Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Sugar (scrub!)

Well, this started out as my craft fail last week-end...
after attempting to etch all 4 sides of this jar...
I realized two things:
1) etching cream obviously has a shelf life (and 2+ years isn't it...; and
2) when you put white-ish stuff in a clear glass jar---well, white-ish etching does not show up.

So I went to plan B
and went back to Wal-Mart 
and got the pretty yellow rubbery stuff I said I should have gotten in the first place...
and didn't...
and decorated the jar.

It is filled with
Jasmine-scented Sugar Scrub
I made with coconut oil and sugar
and added a small amount of jasmine-scented coconut oil to the mix.
That's it.
IMHO---it is HEAVENLY!!!

This is the card that I made to go with it---
credit and how-to's go to Dawn's Stamping Studio

 Of course I popped the bee up--wish I had embossed him for a little more pizzaz but oh well...

Here's the gift and card together---I was happy with it
and truth be told-that rubbery stuff helps with slippery stuff inside.
This is going  has gone to my daughter-in-law, Dawn
a belated birthday present as I was busy playing/getting to know this gal...

and her brother...

On the upside...this guy --- aka Bad Cat...
has had a really good week (for him!).  He's eating well
(raw fish and venison and some dry food-but he is eating...)
and has even gained a couple of pounds.
We'll take all the good we can get---and enjoy every minute.
Life is short.
And these two...
were actually caught PLAYING TOGETHER on my bed today!
I've not seen that in the months since we lost Ms. Dolly!
I dare say having the kittens around seems to have brought a little A LOT more life
to everyone.
How can you not smile when you see this...
That's Ms. Susie Q climbing the screen door to the (bed/office) room they are in
with Sir Stirling egging her on!
LOVE their spotted and striped tummies
and their antics!

Well, better go feed the critters.

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

You & Me....Sunday Sisters Post

A dear friend of mine
posted this pic of her and her sister on Facebook
It's stunning, don't you think?
See-I thought so, too.
And I knew I wanted to do something special with it for her.
So after a full day of flyladying
and I was really too pooped to do it
and yet I wanted to give it to her at church this morning...
I whipped this up in about an hour!

I wanted to stay with the black and off white theme-
with a little pop of color.
I covered an 8x10" canvas with a piece of dp
sanded and inked the edges to age it.
Then I added the burlap ribbon (LOVE IT! NEED MORE!!!)
and started playing with the rest of the embellishments.
I got done and thought it needed something else-
but as it turned out---
I just needed to take something away!
I had another doily at the top--
and it was too much!


I started to stamp out the letters for "Sisters"
when I remembered my "stash" of embellishments in my closet.
I was able to go straight to the alphabet bag
pull out the stickers and even the page pebbles
(aka the little glass bubble thingys)
and the metal frames to add the sisters.

I even stumbled across the piece of black plastic mesh
(it's actually something I got at a yard sale years ago-something
from the hardware dept.!)
Of course I used pop dots to give dimension to all of it.
Then in my rush this am
I realized that every single gift bag in my stash-
needed decorating.
So I just pulled out the tissue paper-
went with the shabby chic look and wrapped it around
(didn't even use tape!)
and tied it with the jute string.
Stamped a doily with her name and slipped it under.

She texted me after church,
She loves it! So does her sister!
My earlier project yesterday was a fail.
FYI - don't spend time trying to etch glass
that you are putting neutral colored bath sugar scrub into.
You won't see the design.
I didn't know it but etching cream evidently has a shelf life.
And 2+ years isn't it.
Just sayin'...
Saved it today as well...
but I will save that post until after I get the card done.
Now I think it's time for a nap.

Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy Anniversary and The New Additions...

I think the world of our vet, Dr. Ali Travis,
and her husband, Mike.
She mentioned to me in one of our numerous conversations
this past week
that their 20th wedding anniversary
was July 4th!
Now while she's a fine vet
I do not know a lot about her personal preferences,
decorating style and the like.
I still wanted to make something for them.
based on the fact that her office is yellow
as is the car she drives,
I "assumed" yellow was a pretty close favorite
if not the real deal.
Couple that with the pieces of what the world has called
"subway art"--which she also has displayed in her practice rooms
I thought the natural/chalkboard/subway art look
was the way to go.
So here's what happened when I went to work on it...
I covered an 8"x10" canvas with a piece of scrapbook paper...
sanded the edges to give it a distressed look.
Broke out the burlap ribbon (left),
cut and pasted a number of designs from a paper pad
I bought to use on a project for myself...

stamped a few tickets to add along with the roses and leaves...
and made a photo pocket and attached that to the front as well.

It will be easy-peasy for her to insert her favorite photo
and change it out when she wants!

Then I went to work on the card and envelope...

Of course there wasn't a plain kraft gift bag in my stash
so I recycled --pun intended!--one
by covering up the sticker on it with a matching decoration!

Here's the gift bag with the envelope and card in front of it...
of course I snapped this pic in the car on the way
as I forgot to take a pic of it when I took the others!
I added a burlap and yellow and white ribbon bow to the handle
then attached the card with a weathered clothespin!

I hope she likes it!'
I dropped it by her office
when I went to pick up the new additions...
Meet Susie Q and Sir Stirling....

who's who? Lol!
This is Susie Q...she weighs a whole 3.8 lbs at 9 weeks old...

and this is her brother Sir Stirling
who weighs a whole 2.8 lbs at 9 weeks old!

He played so hard yesterday mid play he just dropped his head down
and went sound asleep! 
A few minutes later this is how my husband found him!
Both their little bellies have such beautiful markings!
They LOVE to play...

and eat...

and then they crash!
Regardless of what they are doing...
I can't help but smile!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

Friday, July 4, 2014


First and foremost,
Happy 4th of July!
Remember to count your blessings for your freedoms today
and remember those who have served so that you have those freedoms!
We survived Arthur!
With little to no damage.
Other than it washed out an entire day
of our downtown celebration.
Largest on the east coast.
Today the sun is shining and the skies are clear.
I am trying to link this project up

to Linda's Summer Lovin'  linky party
drumroll please,
the Russell household has not one but TWO
new family members....
Meet Miss Susie Q and her brother,  Sir Stirling!

I adopted them on Wednesday from our vet's office.
They are only 9 weeks old...!
Another client found them and brought them in
hoping they could adopt them out.
I resisted temptation twice
but on my third visit and they were still there...
well, they had to come home!
They are precious!
Bad Cat could care less---
oh well Momma brought someone else home!
Inky is growling and hissing
(he did this with Ms. Dolly as well and they ended up being
friends through the screen door....)
and Poppa Cat is getting curious!
Having two rooms with screen doors is a blessing
as it keeps them contained  and lets them get used to a small(er) space
before being let loose with the big boys in the wide open world
(aka the house-all inside cats stay in other than our back deck that they
cannot get off of)
and allows them to safely interact with one another.
All our cats have been rescues.
I am proud of that.
I love the "M" on their foreheads!
Story has it that Mary marked the cat that purred
the baby Jesus to sleep with an "M" on it's forehead...
makes me smile.
They played hard for 4-5 hours yesterday morning-
then slept a lot in the afternoon.
Susie Q was playing last night
and all of a sudden just conked out!
Too cute.
They snuggle up together and love having their tummies rubbed
when it's quiet time!
Although quite rambunctious, they do know the meaning
of a gentle but firm "Gentle!" when teeth and claws
are a little too much.
I don't tolerate biting and swiping
and enforce that from the get-go.
Gently---but firmly.
Well, time to check on the babies
and get another cup of coffee.
Have a safe and blessed 4th!
More crafty things to post later this week-end.
Until next time,
Happy stamping and scrapping!