Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Wish List...and a Close to My Heart Bookmark....

On the Close to My Heart bulletin boards
someone asked about a business card bookmark...
This is what I made using the Annotations stamp set
(probably retired, unfortunately...)
I popped up and glittered the My Wish List portion
(I printed this on the computer using the red, blue, green codes to match the ink colors)
and then, since CTMH are CLEAR and you can see where you are stamping,
it was easy-peasy to stamp the border around it...
Using my beloved fingertip knife, I cut along the inside edge of the border
the length of the you will see better in the next photos...

I stamped my info on the back...

I then slip these into the catalogs I give my customers.
In the past I would put the catalog, a pencil and a chocolate
into our large ziplock bags & attach a small ribbon
to pretty up the package.
With the new smaller size catalog they seem to get "lost" in the bag so
I haven't decided how I will present all that.
Hope this helped the person wondering what to do!

I will be back later to post the last of the three-part pages
using the Wings papers by CTMH.
They are going fast---it's the next to the last day to order
so if you want 'em--let me know asap!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Second up...SOFTBALL!

So here is the second of the series...

once again I used the Close to My Heart Wings paper...
along with the softball paper I found at Aw Shucks Scrapbooking in Myrtle Beach
I used the Backstage layout from the CTMH Magic Book for the layout template

Once again used the Flip Flaps to add photos and save space!

added my own ball from the softball stamp set
from CTMH and now that I look at the page with the flip flaps open...
I don't like the placement of the stamped ball with the printed ball...hmmm...
may have to rethink that!
oh well.

A lot to do today---housework-ugh.
a retirement card to be made and delivered.
I am tired just thinking about it.
And this is what I would rather be doing
if I had my sleep number bed and it didn't make me hurt worse to be in bed....sigh.
Whatever you do today, take time out to do something fun.
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

First Post of Three Pages!

Today is really my "Friday" and I am so thankful!
The non-stop week of much needed rain
has played havoc on my fibromyalgia
and I am in some significant pain today
(and we won't talk about the gall bladder...)
sigh.  Sick and tired
of being sick and tired...
But, as Mrs. "A" (short for Mrs. Andy Andrews)
the lovely lady who ran my college bookstore would say
"you gotta rise above it"
I am trying to give it the old college try
(pain meds will help, for sure!)
Here's one page of three coordinating pages I worked on last Sunday...
I used Close to My Heart's WINGS paper
that I love-that will no longer be available
after July 31st...
so if you see it, like it, want it-
let me know as I will place my final July order tomorrow...

I whipped out my iTop to do the brads at the top of the page-
a tool I've had over a year...and haven't really used
I like it, tho!
I used Close to My Heart Notice the Details for the binder clip
and a Stampology set called For the Record 3 for the little journal block

I used Google and the web to snag the Girl Scout logo I used for the "O" in the title
as well as to remind me of the GS Promise and Law
I was one---many, many moons ago!

and I think it's a good thing to try and live by-
wanted her to remember it, too so scrapped it for posterity!
I will post the softball themed page I made that matches this...
I used a layout from CTMH MAGIC book and really liked
how it turned out-
incorporated the flip flaps again to add more photos to my page
Her book is now TWO books---and are almost full
and there's more that needs to be added-
so instead of 2-page layouts
I am *trying* to narrow events down to
single pages.
The flip flaps are an awesome way to do that
as well as being a little more selective on photos
you don't have to scrap them all--
pick the best of the bunch and stick with that!
Gotta go get ready for work...
that sleepnumber bed I despretly need won't show up on it's own
would be nice, tho...!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A day late...

So sorry-yesterday I promised a post on a page I made
at the crop on Sunday but time got away from me...
so here it is--just a wee bit late...
The paper is by Webster Pages and I really like them--you'll see more of these papers  ; )
I purchased a transparency overlay with the Read to Me poem on it--
so this page went together in no time.
I simply laid it flush with the right-hand side of the page
and put the adhesive underneath the photo block

I also added the Close to My Heart 4x6 Flip Flaps...
it's a pocket that has an adhesive strip to it.
Fold the strip back to attach it to your page-with one flip flap
I added two photo slots---
three if you count the space underneath!
They aren't expensive and come in a variety of sizes-
if you want more info--just leave me a comment
or e-mail me at
You're wondering how it fits into a page protector I bet...
well, you can do one of two things--
either attach the flip flap to the page protector itself
place the page in the page protector,
then I use my stylus to trace around the outside edge of the photo flap.
Next I insert a small cutting board and use my fingertip knife
to cut out the area I traced.
Remove the cutting mat, insert the page
and slip your flip flap outside the protector.
It's not hard at all!

Well the boys are telling me its time to eat
so I'd better go as they can be quite vocal.
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Don't fall for it!!!

It's an enticing e-mail that showed up in my "inbox"--and possibly yours as well...
the tag line says "Buy gas & groceries and get free scrapbooking goodies?!" 
 It's a "SCRAPBOOK REWARDS" Visa card---
and it's a bunch of BUNK as my grandmother would say!
It will suck you in--who doesn't want free scrapbook stuff--
and oh, the oh so pretty designs you can choose from
for your own "scrapbookish" looking card...
(so they can sucker you in...)
(because you're my friend, after all!)
is that there's VERY LITTLE of your purchases
that will "qualify" as points towards your
"Free Rewards"!
I forget now what specifically they need to be--
but it is extremely limited---
not all your purchases as they would lead you to believe!
And the interest rates as ASTRONOMICAL!
Then, heaven forbid, life gets tough and you miss a payment-
your REAL nightmares will start then!
These people called
no less than 4-6 times a day. Every day.
Starting almost before dawn.
I am not kidding. NOT.
It took a large number of Sharon fits
(I am a natural red-head of German descent...)
until I finally SHUT THEM UP.
Please don't fall for it. Not worth it.
So not.
This still makes my blood boil-can ya tell?!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!


At the Crop...

is where Theresa and I were yesterday!
The lone "true" scrapbook store we have left
in Myrtle Beach
about an 1 1/2 hr. drive
give or take!
I prepped 4 "kits" to do while we were there
and ran out!
So I bought another layout kit
and finished it
with time to spare!
Let me tell ya---
preparing "kits" to take with you to a crop
REALLY maximizes what you are able to accomplish!
How'd I do it?
I first selected the photos I wanted to crop--
this was easy as I have organized the photos into groups
in ziplock bags
with an index card noting the details...
Once I pulled out the baggies of the pics I wanted to work with
I went to the paper and embellishment stash I have
just for this project
(my goddaughters scrapbook--she's going to be 12...
i am behind...but jumping in anyway!)
and put those with the pics.
Then I did whatever stamping, cutting, etc. had to be done
along with taking a photo of the layout so I would remember what I planned to do in the first place---!---
and put all that in the 13x13 ziplock bags CTMH has
(I LOVE THESE BAGS--just for this reasoN!)
Then yesterday
all I did was pull out a bag, assemble my layout,
put it in a page protector and presto!
I was done!
I went to the crop with one book--
and came home with two!
I confess...
I didn't get THAT much done--
(about 3 layouts and a few single pages as well...not too shabby!!!)
we got to the crop early-she hadn't opened yet
so we hit Michaels
and with my 40% off coupon
I got another scrapbook
as the first one was overflowing
(ah-hmmm...Theresa blames my addiction to pop dots!)
and so I  broke out the pages into the two books...
(and that will even change as I finish scrapping the photos I have!)
I am getting close---so close---
to being caught up!
I can't wait!
I think maybe I will take her and her mom out for tea at our tea room
and surprise her with the books.
For now, she (they) get to just look---
when I die-they become hers!
I promise photos tomorrow
of some of my handiwork!
For today, I hope the "tips" on how to prepare for a crop helped.
It also cut down on the tons of STUFF I had to SCHLEP to the crop! ; )
Now--it's off to work-
at least my boss is on vacation!!!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ain't gonna happen no 'mo!!!

I was wide awake this morning at 4:30 AM
(had a dentist appt. yesterday--and while the meds didn't really kick in
while I was in the chair they did after I walked out...
and I slept from 4 PM...until 1:30 AM...
and was up and down until I gave up
at 4:30 AM
and made coffee.
Then I discovered
that there were more GROUNDS in my cup than liquid coffee.
Out came the strainer, coffee filter...and that's how I finished my pot.
Then the lightbulb went off...
In my "stash" (aka craft room)
there are TEA BAGS--
light-weight sealed on three sides tea bags
that I use(d) for my herbal bath blends...
So this is what I did this morning...
I started with this
(disclaimer: I have NO CLUE how this brand of coffee tastes--my not a coffee drinking husband bought it...that's all I'm sayin about that!)...
and did this (I know how much I brew each morning
and filled the bags accordingly...)

hit the open edge with one swipe with the iron
(didn't even swipe really-just set it down there and it did it's thing
all in one shot!)

and put them in my canister that used to hold loose coffee!
It now holds a 7-day supply of

The extras went into a ziplock and into storage.
It literally took me less than 15 minutes to do a months supply!
No more "slipped" filters-no more coffee grounds in my cup
no more messy filters to fall apart all over everything
when they are wet and icky and I am trying to empty them!
I got the "tea bags" from a seller on e-bay-
they were CHEAP----for a ton of them.
Yea, I know-one coffee company makes the same thing.
I don't like their brand-and they are pricey just for convenience sake.
It was a PAPER PROJECT so why not?!

I was absolutely amazed with myself that I was able to sit through the cleaning yesterday
with little meds in me
I am TERRIFIED of the dentist!
Thanks, Dawn (Edwards-Dr. Jennifer LaQuay---they are AWESOME if you are a total chicken like me!), for a great job!
She knew what had happened and was just super checking in with me, telling me what she was going to do,
giving me breaks.
They even drilled and polished on a crown that was bothering me
(if you're local-stay clear of Dr. Jennifer WILLIAMS-I speak from (awful) experience!)
and have hopefully fixed the problem!
All that said-if you are afraid of dentists---find one that LISTENS.
I could have saved us thousands of dollars---had I found
the one I did that said, "we can give you happy pills (my name for them!)--
you will be awake, you will be aware---
Yep-I can talk, I can get through it---
I don't panic like I used to for days ahead of time knowing there's an appt. coming up!
So-take care of those choppers!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

With this CATALOG....I Thee Wed....

Ok--so I have some NEWS---
significant news...
but first, let me give you some background...

This past week...the Close to My Heart annual convention
has been happening at Disneyland in sunny California.
I had no desire to spend the time or money to take this trip to attend this event...
(it would be no fun without Theresa!)
So those of us who stayed home
have been monitoring the events via the bulletin boards and Twitter.
I didn't even start doing this until Wednesday-
I didn't feel well on Mon.,
Tues. I was busy getting ready for our scrapbooking group...
where we decided that, in September Theresa will do a class on how to use
our Cricut machines.

On Wed-or maybe it was Thurs.
THE WEDDING was announced...

proposed to

and the words "I DO! were uttered!
The "ceremony" was sealed with the new Autumn/Winter 2011 Catalog!
CTMH now offers a 700 image Cricut cartridge
that matches a significant number of CTMH stamp sets
(with more to come, I am sure!)
It also has 10 boxes for crafting & gifts!
It will be available August 1st
a $ 129.64 valued item
 for a mere  $ 99.00!!!

Now I shook my head at first---
But... the more I've read about it...
the more stamp sets I've seen that it coordinates with
that I actually like--
This is going to be a must-have for me.
And, as if that isn't great enough...
all the stamp set prices---are going DOWN!
That is awesome!
So---I think I will be sticking with CTMH a little longer!

The bad news is...
the acrylic block storage case is being discontinued
(available while supplies last...)
and the paper packs are decreasing in size
and increasing in price...
I think they should've found a compromise
between the stamp and paper prices---
but they didn't ask me...
and until Theresa and I win the lottery
and have our own store--
we're stuck with the other person's rules...sigh.
If you want something from the old catalog-please let me know---
If you want a new catalog--let me know...
Until then, I am going boating (aka swimming, napping, reading & picnicing!)
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Reveal...

We had a great time with our "groupies" last night
and our young visitor, Kelsey, was a delight!
I never remember
to take photos-drats.
Oh well.
Here's what we made...
I actually goofed the "recipe" on the page below---
(and don't even ask what my camera is doing-the pic is horrible!)
that 2" strip was supposed to go over (not under!) the matted white panel-
I caught it tho before I had the gals glue so at least their's is right--
and it does look better!

The middle multi-colored square on the page below opens up for more photos-
or hidden journaling...whatever you prefer...

This layout is from the MAGIC book by Close to My Heart.
It's really a great book as it has the layouts (all interactive!)
the measurements for all the papers and photos...
all the "hard" work is done for you!
There was LOTS of measuring involved in putting the layout together
but the gals finished in record time!
 I was impressed!
Next month...maybe I will incorporate
them reading the recipe and doing the cutting!
; )

Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Sneak Peak...

I guess I had too much fun in the sun Sunday afternoon
after finishing the sample layout for our group tonight...
as I was really, really sick yesterday.
That, or my hormones are all out of whack-again.
Or both-and.
Anyway.  Two pain pills last night
and while I didn't sleep
(they keep me awake, believe it or not!)
at least I feel a good bit better today!
Good thing---as I am teaching our group tonight...
here's a sneak peek
They asked for a 4th of July theme
and Sharon B. asked for this layout from the Close to My Heart Magic book.
I tried the layout no less than 3 times with CTMH paper Fanfare
and just wasn't happy with any of them!
Sat. I got paper at AC Moore-and, lo and behold,
discovered that *not all paper* that "claims" to be!
It was just under by something between 1/16 and 1/8"!
Go figure!
Anyway, I made it work and I am happy(ier)
with their project for tonight
(and yes, I made all those little buttons for all of them!
15 buttons per kit x 6 kits
(and that's only ONE layer!)

One morning last week we got up to a rainstorm.
I looked out our kitchen window at the bird feeder on our back deck
and this is what I saw...
if you look close,
you can see two baby sparrows huddled together
underneath the feeder
(I was taking the photo through the wet and screened window!)
trying to stay dry!
They stayed that way for a good while
well, until we tried to sneak the door open to
get a better photo...sigh.
 They were cute!
Well, I still have straightening up to do
groceries to get for dinner...
and work!
It will be a loooong day--
but fun in the end, I hope!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Just lost my entire post!
I am so not happy!

I realized something yesterday---
after Theresa called and nixed our Wilmington
shopping trip-it was raining cats & dogs
& she said her husband said
they couldn't see to drive
(he works for Fed-Ex---he should know!)
I went in the "magic kingdom"
& realized I don't go in there
as I am on OVERLOAD
when I do---
too much stuff-too many projects
waiting to be done...
don't know where to start.
I have a solution.
I need a SleepNumber bed.
My fibromyalgia has been raging
for weeks now.
And while a craft supply sale
(and attic and...)
won't pay for all of one,
it would be a start.
So look out STUFF
me & my price gun are after you!
Some great deals will be had
at some point by someone for sure!
I've been on a Flylady kick
The cleaning ladies came last week
(we have tile floors all thru the house---and it's hard for me to mop
on top of all the rest)
but I can do my daily routines & keep things picked up
no hot spots here
(well, other than the winter clothes that are still waiting to be put away...!)
so I worked in the craft room some yesterday
and wow!
What a difference
just 15 minutes at a time made!
 I spent a few hours but it seemed like a lot less--
doing bits & pieces 15 mins. at a time! ; ) 
I have my project back on my worktable
(and not on the dining room table!)
and, speaking of which,
I am teaching our group next week
and did the sample pages
several times
and still don't like them. Any of them!
So hopefully I can find some paper today
and can pull kits together quickly
and a 1" circle punch.
GOD PLEASElet me find one that works!!!
No time to order one from Theresa from SU
and while my 1 1/4" CTMH punch is the pits
(it's hard to punch and sounds like a cannon going off!)
it at least works
the TWO 1" ones I have---stick.
Every. Single. Time.
I need to punch 210 circles total
for these layouts.
Need more coffee just thinking about that!
Until next time, if YOU want more time to play
go check out
and figure out your routines---
they work if you work them! ; )
happy stamping and scrapping!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Happy Day...

"To my guy with the great green thumb..."

"whose other parts aren't so bad, either!
Happy Growing Better (Birth) Day!"

Yesterday was my darling husband's birthday!
A "firecracker baby" for sure!
These past years it's been somewhat bittersweet
as his mother passed away on the same day...
so it's been difficult to find a balance but I think some healing has happened
as time has passed and he really seemed to enjoy the day!

I fixed him breakfast and the first thing he wanted to do
was deliver the doggie goodie bag and check on Carla.
So we called her new mom and went for a visit.
She came and greeted us--but was also busy checking out a new furr friend.
It was great to see her actually running and playing in her new yard!
It was a quick visit and on the way home we stopped
at our local surf shop and he picked out a new bathing suit--my present for him.
While he chatted with one of our sons
I went to the local BBQ house and picked up our "picnic"--
ribs, fries, slaw
and came home to slice the key lime pie to pack to go with it!
We went out on the boat, anchored in our favorite spot
and found a tide pool that was as warm as a hot tub!
We just floated and relaxed
watching birds and the crabs crawling along the edges.
After a nice swim we chowed down!
It was the first attempt since my surgery at significantly fatty food-
but all was well! A relief!
We sat and read for awhile and headed home about 8 pm--
had time to unpack and head up to our widow's walk to watch the fireworks.
It's a great view from up top
 and we saw fireworks from Southport, Myrtle Beach and
a number of other places--
including homes just 2-3 away from ours!
Seeing them that up close and personal was pretty spectacular
and there were plenty of them, too--
at least an hours worth!
Hot showers to get the salt from swimming off and a nice snuggle
was the end of what  I would say was a pretty perfect day!
Had I remembered THE would have helped! Oh well...!

The photos above are of the card I made
using the gardener guy & potter's bench
from Mo's Digital Pencil.
She just added the gardener guy last week-perfect timing!
The paper is from Theresa and Stampin' Up. 
Not too girly and perfect for the gardening theme.
I used the "make your own pop dots out of fun foam" trick
and it worked nicely
(hubby was glad to see pop dots--he likes the dimension, too
and teased that Theresa must have taken and hidden my "mia" pop dots! lol!)

Since the cleaning ladies were here last week
(coupled with my feeling somewhat better!)
I have managed to stay on the Flylady routines I have
and keep things straightened up
even with all our comings and goings and company!
It's really not hard---use the "do it now" principle and the quick pick ups.
The dishwasher is running as is the washer as I type. 
They will be ready for a quick put away when I get home from work
and then I can prep the class kits for next week's class!
For now, I'd better go get the royal buns ready for work.
it was really nice having a 4-day week-end...
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

D is for Dog...

Been a wee bit busy between getting Carla (aka Ms. C) settled this week and my step-son visiting!
I did want to make something special for her new owner to thank her for giving her a forever home.
I actually had the book in my stash to be finished
(just needed the cover embellished, rings & ribbon added) and the amazing thing was--I was able to find it! lol! 

I made a card to go with it...
I just used the SU top note die and cut my cardstock base
just to the inside edge
also layered the dp on top of that so actually cut three layers at once...
and then repurposed an old bag
(shock---we LOVED this store-it's the second place my stamp addiction took off-it opened the same year my late husband passed away and it was my "sanctuary" for a number of years-broke our hearts when it closed and I cherish anything I have with it's name on it--including their old bags!) to make it look like this...

We didn't see Karen in church this am so we're going to use it as an "excuse" (as if we need one!)
to go and visit them! ; )

I also made hubby's birthday card today---and will post that tomorrow-
he's a firecracker baby!
Now it's time to get ready for a boat ride, reading and relaxing!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!