Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's a bird; It's a plane, no, wait--it's....

SHARON trying to get ready for Holly Days craft show! Whew! I ran like crazy yesterday and, with the exception of church today, it will be the same today and, I dare say, the rest of the week! I don't feel so bad though--I told myself, "Self, you have 15 minutes (I'm a flybaby, can you tell! Wait-great Halloween costume! Let me get my timer, my feather duster, water bottle...) --I digress (that's why I NEED FLYLADY!)--15 mins. to look at e-mail, blogs and get coffee down...then its back to work...! The housework--doesn't stop just because I've procrastinated all year and let the date sneak up on me yet again. But my fellow bloggers seem to be in the same boat-everyone's been really busy--too busy to post! So I don't feel so bad! Yesterday---I got herbal neckwraps completed (packaged, too!), headache relief eye pillows done (again, packaged as well!) and what catnip toys I didn't trash ready to finish hand-sewing. The mice---for whatever reason-well, I know why-I used soft flannel scraps and the material stretched and twisted and...they are small-really small--and my patience ran out real fast. Spot the Catnip Fish will have to do this year! The mice are my best-sellers but it just ain't happening! Of course I had "HELP" when it came to the CATNIP projects! Lol! Bad Cat just made a lot of noise until he got some catnip and Poppa Cat showed up after I was finished-the container was sitting on the table still---doesn't he look pitiful?! Yes, he did get some! This is the guy who made himself sick on it when the package arrived from my herb guys! He wouldn't even LOOK at catnip for a month!
Today it's repackaging my allergy relief eye pillows and on to some paper projects. And housework. And laundry. And painting two small pieces of desk furniture for my office. Hubby might have to make an appearance for both of us at a church meeting we wanted to attend. He's good that way, though! Took me for ice cream last night even though he didn't want any and only made one comment about how much I ate! Lol. I needed a chocolate (and peanut-butter) fix! Well-I've checked blogs and it's on-to-it. Whatever you do, take time today to count your blessings and, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mass Production Mode and Thanks, TT!

Ok-so its 8:22 Sat. AM and I am stitting here with my pjs and a pair of my husbands old white socks on, have my second cup of coffee at hand, and my newly-cut naturally curly short red hair going every which way, with my spider Halloween ring on and....drumroll NEW black sparkly with purple jewels and spider TIARA on. Sorry-SO NOT going to post THAT picture-gotta use your imagination! Lol. It's quite a sight-a FRIGHTFUL one for sure! Lol! (I had another tiara on one day as I was cleaning the craft room and actually answered the front door with it on-never discovered it until after the neighbor left--wondered why he was looking at me funny!) THE craft show that Theresa and I have done together for the last 5-6 years (with the exception of last year) is exactly ONE WEEK from today. Yesterday...I convinced her and Theresa (two/daughter) to go with me to Wilmington as I needed flax seed for my herbal neckwraps and headache blend eye pillows, Christmas papers for my wallet gift card/Christmas receipt & list holders...and they did! I talked her out of getting ready for a spur-of -the-moment yard sale to going with me! And she still gave me a GORGEOUS Halloween card AND 4 Resses' Cups! She is a GREAT FRIEND! TT, too! You've got to go check out what THeresa made for her Yes-back to TT. She had gotten money from her Nana for Halloween and wanted to go to Claire's. That's a pre-teen/teen jewelry, make-up, hair bow shop in our "local" (translate: 1 hr. away!) mall. Well! Let me tell you! Claire's also has...AN ENTIRE TIARA SECTION!!! OHMYGOD! I was in TIARA HEAVEN let me tell you! (Of course my husband thinks the headband I got with the Devil horns fits better! HUMPH! That mini cooper is going to be so much fun to drive!) There were just wayyyyy too many (tiara's) to choose from! I know that TT and I will be going back there for sure! It was sooo much fun to try them on and well, the OKI StampQueen SHOULD have a selection of tiara wardrobe to choose from--gotta be well-dressed you know-particularly if you are a QUEEN!
Off to get some major crafting done-right after a coffee refill and some WARMER clothes! Will post pics of projects (probably!) as they get finished. Hoping for a hot spell for next Sat. as we are OUTSIDE! I'd rather sweat to death then be shivering! BE SAFE trick-or-treating but have fun, too! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon
ps/Hubby said...his workmates hesitated to eat the muffins-they thought they looked too nice and had come from a professional bakery! When he told them they were homemade, the cameras started flashing and they started disappearing! Hmmm...may have started something here! ; )

Friday, October 29, 2010

Critical Condition...

Note: Scroll down to see TWO POSTS from yesterday with "treats"!
No, I am not sick again-nor are any of our family members-at least not that I am aware of. The "critical condition" applies to my heat gun. When I went to use it last night on the napkins (see last evening's post!), I noticed yet again that the on/off switch is sticking terribly. I LOVE embossing-it's one of the very first things I learned how to do. Until I got the aforementioned heat gun, I sat at our kitchen table with my late husband's HOT HOT HOT paint-stripping heat gun embossing just about everything and anything I could get my hands on with him praying I wouldn't set it and the house--and us--on fire! My boss at the time, an attorney I was working for, knew I was just getting started with this new hobby. It had been a rough year to say the least (my then husband had gone through 9 months of chemo and radiation and while the cancer was in remission, we learned after-the-fact he had emphysema, too...). Mike wanted to do something special for me for Christmas and he did! He took the time to visit the small stamp store we had on our island at the time and asked Barb Hobby, the owner and another angel in disguise, what I needed. Barb sold him a very nice set of markers (this was pre-copic mind you...but they were the cat's meow!), a few other things....and the heat gun. She was the one who taught me to emboss---so she KNEW that gift would be a hit! I've used it for years and years...and now, well, I have to seriously think about replacing it (it's even a pretty pink color!) and how I am going to "memorialize" the old one. Unfortunately, I was quite satisfied with its performance and durability--but there is no company name or identifying information on it. So-can anyone out there recommend a heat gun? I do have the little white "heat it" tool (at least I think I do-it may have gone to the yard sale!)---but that only works well for shrink plastic. A pretty colored one would be nice, too! Sigh. Such sad things to think about...but, I must.
For now, it's off to do some much-needed flyladying! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Thursday, October 28, 2010

MORE Treats...and a NEW TRICK!

Ok-so we already established that have no wee ones to do this kind of thing for---so when the striped cupcake cups with "EEK!" on the bottom and the matching picks-as well as the container of colored sugar-green, black and orange-called to me-well, guess what Hubby's workmates have to look forward to tomorrow! I whipped up a batch of my "cinnamon surprise muffins" (they have jelly in the middle!) and topped them by dipping them in melted butter, cinnamon and the colored sugars. These sugars are a bit "bulkier" than granulated--and it was a good bit trickier trying to get them to stick. But aren't they CUTE? I put them on a glass platter--oh-the SPIDERS--the spiders are really RINGS!Plastic rings! So they made cute decorations and a number of them decided to "crawl"
all over my platter--! T0o fun. Some of his coworkers have wee ones and I suspect that the spiders will find their way to new homes tomorrow! A few may even find their way over to Theresa's! Can't wait to hear her squeal!

Now for the NEW TRICK! So I have all the muffins done and am in the final stages of decorating when I realize that I should have gotten HALLOWEEN NAPKINS to send with them. Darn. Our Wal-Mart is across the bridge 20 minutes away--an hour trip easy-20 over, 20 in store, 20 back. Not something I wanted to do. They say that necessity is the mother of invention. I looked at my somewhat plain white napkins (they do have a little embossed design to them-but rather generic overall) and then spied my stamps, ink pad, clear embossing powder and heat gun...Hmmm...can you really emboss-heat emboss--paper napkins?! (I could see just stamping and someone wiping their face with a wet napkin and getting ink everywhere---it may happen with despite the embossing-I didn't check it but thought it would be safer!)---With a water pitcher close by (in case the napkin decided to go up in smoke!)-I gave it a shot! It works! It's super easy and super fast! So here they are...

and here's a pic of the tray and napkins (or "rabbits" as Theresa's family calls them--) and the muffins...makes a rather neat display, if I do say so myself. And, maybe I shouldn't post this---but the CRAFTY CAT just couldn't not be included--they are not allowed on the counters but he does think the chair is his...he was a VERY GOOD CAT --even if his name is BAD CAT...he just wanted to look-and, if you look close, you can see the tiniest tip of pink tongue sticking out...not sure what THAT means--maybe I'm getting a raspberry because he's not getting any "treats"! Until next time-happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

No Tricks Here-Just Treats!

Whew! I did it! 28 treat bags together in one evening! Theresa to the rescue once again! Thanks, T!

We don't have any trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood--we're surrounded by rental properties-so I have to look elsewhere if I want to have any Halloween fun! The preschool is a great place for me to do just that! I decided (yesterday!) on the Goldfish snack bags and the tubes of bubbles. I called Theresa at 5:30 for a quick topper idea. She said just use the Top Note die (Stampin' Up), fold it over, and then stamp something and attach it. So that's what I did. The dp is Close to my Heart and I did cut CTMH purple cardstock-I didn't even glue it down-just cut them out thru the Big Shot, scored them with the ScorePal. I secured the bubbles in a small Ziplock and then stapled the snack bag, bubbles and topper together. I stamped the Happy Halloween in CTMH black and embossed it. Punching was another issue! Every punch I had was either too small for my designs or too big. The scalloped oval-too big. Inspiration came when one was stamped too close to the edge--hey-just trim it down! Kinda looks like a pumpkin to me and frankly, are 2-4 year olds REALLY going to care?! The spider rings...will be used on top of the muffins I am going to make tonight, top with colored sugars and cinnamon, and then put 2-3 spiders on top with cute "EEK!" and spider picks. Pics tomorrow. Hubby doesn't know-yet-these are treats for his office! I so need grandkids to do this kind of thing for!

Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Monday, October 25, 2010

Interesting scrapbook page...

Well, I have a craft show coming up in less than 2 weeks--with nothing new to take--and while I should've been home preparing... I decided to go shopping with my hubby instead. We had a list of our "in-town" stops ("town" is 1 hr. away...other than the local grocery and W-M!). The hardware store, Siagon Market grocery, Michaels, the shooting range, the health food store...Oh-what? Did I confuse you? The SHOOTING RANGE? Yep. We did. Or rather I DID! : ) You see, I've been terrified of guns. I was abused as a child and terrorized with one. Fast forward to adulthood and I chose to confront a possible intruder with a can of hairspray than the gun that was in the dresser! Was no intruder, thankfully. But I've finally gotten my courage up and yesterday was THE DAY. My darling husband was most patient through this entire process--we've been talking about it for years---but for whatever reason yesterday when he asked if I wanted to just handle the gun it was matter-of-fact for me and we sat down and did so. Can't say I was too crazy about our cat who thought he needed to be in the middle of the process but I did it all with no qualms. And stopping at the range was just..well, another stop on the list. It was all good. Noisy--even with ear protection. I had a little gun but it did have some kick to it. Got used to that. The first shot missed the target completely. The first shot that hit the target my husband said I gave the poor guy a vasectomy. Hmm--might as well have been a head shot! Lol! Sorry! Don't mean to offend anyone! And maybe there was some subliminal revenge there, too! Anyway--he handed me a few bullets, and a few more and well--I shot 120 of those little buggers and 80 of them "made the paper"! Can't say I am good--and we'd best not count on ME to bring home the Thanksgiving turkey (will never ever be a hunter--can't do that!) but my main goal was to be able to do it. To actually shoot. I've always feared we would walk in, I would freeze and simply walk out so DH was a bit surprised when I kept asking for more ammo! My step-son, Tommy, says you can NEVER have enough ammo (he's a Marine (inactive-if there is such!)! So--I overcame a HUGE FEAR yesterday! I got tickled when we got home and my DH laid all this out so I could take pictures-he's learning about this scrapbooking thing, too! Until next time, happy shooting-uh, SCRAPPING and STAMPING! ; ) Blessings, Sharon

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Day in My Life...

FYI...keep scrolling down--lots of pics--but a lot of gaps too-don't have time to fight with Blogger!

I know-it's Saturday-and I promised pages yesterday! Blogger...would not cooperate--and at 11 pm I called it quits--after you see all the pics-and read about my day at the bottom-you'll understand that I was POOPED! My pics of my pages refused to cooperate as well-but-this 12x12 page was made using the Close to My Heart Flip Flaps. The top flap is 4"x12 and the bottom flap is 8x12
. The "flaps" have an adhesive strip that attaches to the 12x12 page protector--making your page interactive and giving you much more space to scrap your photos! The Flip Flaps and Lynette's new MAGIC book are MUST-HAVES! E-mail me at to get yours today! I've been scrapping for 20+ years now and let me tell you-these two things have really impressed me!
My pics...are from the NC State fair--and yes, I was trying out a hot tub! It's on our "wish/want/list" and on the "need" list, too. The hot water really helps with my fibromyalgia pains! Good excuse, huh? Maybe Santa will take pity...scroll down for the rest of my day...oh-and
by the way-I am GRATEFUL for my
few but faithful FOLLOWERS!


Inky before...and after-I wore the poor baby out-he cleaned until he dropped!

Bad Cat--I fit in here, Momma!
Give a cat a box-and they are happy as pigs in poop!

the closet...before

the closet-AFTER

My helper...why she has a slinky on her head is beyond me--she's 11--need I say more?!

Her page we made...

..and it's been a looooooooooong one! Whew! I have been going hard since 8 AM! My 1-hr. closet clean out---took 4...if that tells you anything! But---go ahead---I dare you-just ask me where anything might be that could possibly be stored in there! I can put my hands on it faster than you can say I double dare you! Lol! It's been a long one-cleaned the magic kingdom (although I only have pics of the closet!), picked up my "helper"--had to stop for ice cream- a 100 on a spelling test deserves a treat--and I had been cleaning all day so I felt like I did, too!--worked some more (11 year olds are great company and helpful doing those tedious things that need doing that we don't want to take the time to-just takes a little bribery...and making a scrapbook page works--at least for now!), fixed dinner-well, microwaved the leftovers-we did eat by candlelight-thought that was a nice touch! watched a JAG dvd, put photos to the class pages we did Tues. night-almost finished at last! and now--photos...then---BED!

But I have a good excuse...

I know-I PROMISED pics of the pages--yesterday--I am a day behind and, if I could find the checkbook well, we won't go there---but I have a good excuse...I worked yesterday am-even went in early-home to bank frustrations (if I ever get a debit card that actually works I will consider it nothing short of a MIRACLE!)--to rush out the door to pick up my soon-to-be 11 year old goddaughter who is really going on 35! She came and played at my class Tues. evening and is now recruited to help me declutter and org the black abyss-the magic kingdom--aka the craft room! I have a show in less than 2 weeks and have done...nothing new! Need room--hence the crisis cleaning. And, the other part of my excuse is---my hubby has the rest of the fair photos on his camera--and I need to get them from him so there are actually some photos on the pages rather than just well, blank pages! So-hang in with me.
Cleaning. Since I fired my dr. and stopped all my meds-and feel 95% better than I have in at least 2 years...I suddenly see how little I was able to do--and how much needs to be done! Maybe its a "get ready for winter hibernation" or late spring cleaning or nesting thing (no, not pregnant!)--but I want ALL the clutter and stuff gone NOW and what has to stay-organized.
Go check out I am going to go and put her cd on and tackle the craft room. First things first---PRIORITIES and all that. THAT room usually waits..until last. Today-I am starting with it! So-without further ado, until next time happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Off with their heads...!

Tomorrow---I promise to post the page---or rather PAGES our "groupies" did in class last night. It's awesome if I do say so myself! Using the *NEW* Close to My Heart Magic book and their *NEW* FLIP FLAPS---we created an interactive PAGES in no time! The hardest part was learning how to "stamp off" an image. You know-ink the stamp, stamp off, then stamp the real deal? We we using an Autumn set--I think it's called Nature's Veins---we stamped off the leaf then stamped the veins in the first stamp image. COOL! Ha-pun intended!

Now for the venting part...For a variety of different reasons, I've contacted a variety of my favorite bloggers-asking questions, seeking input and feedback--some even for "I am willing to pay for...." services....NONE OF THEM have had the courtesy of responding! INSERT MAJOR SAD FACE HERE... I know...we're all busy-it's coming up on holiday season(s), yada yada-but heck, if you have a blog...and someone is interested enough in what you do to contact you...then I think--no-I STRONGLY should have at least the common courtesy to send an e-mail reply even if it's nothing more than to say "I don't have time to deal with you!"!!! Yep-the natural red-headed StampQueen has been slighted and ticked off-big time. Pulling links off my fav list, way of saying "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!"'
Tomorrow--my goddaughter comes to help me organize my magic kingdom. I had been ill, then traveling, now overwhelmed-for ice cream and some scrapbooking together time soon-to-be 11 year old help can be bought! Just having extra hands for 3-4 hours will make a world of difference!
Until next time-happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm baaa-aack....!

We just returned last evening from two 1/2 days at the North Carolina State Fair! Whew! I am worn out-but a GOOD worn out! Our first stop when we got there was to check out the arena where we heard the Christian contemporary group Casting Crowns. My building-inspector husband calculated roughly that there were 7,500 seats in the arena-most of which were full! It was pretty awesome, let me tell you, to see the mix of young and old alike taking time out from the midway, livestock, agriculture, deep fried anything-you-can-think-of-to hear a Christian band! And it wasn't just Friday night--on several "free" stages there were gospel groups from all over giving free concerts-and the last group we heard--well, I cannot wait for the cd they have in the works! Four men who have only been singing together for a year-and they were awesome! We worshiped Sun. am in the 140+ church located on the fairgrounds and, once again, the mix was eclectic and while we were fewer in number, the sound in that little ramshackle building rocked! God is alive and well! We had other fun, too! Didn't ride this ferris wheel--but it brought back fond memories of the ones I rode as a child with my grandfather! One of my favorite parts of the NC fair is visiting what's called Heritage Village-crafts of yesteryear demonstrated and for sale by crafters in dress appropriate for that era. It's neat to see. Our "photo" focus has changed somewhat---after all, you can only have so many "traditional" fair photos! We don't have grandchildren-yet--we keep waiting and hoping--but we do enjoy watching parents with their kids and grandparents with grandkids---and we've taken to capturing some of their excitement as well! Sometimes from afar, sometimes close up with permission, of course! I call them my "fair families"! Lol! Pretty bad when you've got to "borrow" other peoples families to scrapbook!
On another camera just fizzled out with yet another "battery exhausted" message in the middle of my downloading all my photos. PRAYING they aren't lost for good. I am in search of...a new user/beginner friendly camera. Any advice--what to or not to get-is appreciated. I got all excited when the new issue of Creating Keepsakes arrived in Friday's mail before we left-and there was a camera comparison in it---but was totally disappointed as it listed (but didn't explain) features, etc. I was more lost than before I read it! But I am about at the end of my rope with my little nikon coolpix point and shoot. I want something light-weight, that has a decent zoom, and can accommodate a variety of light settings (I like the museum setting for instance when I don't want the flash glare on something...) me out here, fans.
It's a crazy week "back in the saddle"--this afternoon Theresa and I prep the kits for my class tomorrow night--will post pics of that-hopefully-and then I get ready for a "Me & My Buddy" Halloween scrapbooking event I am doing, hosted by our local library on Saturday! Whew! I need a vacation from vacation and before I get going again! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pigs and goats and sheep and cows and...

OH MY! Am I a happy gal or what? Not only was the VA Fair as wonderful as usual--in that I got to pet and play with all the animals to my hearts content--we heard great music by Bob Zentz, ate two blooming onions (yea, I cheat on the wheat but its worth it!), watched rodeos--my darling husband selected a hotel only 5 minutes from the fairground that had a breakfast buffet, microwave and fridge--and a HOT TUB. Trust me-there will be on of those on the back deck before this time next year! We thoroughly enjoyed that and at the age we are, the aches and pains sure make it worth it! In a week or so we go to the NC State Fair and do it all again! I cannot wait! I must be a country gal at heart. A farm with petting zoo for kids would be my ideal. While dh raised, sold and ate pigs---I would have them all named as pets and would not be eating Wilbur or Bambi, trust me! Not had much time to craft---and, when I overcome my technical difficulties, I will post fair pics to tide you over! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon