Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Recipes...

So, like me, you've probably been drooling over the new "ingredients" in the Summer Close to My Heart Catalog. The good news is--I went to the "grocery store" and have something I whipped up to show you! From aisle---uh, page 94 I scooped up the MY CREATIONS RECIPE BOX. This is a sturdy, good-sized box that comes just waiting to be "iced"! It's perfect for recipes---and I chose the new CTMH CHERRY-O Papers to do just that. I first attached the red stripe to the base of the box and then covered that layer with a layer of the cherry pattern. I printed the "My Recipes" on the red striped paper for the flap and, I have to confess, I used some back gingham paper (source unknown) as well as several stamps from the Taylored Expressions set called Berries & Cherries. Of course...I used Pop-Dots on the layered circle as well as Liquid Glass on the cherries to make them really "pop". U added red rick rack (again, source-other than ACM or Michaels-unknown.) I think it makes a great addition to my red and white kitchen. Add the recipe cards found on page 32 and this would make a great wedding shower gift--just ask each guest to fill out a recipe card and bring it for the bride-to-be. Instant great menu! One of my stamping groupies, also named Sharon, suggested it would be a great way to keep track of addresses for wedding---just use different papers and appropriate themed stamps! So the smorgasbord is HUGE for this new little gizmo! Have fun and, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings. Sharon

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Put Your Sunglasses On!

First, my apologies to Christine and Buck-these photographs do not do their stamps justice! The weather here today is cloudy so no chance of good lighting for photos! The colors in these cards though are really, hot pink, orange, lime green and a teal color and the patterns, along with the colors, to me anyway, just SHOUT 1960's-1970's (although I barely remember those years-being a mere child of 10 at the latter! Lol!) I used Artful Legacy stamp Amy and Friends (SKU AF 11 M) for the image on the front. Let me back up and say—I tried what’s called Joy Fold cards for the first time–and I am in love! If you want a "knock your socks off-easy peasy card" this my friends, is it! I used two different sentiments and altered the sizes as well. The AL "Be kind to strangers" stamp (SKU ALS 1671) on one and "By Being Yourself" (SKU ALS 1265 I) on the other. On the "by being yourself" card, I added a polka-dot that you can slip the front image behind to display the card with the image and sentiment together! And, by simply receiving a card from the OKI Stampqueen-who wouldn’t! (Lol! I really suffer from low self-esteem!) Speaking of "made by who", I also stamped the back with the "Hand Stamped by Me & My Cat" stamp (SKU ALS 1089 D) as well as the (large) Black Cat (SKU AL 390 H) who, while is the next-to-smallest cat in our household, is, indeed, all black!). I am very seldom alone in my craft room-one of three cats (this varies, however, on the dispensation of treats!) is usually in there with me. Today, Inky decided to keep me company but scooted out before I could snap his picture. He was napping in the sort-this-paper box!
I hope you enjoyed today’s cards as much as I did making them! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, April 24, 2010

What I accomplished....

"I'm tired of cleaning, Momma-I think I need a nap!" so says the baby (aka Inky!) Lol. I had lots of help as you can see...first the baby, then Bad Cat decided the box of paper I was trying to sort was a good place to sit...and of course Poppa Cat had to come and check things out as well!
I did get a lot accomplished but I didn't finish.
I stopped to play! I have been in search of something to hold my embossing folders in my SU Doctor Bag. I wanted to keep them all together but didn't want something as big and bulky as the notebook Cuttlebug sells. Hmm...I tried a visor cd holder (too narrow), checked travel bags (everything too big), office supply (nothing quite right, either) and then I thought the CTMH recipe box would work-too small, too. But then as I was cleaning today, I eyed my CTMH 3-ring binder I just got---IT'S PERFECT! Almost. It will hold about 10-12 embossing folders. I made the "envelopes" to hold each one out of cardstock--I think that added a good bit of bulk but I also wanted durability. None of the papers are CTMH---stuff I've had forever in my stash. I covered it with clear contact as I knew traveling back and forth, handling, etc. it would get a fair amount of wear and tear. YES, THERESA-I actually made something WITHOUT USING even 1 POP-DOT! I am in shock, too! Lol. As I said, the enves are plain white cardstock and I run each one through the Big Shot with the folder its going to hold. I will (eventually) make labels for the enve tabs (which I ended up not "closing" after all-the enve itself is snug enough and even though Theresa and I put our heads together there was just no easy non-bulky way. I've set aside the rest of this paper so I can make the second book to hold the rest of my stash! I will simply divide them out into "backgrounds", "Florals and Frames" or some such. There's plenty of room in the bag for two!
Anyway-that's what I've been up to today. It's a good tired. Until next time, Happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon
photos: front, inside, back
yes, that's a library card stamped on the back of the enve (left side)---that way I can make a note if I want of projects that folder is good to use on or if I want to loan it out who it went to...
the right is the distressed stripes embossing folder by Cuttlebug---

It must be SPRING FEVER...

...but of a different sort!
Spring has sprung-my iris are blooming, the birds are singing (a mocking bird is particularly vocal this morning!), the sun is shining (or was)...and its SATURDAY---but yet, I am (majorly) out of sorts today. Maybe its the nesting thing---I want everything cleaned out, pared down and organized down to the bare necessities as of yesterday! I promised myself then, as I was once again cleaning off the kitchen table and bar from my latest stamping adventure (ie prepping for the next class I am teaching...) that I would get my craft room cleaned so I could actually work in there (as you can see, it needs it!). While I am tempted to start in the attic (while the weather is cool enough yet...) and work my way down, I am going to the craft room. No excuses. I can think of a number of things that can go right off. Who knows...a big yard sale sign may show up on its door before I am done! Maybe opening the windows, putting on some good music (hmm, John Paul Walters...) and storing and sorting will enhance my mood. If anyone else has any suggestions, PLEASE pass them on.
I do have new cherry paper and stamps so maybe I will sneak some play time in as a treat if I get some cleaning accomplished. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wake Up and Smell the COFFEE!

Is there really life before COFFEE? I think not! I am a coffee lover. Some would say I like it semi-light and sweet. My huge! It looks very similar to Artful Legacy’s cup stamp (sku JB 138 L)! And that image was the perfect "blend" for the "Is there really life before coffee" sentiment (sku ALS 170 I). As I said in last week’s post-sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t! I thought pouring the coffee beans into the photo side and sealing them with Modge Podge would do the trick. Oh SO not! Lol. Plan B. Make the photo side into a shaker box! Yes, those are real coffee beans in there! I added the bow, button, bag of coffee, etc. and this just makes a cute little what-not to sit on my Hoosier in my kitchen! I enhanced the coffee in the cup with a
little Crystal Effects and brought out the "steam" with a blend of Martha Stewart glitter.
The card was quick(er!) and easy, and is pretty self-explanatory. Color dusted edges of the base, punched the oval and backed it with the sentiment, added the "embellies". The sentiment on the inside I simply printed from the computer. Now that my post is done, I think I will fix a REAL cup of java, put my feet up and admire my handiwork!

ps/for those of you who hung in through my entire's a TIP I learned by reading the latest issue of Creating Keepsakes--I've loaned my copy to Theresa or I would give credit where credit is due--particularly for this tip as I think it's worth the price of the whole year's subscription. To clean ink-including Staz-On (and yes-this DOES WORK!) off acrylic blocks, wipe them off with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Now, I think most would know to use the "normal", non-scrubby ME--but, just in case-I will say it-use the non-scrubby/abrasive ME. It magically removes the ink. Even dried on ink. Even dried on for years ink! Lol. My blocks are now ink-free. I wish I had learned this trick before I used even a wet abrasive cleanser on them --oh well. Oh-and for this part of the tip I will take credit. Take the ME and cut it into smaller pieces--you only need a small piece to clean blocks at one stamping session and then you can toss it out! More bang for your buck ; )

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I woke up to...

Well, that's what they LOOK LIKE anyway! (It's actually more green than what's showing up in the photograph-the flash washes it out!) I have to laugh! Just have to! What is this--mess--really?! Well, remember earlier this week when I said sometimes its about what works and what doesn't? This is, obviously, a "what doesn't" or for those of you who prefer that the cup is half-full-a what-does-gone-wrong! So--my theme for this week's Artful Legacy DT project is---no, now stop it-it is NOT boogers-now you are being gross!---it's COFFEE. And I found these great word frames-like the "friends" and "laugh" in the previous post...and I wanted to fill the photo part with duh-coffee beans. And what would one think of first to use to hold them in there? Modge Podge, of course. So I got a new jar of the glossy last evening when I went to get the frame. The beans have a "shine" to them to I figured once it dried clear, all would be well. I put in a layer of MP, put some beans in. It wasn't holding some of them so I poured MP over the top as well, working it around and down and in and...When I went to bed last night it was drying nicely. I was even able to finish decorating the rest of the frame around that part so I felt really good about it. And then I woke up to this. some spots there was too much MP, and the beans "seeped" some color, and they turned the MP this awful shade of yellow-green!!! If it were even a coffee color---I could work with that. But really, it is snotty yellow-green bugger color. So now I get to...try and take some huge patches out and maybe hot-glue beans in or scoop out the entire mess and start over...maybe using hot glue instead. See, MC, it doesn't ALWAYS go right in my Craft Kingdom and I cannot seem to find anyone to fix my magic wand right! Sigh. Theresa may come over and play today and hubby comes home better go do a little housework before I tackle the bean project. Wonder if I gave it a little Sudafed...?! Just kidding. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Laugh! Ok-so this is yet another one of those give-yourself-a-three-stooges-head-slap-sharon" moments for not taking BEFORE pictures! Grrr! These frames...I found, believe it or not-at our rinky dink Wal-Mart. They were black. Plain black. And they are plastic. But...they were CHEAP-$5 for the pair! AND I knew they were PERFECT for the card Theresa gave me for my birthday. So---they've been waiting patiently in my craft closet. I consulted with my partner in crime and she thought as I did that if I painted them with a coat of Fusion spray paint, then I could top that with a regular spray paint and it should stick. Let me explain. We live on an island. What is around us is limited at best and has limited stock. To find this green locally? Just so not happening. Neither did the blue I got for the tape gun-I had to have that shipped. Anyway-I had the blue Fusion. I knew it would put down an excellent base coat. So I did. Then I topped that with the two coats of regular green. No problem! Worked like a charm-almost. First, it was rather difficult to get around the cut out words but, unless you look close, you can't tell and then you just see a shadow of blue. The second problem came in when I went to remove the painter's tape I had put over the glass. It peeled some of the paint off from the inside edge of the frame-down to the black. Was NOT starting over! "There are no mistakes in stamping-only opportunities for embellishment!" Out came the redline tape (and glue gun-since, naturally, I ran out of tape!) and ribbon. Just ran a piece around that inside lip and instant fix! I actually copied the inside side of the card as I just couldn't bring myself to cut it up. I used white for the front panel background, yellow for the inside panel. Corner punch compliments of Andrea set them off nicely. Then of course since I am also the Queen of Pop-Dots (yes, I have a stamp that says that, too!) I popped up the saying on the front on the OUTSIDE of the frame ("Of Royal Blood Mysteriously Misplaced at Birth"), gave her a big fat emerald (crystal) hanging from her necklace, added the flower and the bow. The BOW---that ribbon is AWESOME! Call Theresa and order it NOW! It's Stampin' Up and it is soooo soft and easy to work with. I got two rolls and want more! "We're honored to celebrate your Regal Day. Happy Birthday, Highness" was the inside panel sentiment and again, I punched that and popped it up on the outside of the frame, added the crown (with crystals!) and the bow. These look so adorable sitting side by side on my shelf. I love them and couldn't be happier with how they turned out (the photos could use some improvement but oh well...) I had FUN playing this afternoon. Now it's time to finish cleaning up the kingdom. New things, though, give new incentive to clean up that space at least! : ) I think I will order some Thai for supper, read and relax. Maybe stamp some more. Whatever you do-enjoy-and until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon


It's Saturday! I slept late--9:30 (after I was up at 6 to feed kitties). I have my coffee-and my day completely to myself. Oh I do have some housework I need to do, and my Artful Legacy Design Team project, some paperwork to sort and do, a kitty with a corneal erosion to deal with BUT STILL...what I get done, will be fine. It's my day to do with at my pace. And I am loving it!
Well, a few weeks back and celebrated my birthday with a girls day out with Theresa. All her gifts were queen-themed. So in sticking with that, I wanted my thank you note to her to be, too. I found this embossing template at ACM some months back and hadn't really played with it until now. But here's what I came up with for her thank you note! I was laughing myself silly thinking of her opening this card and laughing! She has a great sense of humor and keeps me going!

Then, since I had finally received a bunny stamp that, when I saw it on e-bay, I just knew I had to use on another card for her, I worked it up, too, even though it was the day before Easter and I knew it would be late. Theresa loves vintage and this just had that feel to it. The little guy in the sunsuit and the way he was just hugging that bunny for dear life...could've been a picture right out of The Velveteen Rabbit! I tried several different things before settled on this design and I thought I had it all done (and this photo is actually before I added the crystals--they went at the top right corner coming down the side-it really made the card pop) when I decided it need just a little more something. I added the mini crystals (a great deal from Close to My Heart, by the way!) and THEN it was done. Funny how sometimes you just know it needs more...or not.
For the critter lovers out there, please say a prayer for Ms. Dolly. Dr. Travis said that the erosion covers almost the entire eye. I've had erosion's myself and let me tell you-they HURT! Ms. D is under the bed with her eye almost completely closed, refusing to come out to even eat. I think part of her upset yesterday was she was fearful she was going to be left at the vet (she was a stray someone brought them and lived there for over 2 months before I adopted her.) She was a very good patient but I think its probably feeling a good bit sorer today after examining it yesterday. I need to put drops in and cannot get her out. I am not that skinny and I doubt I can get to her under the bed! Can you just hear that 911 call?! lol. So it may be an interesting day(few days).
Whatever you do-take some time for you-enjoy the spring flowers, and have fun stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon
ps/Don't forget to check out Great art work, wonderful tutorials (one by me!), and of course slews of adorable red rubber from their storefront.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sometimes it's about What Works...

....and sometimes it’s about WHAT DOESN’T! At first glance, one might suspect that this is a star book. Let me assure you, it’s not. I found a tutorial for what’s called a MEANDER BOOK...and thought it would make the perfect book to tell the story about my shoes—my wedding shoes, that is. Long story short, I found not one but three pair—and couldn’t make up my mind! I even took two pair with me to the church. Finally, I decided. My photographer (who didn’t like to do weddings for fear of not getting the one shot I really wanted) did some absolutely AWESOME unexpected the black shoes just sitting against the white tile wall and floor. This was all two years ago, and yet I find myself once again "in search of" the perfect shoes to go with the "step-mother of the groom" dress. So naturally these stories are what popped into my mind when I saw Artful Legacy’s "Made for Walking (sku: DV 123 K). Besides, shoes seem to be a popular theme with us ladies-as each design team member (except Theresa!) picked this stamp to work with. Enough babbling. My meander book...did not want to close once it was finished. No, Theresa, I didn’t use too many pop-dots! I did however, layer two one-sided pieces of paper together thinking it wouldn’t add that much bulk to it. Was I wrong! Between that snafu, the photos, tags and embellishments...well, it will just get displayed open. The playful outfits, colors and variety of shoes added a great deal to my story! So, without delay, let’s go walking after all, we have the perfect choices of shoes!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
ps/I will try to post a little more this week-hadn't realized it had been a WHOLE WEEK without a post! So sorry!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

This Week's Artful Legacy post... to Christine on time (early, even, actually~!) but I never got it posted on my blog. Now that I had two minutes to attempt that task, the photos are MIA. No clue...where they are on my computer! So, to see this week's post---you'll have to go to the Artful Legacy blog---not too hard, and you'll see all the other artists work as well. So just surf on over to My post will be magnified, so you can't miss it! ; ) Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Monday, April 5, 2010

Still Celebrating...

I just love it when Easter falls so close to my just seems like one big giant party and I can't think of a better reason to celebrate than Easter! Christ is risen, new life in Him, death has been overcome as has sin by His sacrifice on the cross. Saturday was my birthday, Sunday was Easter. Today is my "nephew" Matthew's birthday and, on Friday, Noah Jason Walker was welcomed into the world! He is the son of a delightful young couple who attend our church and he is their first. Just so much to celebrate and be thankful for!
I did do a whole lot more this week-end than what I can show you now-gotta wait for the postman to make some deliveries or I will spoil the surprise! Here are some of the birdhouses I made thanks to Theresa loaning me her SU milk carton die---the dp is Martha Stewart--i paid more for that pad than I care to admit BUT I got a ton of things out of it so it was worth it in the long run. I delivered 6-8 of these to friends of ours who are well, friends, some of who are also shut-ins. There are candy-coated eggs inside-yum!

Then I got this delightful birthday card from my protegee and goddaughter, Maren. She made it herself...complete with pop-ups, (hand-drawn) photo corners, a photo of herself in bunny ears! Did you notice the ribbon for the stems of the flowers?! This gal has been stamping since she was 2! I have pictures to prove it! She stuck her lip out and had huge tears running down her cheeks when I gave her paper and crayons--she wanted to STAMP! Think she takes just a little after someone we know?! Lol!
Ok-confession time. The kitchen table-is covered. the craft room-disaster. The coffee table in living room-well, it has stamp stuff too. Boxes in the hallway. I'm on it. My husband is working today-its just me and the cats! I will post before, during and after pics--more to keep me on task today than anything! Better go put the 3 cups of coffee I've had to use! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A BIRTHDAY fit for a QUEEN...

Happy Birthday to me...Happy Birthday...nope, as Theresa Two would say "not telling" my age! Suffice it to say its one of those "big-O" ones and really, I have no clue how I got this old! Surely there is a grave mistake in the royal ledgers!!! Off with their head whoever it was! Lol.
The Queen Theme: The Rest of the Royal Story. My stamping and scrapping experience was cultivated and greatly enhanced under the tutelage of THE StampQueen, Carolyn, in Winston-Salem, NC. Back in the day she traveled here to teach classes (before all the stores closed!) and, when I can, I travel there still. When Theresa and I started our group(s) here, she (Theresa) dubbed me the OKI Stamp Queen--hence my blog name and the queen theme! And let me tell you, Theresa knows how have a celebration fit for a queen! When she handed me my birthday card, she told me that she had not made it. I told her to take it back-I didn't want it! I was shocked!!! Typical Theresa style, she laughed and said, "No, no-you have to see it-once you do, you will understand. Well, this is the card front that says: Of Royal Blood Mysteriously Misplaced a Birth...
I laughed until, as the saying we saw yesterday said, I (just about) had tears running down my legs! Then in the gift bag was....
Boy---do I have plans for this! I think it will become the Royal log of 2010-2011--a scrapbook of the year---so it may end up being an altered Queen's Journal. Take a minute and look at Ali Edwards blog---she talks a lot about journaling the day-to-day things...this would be an awesome book for that project! Theresa also gave me with this ADORABLE accordion book she made-yes, made! That's a peeled paint technique she used on the cover and I cannot wait to try it!! As if that wasn't enough, we went and shopped at a local craft fair they held in honor of my special day (opps-well, maybe not...!) and spent an hour in one booth laughing hysterically at the key chains, magnets, etc. she had-the "kiss my tiara" iron-on just jumped into my hands and came home with me! Theresa also gave me a key chain that said I would always be her friend-I know too much! Then she treated me to a leisurely lunch. (For the record, I did not wear my tiara--although I have (mistakenly!) answered the door with it on before but that's a whole 'nother story!)It was one of the best birthday celebrations I have had in some time! I am so blessed to have a friend like her here. The hours we've spent shopping, talking, stamping and scrapping...well, I just can't count (we've tried, tho!) Today...I am just going to do whatever I want and continue the celebration! After all, I AM the QUEEN!
Have a great day and, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon
*From the desk of the queen stamp by Catslife Press

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nice & Neat...and SO NOT RIGHT!

Please scroll down to see Wednesday's Artful Legacy post and visit to see the other artists fine work!

Dedication: The latter part of this post is dedicated to MCW who thinks Theresa and I do not do anything wrong in the crafting kingdom & world! Lol! Kinda hate to burst her bubble but hey, we really are human!
Ok-so part of what I wanted to do today as I tried to clean house (the kitten aka Inky, brought me his little mouse and laid it in the middle of the kitchen table---"Momma, you can clean later-I want you to play with me!) was to clean a little in the craft room. I went from sloppy-written labels in my stamp cases (sorry, didn't take a before shot!) to this:

The Close to My Heart stamp cases stack oh-so-nice!!!--and I simply pulled out one of the decorative sheets that comes in each stamp set, printed out the titles I wanted and then ran them through my Big Shot with the Stampin' Up Top Note die and presto-chang-o! Nice and neat labeled stamp cases. Sometimes the obsession with minute details like this side-tracks my cleaning! Oh well..
Then came my goof-up. The good news is---it IS fixable. Sometimes stepping away from something helps! In this case, I was glad I didn't throw them all in the trash in my fit of frustration! Theresa loaned me her SU milk carton die to cut mini milk cartons to turn into birdhouses filled with candy for Easter treats. Se the bag on the right...that's the way it is supposed to a little roof will sit on top of it and you see the side view of the roof...not the way all the others are punched and folded. The one on the right looks a little crinkled---but I refolded it and once the roof is on-well , who will know unless a little birdie tells them?! I will show them IF I ever get them finished! Back to cleaning! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Taking Today for ME...

Hi all. Please be sure to scroll down and see my Artful Legacy post and project for the week. Particularly in light of Easter not too far off...

I've been battling a number of ailments this past week or so and, if any of you have hung out around a church office during any holiday season, you know it can be wide-open busy. Having not felt good but, at the same time, having finished 3 bulletins, one newsletter, large print worship folders on top of the day-to-day tasks, then hearing we may have unexpected company for the week-end, I KNEW I needed a day off. My boss graciously agreed. So here I am. Today...I took my time looking at my favorite blogs before I dive into the things here at home that need to be done---and I plan on working on one or two small projects just for me! I needed time to tie up loose ends in a lot of different directions. I've felt unsettled and uneasy for sometime (maybe its just the soon-to-be-50 thing?) and today I can deal with some of it!
I promised I would post this this past Tuesday-see what I mean?! Oh well! It's not like you haven't seen the easel card/calendar's I've made before. This one is for a friend who is struggling to get through a difficult-at-best situation! I am sending one of my herbal headache pillows to go with it! I think she will enjoy both--at least get a smile out of the calendar. No, I didn't make it a full countdown (365 days...) just from 99 down. I liked the relaxing colors of the aqua and the picture of the lady in the chair---well, it pretty much sums up how I think she feels! The image is by Impression Obsession and I love it! It's one of those "go-to" stamps I've used more times than I care to count! Anyway-I am whatever I accomplish in the crafting world as it happens. One thing I do hope to accomplish this week-end is cleaning the part of the kingdom called the CRAFT ROOM so I can actually work in there again! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon