Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hodge Podge....

Hi all. Nothing in particular to post---lots of tidbits--some stamping/scrapping related, some not. I will do the writing part of the post now-the photos later. Yes, the camera battery is dead again BUT I did remember to check and be sure the charger was plugged in this time! Getting a little better maybe?! Lol.

It is by far a drab, dreary, wet, rainy, COLD day here. ICK! I would love to have a bunch of ladies here to scrap and play with. I'd give you a cup of hot chocolate and/or cider, chili for lunch, and we'd just play together. I guess I will have to "pretend"! No one wants to be out in this mess if they don't have to. Has anyone checked-are they still calling for sleet and possibly snow?I'm a northern gal so it doesn't phase me so much--but it all but paralyzes most of this part of the state! Too funny!
Ok. So. What would I show you first? Well, as motivation to clean my craft room (and the kitchen table which is also covered at the moment, I would do a pic of the the disaster area called my room. You can't really walk in it right now. I did look at FABULOUSLY ARTSY (s) post...she did a tour of her craft room...and I got a few ideas. I LOVE the CTMH stamp storage boxes...they stack so nicely--look so nice...but she stores hers in the canvas baskets that I happen to have-and one basket holds 30 vs. the storage boxes that hold 15. Hmmm...may have to rethink this. Since I probably need about 8 more boxes WHEN I get all my unmounted stamps & "other company" stamps put into the CTMH envelopes...that's a bit costly. I might give it a shot. Store my CTMH stamps in the CTMH boxes I have, the others in the canvas baskets (which I also have...) We shall see. But check out her work space and see what tips and tricks you can use in your space.
A word of advice---do not trust...the doctor or the pharmacist and "assume" what you got is right/the same/etc. Anyone who knows me knows...I have more allergies than I can count. I was a good patient-I took all my meds-and ointment-with me to the doctor. Needed a refill on an ointment. In all fairness, it was not one he had prescribed before. But I had the tube. Either he wrote it wrong---or the pharmacist filled it wrong---or substituted something other than what I had the first time. And, even though I KNOW BETTER, I tried it. On my face, neck....and I could just claw it off about now! I can just imagine how it will look by tomorrow church! What I had was clear and thick, this was white and thin. With alcohol. Why in God's name do they put ALCOHOL in anything you use on a rashy, raw skin????? The list of stuff on the tube is at least an arm's length---what I had, what I wanted--only 2 or 3 ingredients. Thank God I can squeeze out the old tube-at least enough to maybe stop the new reaction. SO---DON'T ASSUME--check and double check--particularly when it comes to anything you put IN or ON your body!
Back to crafting, off the soapbox! I've finished 5 wallets yesterday/today, and will work on some love letter boxes today...inbetween naps and cleaning up. They will make great valentine's day gifts! ; ) I promise to add pics of it all later.
Whatever you do, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unexpected day off...

WHOOPEE!!! Sounds great, right? The bad/sad news is...I will have to work tomorrow (my usual day off) and miss my 3-day week-end. : ( You see, I had just finished running the newsletters at work and was running the address labels on the copier, when there was this sudden, LOUD "POP" followed by an immediate burning smell. Long story short, after 3 hrs. +/-, the Xerox repairman couldn't fix it. Had to order new parts. Have to wait until Friday...sigh. So--I have spent the morning here at my desk at home catching up on my bookkeeping job--and now I get to start on my own! At least I have the little heater next to me in front of the door and keeping me toasty (there's quite a draft otherwise!) At least I feel good getting some of these loose ends tied up!

I was going to give you a sneak peak at the colors for our next class-but I really can't without giving it away! They are luscious, though! Theresa is sooo good at thinking outside the box and picking neat things! I cannot wait to make this!

I fell in love with this embossing folder Sunday while we were shopping! I think these would make AWESOME note cards with an initial in the middle! Not the best picture, I know-but you get the idea! Yep, I think the OKI StampQueen needs some of these!!! This wasn't a Cuttlebug brand folder-I don't think, anyway-but it really gives one of the most crisp images I've seen yet with the dry embossing! IMPRESSED (pun intended!) Ok-better go wake hubby up from his noon-time nap and send him back to work and begin tackling my drawer! Whatever you do, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Girl Is...

Innocence playing in the mud, Beauty standing on it's head, and Motherhood dragging a doll by the foot. So says the sentiment in the Cloud 9 Designs set of stamps I used for the sentiment on this card. The little girl on the left (that I really did color!) is a Mo Manning Digital stamp image. It's been a verrrrrrrry long time since I've got to make a little girl I had some serious mental blocks over what to do! One of my husband's co-workers just welcomed their first baby girl. They have two boys already. We've decided to give them a gift card--I am sure that there's not a lot of "girly" things hanging around and of course DIAPERS are always welcome. This way they can choose what they want/need. The gift card...will slip behind the sentiment panel and still be visible. Other than the wonky "W" that didn't rub on right, do you see my goof? Um, as I was laying things out...I decided I liked the pink layers in the middle without the heart layer added...I was, however, going to add the heart layer to the right-hand panel that has Grace's picture on it...and forgot. Rather than try to rip it all apart at 8 at night and mess the whole thing up-I left it-and decided (now) that I like it! Big Big Brother sure looks proud, doesn't he? But the look on Little Big Brother's face is priceless! I can't decide if he can't decide what she is...or if he is somewhat miffed about no longer being THE BABY himself! They are adorable--as is baby Grace Anne! That's all I got for today. It's newsletter & post office day for me at the "real"
job (means lunch with Theresa! Yeah!)--so I won't get anything done this afternoon--again. Hoping Thursday and Friday will be extremely productive and I will get some things to Artistry on Saturday and have some things to show off here! Until next time, happy stamping and
scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Woe is me...

I'd say "happy Tuesday ya'll..." but I, personally, would rather go back to bed, pull the covers up and hide. And its only 8:19 am! So...we had company this week-end. My step-son and daughter-in-law came to visit. I made this wallet for Dawn Saturday night and left it to dry but the slipped out early (before I got up) Sunday am so here it sits. I am experimenting with different closures as my magnets just do not hold. The velcro seems to work nicely IF you are gentle with it. This was some paper I've had for ages in my stash--I embossed it backwards but thought it still looks nice. I've fallen in love with this butterfly image (Taylored Expressions) and the blue glitter is from Martha Stewart.
Also on Saturday morning, at some point, I think Inky was playing with Poppa Cat and got clawed in the eye. Naturally, about the time I discovered it, the vet's office was closing. So we used Poppa Cat's drops and just kind of gently wiped it over the week-end. "Momma" being concerned that a claw or something was actually stuck in there...we went to the vet's yesterday. Well, just a good "t-shaped" 2 scratches. This is, however, the second trip to the vet with the second cat in 2 months. On a whim, the vet suggested cat claw covers. I have threatened that over the years to other cats...and, since we were there, since he was sedated anyway, since he is the one that is usually pummeling the other cat in the face with his claws...I said "why not!" I now have one VERY UNHAPPY KITTY! Not only has it thrown his balance off, he has no "grip" to climb with...and actually fell in the toilet twice last night trying to get to the sink to get a drink. He has been meowing/crying unhappily off and on (all through the night)--and he is NOT a vocal cat. I thought I was doing a good thing...and they are a pretty robin's egg blue...but he is not happy and, therefore, Momma is not happy. It was worth a try. And maybe they will stay on long enough and be enough of a lesson that he will stop pummeling Poppa Cat. The nails will have to grow out or he may chew them off (ow!)--but its just going to take time. Me-I am tired and sore and cold and...have to go to work! Theresa and I had fun in Wilm on Sunday and found some great bargains but between that being a late day, and running yesterday with Ink...Momma is worn out! Go do something FUN for me today-until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Good Saturday Morning...

Good SATURDAY morning! Blogger is not being the least little bit cooperative this am so who knows what you'll get and see! Sarah from Stressed Stamper e-mailed and asked where I got the image I used on the countdown calendar. This delightful gal is by Art Impressions (circa 1996!/#L-1549) She is one of my favorite go-to stamps! I just love paper piecing her outfits and adding Crystal Effects to her shoes to make them shine! I used her on a card I submitted some years back to PaperCrafts Birthday Bash Card Contest--and she won. Naturally they picked the card I threw together in 15 minutes or less as I was running out the door to work over the more labor-intensive ones that I thought were nicer! Go figure-just glad I WON! Now this cutie I used on the Christmas Countdown Calendars I did for the local art shop to sell. And they didn't-sell, that is. I thought they would make cute little hostess/girlfriend gifts but apparently not. You just never know what will sell-and what won't.
While I do not remember the artist's name for this stamp (nor do I have a clue where it is right now to check!), I do know that I got her from 7 Kids College Fund. She is a clear stamp and lots of fun to color!
I had another fan ask about the wallets...I cannot take credit for the design of the wallets-that came from Split Coast Stampers and, while I love their site it can be a pain the patootie to try and navigate. So I suggest googling Faux Leather Wallet Tutorial-Split Coast Stampers. It will bring it up that way. YES, this is all PAPER-and a little ribbon!!! (Dry) embossing the paper, then covering it with clear embossing powder and heating it gives it the texture and shine and really does make it look like the real deal! I love these! I also slipped a "divider" into mine since I am using it to store receipts, appointment cards and my coupons-well, coupons until Theresa takes them away from me for safer keeping! Lol. You know-all those little tidbits that get lost in the rest of the purse!
Ok ladies. I've GOT to go clean the craft room before I can get anymore done. THere isn't even a path anymore! Dangerous...I'm telling ya! Have a great day--THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for leaving comments--my self-esteem has taken a real blow lately and just hearing from you has helped! Whatever you do, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Friday, January 22, 2010

From Thrilled to Bummed in Warp Speed!

So one of my favorite things to scour thrift stores for bargains. I decided that, since I was a good girl at the doctor, I would treat myself and stop at one or two on the way home. In the first one, I found an AWESOME little canvas colored album--with a GREAT old-fashioned postcard/beach girl photo imprinted on the front--for $2!!! Absolutely nothing wrong with it! : ) Go me! I found another cute little frame for $ .75. The next stop yielded me 1 light-weight denim floral print "swing" style jacket, one cream colored "swing" style sweater (which will be getting some funky blue and brown buttons to replace the big cream colored ones! ; ) ), one thermal shirt and one stretchy funky shirt with palm trees, a "woody" station wagon, etc. that I just couldn't pass up (it's going to be my weight-loss incentive shirt---I did come down a few pounds from my last drs. visit!)--all for...drumroll please less than $ 18! I was sooo excited.
Then I got to our mailbox. My friend Betsy's birthday was um, in November...then I didn't get my "nephew's" (her sons) Christmas gifts mailed on time---so I sent everything about 2-3 weeks ago...and today, I found them in my mailbox-returned. THEY SAY...I didn't have the right p.o. box. I am so angry!!! I was just thinking it was odd that I hadn't heard from her or the boys---they are THE BEST at writing thank you notes---now I know why. So-I will e-mail her and get the correct info and try again. In the meantime, I've posted a pic of what I made for her. She is a CPA and, as you can imagine, TAX TIME is quite stressful for her! So I made this cute little "countdown calendar" she can put on her desk--if I ever get it to her! Geez.
It's still cold, still rainy, and I still hurt (but have some new meds)--so I think I am going to get something hot to eat, find a cat, blanket and good book and/or movie, and curl up. Whatever you do---until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just can't wait...!

Ok--I just can't wait--so I am going to (somewhat) "ruin" my surprises for two of my friends. Actually, the finished products look better than my blurry photos. Even if I could afford Michael the hand model, he's back in school at App.!
Anyway--First, JULIE was kind enough to loan me a set of Close to My Heart stamps that she bought from me! I really, really appreciate that (haven't gotten to use them yet...but will soon!), and so I wanted to do something to thank her. When I picked them up, she was complimenting the wallets I had posted a little while back. So---I got out some particulary bright and cheery papers, some awesome lime green with white polka dot ribbon among other tools and went to work. I still have to add the magnet (as soon as I find them in the chaos on my worktable!) but here's the mostly finished product.
Then THERESA was laughing when I said I could use this to put my coupons in (that I always, always loose!) when we go to ACM and Michaels. She said, "You should make one for ME to put YOUR coupons in!"--so I did. I know she likes the brown and robin's egg blue together and the inside paper is from Daisy D--a now defunct company so it's "treasured stash" but she's worth it! Maybe it will help her remember the "good 'ol days when we'd go to Stamp Works (now closed), Scrapbook Nook (now closed), Scrapbook Addict (yeah, you guessed it-it closed, too). Sigh.

It's my "Friday" even though it's I think I will go find a treat and curl up with my book. More posts and projects (hopefully) this week-end. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Misc. thoughts on a (rainy) Thursday...

Hi all. I've not been able to post much this week...but I have a few things to share. Yesterday when I woke up, my left eye was hurting and I was very tired still. Then I read my e-mail. Theresa always keeps me laughing-and that was the case yesterday morning, too. I laughed so hard...I had tears streaming down, my pj top was soaked with them and the cats were "spooked" by mom's strange behavior. I am talking belly laugh down to your toes laughing! It was a great way to start the day!
Even though I had what seemed like 101 errands to run, I had time at lunch-while I ate lunch, actually-to peek at Split Coast Stampers new tutorial on how to make a card with a spinner part in the middle. OH YEAH---gotta try that one!
I've got a number of projects planned out for things to take to the local shop who sells my things. I just need to find time to sit down and DO THEM! Hopefully Sat.
Sunday...Theresa and I are planning on going to Wilmington to hit our usual haunts (or what's left of them!)--ACM, Michaels, Joann's. I've GOT to make Theresa a wallet (again, SCS idea) before we go so she can hang on to my coupons I always loose!) and, if I remember, I need to take the Score Pal and the new cutter I got so I can measure fabric at Joann's to make a carrying bag that will fit both. Need something somewhat light but sturdy to give it a bit of a "framework". Am hoping to find some pretty robin's egg blue and brown fabrics...ohhh! That would be nice!
OH OH OH---The Stamp Queen herself e-mailed me and she is having an overnight book class on Feb. 6th!!! I am trying to convince THeresa to go with me---we NEED a girl trip!!! And that would be so much fun. Otherwise I may have to convince my hubby to take me up, drop me off and pick me up again-which is not much fun for him...but I know he'd do it if I need him to.
Well--better go get ready for my "real" job. After 1 today, I am free to clean house (company coming tomorrow) and THEN to do some crafty things to post. Until then, happy stamping and scrapping--and-go check out the SCS tutorial--it's amazing! Blessings, Sharon

Monday, January 18, 2010

Some of you...

...have to go. My "favorite" blogs, that is! I admit--I am not the best blogger there is. I don't post every day...but I can say, at least I try to post once a week, if not more. I have favorites on my blog list, however, who haven't 6 months--some, even over a year. So--I made a decision tonight-and Flylady would be proud of me. I am going to delete-GASP!--yes, delete, those from my favorites...who haven't posted in over 3 months. Got to. I absolutely LOVE looking at blogs-particularly when the fibro pain is high and concentration is low-it is a GREAT escape. But on busy days, I don't have time for those who aren't serious about their art. I confess-there are those on my list who SAID they wouldn't be posting "for some time" for whatever reasons-you are hereby forgiven. But then there are those who simply have abandoned their blogs. No excuse! To leave us "lovers" hanging---with no good-bye, well, that's (almost) unforgivable. So tomorrow-or the next day (I promise!), I will post a list of those I love...and those I am saying good-bye to. Just in case...anyone else is interested! THERESA'S of course, an exception! She does post more often than others! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Let's go shopping...

It's actually SUNDAY---and I attempted to post this yesterday...but someone in our house (probably me!) unplugged the camera battery charger...and I didn't check it before I put the battery in to charge! So--here it is, a day late...!

Let's go shopping ...And I will use my new "wallets"! ; )
Even though all did not go well in the Stamp Queen's kingdom this afternoon (ie sewing on paper is not going to be something I can do; the paper and embossing folder kept slipping and going cattywhampus in the Big Shot; I ran out of redline tape; my tape gun is gummed up...etc.), I did manage to try this project that's been on Split Coast Stampers. It is TOO CUTE! With the dry embossing with the Big Shot, and then ink and covering it in embossing powder-it really does look like leather! And, since I love patent leather (its timeless and classy...), I thought if I took black paper, covered it with ink, embossed-would it do the same thing? The answer is yes! I did two layers of embossing powder and heated it really, really well (I did not set anything on fire but it was really, really hot-ask me how I know---: O !). It looks like the real deal. I would change one or two things up (in addition to the sewing), but I can see making a whole lot of these--great small teacher or girlfriend gift-stocking name it. I think, for me, this would be a great thing to put my ACM coupons (when I remember to print them! Theresa's laughing at me-she always brings extra 'cause I forget or loose them!), the receipts I need to hang on too, etc. They are just too cute! Once you work out the quirks--and make a few improvements on it, they are going to be SO EASY to do (my groupies are groaning---easy for you to say-it involves REDLINE TAPE!) It will-I promise!
I am off to go find a warm blankie, a cat and watch a movie. Rain and fibro pain (and cold) seem to go hand in hand. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Friday, January 15, 2010

Free Advice...!

I met Theresa for lunch at McD's today---needed that girltime!--and stopped at our local Wal-Mart to get some more blue and brown ribbon. While I was there, I decided to look and see what they offered (if anything!) in mini, portable sewing machines. One of the well, not-so-recent but something I've not done much of rages in scrapbooking is sewing. Yes, sewing--particularly machine sewing. I was standing there looking at the adorable machine-yes, mini, yes portable, yes for scrapbooking (not that you can't use your regular machine but for classes and things-I want it to go...)--AND it came in a pretty purple or a (not so pretty) blue. A little pricey but reasonable. It was also a Singer (Pixie) brand. Well--it's Singer--it has to be good! About the time that my conscience was filing this info away and thinking, "hmmm, let's check e-bay and see how their prices compare..." the nice, blond haired lady who usually works in that department came up to me and said "Don't buy that!" I was kinda taken aback and said "Oh?" And she proceeded to tell me--numerous times while shaking her head no--that it was a "bad machine". She said it is cheaply made, it breaks, they have had more returned than she can not buy it!!! I of course thanked her profusely. She just saved me lots of frustration and money! So---if anyone out there does know of a GOOD portable sewing machine made more specifically for scrapbooking (I have no clue what the difference(s) would be...) please let me know-I am on the look out for one. All that said-buyer beware-according to the WM lady, do not buy a Singer "Pixie" sewing machine!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon


...AND THERESA IS HOME!!! : ) I am soooo glad for both! It is still cold, but a wee bit warmer than it has been-so says the weather on the web. I've not had my head out the door (yet) this morning. I was up for coffee at 7, back to bed at 8 and up at 9. Gave myself permission to sleep late on one of my days off! I have a lot on the to-do list today, but little energy so just gonna take it slow and easy. I have 2 other days off, too, and may be a little more energetic as time goes on.

I don't have a project (yet) today-one never knows, tho! But I do have some advice--it's "buy it when you see it!" I saw a set of Dr. Seuss stamps called "The Places You'll Go" from that company who sent the stamp set that was awful to cut out that I grumped about-you know-that one that has those stupid looking cupcake images that just give me the creeps (they even have a name-"cuppies"-it makes me want to choke!). I wanted the Dr. Seuss set, but I had purchased 2 other sets and well, figured I'd better save the 3rd set for a treat for another day. Now...they are sold out. I have no to whether or not they will restock and there are NONE to be found on e-bay, or anywhere else for that matter! : ( So I may have missed out. My advice, therefore, is ---unless its a tool and you've seen it a gazillion places, and KNOW you'll be able to find it someplace...go ahead and get it before its gone!

On another note just because....anyone remember Spirographs? I got one I think for Christmas one year when I was little. The colored pens-the gazillion designs you could make by lining up a circle within a circle and tracing it around the track? I spent hours playing with that thing. Um, well, those are available on e-bay--and while I did find some that were quite reasonable, do you know that the vintage 1960 +/- ones were listed as high as $ 180.00?!!! Yep, the same set that probably cost $ 8 back then...I couldn't believe it! Guess I will keep checking yard sales! Lol.

Well, I'd better go see to some laundry, some picking up, maybe read the rest of my book. Whatever you do-HAPPY FRIDAY and, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bad Blogger...

AND OUR FIRST GROUPIE MEETING OF 2010! Hi everyone. I am sooo sorry--not posted in sometime. It's been a busy week and while I REALLY enjoyed our dinner and class on Tuesday night, it wiped me out (just got 7 more days of antibiotic...!) That said, we had our first pot-luck dinner (that was delicious!) and meeting of the year. What a WONDERFUL group of ladies we have! I was thrilled-not only that everyone was laughing and having a good time (other than trying to pick off the backing of redline tape laid down on plastic (next to impossible as you can tell by MC's face (left)!), and Buzz' tools falling apart all night (she did manage to put them all back together!) We missed Theresa--she was stuck in Boone with snow (I assume) taking Michael back to Appalachian State. I was SOOOO PROUD of them--this was NOT an easy class--but they have the basic techniques down and are able to help each other along! That made my teaching (alone!) SOOO much easier! My lighting isn't good on any of these...but you'll get the general idea. I used the new TOPSTITCH paper by Close to my Heart. It is GORGEOUS!!! Robin's egg blue, pink, chocolate brown and cream! It's to die for! I used several of the new CTMH stamp sets as well-Charmed, State of Mind, Notice the Details--oh and Definitions, along with some floral Stampin Up and Taylored Expressions stamps. The ribbon? Believe it or not (and I'm not even though I bought it myself!) from our local Wal-Mart! Our craft section there is well-not even a "section"! So I was quite surprised to find these ribbons that matched perfectly! While they didn't create this same design thoroughout (it took me almost 2 days to construct embellish this! And a lot of pop dots : ), they all had the Topstitch papers and WM ribbon and constructed and decorated their books as they wanted. I should have taken a picture of them when they had finished-hind sight is always 20-20. Oh well.Hope you enjoyed it! I did! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon
DISCLAIMER: I've worked an hr. on this post and Blogger keeps throwing everything cattywhampus! Sorry!

(and finally, with all the tabs pulled out...!)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just call me "Grumpy"...!

Mornin' all. The kitties DID let me sleep-at least until 7-and then I went back to bed for another 2 1/2 hrs. --UNHEARD OF for me to sleep that late. Cold still raging and now I am beginning to itch from the allergic reaction to the antibiotic. The house is a disaster and my darling husband tells me he wants to bring someone over to look at the floors and counters (our floor tiles are coming loose-have been, slowly, for sometime-so WHY do we have to deal with it today? I gently tried to point that who knows!) But what really, really added to my TAYLORED EXPRESSIONS response to the stamp set I received from them. Did I was all cut out---the other I had to cut. Well, I sat down yesterday morning to do just that. The set is called Discover Your Wings. I've cut out plenty of stamps in my day. I know how to do it. You must trim carefully and closely to the image without "undercutting" the foam backing. It was completely IMPOSSIBLE to do with this set! The stamps were so close together with such details that I don't think there's one stamp out of 12 that the foam isn't chopped to pieces around the edges. This creates a problem when you try to stamp your image as the rubber image is no longer evenly supported. And don't even think about trying to store the set in the plastic enve it comes in. Too thin, too small to go back in.
So--I contacted TE. Told them of my first, unhappy experience. Their response? "We've NEVER had anyone complain about that before...!" and "$7 of the cost of the set goes to charity-please go read what the charity is about" and yet still, "Oh, the plastic enve is only for shipping or sale purposes. You need to buy our storage case for thus and so $..." I'm here to tell you---when a company tells me that they have NEVER had anyone complain about that before---well, that's a MAJOR red flag to me that it's a lie and cover up!!! They've got the pat answer down pat. And while I am all for $ being donated to charity...does that give cause to selling cut-rate (pun intended) product?! I paid hard-earned money and deserve to receive a quality product. And tell me I should go and buy their storage stuff....what part of "I am dissatisfied with your products do you not understand?!!!
Stampin' Up stamps...come in great plastic storage boxes. The Close to My Heart Stamps come in the heavy-duty envelopes (which I have and you can buy empty, use a piece of stencil plastic, attach your unmounted stamps and whala! they are all neatly stored in the same manner.) I may not have been able to get any SATISFACTION from Taylored Expressions....but that doesn't stop me from telling about my not-so-satisfied experience with this company. Unfortunately, there's one more set I want. Bummers. Anyway-think twice before you buy from them.
I will have a picture or two later today (I hope) of a project-or two. Have a wonderful Saturday and, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Friday, January 8, 2010

Too Early to be Up...

But Better Than Yesterday! BAD CAT (who today I agree is aptly named!) started "cooing" under our bed for his breakfast at 4:30. They normally ask to be fed around 6:15 and believe me, I'd rather they wait until 7! Honestly, does this look like a STARVING CAT to you?! Lol. Since Inky has special food, I feed BC and PC separate from him-BC was somewhat surprised when he received an empty bowl-: O --but has had the sense to be quiet about it. Everyone else had a nice breakfast and yes, don't fret, I will feed BC later. He's a smart kitty and I think this may actually sink in...well, he is a male...! Night before, however, all of them decided it was time to play on the bed from 2:30 on. Needless to say not much sleep happened and Momma was not a happy camper because of it on top of still being sick!
oK---so on to stamping stuff! First, since its probably time to take down all that we decked the halls with, slip on over to Ali Edward's blog ( and see what she's done with the photos she received in her Christmas cards as well as the cards themselves. I like this idea to document the "as they grow" aspect of families and kids over the years. Adding a card here and there makes for a nice embellishment. Or, simply try the mosaic layout that Nora (Hi Nora!) taught some of us last year. Tammi Potter ( has an awesome book on the art of mosaic layout scrapbooking. Ok---another AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME blog I There are so many beautiful cards and things on this site you will be drooling. I am afraid to ask how long she spends on some of the cards she does! I really enjoyed scrolling and drooling through all the back blog posts she had. Hubby wanted to read and I couldn't get focused to I spent the time checking out this site. It is a FAVORITE for sure! Well, life as we know it on the island will stop today. There is rain and snow predicted. Not a good mix for a hmm, tropical area. EVERYTHING and EVERYONE goes into panic mode (almost as bad as hurricane prep!) and everything shuts down. Over a mere dusting. I really have to laugh over it---I grew up right on Lake Erie in Ohio---I walked to school in snowdrifts well over my head! We drove and functioned and lived in that stuff for months. I am sure Theresa's parents who are visiting from NY will also get a kick out of how we handle a few flakes. Me-I plan on staying tucked inside working on class kits and finishing housework...oh-and feeding the BAD CAT! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Thursday, January 7, 2010


So...I saw some stamp sets I liked on-line back a week or so ago and decided to order. They arrived today. Now, I thought I was (by now) a pretty good judge at size. I didn't, however, have a RULER handy...and "assumed" from the picture it was big enough to do what I had designed in my head. Maybe those were the problems: 1) my head was completely clogged at the time (when I look at the photo of my hubby and I on Christmas day--my nose and cheeks on either side look black and blue as well as swollen!) and 2) maybe I WANTED the stamp to be bigger than what it was and imagined it so. That's not all, though!!! One set came all cut out --I thought I got clear stamps-these are red rubber (like the wood-mounted stamps except these are unmounted. The other set, however, which contains some very detailed designs, are UNCUT!!! Did I mention I hate cutting out stamps?! I was soooo glad when SU began selling their sets pre-cut...or when Theresa cuts them out for me. I got a great pair of SU scissors from her that will slice through the rubber and foam mounting---but its just one more thing I have to do---and they are just not what I expected! Pretty, and I will use them...but still. So---I am going to mount a ruler someplace accessible but maybe out of sight on my desk (WM actually sold some tape at one point that looked like a ruler---a piece of that on the slide out tray would work fine!)---so I can MEASURE before I buy...and I will certainly read DESCRIPTIONS a little more closely! Live and learn...Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon ps/there's another post from today before this one...a "two-fer"!! ; )

Window Shopping...

One of my favorite "unwinding" pastimes is looking at catalogs. I confess--I am on mailing lists for companies whose things I love...but would probably never buy--either pretty but too expensive for my budget or it just wouldn't "fit" into our decor/lifestyle even though I like it. I am picking up the mail for a friend for the next few months. I thought I was a catalog-aholic-but she is the Catalog Queen! Lol! She gets A LOT!!! And again, while I enjoy looking at them and like a lot of the things in them, for the reasons listed above, I am merely daydreaming. That said, I decided...hey, I don't have to BUY THEM to enjoy them...I enjoy just LOOKING at them. So I've decided that I am going to make a scrapbook of sorts of the things I see and like. Take this wrap for instance. I love to pretty robin's egg blue color---and the brown buttons. I love that it just sets around the shoulders...but I won't pay $ 80 for it. Maybe someday Mary Cobb will test her patience and teach me to make it! HINT HINT!

I like the luggage tags that say "MINE"--but $ 25 for ONE TAG?! That's insane to me. I can buy at least 10 blank plastic covers at WM and decorate them in my own colors and font! Or the "IF AND OR BUT" signs--I can't remember what they cost--but again, we can make this for far less!

Now, the butterfly table and chairs...well, if there were a granddaughter in the picture---that might have to be a "BUY ME"! Can't you just see little girls in frilly party dresses, fairy crowns with a cute little garden tea set? Oh my!
Anyway, I foresee getting one the the binder ring chipboard albums and creating a collage scrapbook of these things--something I can add too as time goes on. I am also scouring them for things that I can use to embellish other things with. Take the medallion for instance--its on a pretty cream colored paper and folded out of the center of a catty perfectly! Can hardly see the staple holes with the intense design! Won't that look pretty on a page with a black and white photo! My other brilliant idea for the day is...being as we live in a hurricane zone, it probably would be wise and worthwhile to take some pictures of my "favorite things" around the my egg and chicken plate set...the Sellers Hoosier and so on. That would make another neat book!

And, speaking of pictures...if you've not checked out Shutterfly...give them a look-see. I got an e-mail to get 75 prints free! Cheaper than Wal-Mart would've been and given I keep forgetting to take the flash drive to print the Christmas pics. For $ 4 shipping...I got prints of Christmas and a wide variety of prints for Maren's scrapbook that I keep meaning to do! Shutterfly is a great company to work with--their site is set up so you can layout your own hard-bound books, etc. Theresa gave me one of our wedding photos and I love it. Ok ladies-housework beacons. Hope this at least gave you some ideas to dream about while you dust and scrub...I know I will be (dusting, scrubbing and dreaming, that is!)
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


and it may be a tough one-Poppa Cat (PC for short) had me up earlier than I would have liked, sinus pressure is back, and we lost a good friend last night. While Mark had some handicaps and lived in an assisted living facility, he always had a positive attitude and kind words to say about people. We'd often take him out for Chinese food and he loved crab rangoons and their green beans among other things. He also loved cats and always thanked us for caring for him. He will be missed and heaven will be a brighter place today with his smile. My dear husband took on the responsibilty of caring for Mark as well as his father. They were both complete strangers to him at that time. He has that gift. He looks out for the widows and orphans as scripture says. What a wonderful, spiritual man I have.

Ok-on to the stamping world! I was surfing sites this past week-end and saw a stamp set I liked on someone's blog--so I went and checked the company site out. It was TAYLORED EXPRESSIONS (,) and yes, they had a # of sets I liked--Discover Your Wings, The Places You'll Go and Christmas Blessings. But OH NO! It's the horrendous cupcake man! I kid you not---these cupcake images were appearing on every blog out there but mine--and I despised them! I groaned over them, for whatever reason--I just didn't like them-they give me the creeps! Lol. And here they were, in a mega dose! Breathe, Sharon!
One more item of note---on Papercraft Planet today there's a great "make a cake embellishment" video. I think the link is simply No pics or projects for now-just wanted to share those two tidbits. Will be interesting to see if the Christmas card I am envisioning in my head will work out to be as pretty in real life. And I cannot wait to use the Discover Your Wings set! Places You'll Go is on my wish list...
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Monday, January 4, 2010

Definition of Denial...

...doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well--I have done it again and again and...and yes, each time I've gotten different results! And The Stamp Queen says that "there are no mistakes in stamping...just opportunities for embellishment."
Yesterday...I was soooo dizzy I couldn't see straight-I think I mentioned that. By 4:00 my darling husband decided I needed to see a doctor-right then and there. He didn't trust me to call my physician today and go. So he bundled me up and took me to the local Urgent Care. Thankfully, a PA I know and really like and respect was working. Her diagnosis-acute sinus infection and fluid in not one but both ears. Antibiotic. Decongestant. Nose spray (have I mentioned I HATE nose spray?!). More rest.
Fast forward to today. Even though she said it may take a few days, I felt a good bit better this morning. I did go to work. I was finished by 1:30 and came home, bundled up in what I call my "knock about clothes" (translate the comfortable, somewhat baggy and occasionally ratty looking things you wouldn't be caught dead in outside the house!) and kicked back and relaxed. Until I got "itchy" to do SOMETHING. I had one more calendar I needed at as a belated gift and thought what the heck-while I was at it I would make one for ME! All went well until...I cut the calendars wrong. I didn't leave enough room at the top for the binder clip. DraT! dOUBle DraT and dag-naBBit. (I can't think straight with sinus headaches so I'll blame it on that!) Ok-so make it work-I was NOT cutting out 24 more little calendars. Then came the A-HA! moment!!! Why not...put the binder clip at the bottom where there actually was room?! So I did! I made a pool of hot glue on the back of the clip and attached the 3-D butterfly sticker. Used the powder trick. Made another little pool of glue on the other side of the clip and attached it to the base of the easel. Push clip open, slip in calendar, close clip. DONE! I didn't...exert too much energy, felt better for having done a little crafty something, and finished the gift I needed. How much better can it get?!I've also...been using the things in what I call my "special stash"--you know, the stuff (T. does this, too so I know I am not the only nutty one in this regard!) I got these butterflies at Michaels months ago. They are really nice--and I know I won't find them again. Sigh. But I decided to use them--and that justifies...buying MORE THINGS I fall in love with and have to have! Lol.
On another note I am not sure of the exact temp outside-other than SUPER COLD (and my volunteer helper today said we may have snow and snow/rain/sleet soon...)---how cold you ask? SO COLD...Inky (aka the kitten even though he's actually 3!) who ALWAYS wants to go outside on our deck---wouldn't go! I opened the door-he felt the air, and dashed away in the opposite direction! Lol. Time for supper, another movie, more meds. Please pass the kleenex, too. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon
ps/I just caught my calendar "opps!"--did you---?! ; ) I told you I can't think straight with sinus headaches. Oh well--I guess I get to cut one more time...!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year...

I hope everyone has a happy, HEALTHY and blessed 2010... beginning with me! Lol! Selfish, huh?! Whatever this "bug" is--it simply won't go away. Today...I woke up dizzy as a loon. That means everything is spinning and my dear husband is holding on to me as I move the short distances from bed, bath, couch, computer, repeat. Sigh. Guess there's no way to avoid a drs. visit for me this next week. He is very good, very nice...and cute, too--so why do I fuss so much about going? I just don't like being sick! And of course the RECORD LOW TEMPS we've had hasn't helped any! Hence the igloo picture-that's what it feels like! Baby, it's COLD outside!
All that said--if you have any favorite blog sites-PLEASE, I beg you, send them on to me (and I will share them here)! Not only have I looked at all the ones I love--and those connected to them, but I am reading more and more...that the "authors" of those I love...are tired, burned out...stopping their blogs! GASP! Many...are on "design teams" for companies, many also sell for companies in addition to being on design teams, are mom's, wives AND work outside the home. Too much to do. Too much stress. Blogging, therefore, takes a back seat. While I can understand (it can easily take Theresa (aka "T" for now...) and I at least an hour minimum to do one post between signing on, doing the photos, fighting with Blogger...) I love-and am addicted to-the outlet the blogs offer for creative energy. The stores (around us, anyway--) are-no, not are-HAVE-disappeared. You can no longer go and peruse shelves of stamps, stacks of paper...strings of samples...for ideas, pleasure, relaxation. I "discovered" Stamp Works (in Wilm., NC) on December 26, 2000-it is no longer. Scrapbook Nook and Scrapbook Addict---bit the dust in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Sigh. Even the magazines--who among us besides T. remembers when Rubber Stamper magazine was "IT" in the stamping world? It wasn't that long ago my friends---and "IT" is gone.) And, if you look at Papercrafts closely, its really the same ideas over and over with different colors and papers.

I don' every day. Not possible. I don't get to stamp every day. Something I want to change even if its 15 minutes worth ( And I don't have that many new ideas. Funny, though, it seems to balance out between T. and I even though we don't plan it that way. And she has an excellant one today---go look at the card she made for her sister's the card she made for her husband for Christmas! If I don't have one-she does, and vice versa! But what I think I will share some things from other blog-companies you might like to check out, an artist-a particularly good project. We'll still share our projects--and our ideas for our classes. And I am going to challenge the gals in our group to bring something they have worked on each month--and we'll take pics and share them on our posts as well. (Haven't run that by T. yet but can't imagine she'd disagree...we don't usually!) I AM going to do a year album this year. I am. I really, really am. And I have the Christma pics on the flash drive to take and print and scrap-if I ever get better!

Just to put SOMETHING out there today-this was a card I made in the winter of 2008 for two little girls (9ish?) that wrote an EXCELLANT story called SNOWBALL'S FIRST CHRISTMAS guessed it---penguins. (One of) their dad's happens to work with my husband, and he shared the story with Brook...who brought it home to share with me. I wanted to thank them for sharing it and let them know they did a great job. So--here's the outside of the "igloo" -and then Snowball and his (her?--opps, can't remember now!) friend on the inside. T. came to the rescue with the wiggle clue...what stamps I used-I know that's a Cuttlebug embossing folder that made the swirls-clip art I think for the penguins...the hat and scarf--stamps...the snowflakes...a punch with glitter...
Well, time to go lay back down. My head is spinning-so it the room and computer! Take care all-share some good stuff with me--! Hopefully I will have something more worthwhile by the end of the week! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon