Monday, May 30, 2011

My Theme Song!

Oh yeah...This was ME on Thursday! This is MY THEME SONG!  Lol! 

This is the Stuff by Francesca Batticelli

Time to...

We plan...and GOD the saying goes.  MY PLAN for the Memorial Day week-end did not happen. Not by a long shot!  After spending Tues. night in agony, I woke Wed. to send my husband off to VA for the week-end. I was going to spend Wed. and Thurs. afternoon cleaning the rest of the house so over the "official" week-end I could clean the craft room.  Wed. was spent filling out paperwork for the surgeon I would see on Thurs. and trying to catch up work so I could miss a day. Did I mention the not being able to breathe, coughing, choking on ---never mind.  Thurs. was horrible...except that I liked the surgeon and *think* I feel comfortable letting him rip out a body part. It's gotten to be rather offending and I am ready for it to GO. Friday was back in the office despite feeling like death warmed over to finish bulletins, etc. Then home.  I rested.  Saturday I felt a wee bit better and did a few things before deciding I wanted to clean up an item and needed a trip to the craft store. I hit the jackpot and spent Sat. evening and all day yesterday "creating"...
Then, when I was too tired to do any more, I sat down and colored these:

I made 10 cards...for the preschool teachers.  I colored the images from
Mo's Digital Pencil, Too, cut them out and layered them on the card fronts. The dp is from a mat stack I found at ACM--really really pretty and I think I need to go back and get more of it-it's perfect for beach theme cards...
and I just realized while waiting for these to upload that I haven't colored and CE'd her sunglasses! A must-do!
So's time to clean up my mess! It was soooo nice to take the day to play---my SUNDAY'S ARE (GOD &) MY DAY...held. I didn't do anything beyond rest and relax and play.  It was so worth it! Today I can face the chaos and clean. I am refreshed and rejuvenated. Gee, isn't that just what He knew and promised if we would only LISTEN and OBEY? Sigh.

I am still stuffy and drippy, somewhat achy, and the cat is still not quite right. But it's ok.  It's going to be a good day.  I am going to clean, 15 minutes at a time Flylady's way--and it will get done.

I am also going to take some time today to reflect on what the day is all about. I will celebrate those that have served for our freedom...thank those that I can, say a prayer for those that have fallen in doing so and left behind family and friends.  We buried a good friend earlier this year that served in Special Ops back in the Viet Nam days.  And yeah, his death was related to his days of service.  So sad. Two of my stepsons have served-Navy and Marines.  My two nephews are serving/going to serve...yep, Navy and Marines.
Theresa's dad served--should know which branch but not sure-Marine's I think. Doesn't matter. He served!
Which-I need to go and see if I can put the flag out. I can't reach, even with a ladder, to hang it the way hubby does. But the wind off the beach is non-existent at this point so I think I can rig something up to secure it!

When I take a break, I will be doing some coloring for Father's Day cards, and checking out the linky party at I *heart* naptime (I LOVE linky parties!)
and, like most others, relish in the fact that...
until next time, happy stamping and scrapping---and-go thank a Vet!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

And the BLUE RIBBON goes to....

Brook Russell for his CRAB SOUP!  The spoon in this display has been sitting, with the ribbon attached, in a vase on my Hoosier for ?? months since he won it! It was time to give it a more permanent--and PROMINENT--home. This is what I came up with...

The shadow box I used was an awesome deal at AC Moore in the unfinished wood section of the store. Hopefully, you won't have to deal with the utterly rude sales person Theresa and I had to!  Had I not driven an hour to get there I would have walked out.  Yep, that bad. the 2-3 pieces of 12x12 paper were crammed in with the wooden items and paints and therefore bent-the frame with its glass wasn't wrapped to protect it...sigh.  Anyway-I think it came out pretty nice. I was able to get the photos of the tag I made for the pot on the table, him with his ribbon and the pot on the stove. A local sub shop featured his soup two days of the week following the Soup Off--and they sold out both days within an hour or so!  I have a photo of the sign they had on the their counter as well as him sampling their version of it ("It's a bit bland and the onions taste burned--but it's still good!")  The ribbon's protected and the spoon *could* be removed if he decided he wanted to use it. I don't *think* it's "too girly" looking--very simple.  And, speaking of crab soup, being able to eat that again will be worth the pain and frustration of the surgery! ; )
Whew. So now it's time to feed the cats, find something COLD to drink (I think it's 85 in here at least--) and then work on finishing the cards for the preschool teachers.  They are colored-despite not having the copic markers I wanted and had to order at class last week. They are somewhere...God only knows where. I treated myself to a set of new colored Crayola pencils and  they worked ok with the few copics and sharpies I have.  Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.  Blessings, Sharon

The Royal Phone Thrones...!

Ok. I am beside myself with glee this morning. NOT over the fact that the Bad Cat, who wouldn't come in off the back deck last night woke me up with a serenade at 4 AM---which turned into a duet when  Poppa Cat joined in shortly after...But ---this is what happened after a cup of coffee, some hot glue, and a little imagination...

Hmmm...I wonder if these would sell well? Who wouldn't like a little bit of beach atmosphere?!
I absolutely ADORE them!!!  I cannot for the life of me find the jar of "beachy beads" to add some (make believe) sand to the flip flops, chair and shells-but can add that later (real sand was used in the photo shoot and yes, those are real shells found by moi on the chairs!)  I used 2 of  these chairs to practice the crackle finish before I attempt the frame.  I had some of this green left over from a real sized similar chair that sits in our bedroom.  I wonder I could bribe Barbara from Barbara's World of Whimciees to make me a little red-headed mermaid (with a tiara of course!) to sit in one of them! Actually, I have an Adirondack chair lamp a little larger than these that's the same color on my dresser that I've been wanting one for!  I love Adirondack chairs but, unfortunately, they are often too big for me to be comfortable in--I feel like Edith Ann--'Member Her?!
I have found some custom-sized chairs--but the price tag is well out of the royal tote bag's limits!
Well, the crackle isn't drying too fast on the frame project--and watching paint dry is not my idea of I think I will go wake up all the napping kitties and maybe do some coloring on the cards I want to do for the preschool teachers as I found some great paper for those yesterday as well!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Theresa saves the day!

After putzing around the house a wee bit and getting a few things accomplished, as I worked my way into the kitchen, I decided I wanted to do something with the silver serving spoon and blue ribbon my darling husband won--claws down--with his crab soup recipe a few months back at our church's annual Soup Cook-Off.  Claws...crab soup. Yep, I am feeling a wee bit better, thank you! ; )  I found papers in my stash  that would work, printed off the photos...but needed a shadow box 12x12 frame. That meant...a trip to Wilmington (1 hr. away).  I called Theresa.  With her husband off at work she decided she could come and --well, go!  So off we went. Naturally, I couldn't find a frame deep enough to house the spoon-so I thought I would just go to   plan B and would attach it to the outside instead. Until I wandered back to the wood aisle! I hit sawdust--ah, pay dirt!
This shadow box has a beautiful latch to it and is deep enough to hold all the items I want to protect-particularly since it's going to be in the kitchen!
Theresa helped me pick out paints and I am going to try my hand at whipping up a crackled finish for this dish!  Going to use a pale blue underneath a soft cream color---perfect mix for crab soup, don't you think?!
Then, as if all that weren't good enough, I found these, too:
Remember when I found this
Thinking it was small enough to sit on my desk and hold my cell phone when, in actuality, it's turned out to be large enough to hold a small cat?! Well! The ones I found today WILL hold a cell phone-AND fit on my desk! For $ 1.50 or less each...!!! The company I got the large chair from has a set of three small ones like I found today for---drum roll please--$ 24.99 + SHIPPING! For far less, I will have 4 to match my decor!  Go me! Living room, kitchen, craft room and bedroom. The cell phone WILL NOW HAVE IT'S OWN THRONE--or will as soon as I hit them with a little paint and crackle!
Time for some supper, some more straightening up, and a little bit of painting. I can't wait!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

The saga continues...!

Well, I've done nothing "artsy-fartsy" other than...order these and a few others from Mo's Digital Pencil.  These are just a few--"Nesto" --the bucket boy, is an individual image---the other two beachy themed items are part of a set of 6 that are just adorable (and of course I couldn't resist her "talking to the cat" image!). I am thinking of using "Nesto" with  her "Little Umbrella" lady lounging on the beach  for a card for the preschool teachers. Am thinking "Nesto" on the front with "GO...."and then the Little Umbrella lady behind him or on the inside with "celebrate summer!"I got all the treats done for the kiddos-thankfully-before all heck broke loose this week. The teachers got left behind when I got the appt. with the surgeon on short notice.

After my allergies getting worse and worse despite meds, in talking with my still-out-of-town hubby last night, he wondered if I was smelling the ammonia and/or moth balls he put between our floor and ceiling downstairs (we're up on pilings) to help evict the racoon(s?) that moved in. "I can't smell anything!"  That got me to thinking tho---I am getting worse---could there be a hole in the a/c ductwork and it's pulling the smell/chemicals inside? The "baby" (aka INKY (cat) is still feeling puny as well...are we slowly being poisoned? So...I reopened all the windows, cut off the a/c.  Finally fell asleep. Only to wake up an hour or so later with another gall bladder attack.  For 5 hrs. straight I was in agony! I did eventually get some sleep and am happy to say it's calmed down-and the allergies are not gone but significantly improved. Let's hope it stays cool enough to tolerate the open windows. This is SO NOT in MY PLAN for a HOLIDAY WEEK-END!
Anyway-I am trying to get my ducks in a row for things to do if I end up down for the count. Printing some of Mo's images to color being one of them--if my copic markers I ordered ever show up. Need to hit some yard sales or used book store for reading material as well. I feel crummy, cat feels crummy, lots to do and my get up and go has gotten up and went!
PLEASE---go do some stamping and scrapping for me! Until next time....Blessings, Sharon

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feeling sorry for myself... : ---(

So not a happy Thursday!  Here's the scoop:  After watching this little guy lay around most of the week-end as well as Mon. and Tues.--and then wanting  to be rubbed and petted,
I knew it was time to go see our beloved vet.  Although he's had bladder issues in the past, I don't panic so much anymore as she's really got that under control (unlike our previous vet).  Turns out, he's a constipated kitty!  Poor guy. So there I was yesterday standing in the laxative aisle in our local Wal-Mart calling the vet's office and asking "What was the name of that laxative she wanted me to get for Inky?"  Then scouting the cooking aisle for a 1/8 teaspoon! Which I found!!! (Ya gotta understand-we have a "pretend" Wal-Mart. Their selections are terrible, they don't honor sale ads, they never have what's advertised to the rest of the country.)  Of course, this was something new sprinkled on his food so no go.  Literally. Fooled him this am and mixed it in a little canned food. When you're hungry, even if you're not Mikey (aka Bad Cat in our house)--you'll eat anything. So down the hatch it went.  Hopefully, it will help.

In the meantime, the second story line to all this is...I was up the entire night Tues. night with yet another gall bladder attack. Actually three-or one very long one that gave me brief reprieves in between. That led to a call to my PCP for a referral to a surgeon. It's time.  I've tried diet, we've worked on lowering my elevated estrogen (a cause in gb issues in women that dr's won't tell you about...), and acupuncture (which helped some, too).  But it's not significantly better-at least not to my satisfaction. As much as I am terrified of surgery (for good reason), it's time.  On top of this, my husband left for VA yesterday morning (nothing he can do-the worst was over by then and I'm good for another 3-4 weeks if the cycle I encouraged him to go as planned).  What I didn't expect was an appointment with said surgeon THIS MORNING?!  So now I have an hr. drive one way to "town" to see a new doctor (something I hate more than going to the dentist (she at least gives me "happy pills" so I don't care!) Did I mention that I have a horrible cold and/or allergies going on at the same time?  I AM NOT a HAPPY CAMPER!  That, and my boss was out of the office yesterday so I couldn't get the bulletins or the newsletter finished so I have a huge workload hanging over my head to deal with as well.  Was feeling so puny last night I fell sound asleep at 8 PM--woke up and 4--and realized I forgot my hormones and other meds so not sure if I am feeling a hot flash or fever and naturally there's not a working thermometer in the house either.  On top of that, I was going to take advantage of his time away and clean the craft room-a chance to pull everything out, sort and put back.  Not happening. With everything else going on the rest of the house is in disarray and I keep thinking, "If surgery happens right is this and that going to get done?" Can't go there.  Theresa gave me that pep talk last night and I just have to hit the "rewind" and "replay" button. 
Wish I could have a good cry and feel better!
Needless to new artwork. I even *bought* a birthday card for a friend yesterday! About killed me...but just didn't have the "oomph" and mojo to make one.
Until next time, do some stamping and scrapping for me, will ya please?! Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Flowers...two days in a row!  I am loving this, let me tell you!  He's certainly earning some points! 
It's not always been sunshine and flowers however.  We've been through some dark times-and we almost didn't make it.  With lots of prayer, support and hard work, we're finding our way back.  It takes time-and it takes work.  It's not easy. But the good times are worth it.  Gotta remember...there will be  bad times-it's inevitable as we are human-but they are temporary if you keep talking, keep working, hang on to the memories of the good times and remember God is with you no matter what.

The first blog I look at happens to be
Ali Edwards.  Please go to this link: and watch the video.  It deals with skin cancer.  Although I am the fair-skinned natural red-head whose had more than a few bad sunburns in her days, it's my husband whose been battling skin cancers.  He's had countless moles removed. Thankfully, most have been just fine.  There's been a few that required more invasive surgery to remove.  Not fun.  Scary. Thankfully, he listens to his physician and has regular check ups. If I see something new or different, he will call and see her sooner (it helps that she's good-looking! I really don't care if it gets him there! lol!)  He wears hats to protect his face and long sleeves if were out on the boat or he's in the sun.  He does all he can to prevent futher issues.  Yeah, it can be a pain.  But...I've seen first-hand what chemo and radiation can do. My late husband went through lung cancer.  Believe me, putting on a little sunscreen, wearing a hat or long sleeves is nothing compare to the weight loss, hair loss, nausea-not to mention the expense (I stopped counting at $180,000!)--of the alternative.  I get really angry at the women who moan and complain about the pain of mammograms.  It's lss than 5 minutes, people. Get over it!  As the old addage goes "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"--at least I think I got that right!
Anyway, PLEASE share this if you do nothing else today.  Have those check ups.  It's worth it. Trust me. And if you won't do that...then please call your lawyer and update your will!

Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon

Monday, May 23, 2011

What a way to start the day!

We woke up earlier than usual for some reason this morning.  Hubby had breakfast-I had my coffee...he went downstairs to "putz" a little before going to work and I began my morning blog-hopping ritual. When he came back up to get his gear he said, "I have something for you..." This is a loaded statement coming from him-the man who handed his nature-loving mom a  SNAKE (yes, a real snake!) in her kitchen!  I cautiously turned around and said, "Ohhh...?" and  he handed me this:
a perfect, beautiful, dew-dropped hibiscus!  When I commented on how pretty and perfect it was, he told me it was just like me!  Awwww....what a way to start my day! 
  We have a lot of bushes so summer brings lots of blooms and you'll often find them on our kitchen bar,  windows sill, the bathrooms, the bedroom... I think I will take this one to work with me so I can enjoy it as their life span is only one day! They are a  good reminder that we only're not promised a tomorrow...just the now.  So take it and enjoy it-make the most of it. Treasure it. End of sermon!

While waiting for the photos to upload, I went into the kitchen to refill my coffee cup. This is what I found in there:

This is the space between my cupboards and the ceiling! I have several decorative pitchers up there..and a few knick-knacks...and, obviously, a cat! This is the "baby", aka Inky.  When he really was a baby (he's 4 now...) I often found him up there curled up next to this guy:

 Too funny!  Wish I could nap the day away-or stay home and stamp and scrap, but alas, it's time to get ready to go to work.  Actually, I get to scrap on the computer since I do the church newsletters and bulletins and get to play with layouts and clip art-so it's not really work-but shhh, don't tell them that-I really like my paycheck! Lol! Until next time,  take time to smell the flowers and...happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Monkey-ing Around...

Been to church-home-had a delicious breakfast fixed by hubby-and then started on the treats that I wanted to do for the preschool kids at the church I work for.  I saw a cute idea on a blog where they rolled a package of Smarties into a diploma and put a seal on it and a ribbon. Hmmm...great for bigger kids...not sure that's what I wanted for the little people.  Then I saw these on Martha's site today:
You print, cut, score, tape and then insert a party blower! TOO CUTE! I thought the alligator with "See you later allegator!" would be a nice end-of-school goodie... But...I already had the candy...and the royal bank account is getting I opted to stick to plan A...
This is what I came up with: for the 2 year olds...
I used the Top Note die by SU (see Theresa for yours!), printed the sentiment "To all the Little Lambs Preschool Smarties (attached roll of candy!)--Good Job! Happy Promotion Day! Blessings, Ms. Sharon
I had already printed and die cut the cards-only to realize my images wouldn't fit. What to do?! Enter the scallop punch! I stamped the CTMH Owl after attaching the branch (another SU punch), and stuck all of that on top of the top note die cut. I could see them ripping into the candy and teachers scrambling as it rolled across the floor...solved that by sticking it all  into a ziplock, stapling a piece of twine (gives it  more "back to nature" feel!), and tied it into a bow...

The 3 year old class picked their own theme-MONKEYS!  Somehow, I think that fits them perfectly! So I used the monkey from a CTMH set. Had to get a wee bit creative here. The stamp has him hanging from a branch.  I didn't want to mess with stamping in two colors or having it all brown.  Enter the finger knife! I stamped the image, made two small slits next to his hands, and wove the branch through the slits! Added some nice color, don't you think?

Next up...the 4's.  They are graduating!  So they needed a little extra.  I found the perfect cap stamp at AC Moore yesterday when we went to Myrtle Beach.  Stamped the Owl and then the cap in navy.  I even got smart and stored the little set with the cap in the set with the owl! No "where the heck did it go?" when I want to repeat this image! Their sentiment was a bit different.
Now...I just need a little something for the 1 year olds in the Friday only class. There's only three and I am thinking of bubbles.  And...I have a lot of those on hand anyway. I also want to make something quick and easy for the teachers--thinking of something bubbly for them---? Bubble bath in a plastic wine glass maybe? Hmm...gotta think on that one...! Time to clean up and head for the boat ride, picnic and relaxing. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, May 21, 2011


No crafty stuff today...the OKI StampQueen spent the last 3-4 days sidelined with a fibromyalgia flare up.  Not fun.  Lots of pain.  I did *nothing* yesterday.   That was NOT in my plan as my friend Betsy would say! I had a lot of things-crafty and otherwise-that I had hoped to get accomplished. It didn't happen that way.  Thankfully, I am over the worst of it.  Thank you, Jesus! So I guess putting myself down vs. pushing my limits paid off. Today...Theresa and I go to Myrtle Beach to take  a Copic (marker) class.  I'm excited! In the's a few things to share:
Books...some time back I discovered  Sarah Addison Allen-she's written several books: Garden Spells, The Sugar Queen, The Girl Who Chased the Moon, and her most recent, The Peach Keeper. I've read all but The Peach Keeper. Some I've read twice! I clicked on the trailer for The Peach Keeper. It's narrated by Karen White who I had not heard of until 5 minutes ago! I LOVE her accent! I love Google, too, as I was able to quickly find a list of other books she's narrated (oops-going back--not other books she's narrated-
: (    --she's written a # of books-bummers). Now to try and find good deals on some of them! While I doubt they will be ones hubby would enjoy-maybe he'll be as enthralled as I am by her accent and suffer through the book versions of "chic flicks!". 

Catnip. Poppa Cat decided to play with one of my catnip fish last night...
This last one clearly says "MINE!"  You can see the cat spit on it! Ewww.  He's the one that "overdosed" on catnip the first time I got an order in after he moved in with us.  He went nuts over the box--the catnip was boxed, wrapped in paper, and sealed in plastic! He chewed the box, tore up the paper, and then went crazy when I opened the package! It's that fresh and potent! Always my best-sellers at craft shows by far! Want some for your four-legged friends? Check out this post:

Remember the commercial for cereal? "Give it to Mikey--he will eat anything?"  Well, I am going to start calling Bad Cat "Mikey" instead!  This cat has started trying all kinds of different things! He LOVES spaghetti sauce.  And has tried a whole menu of other things. Last night I had some home-grown peas in the pod and some cajun dip ready for my husband to snack on when he got home from work.  He wasn't the only one snacking, however...first...the sniffing...
then the getting ready...
Note the tongue action! Lol. He couldn't get enough!  It's mayo and sour cream with the herbs added. He wouldn't eat the pea-just wanted the dip! Too funny!
Not to leave the "baby" (aka Inky) out--this is what I found in the basket that had the peas in it...

 he's a wee bit bigger than the basket...notice the backside hanging over the edge?!

and there's a little hole in the corner of it...see the paw poking out?

my husband calls this "cat-fishing"! Looks like he caught one, too!
(blogger says this pic is "centered"? go figure?!)

Well, I need to get some things done around the royal household before I take off to play.  Thanks for the prayers for healing--they worked!  Now to not over-do playing catch up! Whatever you do, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just Wanna Play...

 I woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday--which is technically my "Friday" disappointing when I realized it was only Wednesday! My late husband used to say "don't wish your life away..." (he used to always forget Tuesdays...!) so I will try to make the best of today...even if it is only Wednesday...sigh.

We had groupie night last night. Here's our teacher, Theresa, with the beautiful pages she designed...
Once again my photography fails to capture the prettiness of these pages...beautiful robin's egg blue background...they are adorable and really quick to put together!
Then after everyone went home and I was getting ready to curl up in bed and read...this is what I found...

"I am a crafty cat, Momma!" 
 This cat made the Letters to the Editor section  of  the now defunct Rubber Stamper Magazine! I caught him curled up with the then-current issue under his paws after I had gotten up to get a drink of water. Better be careful of this guy--he may be taking over my teaching position! lol.

And then...I am drooling over this:
A wise little owl told us that the CK Scrapbook Convention (CKC) is coming to Charlotte on August 26-27, 2011. Come enjoy classes, shopping, and crops that will rejuvenate and inspire your scrapbook and paper crafting passion.

I looked at the class schedule-holy moly--there are SO MANY I want to take and do!  I am counting my pennies and praying it will work out. I have never gone to a convention before...and think it would be a ton of fun. While I love teaching, it's fun to take classes as well...something we don't get to do a whole lot as so many of our surrounding stores have closed due to poor management and Theresa and I haven't won the lottery yet to open our own.  Someday... Hoping Theresa and some other of groupies can go and help split the costs of travel and would be so much fun!  I said that already, huh? ya think it's something I am looking forward to?!  In case you're interested-here's the link: CKC Charlotte, NC.  Check it out. There have others in other states/places...
I was also evidently dreaming about it, too as I never heard my husband get up in the middle of the night, get fully dressed and go poking around under the house (our house is on pilings).  Evidently, we have a couple of racoons who have made a home between the floor of the house and the insulation, heating ducts and "ceiling" below! The big question now is: how many are there, are there babies, and how do we get rid of them without harming them?! 
Well, better go refill the cup of "go juice" and get going.  Convention means lots of pennies money and although I am the OKI StampQueen...that means work...
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon

Monday, May 16, 2011

Belated Birthday!

When I went to Theresa's to work our pootooties off  "play"-I got a surprise! A belated birthday present! She gave me a very nice hand-stamped card (reminder: ask T. who makes the image she used on the front!) and this stamp was my gift:
kinda hard to read but it says "Love yourself".

Hmmm. Sometimes that's hard to do! We see all our faults and flaws. But the other day I got a new "do". And it made me smile. I felt good about me.  And I took a few pics so I could duplicate what the hairdresser had done.  I even *liked* the pics of me! So...I have the idea in my head (punny!)--of the page I want to make.  It involves my head shots (I worked on editing them so the palm trees weren't sprouting out of my head....ears...etc. as you see here but who knows where Picassa put the edited ones! )...
and the Tim Holtz photo strip die that has itty bitty photo slots.... and the stamp of course. And a list of things that I at least like about me...
Not...being-the word escapes me---self centered helps but not what I am looking for-egotistical maybe...
I have a very hard time liking me. Grew up with a mom who was extremely negative and I was never ever good enough...and it colored my thinking of to even *think* about doing this...well!  I think my friend picked the perfect stamp!
Hope it comes out as good as I think it might!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon