GUN anyway! I mean, is there ANY DOUBT whose this is?! Lol! Oh-and then there's "ammo"!  It comes with not one but TWO rolls of tape...and I can easily pick up more at Michaels when I am in town. No more internet ordering and shipping costs.  The purchase of this tool also helps support the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  The box says, "From 2010 to 2011, with each product purchased, 3M will donate $ 1.20 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure with a minimum of $ 25,000.00."! SO-the Stamp Queen is also supporting the ta-ta's!  I gotta say--you're gonna have to practice a little bit to get the feel of this "weapon"...just like a real gun (I shot a real gun for the first time this year. While I couldn't do the smiley face on the target like my step-son, I at least HIT the target! And I will practice some more...) or any other new tool, ya gotta practice.  See, my type-a personality gets me in trouble: I *should* be able to use it/do it PERFECTLY...the first and every time! go a little easier on myself!  Once I got the feel for it, the angle worked fine.  I am happy with it. I like the glam!  It's fit for a Queen. The Stamp Queen! Oh-and the new magazine I got yesterday says:
Princesses QUEENS wear crowns to remind them that they are smart and beautiful
because some days it's easy to forget.

I like that. A lot.  Off to polish my tiara and admire my glammed atg GUN and feed the boys! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Love is...

Happy Valentine's Day!  I am *SCHEDULING!* this for the very first minute of Valentine's Day---hopefully--it will happen "on it's own!  Let me start by saying that, three years ago on this special day, my husband proposed!  We had been together for some time and, if truth be told, we were going through a difficult time at that point.  He took me out to dinner at the resturant we had one of our first dates at and, after eating, he asked me to marry him as he plopped the black velvet box on top of the take out box sitting on the table! Lol! He was so nervous, bless his heart!  A marriage takes work-lots of work.  But, like anything, if you work at's wonderful. This was a second marriage for both of us-I was a widow and he a divorcee, so we were approaching things from two very different perspectives.  We've been through tough times, before and after...but we keep working at it.  And it keeps getting better.  This photo was taken last summer at my step-son's wedding reception.  I think the smile on my face says a lot...and is a reminder...of what a heart can sometime forget.  Enough preaching!  Here's what I came up with for this years Valentine...
This is the front...I accidently created this...!  I managed to get a black smudge on the right edge-and had to trim part of the card base off...then I got the idea of attaching the little fold-over juts a little off the side (it's attached to the backside of the back panel...) and fold over the to open the card... you move the rosette piece...and today, when I opened it, I decided that the inside of the flip panel didn't look finished...see what I mean?  Scroll down...

(Before tweaking...)
(after tweaking!)

and doesn't this look MUCH BETTER?!  I tried to post a close up of the "V"--it's a cherub with the filgree "V" from the Close to My Heart Wings paper keeps uploading and posting it sideways! Oh well!  All the stamps, papers & inks are Close to My Heart---great for Valentine's Day, huh?! Visit my site: to order your stamping and scrapbooking supplies!
I also had to post this picture:

Our "Poppa Cat" has taken to lying underneath my Hoosier (old-tyme kitchen hutch)!  There is a heat vent under there and let me tell you--it get's TOASTY WARM!  I've been tempted---oh so tempted!---to crawl under there as well.  There's a scrapbook paper (not CTMH~!) that shows the Wicked Witch's striped stockings and shoes from the Wizard of Oz!  It cracks me up to see this---and that paper is going to make an AWESOME page! Lol.  
Whatever you do---spread some LOVE today---particularly to those who may be missing loved ones, are alone or shut-in.  And, as always, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Wings...

and in more than one way!  I am working on my scrapbook for events of 2010.  I posted not too long ago the wedding pics and pages from my step-son's wedding last June.  There was another special wedding that same month-that of my "nephew", Zachary.  While it wasn't him (but rather his brother) who questioned my "aunt" status (I am an "honorary aunt"--his mom and I have known each other for uh-hum---let's just say A LOT of years and leave it at that! Lol!  They chose a private ceremony with just immediate family but I got to witness the happy event through the AWESOME photography of his REAL aunt, Deborah Hamilton (you can view more of her work at  Thanks, Debby, for sharing these special photos with me!  It's amazing to see how this young man has grown into well, a young man of great character.   So-using more of the Close to My Heart Wings paper, stamps from the Take a Picture, Find Your Style Happy Journey AND the Bohemian Alphabet, along with layouts from the Reflections book, this is what I came up with:
The first page of the layout is similar to the one featured in the Spring/Summer catty on p. 25.  I deleted their personal information from the white journaling strips but in the "real deal" it has the date of their wedding, the place and then the city & state.  On the second page I chose to use 4 of the same photos for the sidebar sections (something my husband pointed out: "do you know you have 4 of the same photos on the same page?" Yes, dear, I do...!  I am debating whether or not to add a "swirl" to the left of the butterfly--what do you think?!  And while the photos don't show it, the large butterfly has a lot of dimension--this image is GREAT to cut out and "puff up" the wings simply by bending the cardstock!  This is one stamp I will use A LOT!
Well, I also made darling husband a VALENTINE for tomorrow-so I am off to tweak that a bit as I found fault with it as I was photographing it last night. 
Say a prayer for me-tomorrow is fasting blood work for food allergy testing. My concern is...I have to drive an hour first thing in the morning WITHOUT COFFEE! GASP! Praying, too, Theresa will go with me! Since I have to take the morning off, why not make it a girls play day?! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping---and don't forget YOUR VALENTINE! Blessings, Sharon

Friday, February 11, 2011


Whew! If you read yesterday's know that I finally got a minute to blog-and discovered that the page was "bare!" or bare-ly there! A lot of the cutsie things I used came from Shabby Blogs---and, unbeknownst to Theresa and I, they moved. And took all their cutsie things with them...right off our blogs! So I spent yesterday afternoon-and this am--tweaking. And "cleaning house" so to speak--as in what little cuties did I want back (the cute kitty HAD to stay-with the exception of the white spot, he looks like my Inky! Even sounds like him, too!), and what needed to go...on the blog, that is! Not sure it's there yet-but, then again-that's part of the fun of it-I can add, move, my whimsy feels like it.  It's the Queen's prerogative! Leave a comment and let me know whatcha think so far!

Hopefully tomorrow...I will have some pages to post! And I'd better get working on some valentines, too!
Time to get off my royal kiester! Until next time go check out the awesome banner Theresa made: She hasn't posted her FAIRY BANNER yet--it is AWESOME--and I want one! hint*hint*hint*! and, as always, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I just blogged for the first time in a week or so--and oHmYgOSh---whose been messing with my blog?!!! All my cute images are gone-I am seeing ugly tool signs...! I had no idea! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! How dare they?! I obviously need to do some work---and I realize the link in my last post isn't working, either! BOO HISS! Where's that magic wand! So, so sorry! Please bear with me until I can get it pretty again! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Shutterfly & Me... one of my *new* best friends!!! I have used them in the past for prints, Theresa made and gave me a beautiful bound book of photos from our wedding...they do an awesome job! At Christmas, I mentioned I ordered our cards on a Sunday and I think they were here by Wednesday or Thursday of that same week. This week I ordered a gift for hubby for Valentine's day on Monday evening. It arrived YESTERDAY! And that was NOT paying outrageous express shipping charges! That was "normal" delivery! They are AWESOME-their print quality is excellent, their prices are fantastic---I just can't say enough good things about them. Check 'em out:
In the meantime, I am STILL playing with Studio J and LOVING it. I have 8 layouts done and plans for at least 2-3 more before I order! I am playing with Picasa as well which is a FREE photo editing/storage/collage capability program--I think if you just Google Picasa you will come to the site and page to download the program. I love it's collage options-it's a great way to get a lot of photos on one page.
I need to do a little housework, some cleaning still in the craft room--and then some scrapbooking time to prep for this month's groupie class. We'll be making the WINGS page shown on page 28 of the Close to My Heart catalog (view it at as well as a complimenting page layout from the Reflections book by CTMH as well. These books are really super! I have to confess that my copy has collected far too much dust but no mo'! It's being put to some heavy-duty use. Each page gives you the # of photos with THREE options! Did I mention that the cutting guidelines are all right there, too?! Doesn't get any faster, simpler OR easier! ; ) And my orders from CTMH have been coming much quicker thanks to Fed-Ex. While I do have a special connection there (Theresa's husband, Bob, has sometimes been my Fed-Ex guy), they seem to be moving orders much faster than their competitor. They also arrive earlier in the day!
Better get to it. The sooner I flylady-the sooner I can play! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Friday, February 4, 2011


So--I know-I just posted about STUDIO J---scroll down--and I was going to check my blog for the "life events" from 2010...and I did. And I am SO EXCITED I can't stand it! Instead of having to go back through months and months of photos...I was able to simply click on the photos in my blog and save them to another file that I can use when I go play with STUDIO J! That cut out COUNTLESS HOURS of searching and editing and....OH WOW! That just made my day! I easily have "the best" of 2010 at my fingertips ready to play! Hmmm...maybe that flylady thing can wait another day! ; )
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon
Left: Oct. 2010-my goddaugter helping me clean the craft room...hmmm..working REAL HARD! lol. If the "tiara" fits...any other captions you can think of? (yes, that's a SLINKY on her head-don't ask me why-she's 11-need I say more?! Gotta love the girl!)

Where have I been...

and, more importantly, what have I been doing?! Well...I decided that I want to take Studio J --Close to my Heart's digital scrapbooking program--for a test drive! The only thing BETTER...would be a MINI COOPER! And, well, a life-time supply of pop-dots! I don't even remember which day this week that I signed up--but once I did-I was ADDICTED! I love it-absolutely love it! First you pick the papers you want to work with--and they even have some of the no longer available retired papers on-line! Then you get a ton of different layouts you can choose from. Next, you upload your photos that you want to use. Ok-so this is easy but there are a few quirks with the photos: the editing capability in Studio J is limited-so it's best to edit your photos in your fav photo editing program before you upload them into Studio J. NOW comes the REALLY FUN PART! You can add journaling-titles in variety of fonts-ribbons, metal embellishments, quotes, stickease, buttons, bows, small, medium or large embellishments-there is quite a variety! You can change their location, their color, their size. If you like it, leave it. If not, just click the "trash can" icon and away it goes! I have created my Jan. 2011 pages (a layout consists of two side-by-side pages) as well as some from my step-son's wedding last year. I've been so enthralled with Studio J that I missed my blogging time and really only checked back here to look back and figure out what happened in the missing months of 2010 (you know those where nothing REALLY big happened...but you want to document what did...!)! So I thought I would take a minute and at least tell you what Studio J can do. Once you've finished your pages-you hit that wonderful "add to cart" icon! Close to My Heart prints the pages-the whole kit and caboodle-designer paper, photos, embellishments!-and mails them to you. You even get the PAGE PROTECTORS to put them in! Tuck them in there and put them in your book. Good to go! I AM SO LOVING IT! So--it is one-dimensional--but, intermingled with other pages with pop-dots, real ribbons, etc-I think it will make a nice mix. It will also cut down on some bulk in my books, too (Theresa still teases me about the desk calendar I made & used so many pop dots it won't close!) And, as my dh suggested, I am sure you could add your own "real" embellies to the Studio J pages if you wanted to. As soon as I get them, I will post photos. Until then-go check out Studio J yourself-go to for more info.
It's a cold, wet, rainy, gray day here for sure-I've got to do that flylady thing, some desk work and then I am playing with Studio J! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon