Sunday, July 19, 2015

What a WILD World I Live In!

Wondering if I even have any followers left its been sooo long since I've posted.
Not that I ever had that many to start with but still...!
It's been tough what life has thrown at me this past year +
and I've struggled to stay afloat at times.
We've had some good things...
This girl not only went to her Great Gatsby themed prom
but also graduated this year as well---
and I got to be a part of it all!
Way to go TT!
And then one day
a new little --and I do mean little--
fur ball showed up on our front deck.
Now Momma in sight--no other little brothers or sisters.
Our older feral cat was tolerant---but not real happy about having a ball of energy
disrupting his space, afternoon naps, etc.
And we are surrounded by rental properties so there's lots of traffic to worry about.
We decided to try and trap it and yes,  bring it in.
Worked the first try and---
Meet Lady Liberty
Just 11 weeks old and under 3 pounds!
She is as sweet as she looks!
The stuffed cat she`s curled up with looks like our outside feral cat
and she was trembling terribly when we first crated her but when I put the stuffed cat in
she calmed right down!
I was able to handle her the very first night she was inside with us!

She made herself right at home!
My papasan chair makes a good napping place...

and when not napping she loves running around the edge of it!
When I am not cuddling the kitty
I have done some crafting...
This card format was cased from Dawn`s Stamping Studio--
That front panel is acetate (aka transparency) and the girl image
is stamped with StazOn.
The bottom panel says ``I am LATE & missed the DATE...

I have another birthday card I made in this similar style
but those pics are yet to be downloaded from my iphone.
I also made a beachy WELCOME banner
but my photos aren`t where I thought they were
so that will  have to wait for another day!
I hosted two great girls and their Grandma (my coworker)
and they each did their name in glow in the dark foam letters
with beach-themed embellishments.
My WELCOME banner was to give them an idea of what they were going to do!
So stay tuned!
I promise to post those soon!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!