Saturday, January 26, 2013

Whoooos Your Valentine/You've Got Mail!

I had some time to play with my Cricut this afternoon
and knowing I will be needing
20-30 little somethings
for little someones
I began thumbing through the
Close to My Heart
Artiste Cricut Cartridge booklet
and decided that
little mailboxes
would by just the thing
to hold the Hershey Kisses I got!
Here's what I came up with...

Just big enough to hold three Hershey Kisses!
(maybe four-not sure-ate it instead!)
If you want to create this cute little treat
cut your mailbox (and all parts)
at 1 1/2".
To save you from saying
lots of dirty words wordy durds...
The easiest way to add that
red border strip
on to those insy tinsy scallops
is to run tape on the scalloped portion
and then attach the red strip,
rolling off any excess tape as you go.
I do not do well with wet glue.
Low temp glue was bumpy and dried too fast.
Regular glue took too long to dry...
and that Liquid Glass stuff was everywhere and wet and sticky and...
This is by far the worst part of the entire project (for me)!
MANY hit the trash can
before I hit on the right combination for me!
The stamp set I used
was from
WHOOOS Your Valentine
another great CTMH product.
Used Ruby cardstock and ink.
I've earned a rum drink after that!
Only another 29 to go!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Just the Ticket...!

So a co-worker came to me the other day
and said
it was less than two weeks and counting
until the baby shower for her
could I please help her make
some shower favors...?
After a deep breath-
I asked her if she had any ideas
She said she had spent hours on Pintrest
and I was worried-
but she surprised me and she kept it simple!
"I like the little sour cream type favors..."
was music to my ears!
Did they know
if it was a boy or girl.
Oh boy--here's where the going is going to get tough
Again, I was surprised.
E-invite theme was a train in pastels.
And Grandpa works on trains--
so trains it was!
Let's get rolling!
When she could only find pastel (no print) cardstock
I whipped out the embossing folders.
We thought a tag would work well
with a train image clip art-and
"Whoo-hoo...It's a Boy"
printed on it.
Not happy with "just a tag"
I looked through my
Close to My Heart Art Philosophy cartridge
and found...just the "TICKET"!
Still needing something...
I foraged in my stash
and found the leftovers from my
bulk Miracle pack-
and we were ready to roll!
Whatcha think?

The "ticket" cutout as well as "It's a BOY"
all started out as white cardstock-
I colored it with a Copic to match the darker blue
in the paper
The sour cream holder  favors varied-
some were pale blue, others pale yellow and
last but not least a pale green.

These were fairly simple to do-
and sit so nicely
(we did have to add a pop dot or two
behind the tag and the ribbon to hold them up)
on the table!
We whipped out 25 in two hours time
(assembly, that is! Precutting added another hour or so...!)
Using the same dp and ticket theme
I made name tags last evening.
I failed, however, to take a photo of them.
Using the same train image,
the same ticket shape (minus the decorative "ticket" word cut out)
I simply printed
"Hello-My name is" on the ticket
leaving a space above the train car to write the name.
Where the word "ticket" appeared on the favor "tag"
I punched two vertical holes and fed a large safety pin through.
Ribbon will be added to that for decoration-
they will then just pin the name tag on
and no sticky mess to deal with on clothing!
Another crisis averted!
It's cold here-and going to get colder!
Like it or not, the weather and weariness is
whipping my butt!
Even after a 2 1/2 hr. "nap" this afternoon
I am still achy and drained.
Back to my bed and book...!

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Where has all the CREATIVITY gone...?

I've taken a small break
as hubby and I actually got away for a week-end
we left the go to the beach!
I am back now
in checking out my most favorite blogs
(which can take quite some time...the list is WAYYYY long...)
I've been wondering
It seems that every single one  er, most of
the Close to My Heart and SU blogs
have absolutely nothing
but the company videos or ideas
the canned marketing things.
While I know it's a sales booster
(and maybe mine would be better
if I tried it, too...)
but I am really missing all the awesome work
of my blogsphere friends
that make me say
"WOW! I got to have that!"
I need some awesome Valentine ideas
for something sweet to give 30 preschoolers...
they don't "get" the funky phrases
and to do treat tubes for that many...not quite in my budget.
Even Splitcoaststampers seems a bit out of whack...
or maybe it's just me....
After all, I've been around the creative block
for quite some time
(yeah, pun intended!)
Maybe a nap will help...
stay tuned to see what I can dream up on my own...
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sleepy...! Bookmarks for your bedtime story...

No project to post today--
but I will say that
I took the photo from the post below--
well, I didn't "take" it-I found it posted on Facebook
and using Publisher
I added the following
One Day At A Time
may you have
you need
for a blessed and
then the
Happy New Year
from the photo
I printed this out
2 on a 4x6 size photo paper
cut them in half
and made bookmarks
to share with some friends.
I am not sure
how to link it here
for you to download and use...
if anyone can tell me how...
I will be more than happy to attempt
to add it.
They were a small gesture
that was a big hit!
It's Saturday
and I am still sleepy
even after 1 1/2 large cups of coffee.
Waiting to see
if my friend Theresa and I are going shopping today
it's either I get more Clinique eyeliner
or I have to resort to using my Copics for it!
I promise to get back to posting
some crafty and creating things
tomorrow, Scarlett
or shortly thereafter!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One Day At A Time...

may you and yours
have everthing you need
for a blessed &