Friday, February 24, 2012

Attention All Ladies....

Warning: this is an
I am on my soapbox (again!) post...

please, please, please
heed that little inner voice
that tells you when something doesn't sound quite right
doesn't feel quite right, doesn't sit too well...
get that second---maybe even third opinion
or however many it takes
until you are completely convinced
that what you've been told
is as humanly possibly correct
as it can be...
and this goes for ANYONE
with any medical issue...

Last year
I had an abnormal pap smear.
My MD who did it told me
no, I didn't need an endometrium biopsy
(which I had had before-which is painful)
fast forward to the OB-GYN she referred me to
who said I needed that biopsy
and a colposcopy, too...

Praise God, both biopsies were fine---
there was "evidence of fragments of a polyp".
the GYN could not explain to me
what a polyp was, why it was there,
if there were more or if I needed to be concerned about it.
The third practitioner I was seeing at that point
wasn't overly concerned--so I let it go.
The GYN had released me to go back to annual pap smears
so that's what my plan was.

Fast forward almost a year---
having multiple health issues,
I got lucky and got to see
a physician's assistant that I TRUST EMPHATICALLY
who shook her head and said
when I relayed the story(ies) above.
She said...
"I would have had you repeat paps at 3, 6, and then 1 year..."
which in turn led me to knocking hard
on the door of the GYN she recommended.
Yesterday I was told that,
based on last year's test results,
that GYN would have repeated the pap smear,
done the two biopies
(I was not medicated--
have had 2 by two different gyn's in my lifetime-no meds either time!)
and then, because of the pieces of a polyp,
would have ordered 2 additional tests,
and had me repeat the pap in 6 mo.

So today
I find myself trying not to worry
while I wait two weeks for test results
to determine
what may--or may not-- have happened
in a years time...

I was not comfortable with the first GYN.
I should have walked out.
I was not 100% sure of the second practitioner I was seeing
and I should have seen a third.
Kicking myself.
Do research. Read. Ask. Ask some more.
If you don't get answers---find someone who can give them to you.
My late husband said of doctors, "I hired you-I can fire you!"
Now, I know--Doctors are not God!
They are not all knowing.
But if what they are saying is not making sense-
if you are not comfortable and getting relief

End of that soapbox.
I was feeling pretty low after all this
and still had errands to run in town.
I stopped at the health food store I frequent
(I have food allergies-wheat among others...)
and I heard a family behind me talking.
I gathered they were probably "newbies" to food allergies
and I heeded that little voice that told me to butt in.
I asked and yes, a young college student had just been diagnosed
last week with gluten allergies.
We talked a long time.
I think I was able to offer her some hope and encouragement
as I showed her my full cart and told her about
what we tried-what worked, didn't and so on.
I felt somewhat redeemed at that point.
That God used my struggle with my allergies
and what I learned from that
to help someone else...
hence my "soapbox" preface to this post...
maybe hearing me share will help save someone else...
whose wondering and questioning...

I'll post some projects
either later today or this week-end.
Until next time,
thanks for letting me vent
and happy stamping and scrapping!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

No BLUES here...!

Nope-not here...
although today I took my Valentine
to the
House of Blues Gospel Brunch.
It was raining as we drove
raining as we got there
(hence I completely forgot to take any outside pictures-duh!)
but it was warm insidewith GREAT music by
and the food!!!
We stayed through  two 1/2 sets of music
(they were just finishing one set when we arrived...)
I lost count of cups of coffee I drank
as well as trips to the buffet in the kitchen!
It was a lot of fun.
My pics are not the greatest---
in fact, the best one's hubby took..
(I've got to order the new camera---and then take a class
on how to use it!! and stop being shy about taking photos
in public...)
Hubby's second (?!) helping...
(that's a shrimp he's holding!)

Audience participation---
if you were caught not clapping-you had to sing!
There was some rockin' going on with
This Little Light of Mine...!

see-this is what I mean with my camera---
the room was dark-and the stage lit-
I futzed with this in Picasa to get it this light-but the picture itself is not clear
three little kids were singing and they were good!

The singer in the trio Glory--one keyboardist,
one on woodwinds (I saw a flute and clarinet-still think I heard a sax earlier as well)
they were GOOD!
It takes a lot for me to miss our praise band at church-
but they were worth it!

TO DIE FOR chocolate pie!
Gotta Google and see if I can find the recipe--
it's light like  Cool Whip but a little heavier-
but not as heavy as cheesecake or a pudding!
It was delicious and yes, I ATE THE WHOLE THING!

More pie in the kitchen---from whence mine came!
If I could have snuck one out of there...mmmm...
maybe by tomorrow lunch I'd be hungry enough again to eat!

Peel your own is not my favorite-
but these were easy to peel
(hubby said they slit them to make them so---)
and they were cooked in just enough spice
that I didn't even use the cocktail sauce... I had seconds on these, too!
 That's catfish next to the macaroni and cheese! YUM!
We had a great time--
how can you go wrong with good company,
good food and good GOSPEL music?!

Then we came home
snuggled under warm blankets
and took an almost 2-hour nap
(and woke up surrounded by cats)!
Can't think of a better way to have spent the day!

Now...maybe I will go try and burn off that pie
by doing a little stamping!
Then again....another nap might be good, too!

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!
Can't think

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A little late Valentine...

Since I knew I wouldn't be seeing my goddaughter
until after Valentine's Day
I put off making her card
until this afternoon.

Some background...
the child made fun of my eggs
I gave her for breakfast
until she tasted them!
And she LOVES bacon!
So when I saw a pair of
bacon and egg earrings---
I KNEW what she was getting!
But a $65 price tag?
Not happening!
Try $ 5-6--gotta love EBAY!
So here's her gift and card-all in one!
Valentine-you make my heart sizzle!

too cute I think!
decided to check out the CLEAN laundry...

notice of course--those are all WHITE CLOTHES
the black cat is sitting on!

Off to relax!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

FRIEND-SHIP on The Open Sea...

After a full day of prepping kits for class
on Tuesday night
I still hadn't made the
Thinking of You card
my husband requested a day or so ago...
and, sadly, time may be of the esssence
in this case so I decided
I needed to CASE a card quickly
and get it done.
I knew I had the Stampin Up nautical papers
and The Open Sea coordinating stamp set
and since this was for a man---
it was a perfect fit.
I started by Googling
"Stampin Up-The Open Sea"
and the first thing that came up was
and they have an entire GALLEY-er, gallery
dedicated to this stamp set!
I hit a treasure chest full!
Ho, Ho, and a bottle of rum---
I cased a card and was off to have some fun!
Thanks to
whose website is
Will have to check it out later!
Anyway-this is the finished product:
The stamps are SU--as is the patterned dp
and the baker's twine.
The solid cardstock is from my stash-
so no clue who or where on that...
Barbara even has the instructions for that fancy knot...
I laughed-me-tying a fancy knot!
I tie what my late husband called "Sharon Knots"
nothing known to man---
but they don't come undone, that's for sure!
Before I attempted it, however,
I had to get the "kinks" out of the Baker's Twine.
You know how ribbons, fibers and such get those
little "kinks" from being wrapped around the cards they come on.
Well! Do I have a trick for you!
Archivers sells a fancy little iron-to the tune of $ 25 or more
(if memory serves...)
Moi has a better and cheaper idea!
Part of my new hairstyle a while back was
flattening some of my curls and creating some chic bangs...
enter the FLAT IRON -- $ 9 at WM...
and hey, if it works on hair...
surely it will work on Baker's Twine, ribbon...
and yep-sure 'nough, matey, it does!
I just heated that baby up, ran the twin through there quickly
once (ok-twice for good measure)
and presto! No kinks!
I wanted to give it some "oomph"
so not one but two layers of pop-dots
(my hubby wasn't happy when I said extra postage
but looks awesome in person
and makes the difference between
well-done hand-made and off the rack at WM
or even Hallmark!
Here's the inside--
Close to My Heart sentiment and alphabets,
ink, too, for that matter.
SU and CTMH-great shipmates!

No naked mail so the enve got stamped as well.
Well, that's it for me today!
I've got to clean off the work table
maybe do some flylady attic time
and tend to some other housework.
I may be MIA tomorrow as well
as I am hoping to take my hubby
for the House of Blues Gospel Brunch
and maybe spend some time just sight-seeing
before we head home.

Speaking of "brunch"-
that BAD CAT...
he decided to help himself to a snack last night...
We accidently got the wrong kind of food-
so we grabbed a bucket and put the new/right food in it
but the top was not secured.
I was googling the card and heard crunching...
and this is what I found...
He was merrily chomping away
but tried to look innocent like
"hey, how'd that come off like that?!"
And we wonder why his tummy sags!

Next week I will show you
what our groupies worked on
and sometime soon after that
I will  have a TUTORIAL coming up
so stay tuned!

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Friday, February 17, 2012

OH HAPPY DAY! Congratulations Again to


I am known as the
and, unbeknownst to many,
I am also
(who made her dew-but (get it-flower fairy...dew....?!)
at my goddaughters 8th birthday party
and that persona blooms out every once in awhile
I hope she will aways hold on to that little bit of
"is this for real?!" she has about it!)
and, as of yesterday,
thanks to
I have a new title and position as a
Roberta put out a call for a new design team member
using one of images
and yesterday she announced that I had been picked!
As my title indicates,
I will be bibbidie-bobbidie-booing up
some tutorials
and posting them on Roberta's blog
as well as my own.
In fact, I have an idea kicking around in my head
for the very first one...
and I *think* it will involve
combined with another project I recently made
to show a variation of a card we'll be making
in our groupie class next week...
I am going to call it---
That's what Roberta made yesterday for me!

And yesterday was a wee bit stressful.
My husband is a town employee--
and the Town Council was meeting for major budget cuts...
we've been praying for sometime over this situation...
As it turned out, when all was said and done,
3 people from his department and 3 from another department
had their positions terminated.
While we "dodged the bullet" so to speak
others weren't so blessed and our hearts hurt for them.
We're believers-
and we know that God has our best interests at heart
(if you haven't watched the movie COURAGEOUS-do so)
but even so sometimes it's hard to put that faith into action
and not worry, fret, stress...
My prayers are with those waking up unemployed this morning--
that they will be able to hold fast to the saying that
"when God closes a door, he opens a window..."
and that their next steps will be led by Him.
I've seen that-many times.
When, in answer to my prayer some years back
when I was faced with difficult circumstances in what I had once
thought of as "my dream job"...I ask Him
"to either change things (in my job) in a big way---
or open and close doors in a VERY OBVIOUS WAY..."
it resulted in my resignation.
I had helped build a practice from the ground up
and got stabbed in the back once success, followed by greed, took over...
At the time, I was crushed.

Fast forward 6 months
(I was blessed my husband was able and willing

to let me take some time off to regroup...)
and the very day
 got up and decided that I was ready to look for a new job
I made exactly one phone call---for a totally different reason
and found my job now!
I am a part time church secretary-
less than 10 minutes from home.
I make the bulletin and newsletter look pretty
(can we say digital scrapbooking, people?!)
I design fliers, posters, brochures-
and do whatever else they need me to.
I often find myself needing my scrapbooking tools-at work!
Did I mention ny hours are flexible-
and am blessed with a second church family to boot?
I walk out the door---and can forget about work
(unlike my previous full-time and then some position!)
Hubby reminded me that this past Monday
marked the 5 year anniversary
of the interview that led to that job...
Praise be-God is GOOD!

I am glad it's the week-end.
Got to finish my class kits, do some flyladying
and of course my
Stay tuned....!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Can you keep my secret?

If you can---
I am sharing my Valentine for my sweetheart
a day early!
So excited to get this card done this afternoon
I can't wait to share it.
Here's hoping hubby won't look at my blog
between now and tomorrow morning!
This is the Word Card that
Splitcoaststampers featured a week or so ago.
Isn't it adorable?!
The dp is from a small 6x6 or 8x8 pad
I picked up on sale at ACMoore.
I stamped the cream colored card stock with
a retired background stamp from a CTMH set
in---CHOCOLATE ink!

Yes, that's a pic of us on the heart-

and yes, I am wearing a Santa hat (with a tiara!)
but it was the most recent pic I had of us
and while you can't see it well here---
I was sitting in his lap,
he had a silly smile on his face,
our arms around one another
and we were getting ready to kiss--
so--it fit the Valentine theme!
Of course I popped that heart up but
at the same time
turned it into a little pocket
to hold a card I printed out with
10 Reasons I Love You
on it.
Now, had I planned ahead
(or had Splitcoast informed me a month ago
that they were going tell us how to do THE PERFECT VALENTINE
I would have ordered the CTMH 10 Things cards and used those--
oh well.
Necessity is the mother of invention so goes the saying--
and this worked just fine!
I made my list (quite easily!)
(I am told others have had a hard time-getting stuck at 5...?!
maybe I should have sent Marriage Encounter Weekend
information with them...?! Lol!)
 Then I printed off the info for
the House of Blues Gospel Brunch Breakfast Buffet
I will take him to --hopefully this Sunday.
Years ago we talked about going-and never did.
Since he doesn't eat candy or sweets
I thought a day trip with some good food
and entertainment would be just the ticket!
Hope you have a wonderful day
and get lots and lots of LOVE!
I'm off to make some more chocolate rosebuds for
some coworkers
and sign the cards for the preschool kids.
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hershey Heart Roses How-to...

Are you ready for Valentine's Day?
Well, let me save your backside then!
Here's a
first-gather this stuff up...
Hershey Hearts, Red Cling Wrap, floral wire, floral tape,
double stick tape,wire cutters,scissors,
Art Philosophy Cartridge from CTMH,
(not shown in this shot: scallop punch, doilies,
Mad About You CTMH stamp set, Watermelon ink pad,
acrylic block and pink ribbon...)

Cut the floral wire in half (approx. 9")

Put double stick tape on backside of two hearts
and place floral wire in middle
(note: you want the pointy part of the heart
facing up and away from the "stem")...

After you made your heart sandwich,
because Hershey puts three different colors of hearts
in their bags---who wants silver roses?!
I wrapped my hearts in Red cling wrap-
it also helps hold them together--
(I used the pink colored ones here-but the red wrap
does cover the silver and make them look red!)

just cut a small square, wrap it tightly around
and then I secured the ends with some clear tape.

Then start wrapping with your floral tape
(getting this started is kinda tricky---the scotch tape
holding down the cling wrap is a real plus
when trying to do this part...
that and do cut a piece (give or take 12") floral tape
off the roll-this made wrapping SO MUCH EASIER
than getting it tangled while still attached to the roll...

add a leaf (I cut mine at 2" using the AP cartridge--
you can also get some cheap artificial flowers
and just use the leaves...)
wrap the stem some and then GENTLY
add in the second leaf...
here's what happens when you try to wrap them too tight...
(insert wordy durds of your own choice!)
CUT EXTRA LEAVES! They will tear-
that stem is thin---
and some will cut wonky
and you'll have the white core showing...
so just cut extra so you can save yourself
the headache later...

I used my scallop punch
(not wanting a repeat of the Cricut and CTMH White Daisy paper
and then stamped
Happy Valentine's Day
using CTMH Watermelon ink...

These were for a customer order.
One of hubby's coworkers wants them
for her son to give to his teachers.
I used WordPerfect to print "from Trey" on the cardstock
and, because CTMH stamps are CLEAR...
I knew EXACTLY where to stamp!
Gotta love that!
Can't do that in a million years with a wood-block stamp
and get it right all the time!
Next I cut a slit in a small doily
and, for lack of a better word,
"scrunched it" around the stem
just below the leaves.
I secured the "scrunched part"
with a small piece of scotch tape
and covered that with another small piece of
floral tape.
I attached the tags with pink ribbon
tied in a small bow.
Here's all 8 nestled in a box
ready to be delivered to my customer on Monday.
I think
I will be making some more of these tomorrow
for well--
let's keep that a secret for now!

Off to relax some more and read.
The weather here has taken a severe dip in temperature
and I am battling a mega headache since last night.
NOTHING seems to be easing it off...
including trying to ignore it!

One more note before I go---
BOTH Hubby and I
worked in decluttering the attic this morning!
In fact, his willingness to go up and get started
without my asking...
got me motivated
to try and do a little...
which turned into two hours!
We made some great progress-
and we even sorted out paperwork downstairs
later in the day!
He was so pleased to tell me he had
trash bags to go out!
So Flylady is right-it does rub off!
I had two bags of trash, two bags for the thrift store
and sorted out four more sections of attic shelves!
Yesterday I did my "home blessing hour"
so things were straightened up to start the week-end off right
we slept later,
we tackled an "extra" project,
I did some laundry in between
and I spent the afternoon crafting.
I am going to church,
finishing Valentines and
then going to hear
a Christian speaker
to teens on sexual purity
given my goddaughter
is 12 going on 25...
I think this is a good thing...
for me to hear--for her to hear
should her mom choose to take her with us.
If you have a young person
in your house or life---
please check out her website.
I've heard clips from her speechs for weeks now
and she gets to the heart of the topic
with humor--with facts--
with good sound advice.

Off to relax!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just one week from today...!

Is Valentine's Day---
and the anniversary of my husband proposing to me!
How romantic!
Speaking of which...
this song just does a number on me--
we love state fairs-
and this is a love song
about falling in love a
(you also get to watch a great video on
how to make a scalloped rosette!)

Ahh---love that song!
Speaking of love-and Valentine's Day...
I have been working my fingers to a bone
in that new clean craft room...
here's some of what I've created...
These are
"10 Reasons I Love You" easel cards...
that little card comes off/slips off
the sender fills it out and reattaches it
and presto! A super personalized Valentine!
Major points, guys! ; )

You may have seen the Hershey Kiss Roses...
Well...I saw the Hershey HEARTS
and the light bulb went off!
They are bigger-
and sooo much easier
to slip that wire floral stem in between-
wrapped them with red ClingWrap
used Cricut cut leaves (CTMH AP cartridge)
and floral tape.
Added a doily (which I needed to gather better!)
a ribbon and sentiment-
presto! Red EDIBLE roses!

So---I am a CTMH consultant
but after last night
you can bet your bottom dollar-or whatever else
that no matter what
I will NOT sell you our white cardstock
to cut with your Cricut.
It's crappy!
I love our papers---
but the white does not cooperate with the Cricut.
So our super neat heart cut out cards---
turned into Cuttlebug embossed-thank God for SU punches
I added a pretty decorated marble to the inside panel
that peeks out the front
stamped a sentiment, added a ribbon
and presto-neat little sweet sentiments.
Hubby takes these creations to his workplace
and, with the blessings of his boss,
places them in the break room for purchase.
It's so very nice to share my talents
and have a little pin money-
hoping these sell well and I can execute the plan I have
for a special Valentine treat for my hubby!

Speaking of which-
he wasn't feeling so hot this week-end
and camped out on the couch
I caught him and the second-in-command head nurse

Well, time for me to stretch out and relax.

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!