Wednesday, March 31, 2010


For Christians around the world, Easter Sunday marks the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...the cross is empty–He has risen, indeed! Death and despair have been replaced by love and hope.

I knew I wanted to pair these two images from Artful Legacy–the cross (AF112J) and the dragonfly (AG635C) the moment I saw them. But how to do them–and their symbolism-justice without taking away from that? Keep it simple. And simple meant white. I made a standard sized card base with one exception-I made the spine 1/4" rather than a simple fold so it would stand out just a bit from the back of the card and accommodate the "popped up" cross. For the outside, I embossed a slightly smaller white panel with a Cuttlebug embossing folder and attached it to the card front. I then used a large Marvy scallop punch to punch out the oval from both layers (I think I must be the only one in the stamping/scrapping world who doesn’t own Nestabilities!) I added a small strip that was punched with a Martha Stewart punch to the open (inside) of the card. I then stamped two images the cross using white Brilliance ink on chocolate Close to My Heart cardstock. I ran it through a Cuttlebug embossing folder and then, since CTMH cardstock has a white core, I distressed it by sanding, added pop-dots and twine to make it appear as two pieces of wood bound together. I then stamped the cross two more times-this time using hydrangea CTMH ink on white cardstock. I cut out one side of the stole from each image, used some Crystal Effects to give it a satiny (satiny) finish, and layered it (yes, with pop-dots, onto the cross. I attached this to the card base, centering it in the open oval. I then stamped the "peace" image (source unknown) and the AL dragonfly on the card base using hydrangea ink. I HAD to add the dragonfly–! I love them. As a believer, butterflies (and for me, dragonflies as well) symbolize new life in Christ-being born again and living anew. His resurrection and power therein. Two powerful symbols in one card. It speaks volumes without saying a word! This may sound a whole lot more difficult than it really was! The AL images are so wonderful to work with-crisp, clear stamping and great designs–that I think for me the hardest part is getting photographs that do them justice! I either have poor lighting (my husband no longer questions "backdrops", cards and cameras perched on the bathroom counter (the only place I have good light and then only on sunny days!) as I run back and forth checking my photography!), little black cat showing up in images just as I click or a myriad of other issues (dead camera batteries, etc). I hope to use these same images (the cross and dragonfly) and use some music sheets-The Old Rugged Cross seems quite appropriate–as background paper. Hmm...something to do on the next rainy day!
Have a Happy and Blessed Easter, everyone and, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Peeps---er, BUNNIES~!

First, I saw this stamp on e-bay and just couldn't resist! It was too cute! It is a Studio G and although Michael's carries them (check out their dollar bin), I have not seen it there. I can't imagine why?!!! Then, to go with it...I HAD to make the Peeps-er, BUNNIES-in a jar! I forget whose blog I originally saw this idea on--but I had to do it!!! If you go to Lisa's Workshop (see link below), you will find everything you need--even the cute little bunny tag on the inside that tells you how to bake them. My good friend, Theresa, loves Peeps almost as much as my late husband did. It doesn't seem right to not buy Peeps at Easter but, since they are filled with corn syrup and I am allergic to corn, well, I best avoid them. So when I saw this, Theresa immediately came to mind! It is rather easy to do--getting the 8 bunnies to fit along the inside of the jar and stay there until I could get the M&M's in was the hardest part. You definitely want to use either a wide mouth jar or have something like a long knife handy to help hold and smoosh them in.
I had been wanting to try this for sometime but didn't want to the bunnies to get stale, so I put it together Friday afternoon along with the card. I've been battling a migraine cycle for a week now--and, in my excitement to give this to Theresa yesterday when she came to teach me to use my Bind-It-All...I did not see...the brown ink blob on the green flowers (or I would have changed them out) or the fact that, even though I put the jar and card in a pretty matching green and white gingham bag with the bunny sentiment on the front (ok-so the bag was recycled and I used the stamp to cover up the sticker logo on the bag...!) --I never signed the card! Lol. Good thing Theresa knows I am sometimes ditsy and scatter-brained! She was so excited she probably didn't notice. She told me she had just joined the Peeps fan club and that Rita's (frozen ice) has Peep-flavored ice (for a limited time only-when she visits her sister next week-end, she's filling a cooler with it and bringing some home-!) so I guess the ink blob and unsigned card are insignificant!
For now, I am going to crash on the couch again before tackling the kitchen and laundry. Or maybe I will curl up in Dolly's room. I got her to come up and lay down with me earlier! She even rolled over on her back and closed her eyes and purred at me! She's extremely dainty but still very timid and shy.
Tomorrow I will have another project I finished yesterday (thanks to Theresa) so stay tuned. And of course on Wed. will be the Artful Legacy post. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, March 27, 2010

SOS: Crises in the craft room...

It's Saturday am. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, my daffodils are blooming. I have a cup of coffee and a black cat who curled up in my lap (his head is on my left wrist so I
am typing one-handed!) But...there are some crises in the craft room. First, everything in there seems to have exploded. There had to have been little gremlins that came in oh, about a month ago...and messed everything up. The work table is covered, the floor is covered, things are hanging out of drawers and's a mess! And, if that weren't bad expanded to my kitchen table. Paper, glue stick, red line tape backing, ribbon, stamps galore...Big Shot, I-Top, Crop-a-Diles oh my! Absolutely no room to work! And, to top even THAT...I am out of ---oh Lord, it hurts me to even say it---I am out of POP-DOTS. That can't be. I am the OKI Stampqueen and I ALWAYS have Pop-Dots. Somewhere. But it seems those same horrid gremlins took the last of my stash. No wonder I have a headache and am in pain. There's not a Pop-Dot to be found.
All that said, I am "IN PROCESS" on a number of projects! I am making a countdown calendar for someone having a major meltdown...I have several Easter projects in the works...and then I have to do my Design Team project for this week's Artful Legacy post. Oh-and don't forget laundry. The House Fairy seems to be in cahoots with the gremlins...mess things up but don't clean it up! Humph. Hope the Easter Bunny has better goods! Theresa may come and play today and show me how to use my Bind It All (which I need to finish the calendar...) and I want to check out a cute watering can template on Split CoastbStampers we might try to make if she wants so I guess I have to at least clean off the table! I will post projects as I finish and/or give them stay tuned. In the meantime, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon
ps/don't you just love the candle centerpiece in the middle of the chaos?! lol!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One of my favorite things...

One of my all-time favorite Easter things wasn’t the baskets left by the Easter bunny (anybody else ever have a hard time eating the head off the chocolate bunny? I always saved that for last-for whatever reason, it bothered me!~), or the new spring toys I received (watering cans, shovel, bubbles, etc.)–it was the large egg formed from hard sugar that, when you peeked in the hole at the end, you saw a whole scene inside–bunnies, flowers, grass (Google "diorama Easter eggs if you have no clue what I am talking about!). It was a mini magical wonderland for me and I always loved looking at them over and over again. Unfortunately, not only have I not seen the "real deal" in years, but I doubt seriously they would survive in our hot, humid climate or with some of the critters that go along with that (palmetto bugs, to put it politely).
Alas, when I saw Artful Legacy’s Easter Collage Stamp (Ag 400 K), I couldn’t help but think, "Easter egg diorama!"-- or, in this case, "box". I had the parts and pieces in my mind, but it needed something and I wasn’t sure what. I consulted with Theresa, and she suggested using the cracked glass technique on the collage images. It gave them just enough tint to make it look almost vintage. In fact, I am thinking of going back and distressing (sanding) the edges of the box and panels to "age" the whole piece even more. I added the AL "Easter Blessings" sentiment (ALS 951 G ) around it and it just popped. Then I played with pieces for the inside. Again using the pop-up technique I used last week, I simply made a base,
attached my pop-up boxes from front to back and layered the images from the collage stamp onto the boxes. I added a flower fairy (after all, I am a real flower fairy—but that’s a whole ‘nother story! ; ) and an Easter Egg sentiment. Can anyone tell how I made my "grass"? Leave a comment and tell me what you think I used. I will post the answer next week! It was somewhat difficult to get a good photo of what it looks like from the "peep hole"! Didn’t think about that! It was fun to do—and I think I will make some more. Originally, I thought I might give this to my good friend, Theresa, who always decorates beautifully for every holiday but, um, I kinda fell in love with it...and, it is just the "prototype" after all...the next one would be MUCH better! Lol.
As a second project. I wanted to try stamping on a puzzle. This is something I’ve never done before and, coupled with the fact that the Easter mosaic stamp is so detailed, I really had some serious doubts. I was surprised when it stamped PERFECTLY on the first try! I knew the AL stamps stamped great, clear images on paper but to stamp so well on the cut, uneven and GLOSSY surface of the puzzle?! I’m hooked! I think this will go to my goddaughter as part of her Easter treats. Thanks for "hopping" by and, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon
Products used: Stamps: Artful Legacy (see post), For a Special Friend-Stampin’ Up; Flower fairy and Easter egg sentiment-Close to my Heart; Box, designer paper, ink-Close to My Heart; Ultra Thick Embossing Powder; Crayola Colored Pencils; Ribbon-Offray; Eyelets-Making Memories; Scallop punch-Martha Stewart; Pop Dots.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday: Been Busy As a Bunny/Sneak Peek...

I've been busy as a bee---er, bunny---yesterday and today working on Wednesday's Design Team Project for Artful Legacy. Not the greatest picture, I know--but there's a reason and you'll understand when you see the whole project. I had a great time making this! All these parts and pieces are from ONE stamp-believe it or not. Check out their You will be surprised at what the Easter Bunny might bring you!
On another note...Miss letting me pet her more and more and has gradually even lost interest that I am in the room with her! She goes off and plays with her toys, eats, or sits and grooms. A sure sign that she is being a "normal" kitty! I've even been able to put the drops in her eye without too much fuss. The "boys" are VERY anxious to meet her but that's still a little ways off.
I picked up Chinese for supper and my hubby is ringing the dinner bell! Stay tuned--more sneak peeks coming! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Well, Hello "Dolly"....!

Sorry--I couldn't resist the title! Meet Miss "Dolly"! I cannot believe its been a week already since she came to live with us. She is a small, very timid little girl. It has taken this long for her to not run and hide when I come into the room she's staying in! And this picture looks like she is holding on to her catnip fish for dear life. A "teddy bear" of sorts! She will now let me pet her while she frantically paces and occasionally rubs and butts up against me. Don't make any sudden moves, try to pick her up or deviate too much from the same spot in the room! Introductions to the "boys" will certainly be awhile off although they have noses and paws under the door regularly and they talk to her quite a bit! Her left eye has some issues but she's onto my trick to put drops in it, so I am all the more anxious to get her acclimated to me at least. As I mentioned, she is tiny (she and Inky are probably about the same size...), VERY dainty-and actually walks on her tip-toes and "prances!" She lives up to the girly-girl image for sure! She LOVES to play so once she meets Ink, I am afraid my house won't be the same! Lol. Well, tomorrow Theresa and I go shopping for more goodies if I can stave off the migraine--and oh, dress shopping. The step-mother of the groom thing. I hate dress shopping...oh well...that's another day, Scarlett!
Don't forget to check out the Artful Legacy, as well as the post below this one for my Artful Legacy Card of the Week... Whatever else you do, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Help! They're multiplying like...

BUNNIES! My cards, that is! It's time for another Artful Legacy Design Team card...except this week I made two! I have to confess--I saw the sentiment for this card first! I absolutely love the feel of cotton! Living at the beach, there is no fabric cooler or that feels better on our hot, humid days than the feel of cotton (sku:AL342G) and when I saw the adorable (medium)bunny (HC9141)...I just knew with his "cotton"tail he would be the perfect match! Both these stamps can be found at -- hop on over & check them out! I simply layered the different colored cardstock to make the base of the card, leaving about 1/4" around each. I punched the oval and placed 3 images of the bunny on it with Pop-Dots between each layer to give it dimension & draw the eye to it. On the inside:

I used a pop-up mechanism for the sentiment. This is a great "thinking of you" card for any time of year...but since Easter is just a hop, skip and jump away, I added another sentiment to it and it takes a whole 'nother twist (bunny, multiply-get it?!)!

I learned early on that there should be "no naked mail" and hence decorated the envelope as well (it's always nice to see the postal employees smile when they see the enve's!) I hope you have a great day, thanks for "hopping" by and, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon
Products used: White cardstock-Close to my Heart; green cardstock: Bazzill; Designer paper: American Crafts-Everyday Yo!;Stamps: Med. Bunny, Feel of cotton-Artful Legacy; To a special Friend-Stampin' Up; Happy Easter-Printworks; Ribbon-Celebrate It Holiday Ribbon Bow-tique; Clear embossing powder (bunny, sentiments)-a la mode; Ink: Chocolate & Sweet Leaf-Close to my Heart; Punch-Marvy; Eyelets-unknown; one small piece of COTTON of course!

Busy, busy, buzzzz....buzzzz....

Last week I felt like I was going in circles and this week, well, it's not starting off much better! BUSY---all too busy! Major undertaking at work with a pictorial church directory in process---I have great volunteers but there is still a lot me, myself and I have to do---and unfortunately, I am not triplets! Then there's the housework---not to mention trying to get our newest family member acclimated. "Dolly", our newest cat, I learned yesterday, was dropped off at a local shelter however they were no longer set up to handle cats. She was eventually taken to our vet's office. She is up to date on all her shots and has been fixed. And yesterday, amazingly, she let me touch her. I've been gently coaxing for 3 days and was losing hope and patience. She does this cute little head butt prancing up on her tiptoes thing when she wants you to rub her! Since she seems very threatened when I stand and almost cowers (or runs and hides), and doesn't want to really come to me face first, I am thinking at some point this poor kitty was abused. She is a sweetheart ---but she will swipe if she feels threatened (my thumb knows all too well.)
What have I been up to in the stamp and scrapping realm of the world? Tune in tomorrow for the ARTFUL LEGACY post for this week from all us great design gals (uh, yeah-it's gone to my head-I noticed my crown has been a little tight lately--hmm, maybe that's what this horrendous headache is from! Lol! Anyway-in the meantime, check out Artful Legacy's blog( And, speaking of which, didja notice the DESIGN TEAM BADGE at the top right? HUH?! Isn't it PRETTY? And a coffee cup at that! How did she know I am a coffee-holic?! Too cool! Uh, hot-coffee is hot-so is her design! Thanks, Denise, for all your hard work! I love it! A friend of mine (three guesses who!) and I played on Sunday with the template for the Haute Tote Bag that is the newest & hottest thing in blog world. For a first attempt, it wasn't bad---but before I post it I would like to make another one so that pic will have to wait. And then I've been playing with more Artful Legacy stamps to get going on the next design project! Trying to get a step-or two!-ahead!
Well, I need to go check on Dolly one more time---and then get ready to go to work. At least I hear the birds chirping, the daffodils blooming, the trees budding...God is beginnings...gotta love spring. Oh-and "buzzing"? That's what my husband says I do when I get going doing too many things at once-which is most of the time! Slow down and, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Friday, March 12, 2010


to the week-end! And, a "welcome, "Molly"", to our family as well. I am sooo tired today--it has been a good, but whirl-wind week. We are in the middle of preparing a new pictorial directory at the church I work for (along with my other tasks!) and then we had our scrapbooking group meeting this week as well. It is always sooo much fun! As if all that isn't enough, long story short, we've adopted another cat (sorry, MaryCobb--I just couldn't resist!). Her name is "Molly" and she has been living in a cage at our vet's office for a couple months. I had visited with her some as I took Inky in for his scratched eye. She would always come over to the side of the cage and let me rub her while she purred. Since I am surrounded by males (inside and out!) I was very excited about bringing a girl home! I picked her up yesterday afternoon and she is getting used to a new space, new people, etc. She seems somewhat timid, but I am sure that will change as she adjusts. It's got to be scary leaving the familiar for the unknown! We'll take our time introducing her to us, the space and the other cats. She has her own room for now and we spend some time going in and out and visiting. The "boys" of course are very anxious to meet her and know that someone new is in "that room"! Lol. Yes, just call me crazy cat lady (4 inside, 2 (feral) outside...yep, I qualify!)
I am really glad to be HOME today---and can spend some time cleaning up so that I can get some crafting time in! The Easter and spring ideas are "hatching" like crazy (did you catch it-Easter, hatching (eggs...)ok...well...I tried)...and I have NEW Artful Legacy stamps to play with. I found a great template on the web and hope to get some time to play with Theresa and try it out. Hopefully I will have some crafty posts soon--and maybe even a photo of our new girl! In the mean time, go to and check out what the DESIGN TEAM has come up with! Whatever you do this week-end hope you find some time for happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We live at the beach...right across the street from it, actually. We can see dolphin swimming by from our bedroom window, watch the ships come and go and, if we go "up top" to our widow's walk, we have a tremendous view of the entire island! live at the beach I hear you say. We oftentimes fail to take advantage of it! Too busy with the "gotta do's", the "to do's" and the "must be done's" that often don't mean much past the time that it seems imperative that they be done. We all get caught up in the tyranny of the urgent...
Well, this card makes you want to stop and take a deep breath of that sunny, salty air and stretch out in that hot sun and just...RELAX. I made this for a couple who were celebrating their wedding anniversary. The beach chair image as well as the sea oats are perfect beach-scene stamps by Artful Legacy ( I was in a conundrum however, as the chair faces to the right and I needed a mirrored image-one that faced to the left so they chairs would, ultimately, be facing one another. If you've tried mirror image stamps, they don't work too well. I quickly gave up on that. But then I thought about vellum--vellum is see-through...and I had brown Staz-On ink that would stamp on vellum, so I simply stamped the chair as you normally would, turned the vellum over, and stamped the second chair on the backside. Whala! Facing chairs! : ) I masked the chairs and stamped sea grass to make it look as if they had been there some time, just waiting for someone to come and occupy them.
With summer coming on...beach themed cards, pages and whatnot will be calling for great images like those Artful Legacy has. Why not curl up in YOUR favorite chair and check out their blog ( today?! You'll be glad you did!
Until next time, try the vellum trick and happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon
Other Elements: DP: "Peaceful Dream by My Mind's Eye/29th St. Market; white cardstock & vellum-unknown; Ink: Timber Brown Staz-On; Sentiment: Printworks & Clost to my Heart; Letters: Boutique Alphabet Stamps by Clost to my Heart; antiqued brass brads, brown twine

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sneak Peak...

If any of our "groupies" are checking blogs this morning, here's a sneak peak at what I have been up to and what you are going to be doing tonight:

We will be working on the 9x9 Accordion Book from Close to my Heart. Using one Level 2 paper pack (we chose the Topstitch collection for this book...) and the coordinating sticker sheets, the gals will be able to complete their book with paper and stickers left over to either add some sliders behind the photo mats or make some cards, pages for another album...whatever their creative minds come up with! These make great gifts-particularly theme books - birthday, graduation, etc. They go together quickly. I used the Close to my Heart Reflections book to "jump off of" for page designs...although the book deals with 12"x12" formats, I was able to scale them down to fit the 9"x9" pages with a bit of imagination. I hope they will like it. It's 8 pages long and took at least that long to prep the kits-we won't discuss the length of the designing process! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Saturday, March 6, 2010

So I went to the doctor yesterday....

you know, the one I found after the last one told me that the fibromyalgia pain and the hot flashes, headaches, etc. from the hormone imbalance was all in my head and simply "depression"? This doctor actually LISTENED, then he answered almost all of my questions before I even asked them (a true test of whether or not a doctor listens!), was very cost-consceintious (sp?), and did I mention he was cute, too?! Well, he's leaving. He's going across the street to become a hospitalist, no longer seeing private practice patients and I am BUMMED! My blood pressure was up, too. Wonder why? And he was concerned about that. He favorite bloggers need to blog more, I need more rubber stamps and tools, I should not worry about work so much and stamp and create more...yes, by all means take a day or two off JUST BECAUSE and do whatever you wish, and oh-have the gals over to clean a little more often if need be so I wouldn't have to! Lol. That's not quite what he said---but he did allude to it!!! I won't go off on my doctor soap box today. Just-well, if yours doesn't listen, you have every right to find one that does!!! Amen, sisters?
I have to get the books done for our class on Tues. night and that's going to be a major undertaking today and tomorrow (and we have company today, too!). I have, however, some NEW TOOLS that I will try and use and be showing if not later today than the meantime, if you want to check them out, you can always google them. I got the i-top brad making supplies, this will let me make my own brads out of the paper, fabric, etc. to match my project paper!; I have the new Stamping Up bird and branch punch---OHMYGOSH is he-she-whatever CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Got to use that on the front of the book!!! What else? The bind it all is new but that will have to be "showcased" later on. Too much to get done today to try that new tool... Theresa and I are drooling over what's called a DreamKutz machine-it will cut 1-2 sheets of 12x12 papers into equal sizes all at once. It's kind of a wood chipper for paper! Put in a big sheet, it comes out all precisely cut up! THAT would make class and card prep much easier and gee, I bet it would lower my blood pressure a lot!!! Hint, Hint, Honey?!

Well, I'd better get to it...whatever you do today, until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I wish I may, I think I might...

So here's another "good intention" idea...--that may-or may not-get carried out! Theresa and I went shopping yesterday and ohmygosh! Did we find papers! We both got some papers at the first stop, but at the second...she got 2-3 pads, while I picked loose 12x12 sheets. You know I've been bad when Theresa Two (she doesn't want to be called "TT" anymore! Ahhh...teenagers!) looks at me and says "You're buying MORE paper?!" Lol. Yes, Theresa, I bought more paper!!! There were a whole bunch of vintage papers that went together (even though they were by different companies...) and then...I saw the SOCK MONKEY paper. I have never really been a big sock monkey fan but these were ADORABLE. "No, I won't do it..." and walked clear to the other side of the store, made a u-turn, and went back to pick them out! Sigh. I feel an accordion book coming on! I found great boy dimensional stickers ON SALE to go with them, as well as a package of 4 rolls of fabric tape! It was meant to be. So-what's my brilliant idea?! Well, these papers were by companies we weren't familiar with but we really liked them...and I matched them together for maybe...I will get a small rolladex or a divided page protector and take some wallet-sized photos and make some notes of what went with what and which paper was by who, ribbon, embellishments, etc. We are always saying, "oh, not sure who that was by..." this would solve that!

Another mystery was solved in our house last night. Last week I heard a tremendous CRASH BOOM RATTLE just seemed to go on and on...and yet...all I could see was the trash can in the hall bathroom was knocked over. I figured Inky had tried to jump from counter to toilet, missed and fell into trash can. Not so. Well, maybe he did...AFTER he broke the shelf above the trash can that's on the side of the cabinet next to the toilet!

With three cats inside (two outside)--all of which happen to be MALE-not to mention a husband-there is NEVER a dull moment at my house! Lol. Remember the "Drama Queen" embellishment on the tape gun-you know why! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

Monday, March 1, 2010

I have stamps and stuff coming...

...and I have to finish designing our book for our next "groupie" I may not be posting much the next day or so. Guess we need to ask Christine if the DESIGN TEAM---did I mention that? Theresa and I made the DESIGN TEAM for ARTFUL LEGACY?!! Huh, huh? How about that?! Cool!!! Not the least bit excited! Lol.--Anyway-got sidetracked as usual---if the DT needs to post their projects on a certain day. at this...will get the hang of it soon, I am sure.
But-I do want to share a tidbit this am-it will give you more stamping time. I,um,only had 800+ e-mails (mostly junk mails...) crowding my in and spam boxes. I didn't want to have to go through them 1 by 1 to delete them-yet there were some I needed to save so I couldn't just delete them all...So-this is what I learned. I have AOL-not sure if this works the same for others or not-but it does for AOL. If I right-clicked on a message I did not want, a drop-down list came up and one of the options is "search for sender". If you click on that, it will bring up all of the messages from that sender...then you can click on the box above the list of e-mails, which will select all of those messages, then just click on delete! Wha-la---it cleans out a bunch at a time with the blink of an eye and the click of the it took me less than 30 mins. (bad enough but still...) to clean out e-mail! I think...I may make it a new rule that I won't shop with merchants that send me unwanted advertising. Hmm...there's a thought! Bet that news would slow them down. Some I had 4-5 e-mails a day from! No wonder we are so stressed out!
Well, I have a full day-work and then shopping with Theresa and TT. Not bad for a Monday!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon