Friday, August 23, 2013

Pack up the back pack...


 Isn't this ADORABLE?!
Yeah, I may be a little biased...
but my groupies were impressed
and I am, too!
Here's a side view...

and a back view...

I cannot take credit for designing this project---
 created it
and the template AND/OR a precut kit
can be purchased by going to her blog
just by clicking here!
It is a real deal (cost wise) and her instructions are top notch
(words and pictures, step by step!)

I first purchased this template from Becky some years back.
I liked the *new* look (scalloped!) she gave the flaps-
and those were easily cut with the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge
from Close to My Heart.
These are girly--but they easily adapt for a boy--
change out the papers-use brads vs. bows,
a rougher looking ribbon = backpack for a boy!
Back to Beckys instructions
(Blogger is doing something weird with all my punctuation mark stuff
all of a sudden...bear with me-I did pass college English!)
The ribbon measurement for the straps that she gives
is most generous--I even cut it down some
but she gets an A+ there as one thing I despise
is skimpy ribbon (measurements or in  kits!)
Trust her instruction steps and DO NOT
put the box together
until you have attached the backpack straps!
Ya just don't even want to go there!

I did change up a few things...
I did not bother with eyelets at each of the holesfor the straps--
I did not have enough (of one color) on hand,it was a cost-saver not to
and there's not that much stress on them.
If I were doing 1 or 2 vs. 6, I would have.
The other minor change was to the front pocket.
I simplified it some by just cutting a full rectangle
matching her measurements,
scoring across for the bottom of the pocket
(again, matching her measurements)
and then along either side
and just cutting  along the bottom of the pocket side  flaps
to make a small box out of it.
The rectangle was just easier.
Then came filling them...

I found the back to school survival kit list
somewhere on-line.
I looked at so many websites and posts
I have no clue who to give credit to for that...
and I added the hand sanitizer to the list as well.
I found a free template on-line for notebook paper
and sized it in Publisher and added the title and list.
Oh-and a personal note under bubble gum--
my god-daughter and I had watched some Duck Dynasty videos...
great Christian messages behind each one!
I then used the Stampin' Up roll-a-dex punch to
make the edge appear as if it had been torn out of a notebook...

For the front pocket...
I took a stack of small post it notes
and broke them apart into smaller pads.
I stamped note to self on the first page
then had to cover the sticky top of the back page...
 just grabbed my Washi tape!

those were the backpacks!
I placed one at each place setting.
The pencil I used...are the small golf pencils.
I picked up a box of a gazillion years ago...
and whoa-just had a brainstorm--
these would be great for a mini-version of my pencil wreath!
Gotta go grab some glue and...
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Successful send-off!

The "Back to School" send-off
was a success!
I even managed to stave off most of the tears!
You see it's not just back to school--
it's a move a few states away
to go back to school.
I also want to send out a HUGE
to our "groupies" who have allowed
this 14-year old to hang out
with us gals.
They have been awesome role models
and we all know...
it takes a village!
thanks for what you shared with her--
and for helping me hold it together last night
and send her off with a bang!
Ok. Enough.
On to the party.
Time is short today so I will share the party pics
and focus on each thing with how-to's
(and how NOT-TO's! lol!).
First I picked black and a peacock blue for colors
as I wanted to work around the Close to My Heart
Laughing Lola colors.
First up-simple centerpiece!
I didn't have one planned-
and realized I had skipped that
at oh, t-60 minutes before take off...!
So-I just set the pencils in the glass-
scattered the mini composition  books around them and
instant centerpiece!
I did set the glass on top of some of the black napkins
after I took this--gave it an instant POP up!
Pencils were made with rolls of Mentoes candy
and a Hershey kiss.
Place settings were just a napkin with a diaper-folded pocket
out of notebook paper and washi tape.
Stuck the silverware inside.
The mini backpacks were all hand-done
and filled with stuff
for a Back-to-School survival kit.
Even the little pocket had
a small stack of  Post-It notes I
stamped on the first page
and put a strip of Washi tape over the back
sticky side (I broke down a stack)

Pencil wreath!
You is kind, smart, important!
See that little dragonfly?
In my frenzy
I laid this face down on the bar
without thinking
and got a small spot on the front.
Time to embellish!
It looked great hanging on our blackboard
that's normally part of our kitchen!

The banner...
sorry for the backlight
and pardon the disarray I hadn't moved in the background!
It disappeared before the party tho!

This is a photo my god-daughter took of herself
and "ratified" (is that a word?!) in a photo enhancing program-hence the blue lips
and bright blue eye--it was perfect!

The drinks--with tags for
7-UP lifting ways to start your first week of school...
I served wormy cupcakes!
I have a friend who bakes and cooks
and she made these delicious adorable cupcakes
from the pic I sent her from Juxtapost.
Fondant leaves, pretzel stem--gummy worm
and you have a wormy-apple cupcake!
They were HUGE
and even had a delicious filling!

The "Groupies" minus one..
we had to take it from the wrong side of the banner
to avoid the backlight from our window...

Maren eating hubby savoring his cupcake...

speaking of hubby...he was a HUGE HELP, too
he moved cars, helped cook, cleaned up from dinner
so we could get right to scrapping...
hang on to your hats, ladies-
he even offered to help me prep kits
when he saw me getting stressed as the minutes ticked off..!
"I don't know how to use a tape gun and all that stuff...
but I am willing to try if it will help you..."!

Hubby and "Buzz" challenging each other
to eat their worms!

What we do best besides eat and talk....
scrapping the night away...

My besties....

I THINK they all had fun!
I did!
OH--I forgot the layout we made-
Next time!

As I said,
I will post details on each thing
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to School....more sneak peaks...

Praying my god-daughter who says
she never looks at my blog
I have been a whirling dirvish these last few days.
I am down to prepping class kits,
doing a table runner
and sweeping up cat hair
before her party.
OH---and picking up the cupcakes!

That's one I've got to keep to myself...
but the backpacks are done
(and packed!)
the drinks are ready as well
thanks to my assistant~!

the wreath is ready....
(I will never ever sharpen a pencil by hand again!)

and this is just part of the banner...

I cannot wait to put it all together and decorate---
at the same time...
my heart is breaking that she is leaving me again.
But God used his sledge hammer on me again today
to remind me...
she's not mine.
I can't keep her, hold her, protect her---
I have to let her go---and let her grow
and love her from afar.
Just as He has with us.
And that was on my WAY to church!
Off for a dip in the ocean
saltwater cures anything--
the sea, sweat or lately, for me, tears.
Stay tuned for the grand finale.
Until next time
happy stamping and scrapping.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sneak Peek

Details on another day.
I just needed to do something to distract myself
from my sorrow--and get something done
on a going away/groupie send-off for my god-daughter
we spent the week-end together
and she taught me to work with wire-
we made some bubble wands...

She is the most amazing, smart, sweet, cute, thoughtful
soon to be 14 year old (going on 25)
on the planet.
And I am going to miss her sooooooooooooooo much.

My groupie gals
as helping me with a party/send off for her
these ladies didn't mind this tween
joining us once a month for our classes.
They were great role-models for her
and I cannot thank them enough for
making her welcome and part of our group.
Ok-I am going to short out the keyboard
as I am leaking (as the Smurf said in Smurfs 2---
there is an AWESOME Christian message
if you read between the lines!
A great way to open lines of communication
to young ears that need to be reminded
Whose we are...!

Here's the first thing up:

Made out of Mentos (I couldn't find Rollo's)
and a Hershey Kiss.
I will post details on another day---
there's more treats to come-
in the meantime--
can you spot my "goof"?
I didn't ---until I got to # 6 out of 6!

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Friday, August 9, 2013


I am actually sitting and typing this from my very own laptop once again!
I have my own picture files---my own favorite blog list...
I am one happy camper in the land of technology today.
Reminder/Word to the wise: DO NOT leave your laptop OPEN if you have cats who are apt to sit upon it---and vomit.  TMI---but it was quite a costly lesson learned the hard way.
My tech guru was able to save my info-particularly my favorites---which I somehow need to learn how to print the links I don't go through withdrawal again.

That said, and while I do have two cards I created that I need to post,
for now and since I am under a time crunch as my 13-year old goddaughter
is spending the week-end with me before they move to VA (bittersweet),
I have been given permission to post a project that one of the Close to My Heart consultants
SANDY COE made.  This is a Halloween treat box using of course CTMH materials and Cricut cartridges---it is AWESOME in my opinion
 A similar item was featured in the recently released CTMH catalog.  While the catty shows great projects, they give you no information other than the material list so not only did Sandy make this---she first had to figure out the design pattern measurements on her own!!!  The girl is TALENTED, let me tell ya! 

Ok-so I am off to finish my coffee and do a mad cleaning of the craft room so we can do some crafty things this week-end.  I am going to miss my girl---and hate that at a young and impressionable age I am going to have to do my god-mothering from a distance.  It may lend itself to longer visits during the summer....but sigh.  It doesn't soothe this hurting heart now.

Until next time--happy stamping and scrapping!