Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Ran Away...

and I very well may go back---soon
The pic says it all....
grandson of very dear friends...
Liam and I was tempted-quite
to hot-wire his grandpa's mini mini
and go get Fuzzy Peach Yogurt...
Love him!!!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

You're the Sweetest Thing...

I have a great friend
whose birthday I am always, always always
late for.
You see
it falls just a few days after
a craft show I do every year.
And every year
I am still late.
I may be going to visit her this week-end
and I am doing my happy dance
because I have her card
and her gift
ready to go with me---
WEEKS before her birthday!

When you open it--
those polka dot flaps move
to reveal the message hidden behind them!
I cannot take credit for this technique
as I spotted it on
I just made mine a little bit bigger.

I could not remember
if she glued that center panel
complete down
other than where the flaps are or not...
it was 2ish AM when I was doing this
as I couldn't sleep
and all earlier attempts failed
(I have this black cloud that has been following me lately--
after 2 weeks-I am ready for it to GO!
 I found it was  a wee bit easier
to get the flaps to move right
by scoring them  1/4" -- 1/2" from the end you tape down.
This will make more sense if you watch her tutorial.
Just score the ends and then lay them down and adhere them
as she tells you to.
The score line for me just made them open smoother.
I've been around the papercraft world a long, long time
so I love it when I find something new and different-
and this was!
I know I will be using it a lot!
That's it for now.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Hauntings...

Maybe it was working on the
I don't know
but something spooked me into
playing around with the
Cricut Artiste cartridge
last night--
and this is what I came up with...
That black cat looks a little familiar! Lol!
I cut the casket at 6"--leave off the real dial size
to make the lid and base of the casket fit together nicely.
A little trick the CTMH ladies shared with me.
The tombstone I cut at 3" (I think!)
I cut the outline layer and ran it through the embossing folder
and then inked it with some black
to make it look a little more like stone.
I popped up the front layer and backed the RIP with
a small piece of black.
Added purple gems in between the initials
and green ones made the purrrr-fect cat eyes.
(please excuse and ignore the white pop dot
peeking out from behind the back foot--
why is it you NEVER see these things
until you go to post the pics??!)
The grass is just hand-cut.
I found that if you cut really really narrow slits
it even gives it some curl!
The bats are a small punch I have
and I simply attached them to strips of transparency
so they look like they are flying.

 The roses...
I had on hand from my
before I crashed 3 Cricuts--days
(still think it's my Art Philosophy cartridge)
and the web is merely quilt batting
pulled thin.

Are you ready for the surprise?
I cut out the skeleton at 5 1/2"
and backed the pieces on a piece of transparency
then trimmed around it.
Next I cut the casket at 5  3/4"
and set it upside down inside
to give the skeleton a lift.
To make him pop up even more...
I added a CTMH spring!
While this makes him kind of jump out at you--
it also created an issue with the lid staying on.
I solved that
by taking 3 quarters and taping them
to the underside of the lid
close to where the spring is centered
and then covering those with the center portion of the lid
with the flaps cut off.
If you wanted to include a treat---
you could simply lift out the base
the skeleton is on
and tuck it underneath!
I also thought it would be cute
to attach a note in his hand!

That's it for today!
I had fun just playing for a change
and am happy to say
I used things I already had on hand!
Until next time,
Happy haunting-
stamping and scrapping.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's a bird---it's a plane---it's...


Faster than a speeding bullet...
faster than a ray of light
or however that saying goes...!
This is Inky
aka the baby...
Every now and then
he goes into his hyper mode
or, as I call it
"turbo kitty mode"
and starts tearing around the house
bouncing off furniture and the walls.
One year
a camel in the nativity scene
needed EMS--
he got a broken nose
when TK landed in the middle
of the 50+ year old set.
(Thank God it was that old-
or he probably would have needed
the local funeral home instead!)
This little guy
jumps  from the top of our bar
to the top of the refrigerator.
Or from the other bar
to the top of the refrigerator
and back again.
His favorite thing to do
is to jump back and forth from one bar to the other
while I am trying to walk back and forth
to get dinner bowl preparation supplies together
(4 cats---2 on special takes work, people!)
and yes,
we have collided in mid-air.
I always said
I was going to make him a turbo kitty cape
and yesterday I did.
Our local paper
has a column called
Sidney's Space
which is written by a dog...
and tells of the various goings on in her world
with her and her feline siblings.
We've appeared often in Sidney's Space
and I suspect Turbo Kitty will, too.
Sidney was asking for others to send in
their Halloween costume photos.
Funny thing is
when I put his cape on
he scrunches down and slinks around
like it weighs 2 tons!
Off to write Sidney
and to work on more craft show stock prep.
Until next time--
be safe and never fear-
TK has your back!
Happy Halloween---
and stamping and scrapping!

Thursday, October 10, 2013


It arrived today.
I don't think I need
any other Cricut cartridge!
I really wish
I could take you behind the scenes
to the consultants bulletin board posts
to see what this awesome cartridge does!
Entire books.
Just press a few keys!
As simple as that.
I will not--I simply refuse
to post Corp's canned sales videos
(they can hate me---but helmut hair with the fake smile
does not cut it for me--sorry! And I despise
blogs that rely simply on the advertising corp creates!)
Not here.
If you want to see it in action-do a Google search.
If you want one--let me know.
I may get to play with it this week-end
and I have other pics to post as well.
For now...
I am drooling over the booklet of what it can do---
while sipping a rum drink
and eating hot home-made blueberry cobbler
all in bed
with my laptop and heating pad
(I hate Fibromyalgia!!!)
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.