Friday, January 27, 2012

I did it...the Flylady way...

I am exhausted...
(Note: I am not exhausted because I did it the flylady way--
I am exhausted because I kept pushing me--15 minutes more and then more
and not sleeping great starting my day at 3 AM...!) and then...)
 it's really more the "fleas" that kept getting to me
(the package from Trading Phrases that was damaged---but useable
I paid $ 7 shipping and was missing pieces as the package was wide open..
gotta love UPS NOT!
And then I went to give Bad Cat his medicine...
two trips-did they give me the chewable tuna flavored med they love so much
I have to keep it under lock and key?
Nope. Nada. Zippo.
I am not about to try to pill a cat named BAD CAT
when there is a so much easier alternative-
really-they ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT--so why do I have the old nasty stuff?
Go to do one thing--would see 6 others to do and get sidetracked
(see---that's what happens when you don't do it the Flylady way and
go to hang something, drop the know...
Here's the BEFORE FLYLADY...

and here's the AFTER...

a new plant, a new fountain/light...soothing!!!
(that cord will get covered after my next WM trip!)
The little black cat...who tries to eat Christmas trees...
IMMEDIATELY started chomping on my plant!
(I knew that would happen-that's why my fake grass plant went to my office--
and why I took the list of plants that are poisionous to cats
with me to WM--this one wasn't on the list! Geesh.

newly organized shelves and WORD wall art
from Trading Phrases...
they did a great job with my design---shipping---not so good...

this end was crushed...and looked to be retaped...

this end was wide open-and the burnishing tool was missing...
thankfully, the art and instructions were still inside...

crinkled---but I deemed it useable...
my e-mails (although 4ish this afternoon...)
did not receive a not happy!

It was easy to it is on the wall...

The dandilion puffs are a whole 'nother company
and were AWESOME to work with...
they are removeable and repositionable!!!
And I did a lot of both until I got it where I wanted it!

(those hole/paint touch ups really do not show up that much in real life!
gad-they look awful here tho!)
Yep-that's me on the bike-a CTMH sister is working
to restore the photo for me--that's just a "get an idea" copy
as, unfortunatly, there are spots all over it...particularly the face...

the work table...those cords will be covered---soon as well!
I do want to replace that desk chair

with a papsan chair...!!!
I have two desk chairs in another room should I need them
and I LOVE the comfort of a papasan chair...
when hubby gets home-and I find a good Craig's list deal...

these guys LOVE momma's new space!
They are in here more than I am! Lol!
I am sooo not ready---to go to the crop tomorrow-
will have to set that alarm for 0-dark thirty!
For's time to
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

Heart Wishes...

Since my "new" space is almost organized and redecorated...
when I woke up at 4 AM---
I decided to go in there and do some crafting!
A friend needed 10 Valentines...
and I fell in love with yet another Mo's Digital Pencil image...
so I paired it with the Close to My Heart
Mad About You stamp set...
used the Art Philosophy cartridge to do some fancy cut work...
a step card template...
and here's the finished product
(apologies again for poor photos-I've at least decided
which camera I want---just need to get it ordered!)
That sentiment the back says
"Hoping all your HEART WISHES come true!"

There's sparkles on those little dandelion puffs
and of course-pop dots give this all some great dimension.

Last night before bed I decided to do some yoga...

I had help...
Poppa Cat (left) looks like he's even watching the dvd!
A little tricky trying to do yoga--
er, CAT-oga
with cats underfoot...
maybe if I growl when I do downward facing dog?!

Off to run some errands if I don't get blown away-
the wind is in the willows here--
a blustery day for sure!

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Once again
Blogger lost my entire post
I spent the last half hour working on.
When I get over my mad
I will be back...sigh.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Uh-Oh: Be careful what you wish for!

I am confessing...
it's my fault my friend, Theresa is sick.
I did it!
(well, her son Michael may have shared some of his germs
that hindered things as well...but still...)

Ya see, this past weekend I saw this cute get well card
with a pop-up Kleenex box
and I thought,
"gee-that's CUTE! Who do I know that's sick
that I can make it for?!"
And kapoof-
next thing I know---
Theresa sounds like she's knocking hard on death's door!
So this morning
before I went to work
I whipped this up for her...
(What's going around we typically call the
"Brunswick County CRUD")
That's a Mo's digital pencil image
and those are balled up tissues (not popcorn!)...

"NO naked mail"--so I stuck a package of tissues
on the enve
since I was hand-delivering it with some other goodies...

and here's the cute little tissue box!!
It is sooo easy to do!
 I used the SU word window punch to make the
opening for the tissue so it looks almost like the real deal!
Wish I would have had a colored tissue for some "pop"
but oh well.
Feel better, my friend-
we have  a CROP to go to Saturday!

As another blogger writes
the "spousal unit" is MIA for a few---anyway---
but the cats KNOW when Poppa is supposed to be home
and he isn't...
Bad Cat is breaking my heart---

He sat in front of the front door last night for almost
2 hours---waiting, watching, hoping...

Then the "baby" of the bunch came over
and started licking him and sat with him
almost as if to say,
"It's ok. I'm here for you and I am your friend..."
When he got tired of sitting...

Sooo sad! Poor guy!

 Well, the craft room is in an overhaul process---
and I have made some progress...
I've cleaned out boxes to be sorted-
and working on taking down things on the walls
and putting away what needs to stay.
I am creating a whole new space for me
in some ways...
and I can't wait to get it done!
At the same time
 I need some extra energy and motivation---
it's been slow going for some reason...
and I keep procrastinating...
like now!
Time to go feed the boys
and get to it!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

News! News! I'm gonna be a...part two!

Yesterday I posted that I got news that I am going to be a...
it's my "unofficial" nephew's and his brides first baby...
so---an aunt once removed?!
Doesn't matter!
means I get to make baby things!
And since I got the grandparent's to be card done
so quick yesterday afternoon...
I spent last evening and most of the morning
working on the card for the
new parents-to-be!

The images are once again
entitled Kitchen Knight and Big Shoes
I colored with Copics and colored pencils...
that collander armor got a coat of Crytal Lacquer
as did those high heels (to give them a patent leather look!)
I apologize for poor photos-my camera is acting kooky
and I still can't decide which Canon is going to best meet my needs---

Lots of pop dots...and two flaps attached to the base card...
the dp is Close to My Heart

and here's the inside spread...
another Mo image--New Baby
the sentiments I did in Publisher with Word Art
and callout shapes for the banner that I just cut around...

I wanted a pocket of sorts so I could tuck a note into the card...
I don't *know* if they will want to keep or display the card--
and I kinda like to keep the notes personal--and handwritten
and wanted a "clean" presentation--
thinking I may do a small card with a photo on the front
of the first time I held Zachary (the dad-to-be)
and the note on the inside of that...
I know-and believe me, with my love for pop dots...
I am used to extra postage--
the postmistress' always want to see what I've been up to
so I can never seal anything before I get there! lol!

This took a lot longer than one would think---
and surprised me!
I am happy, however, with the final product...
off to find that photo!

Tomorrow...I hope to have some more
how to prepare for a crop photos and tidbits
and then
stay tuned next week-
I will be back on the flylady thing BIGTIME
as I will have some extra time on my hands
and I am hitting that craft room hard!!!
It won't be the same--for sure!

I think I need more coffee!
I will leave you with a funny for the day...
This is an e-mail I sent Theresa earlier today...

THIS JUST IN: Breaking news of an accident on OKI before breakfast!

It's been reported that there has been an accident at ***** Drive on Oak Island this morning. It seems that Sharon Russell, aka The Oak Island StampQueen, had made a visit to the er, "THRONE" this morning when suddenly a small, black speeding object came rushing through the door and, according to The Queen, "FLEW" up onto the counter in the loo, then from there catapulted to the shelves directly above the the throne at which point then-unidentified objects began reigning-er, RAINING down upon the Queen's head! Her loud shrills caused the small, black object to fly back out the door from whence he came. The Queen was not, thankfully, seriously injured and the the objects in question were not damaged (simply a small white basket said to house some small white washcloths that were scattered about the scene of the crime). Keeping her wits-and sense of humor about her, the Queen was later overheard saying, "Inky just gave new meaning to the term---pardon moi---to "taking a dump!" EMTs have left the scene and the now-identified suspect seems to be quite subdued!
Looks so innocent, doesn't he?!
And no, there really weren't any "EMT's" present!
That was just a little dramatic effect--unless of course
you count hubby asking "uh, are you ok in there?"
lol! What a way to start a day!
Until next time--
let me find that collander armor before I head to the loo!
Happy stamping and scrapping!

Friday, January 20, 2012

News! News! I'm gonna be a....

well, I'm not exactly sure what!!!
My dear friend Betsy of---well, a lot of years---
called me yesterday morning
to tell me that their oldest son
and daughter-in-law
are officially expecting their first child.

when Zachary was born
and then his brother, Matthew,
I was dubbed "Aunt" Sharon
(or Shari as I was called back then)
Around age um, 6ish--Zachary called my "aunt" status
into question!
He was learning who was related to whom
the why's how's and wherefores...
and since I was not Betsy's sister---
how could I be their aunt?!
Mom explained to them that I was a good friend
and I was therefore an "honorary" aunt...
he was ok with that.
It's his brother Matthew who later declared
I was an alien---
(he was trying to find my name on something
and I said he wouldn't be able to-but he could find Sharon...
that it was my given name, another name I was known by
--an alias---also known as...)
Well, the first words out of his mouth
when Mom came home were
"Mom! Mom!
Do you know Aunt Shari is an ALIEN?"
I am somewhat confused as to exactly what
I am going to be to this newborn!
Am I an honorary aunt once removed?
does it matter?!
a card is in the works for the parents to be
(stay tuned for that tomorrow)
but for now...
here's a card for the new
(and yes, I am jealous!)

This is a two-step step card---
the billboard is a clip art image that I added the words to
using Publisher
(I am also dating us--remember the movie PARENTHOOD?!)
The couple is a Mo's Digital Pencil image
(which is, come to think of it fitting because
Betsy's nickname is---MO!)
It's colored with Copics and colored pencils
the tickets and designer paper (dp) are Close to My Heart.
Oh-the popcorn and drinks are clip art as well!
It's all layered together with adhesive and of course
pop dots!
Not sure it's going to fit in a standard envelope
but that's ok!
It looks a lot more detailed/difficult than it was!
I think it took the most time to color the couple!
Assembly was easy-peasy!
I hope they like it!
She's not due until September---but still...!
For once I will be early instead of late! lol!

Can't have a post without a cat pic!
I was doing some desk work the other day...
Inky decided that drawer had just enough space for him!

I need to do a mail run
and feed cats...
Tomorrow the card for the proud parents-to-be!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So---what's a CROP anyway?

One of my followers commented
that she didn't know what a CROP is---
so let me explain...
a crop is where a bunch of scrapbookers and stampers gather
to well, scrapbook and stamp together.
You are often charged a small fee
to "rent" table space...
and it's often held at a scrapbook/stamp store
(which is where ours will be-our most "local" store-1 1/2 hrs. away!)
or some venue where there are supplies
(paper, stamps, embellishments, etc.) available for purchase.
is often served
(the shopkeeper will provide lunch for us as part of our fee)
and we will spend from 10 AM until 6 PM
scrapping and stamping our hearts out.
It's time for us gals to sit and work and chat and...
from kids, husbands, cats (in my case)
or be worrying about that load of laundry that's needing to be done
or the dust bunnies we should be sweeping up
from under the sofa!

It's best to prepare for the CROP
to plan what you are going to take to work on...
(it's not a class where you are taught how to make something-
it's take your own projects to work on...)
and take what supplies you have and tools you need...
While it's fun to shop--
and nice when you need that extra sheet of paper
or that perfect embellishment
to have it handy...
 that can get expensive, too!
So I plan...
and yes, I usually buy some things as well
(which is what the shopkeeper hopes!)

Theresa and I had planned an AWESOME CROP
of our own last year--
we had a great menu planned
a massage therapist lined up to do chair massages
(neck and shoulders while you are seated in a special chair)
drawings for prizes
things to buy
and what we thought was the perfect location.
Turns out that we were promised the moon with the space
and lots of promotional work by them--
that never happened.
They did NOTHING.
(Beware if you plan a venue with Boiling Spring Lakes Rec Center!
Just a heads up for any local followers!)
So---our crop fell through.
Maybe we'll try again this year---in another space, for sure!
hope that helps explain what a crop is!
It's really lots of fun...
I will try to remember (Theresa-remind me!)
to take some photos to post.

For now, I'd better go get ready for work!
Tomorrow I will try and post STEP TWO
in getting ready for a CROP--so stay tuned!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting ready to go to a CROP...

Our "groupies" are going to their first crop
the end of this month.
Since Theresa and I have a few under our belts...
I've been sharing ideas with them about what they need to be doing
to prepare in order to get the most out of their day!
The first crop we went to---lol---
I packed it ALL!
I had at least 5-6 bags
and almost every tool I owned with me!
I've since learned how to pare it down---bigtime!
here are some of the things that I do before I hop to the crop

(I know-corny-punny--can't help it!)
So---STEP 1...
Today I needed some down time
(I traveled over the week-endand my back is killing me)
I plan on using.
I put them into categories
and then I put them into Ziplock bags...

There are a number of photos in each bag--I can pretty well remember
given the title card what they are...

Yes, in this photo she had colored herself! With markers!
I also have photos in here of her working on a large piece of paper
and then the swap cards we made a month or so ago
along  with the marathon scrapbook...
so "Picassa's Progress..." or some such will be great title...!
Why Ziplocks? Why not just stick them in that neat plastic box?
Well-I learned the hard way!
I did that the first time-they were loose in there...
and in the juggling, transporting, trying to work in limited space
Moi managed to tip over the whole thing
and had to spend precious time starting from scratch!
Enter the Ziplocks!
That way I can just pull out a group and go with it!
It's also a little extra protection for them.
Works for me!
Once all that is done....tune in for STEP 2!
For now--a few cat photos
since I failed to take any while visiting this week-end...DUH!
Oh well.
This little guy *thinks* he's hidden...

NOT! Lol!

He later found a nice WARM spot-hmmm...
maybe that's where I need to be!

Poppa Cat had stuffing stuck in his paw the other night---
now I know where it came from...

Somehow there's a hole in that quilt...wonder how it got there?!
Speaking of wondering...
not sure why
the block of wood was on my dining room table...
or why Poppa Cat thinks it makes a good pillow...?!

Time to rest. Time to read. Sip a rum drink.
Maybe a hot bath, too.
Those back muscles have to relax sooner or later!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!