Thursday, July 26, 2012

And the official report is...

After 4 nerve-wracking weeks of waiting
got my surgeon's nurse on the phone
(or at least she said she was!)
and got an answer
on my pathology report
from my surgery.

I asked-again.
She said she had it.
Drum roll please
(no-wait-that's my heart thudding that hard...)
and she said,
"Oh, wait a minute"
to me
and then yells for my dr.
and apologized for yelling in my ear.
I wanted to say said
NO---yell for him---
she gets back on the phone
and says...
It's fine.
It's all ok.
No evidence of cancer.
It's a good thing
I was sitting down.

I had to ask---
was it everything?
Ovaries, tubes, uterus and cervix.
That covers it.
All normal.

I've had doctors lie to me.
I've been told the report said one thing
and, when I set my sights on it
and start asking questions
I get this "yeah, well....really...might be"
diluted washed-down explanation
that really translates to...
could be an issue----but I'm not really worried about it...
(of course not---it's not YOU!)
My how their tune changes
when I ask
"Are you willing to bet your license on it?"
"What if it were your wife---or mother or..."
and gee
I got a whole different answer then...
But this doctor
has played it straight with me from the get-go
(never mind it was his wife's office
that jerked me around for 6 months---
before I got mad
(and got banned from the practicebecause I dared to ask questions!
and no, they are not in practice together--
and no, I had NO CLUE who his wife was
when I selected him! Different names!)
and I trust him.
get a copy of the report when I go
for my post-op appointment
but until then
I know I can rest easy.
The risk is gone.
And so's the fear.
The right physician makes a world of difference
Thank God
I found him
and, better yet,
Healer of my heart, mind and soul.
Yeah, I know...
easy to say
when the word was good...
but, even if it had not been...
I was prepared for that, too.
I've been praying that, just in case,
God would prepare me
to walk that path with grace and courage
just as my late husband did.
The example he was to those around him
during his battle with cancer
was amazing.
The lives he touched and changed
were numerous.
All the while
knowing he was dying.
He still ministered to those around around him.
I'll never forget it.

taking an extra deep breath of salt air this morning,
saying prayers of GRATITUDE
and later
will do some coloring and stamping!

Until next time-
Happy stamping and scrapping!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hang in There...

Starting the day
trying to let go
of a resentment
from the day before...
is so not a good thing!

4 weeks
no answer from the doctor...
called last week (3 weeks)...
no response.
Called Monday
no response.
Needed an rx that needed to be picked up
hubby gets there...
(this office is one hour away-one way...)
three guesses and the first two don't count.
To say I am livid is an understatement.
I firmly believe that
the death rate from cancer
in this country
would be far less
if doctors actually
cared and communicated
with their patients.
But no.
This nurse
is communicating with my doctor
are you ready-
by e-mail!!!
And he doesn't answer
and she doesn't follow up....
and here I am
nursing resentments...
and have no answers
and the fact that
my rx will run out
before I actually get a refill now
is not making me a happy camper, either.

Enough of that.
On to today's card-
which fits the theme...
a co-worker is having a tough time
right now...
had this new image yesterday...
I had to have it!
It is sooo cute
(gotta wanna a sock monkey, too!)
and sooo easy to color!
I have sooo many ideas for it...
but here's the card
I made for my friend...

I colored with my Copics
(Theresa-you have to come home---
my B0000 needs refilling!)
what little coloring there is!
Layered a border punched piece
with cardstock--that border adds the
look of clouds, dontchathink?
And ya gotta love that sock monkey!
I need a sock-monkey color tho--
I made two copics blend
(a flesh color and a putty green color!)
to try and mimic the gray...
sorta works!)

And then I added Crystal Effects
to an "extra" balloon I colored and cut out
and of course pop-dotted!
I thought red and white Baker's Twine
would look good for the string
but didn't have enough energy to make that happen...
Here's the inside

Cute, huh?
Keep the digi images coming!
I'd loose my mind
with all the down-time I've had
without something to do--
and coloring is good therapy!

what's got your tail feathers riled today?
What resentment are you hanging on to?

Letting go---and letting God...
sort it out...
I am (trying...!)
one day at a time...

Until next time
happy stamping and scrapping!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Special Art Canvas

Someone I know and love
saw the image
of the girl painting
that I had colored
a Mo's Digital Pencil "stamp"
and fell in love with it!
We're talking teen-age hissy fit
love with it

being the AWESOME godmother that I am...
I whipped it up into
an art canvas for her...
she's not seen it yet
and she doesn't follow my blog
so I will share it with you first!
I took a blank white canvas
and although you can't tell it here
gave it a coat of off-white paint
layered on some background papers

then I printed, colored with Copics and cut out
Mo's digi image...

and layered it on with tons of pop dots behind it to support it...
all layers but the girl image
got coats of Modge Podge under over and in between...
Since I could not find 4x6 or 5x7 flat backed acrylic frames
I cut up a CTMH page protector
and made my own photo pocket

(btw: the paper with the blue tag topper comes out)
I layered that on some paper that was punched
with the SU roll-a-dex punch so it looks like it
came right off her sketch pad!
Added some real paint brushes
as embellishments...
just to show it off...
here's a photo slipped in
the photo pocket...
Notice any resemblance?!

That's my goddaughter Maren.
I really like this-
maybe I won't give it to her after all...
I will...
but there may be another one
coming up
as soon as I feel better!

That's it for today!
I did that in fits and stops and starts.
This recovery thing is not fun
and super slow.
Speaking of which-
it's back to bed.

Until next time
happy stamping and scrapping.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Momentous Monday...

I am going to try
and venture back to work
for a little while
for the first time in 2 weeks!
I feel tired already
and haven't even had my shower yet
I think once I am in motion
and doing a little something
I will feel better.

hubby picked lots of zinnias
and the secretaries in his department
will have a nice surprise this morning...

He put 3-4 flowers in a mason jar
to leave on their desks...
so pretty!

My great friend Theresa
is a Stampin' Up Consultant.
Sometime back on one of the SU blogs
I saw something I liked
so I sent Theresa one of my infamous
"the next time you order..." e-mails
and promptly forgot what I wanted her to order
and why!
Luckily she saved the video
and sent it to me.
So yesterday she came over
and after we compared Copic colors
I tried my new punch and Smooch spray...
this was made just out of the scrap paper
I had at hand-and a brad that was floating around
on my craft room window sill...
in less than 5 minutes....

I absolutely LOVE IT!!!
So so pretty!
I think I am going to make some into pins
for the nice nurses in my doctors office
who helped get the surgery scheduled
before our deductible ran out
and who promptly called in
anti-nausea medicine when I needed it...

better go get myself ready...
wish me luck.
Trying 1- 1 1/2 hrs to start...
seems like a marathon tho!

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Savoring Saturday...

We got up this morning
and hubby couldn't find Bad Cat...
being as he's the "senior citizen" of cat crew in our family...
we worry a little more when he can't be found
than with the others.

After searching everywhere else-
he checked the dryer...

and there he was---
all snuggled up on momma's clean pj's!
I went back an hour or so later
wanting to toss something in
 just to get the cat hair off--
and there he was-
still curled up and sound asleep.
The slight click of the camera
and the flash didn't even phase him!

Changing the bed and showering
exhausted me!
Hubby, however, had the perfect
"pick-me-up" when he got home
with the groceries...
that's me-aka "the patient"
with CHOCOLATE in both hands!
There is a God!!!
Peanut butter fudge no bake cookie
(or what's left of one! lol!) on the left...
M&M's (from the party size bag) on the right!
I dare say it's just what the doctor ordered!

if I could just get the
handbook for Close to My Heart's
brand-new Artiste Cricut cartridge to load
so I could get a sneak peek...
I'd be all set...!
New catalog out-some great
Workshops on the Go
new stamps
and yes, a new Cricut cartridge!
Stay tuned for details
coming soon!

Until next time,
pass the chocolate
and happy stamping and scrapping!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Recovery in Reverse...

I wish I could say
that I am bouncing right back...
that doesn't seem to be the case.

I was 10-11 days post op
and decided to try and venture out
to our scrapbooking Groupie night

Not sure
if it was the steps
(our house is on pilings)
or sitting on the hard chair
(Theresa asked me if I wanted a pillow...
so it's my own fault-it didn't hurt...then...)
or just over-all too much too soon
but I am paying the price
yesterday and today.
And I had originally thought
I would be back to work this week!
So not happening and really wondering
what I will  be able to do next week...

today's 60 million dollar question is---
how do I stop
this "ANONYMOUS" person
from leaving comments on my posts?
Is there any possible way to do it
activating that annoying word verification step?
Can someone PLEASE tell me?
I don't want to do that
I don't want to spend 3/4 of my online time
deleting annoying posts from
as---opps  ah-hm...Anonymous
Time for bed. Again.
And meds.
Definitely meds today
as I have an outing later
that's a must....
Until next time-
happy stamping and scrapping.

Monday, July 9, 2012


Some of you may have seen or heard
the saying
"don't piss off  the fairies..."
"don't make me send in the
flying monkeys..."
I received a get well card
in the mail this past week-end
that had the following....
"'s difficult to be a grouchy witch
when you'd rather be a ray of sunshine..."
A "grouchy witch" ?
I dare say this person did all of the above
as well as  ticking  off the so-called "witch!"
And I know oh too well
that the comment originated  pretty close to home
and simply got repeated to stir the pot...
with what little energy,
strength and  creativity
 I have in me at the moment
here's the reply I brewed up...

(image of witch, pot and toad is a clip art I purchased online...
moon and bat are stamped-as is the enve...)


Sentiment says

Rumor has it that
would be extinct
if there were a few less
around to deal with...

since I believe in NO NAKED MAIL...

I decorated the enve, too!
Boil, boil, toil and trouble!

Word to the wise---
a Mini Cooper does a lot
to get one out of any hot water they might find
themselves in...
just sayin...

Now that my blood pressure
seems to be back to normal
(thanks, Theresa,
for a nice lunch and visit!)
I think I will take a nap...

Until next time,
beware of who you call
and happy stamping and scrapping!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Slooooooow Motion...

that's how I am moving about
and doing anything these days.
One week 2 days post op.
Pain is tolerable
(with a little help from meds)
I can do a little
(get up, get a popsickle,
shower, blog hop)
for about 30 minutes tops.

To say I am bored
it's not too bad
call and check
and have kept me in
books and magazines
and videos.

Last night
hubby and I watched

It was great!
And the little girl-those curls!!!
Sad-but good
and the
"it only takes 20 seconds of courage"
"it is what it is is..."
sage advice.

This am I slept
while hubby  went to church
and here I am blog hopping...
here's some of the treasures I've found today...
Go here to see Linda McClains
adorable card...
Sally in inner tube
a digi image from Sassy Cheryl's
Linda even has an adorable free printable

to Aaron B's Booth 32 blog
to see her adorable
Then go here
Stephanie Barnard's
The Stamps of Life
to see the ADORABLE NEW
Crayon stamp set...
Look at the samples in the
I got the e-mail on Thursday afternoon.
I ordered.
Then I went back and ordered the
TURTLE2LOVE set as well.
Yesterday (aka Saturday)
hubby brings me the mail
there's two packages
and the 2 stamp sets
I ordered on Thursday afternoon.
Return address says
$ 1.00
That was it.
And I got my product
in less than a week few days!
They are great, too.
Thanks, Stephanie,
for a super product, awesome service
and reasonable shipping fees!

Ok friends.
My "up time" is up.
It's off to the showers for me
while my nurse changes the sheets
and then it's back to bed.
I do not do "down, Sharon" well.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

We interrupt this blog for an update on

recovery in progress...
or maybe that should read
progress in recovery--

I am still here.
The pain level was tolerable
with a little help from meds
the nausea, too, for that matter.
I decided that,
5 days post op
I could go up the 32 steps
to our Widow's Walk
and watch fireworks.
Uh, not one of my more brilliant ideas.
Paying the price today...

Down, Sharon.

Nurse Hubby
has done pretty good
Nurse Poppa Cat

has not left my side.
Hardly ever at all.
If not enough room to get next to me
he's not beyond crawling on top of the pillow
and sleeping on my head...
not kidding.

Theresa has saved my sanity
more than once.
Getting rx's, jello and other things
when my tummy rebelled
and she's promised more visits.

This is going to take
longer than I thought
or longer than I wanted to admit...
trying to be good
but it ain't easy...
when the highlight of the day
is the next flavor of popsicle
a shower and a cool washcloth...
and a nap...a LONG nap...

Stay tuned.
The copics may come out today
if not, there's always tomorrow, Scarlett!

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Two Little Girls Explain The Worst Haircut Ever

Fair warning:
DO NOT listen to this
just after surgery...
unless you have pain pills handy
and a big pillow
'cause you're gonna laugh
and it's GONNA HURT!
just sayin'

Gotta love the RED HAIR, too!